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Unfortunately, there are no House Simple free phone numbers at this time. You may, however, use the numbers indicated in the succeeding sections for all your enquiries and concerns about your property.

Alternate House Simple Contact Numbers

House Simple Contact Us

House Simple Customer Service

The House Simple customer service number is 0370 218 8377. The company allows you to sell or let your home for more by following their 5-step process:

  • Booking a free evaluation at your home
  • Getting a property expert for the entire process
  • Reviewing your advert details
  • Getting viewings, feedback and offers
  • Completing the final stage of the sale

House Simple Terms and Conditions

The House Simple Terms and Conditions customer service number is 0330 057 1637. Before you use the website, they encourage you to read the Terms of Use carefully first. By using the site, you confirm that you accept the terms of use and that you are fully aware that you need to comply with them.

House Simple Head Office

The House Simple head office phone number is 0178 731 2401. This is also the House Simple mortgages phone number. The company has partnered with L&C, the UK’s largest fee-free mortgage broker, to help you find the right mortgage. In addition, you can also purchase a free buyers protection insurance policy, which could cover up to 1,050 GBP in fees if the purchase meets any of a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Seller is taking the property off the market
  • You are made redundant
  • You are overcharged by 1,000 GBP or more
  • The property is down-valued by 10 percent or more

House Simple Head Office Fax

The House Simple head office fax number is 0178 732 0470. If you need to send documents to the company, you can send it confidently on this fax number.

House Simple EPC

The House Simple EPC number is 0845 603 9909. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is legally required whenever a property is advertised for rent or sale. It provides an assessment of a performance rating of a property in terms of its energy efficiency and environmental impact. This company can arrange the EPC for you so you have one less concern to worry about.

House Simple Lettings

The House Simple Lettings contact number is 0330 111 0700. Call this number if you wish to get an insurance quotation from them. Ask for Michelle or Mark from their Property Owners team. Property Owners Insurance, also known as Landlord’s Insurance or Let Property Insurance, is designed for property owners who let it out to residential or commercial tenants. A specialised Property Owners policy should include a wide range of covers and extensions such as buildings cover against all risks, loss of rent cover, replacement of locks, failure of third party insurances, and many others.

House Simple Cancellation

The House Simple cancellation telephone number is 0330 111 0070. You have the alternative to cancel your letting agreement with them within 14 days without giving any reason. Call them immediately to exercise the right to cancel before the cancellation period expires. In addition, if you cancel or rearrange the home visit on less than the required 24-hour prior notice can charge reasonable costs related to the rescheduling.

House Simple Conveyancing

The House Simple conveyancing number is 0345 600 7910. Call this number if you want to buy, sell or remortgage. They promise a smooth home move with clear and independent professional advice. Costs are given up front and if your move does not proceed as expected, there is no need for you to pay any legal fees.

Alternative House Simple Free Contact Methods

House Simple Pinterest

House Simple Book a Viewing

This is House Simple Book a Viewing official website page. Once a House Simple property for sale catches your interest, you can either book a viewing by providing your contact details and availability via their online form or make an offer. You need to have a registered account to be able to make an offer.

House Simple Moving Home

This is House Simple FAQs page for moving home. Moving home services can include any of the following:

  • Packing services
  • Dismantling and reassembling of any specified items
  • Carriage of large items and fine art
  • Packing materials
  • Transport of single items and/or part loads
  • Short- and long-term storage of materials
  • Overseas removals

House Simple Complaints

All complaints can be sent to the following address:

Customer Care Department
Skyview House
9 Church Field Road
CO10 2YA

House Simple E-mail

Alternatively, you can send an electronic mail to House Simple customer service email address to request for more information about their products and services. Notify them via this address if you suspect that anyone other than you knows your user ID code or password.

House Simple Careers

For all recruitment enquiries, get in touch with

House Simple Discount Code

Fill in their online form to enquire about discount codes. Only one discount code per property is allowed. You need to enter the code must during the initial registration of the property. You can no longer apply discount codes to the same property within any six-month period or to any invoices or fees paid retrospectively.

Contact House Simple via Social Media

If you do not like to make a call to House Simple customer service helpline numbers, you can access them via social media:

24Studio Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

24Studio logo

24Studio Free Contact Numbers

24studio homepage

24Studio has no free numbers available currently.

24Studio Alternate Contact Numbers

24studio contactpage

24Studio Customer Careline

24Studio customer careline number is 0371 200 0378. 24Studio gives its customers access to a different range of products. Whenever you place an order on the site, you will receive an automatic email that acknowledges your order has been made and gives an estimated time for delivery. Note that the email sent does not mean your order has been accepted.

Orders are accepted when goods are dispatched. An email is sent to you to let you know your order has been dispatched. So for each parcel dispatched, no matter how many, you receive an email.

24Studio Orders

24Studio Orders contact number is 0344 800 1122. This is an order line number; a number customers call to order catalogues. The catalogue gives buyers the full list of goods available. 24Studio offers a discount of 25% on selected products every Friday between the hours of 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

You are presented with two options by the automated voice. If you are calling to place an order press 1 and press 2 if you are calling to make a payment or enquiry.

24Studio Catalogue

24Studio Catalogue number is 0344 800 2662. 24Studio from its humble beginnings has grown to offer over 40,000 items online. Different range of products like innovative gadgets, jewellery, toys, household items, books, etc. are all available on 24Studio site.

24Studio offers discounts on clothing and footwear, which includes some top brand names such as Nike, Timberland, Armani, Converse and many others. Customers now have the luxury to shop on their mobile devices through an optimised site.

For persons who are not yet customers, call the number provided to get latest product details. Lines are active Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. You will be connected to a representative who will give you the information you need.

24Studio Claims

24Studio claims number is 0371 376 9961. It is important to get protection against accidental damage, loss and theft. Purchase Protection, as it is called, is an optional insurance policy for 24Studio account holders. To qualify for this cover, you have to be 18 years old, have an account with Express Gifts Ltd, now 24Studio, agreed to pay a premium and also live in the UK. To make a claim, contact 24Studio on the number provided and request a claim form. Claims for theft, robbery, vandalism, must be reported within 24 hours, receive a written confirmation plus a crime reference number.

A product replacement or breakdown plan is currently the cover being given to customers. A product replacement covers a product that you have purchased and was specified on the policy schedule. This plan is for household appliances. To find out more about this protection cover and any others they may currently have, call the customer services team on the number provided.

24Studio Alternative Online Contact Methods

24studio twitterpage

Free Catalogue Form

You can send a mail to 24Studio by filling the email form. Apply for a free catalogue from 24Studio by filling the online catalogue form where you will provide the necessary information. This form is available to existing and potential customers. The catalogue explains to individuals how to use 24Studio website as well as place orders.

Contact 24Studio via Social Media

Universal Credit Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Universal Credit Logo
Universal Credit Department UK Contact Number
Universal Credit Claims 0800 012 1888
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Live Service 0800 328 9344
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Live Service Textphone 0800 328 1344
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Full Service 0800 328 5644
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Customer Service 0345 600 0723
Universal Credit Welsh Language Changes 0345 600 3018
Universal Credit Helpline 0345 600 4272
Universal Credit Textphone 0345 600 0743
Universal Credit Central Income Team Lambeth 0207 926 0820
Universal Credit Castle Point 0126 888 2200
Universal Credit Stafford 0178 561 5478

Universal Credit Free Numbers

Universal Credit Contact Number

Universal Credit Claims – Welsh Speakers Free Number 0800 012 1888

Universal Credit claims Welsh speakers free number is 0800 012 1888 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Your Universal Credit Claim can be made online if you already have a Universal Credit account. If you encounter any difficulty or if you prefer to make your claim via phone then call Universal Credit free contact number 0800 012 1888. Reach the support team if you have questions about eligibility, application process and the required documents to support your application.

Universal Credit Free Number

Universal Credit Live Service Free Number 0800 328 9344

Universal Credit live Service free number is 0800 328 9344 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Universal credit live service is no more available as at January 2018. To manage your claim by phone if you are already Universal Credit in the live service area call Universal Credit contact number live 0800 328 9344. If are expecting notification for full service to live and haven’t received it call the customer support team here. Also, call to report changes in circumstances to your live service.

Universal Credit Live Service Textphone 0800 328 1344

Universal Credit live service free textphone 0800 328 1344. If you are hearing impaired or a textphone user you can make your Universal Credit live claims via this Universal Credit contact number free 0800 328 1344. You can also make all your Universal Credit live service enquiries when you reach the team.

Universal Credit Full Service Free Number 0800 328 5644

Universal Credit free number 0800 328 5644 is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers can call this Universal Credit helpline 0800 328 5644 to apply for a scheme. Universal Credit full service is available to certain claimants in some areas of Great Britain. You can check online if you are in the Universal Credit full-service area. You will be required to give out your personal details to the operators to check your eligibility. Reach the tech team here if you need technical assistance when logging into your Universal Credit online account to check upcoming appointments. For questions and concerns directed to a DWP representative about Universal Credit existing claims contact Universal Credit contact line 0345 600 4272.

Universal Credit Contact Numbers

Universal Credit Customer Service

Universal Credit customer service contact number is 0345 600 0723 available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers in the UK can call the Universal Credit helpline UK 0345 600 0723 for enquiries and assistance about their service. If you have questions about Universal Credit disability, Universal Credit delays, Universal Credit rates, Universal Credit roll out call Universal Credit contact centre on 0345 600 0723. Issues about eligibility, application process, document requirements, Universal Credit award letter, Universal Credit benefits, Universal credit Budget and Universal Credit deductions will be addressed by the able team.

The team will take you through the Universal Credits benefits and how you can take advantage of it. Based on your circumstances you can use the Universal Credit benefits calculator to get an approximation of your payments. if you have been notified of your benefits but have not received your Universal credits award letter you can call Universal Credit contact number 0345 600 0723 to follow up.

Universal Credit Welsh Language Changes

Universal Credit Changes In Circumstances
Universal Credit Welsh language changes contact number is 0345 600 3018, available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Welsh speaking customers can call this Universal Credit contact phone number 0345 600 3018 to make changes to their universal credit account details. As an existing account holder circumstances may change from the time of service to date, if you need to make changes so you can receive the correct amount under the Universal Credit Policy reach the Universal Credit Changes in circumstances team. If you do not report changes such as moving in with a partner, having a child, getting a new job, changes in health condition etc. your claim may be reduced on stopped altogether. If you have been paid too much you have to repay the money if the change wasn’t reported straight away, wrong information was provided or you were mistakenly overpaid. In such a case you can be taken to court.
If you have a Universal Credit Online account you can report the changes to your circumstances via your online account.

Universal Credit Textphone

Universal Credit text contact number is 0345 600 0743 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.Speech and Hearing impaired customers can contact Universal credit textphone number 0345 600 0743 for all enquiries and claims. To speak to someone in the Department of Information on work and Pensions on all issues about Universal Credit Policy reach the support team here. This is also Universal Credit Harlow textphone contact, In Harlow, Universal Credits replaces income support, child tax support, Income-based Job seekers allowance, Income-related employment, support allowance and working tax credit. As a Harlow resident inquire about these benefits, call the Universal Credit Contact telephone number 0345 600 0743.

Universal Credit Castle Point

Universal Credit Castle Point contact number is 0126 888 2200, available Monday to Thursday 8:45 am to 5:15 pm and Friday 8:45 am to 4:45 pm. If you live anywhere near Castle Point or its surroundings and you need to make enquiries about Universal Credit services, a Universal Credit claim or a Universal Credit appointment reach the Castle Point Borough Council, contact Universal Credit contact phone 0126 888 2200.

Universal Credit Stafford

Universal Credit Stafford Contact Number is 0178 561 5478, available Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Housing Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit cannot be claimed, only single people can make claims. If you have questions about the claims procedures call Universal Credit Helpline contact number 0178 561 5478.

Universal Credit Online Contacts

Universal Credit Email Address

Universal Credit Service Centre email address is In an instance where the details provided by DWP does not match that of the tenant reach the support team via Universal Credit email address an investigation will be done based on the information supplied.

Contact Universal Credit Social Media

Universal Credi1 Twitter
DWP YouTube
Universal Credit in UK LinkedIn

Daily Mail Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Daily Mail Logo

Daily Mail Free Phone Numbers

Daily Mail main Website

Daily Mail Missing Supplements Free Customer Service

The Daily Mail missing supplement free customer service contact number is 0800 200 250.

Daily Mail on Sunday Missing Supplement Free Helpline

The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday missing supplement free helpline number is 0800 200 240.

Daily Mail Alternative Contact Numbers

Daily Mail Home page

Daily Mail Back Copies

In order to enquire about this service, dial the Daily Mail Back Copies service contact number is 0207 640 3900. Want to get a copy of a certain article? You may call this number for more information on availability and costs of back copies and the company will either send you a copy online or through the mail, whichever you prefer.

Daily Mail Editorial

The Daily Mail Editorial service contact number is 0207 938 6000. You may call this number to contact Daily Mail about any queries on their news and features.

Daily Mail Classified Advertising

The Daily Mail Classified Advertising service contact number is 0207 937 5656. The company is open for any advertisement that you want to be posted over their hundreds of article links, websites and mobile apps. So if you are one of the many people who are interested in advertising something, you may do so by calling this number.

Daily Mail Alternative Contact Methods

Daily Mail Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Daily Mail Editorial Content

If you notice a factual inaccuracy on MailOnline, Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, please email and the company will address the issue as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you feel that your matter won’t be solved with a phone call, you may submit an email to Daily Mail at

Daily Mail Online Competitions and Newspaper Promotions

If you have a query regarding online competitions or newspaper-led promotions which oftentimes also appear online, you can email your query at

Daily Mail Technical Support

Daily Mail website has been updated with the latest technology to be compatible with every device and computers for subscribers can access it anywhere. However, if at any case, that you have experienced any technical problem with MailOnline, you may email them at

Daily Mail Story Tip-offs

Do you have a story you want to send to Daily Mail? You may do so by emailing your story at You might be surprised one day that you could read your story online via their website.

Daily Mail Missing Supplements

If by any case that you have observed that a certain article posted by Daily Mail, MailOnline or Mail on Sunday are missing some supplements, you may appeal to their office by sending a message online at

Daily Mail Letters to the Editor

Daily Mail has provided a way to let their readers communicate to the editors in a more personal manner. Whenever you feel to do so, you may send a message through

Daily Mail Managing Editor’s Office

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a potential breach of the Editor’s Code of Practice under IPSO rules, please go to this page where you will find an easy-to-use complaint form to assess your queries.

Daily Mail Communities

If you have a question about the Daily Mail’s message boards or is experiencing some problems with your account, you may send your enquiries by filling up this form. The support team will take your privacy seriously and will address your needs as soon as the form was submitted.

Daily Mail Advertisement

Get in touch with one of Daily Mail’s team members to find out how Mail Advertising can help you achieve your marketing goals. Just simply fill up their form and the company is looking forward to hearing more from you.

Daily Mail Complaint Department

For a more personal approach to your needs and enquiries on Daily Mail services and articles, you may do so by writing them a letter. Their complaint department will assist you as soon as they can, however, be advised that it could take up to seven days as the letter will take a couple of days to be received in their office. You can post it to the following address:

Reader’s Editor

Daily Mail

Northcliffe House

2 Derry Street

London W8 5TT

United Kingdom

Daily Mail Social Media

By the growing influence of people over social media, the Daily Mail have made their services available all throughout the web and made accounts on the following sites:

Daily Mail Online Mobile App

Download the free Daily Mail Online mobile app to get over 1,200 articles and 10,000 photos every day for your iPhone, Android or Windows devices.

Ladbrokes Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Ladbrokes Logo

Ladbrokes Free Phone Numbers


Ladbrokes Customer Support

The Ladbrokes General Customer Support free number is 0800 731 6191. Your call will be received by an automated voice that will provide you with a menu of options. Select the option that corresponds with the help you need.
To place a bet press 1
For Vegas, Poker, Casino and Bingo games queries press 2
For Results press 3
For Promotions and Free Bet query press 4
For a Customer Support Advisor press 5

Ladbrokes Exchange Telephone Betting and Customer Support

The Ladbrokes Exchange Telephone Betting and Customer support free phone number is 0800 151 0289. Your call will be received by an automated voice system. You would be asked to hold while you are transferred to an Exchange Customer Support Adviser. You can proceed to inform the Exchange Adviser if you have a  query or use the Exchange Telephone Betting service.

Ladbrokes Gaming Customer Support

The Ladbrokes Gaming Customer Support free number is 0800 032 1133. Your call will be received by an automated voice that will provide you with a list of options. Select the option that corresponds with the help you need.

  • Casino, Vegas live Support press 1.
  • Poker support press 2.
  • Bingo press 3.
  • Games Support press 4.
  • Sports Betting or Sports account query press 5.
  • Shop query press 6.
  • Place a bet press 7.

Ladbrokes Sports Telephone Betting

The Ladbrokes Sports Telephone Betting free number is 0800 777 888. Your call will be received by an automated voice that will provide you with some options. Select the option that corresponds with the help you need.
To Place a bet press 1.
For Results press 2.
For Promotion and Free bet query press 3.
For Vegas, Poker, Casino and Bingo games query press 4.
For a Customer Support Advisor press 5.

Ladbrokes UK Partners Support

The Ladbrokes Partners UK free phone number is 0800 279 7344.  Call this number for issues regarding a theft in your shop, the matter will be looked into as a matter of urgency.

Ladbrokes Alternative Free Phone Numbers

Ladbrookes Homepage

Ladbrokes International Exchange Customer Support

The Ladbrokes International Exchange Customer Support phone number is +353 1 673 3377. Funds must be transferred to your exchange wallet, to place bets on the Exchange betting system. If faced with any issues with moving, depositing, or withdrawing funds, please call this help desk. Callers in any country excluding Ireland or the UK, who wish to make inquiries about the procedure for laying a bet or making an offer, can contact this support line. Lines stay active 24 hours through the week.

Ladbrokes Ireland Exchange Telephone Betting

The Ladbrokes Exchange Telephone Betting phone number for Ireland is +353 1800 855 326. For users in Ireland who have Exchange betting inquiries, this is the number to call. The exchange betting platform has certain display options and features. If you need assistance or further explanations of these options before you use them, call the number provided. The total stakes you have invested will be read back to you during your call to clarify the details once you have placed a bet. Please ensure to take note and certify that Ladbroke Exchange Betting system has clearly understood your bet details. Hold on for the verbal confirmation that your bet has been accepted. Telephone betting lines are available between 9:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays and Sundays, and between 8:30 am to 11:00 pm on Saturdays.

Ladbrokes Ireland Exchange Customer support

The Ladbrokes Exchange Customer Support phone number is +353 1800 855 325. To place a bet successfully, you must first create an account. If you, however, decide to close your account in the future, contact this helpline. To improve Customer services, the customer support team would appreciate it if you can share your reason for closing your account. You can also direct your Exchange Betting related complaints to this number, and a member of the Support team will help you resolve your issues. Lines are open 24 hours a day, throughout the whole week.

Ladbrokes International Exchange Telephone Betting

The Ladbrokes International Exchange Telephone Betting phone number is +353 1 673 3369. The company offers all customers a platform for Exchange betting. This platform allows people with opposing views on a particular event to place bets against one another devoid of a bookmaker. Customers have the option of placing a Back bet or a Lay bet. Alternatively, if you want better odds than that offered on the exchange system, you can choose to make a personal offer for others to accept.

Ladbrokes International Gaming Customer Support

The Ladbrokes Gaming Support phone number is +353 2 004 3003. The company offers customers a wide variety of games and an opportunity to play a trial version before getting the real game. If you have any difficulties depositing funds in your accounts for the real version of any game, contact this support helpdesk. Lines are open 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Ladbrokes International Sports Customer Support

The Ladbrokes International Sports Customer Support phone number is 0208 515 2565. For all your inquiries concerning sportsbook service, call this number. If you wish to close your account, seek assistance from the Customer support team. It would be greatly appreciated if you can share the reason for the closure of your account. Providing specific details would help the support team to look into it straight away.

Ladbrokes International Sports Telephone Betting

The Ladbrokes International Sports Telephone betting phone number is 0208 866 4488. Clients seeking assistance in placing a bet or having game queries can contact the number indicated. Similarly, you can demand information concerning ongoing promotions and bet results by calling this helpline. Support Team is available to answer any questions regarding the telephone betting process.

Ladbrokes Partners International Support

The Ladbrokes International Partners Support phone number is 0172 846 4050. Partners with affiliates to promote the full range of their online gaming and betting products. Affiliates earn commissions from multiple sources of revenue. To make inquiries about partners premium brands call this helpline. For International affiliates who require help to make amendments to their commission plan should call the number as well.

Ladbrokes Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

Ladbrookes Twitter page

Ladbrokes Partners Customer Support

You can direct all your queries concerning the Ladbrokes Partners service to The Support team will promptly contact you and give you the necessary help you require.

Ladbrokes Email Contact Form

If you have queries about a Ladbrokes product or service, fill the online email form provided. An adviser will get back to you after you submit the completed form.

Ladbrokes Social Media

Ladbrokes support team are accessible on all social media platforms. Engage with the social media support team. Your questions, concerns or suggestions with them will be answered here. Give the Official Ladbrokes Twitter handle a follow. Interact with the available Twitter Support member between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm each day.

Land Rover Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Land Rover Logo

Land Rover Free Phone Numbers

The Engine Manufacturing Centre

Land Rover Roadside Assistance

The Land Rover roadside assistance free number is 0800 521 786. Customers should call this number for immediate roadside assistance in the event of an accident. At the menu, press 1 to speak to an assistant about your situation. You will be required to give out your vehicle registration number before any form of assistance may be given. This free number is open 24 hours a day.

Land Rover Complimentary 7 Day Insurance

The Land Rover complimentary seven-day insurance free number is 0800 197 8966. Customers can call this number to get a complimentary car insurance for seven days after purchasing a new or approved used vehicle from a retailer. Before calling, request from your retailer the vehicle’s registration details and delivery date.

Land Rover Consent

The Land Rover consent free number is 0800 110 110. Call this number to speak to the relations team. This free number is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday between 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Land Rover Glass Repair or Replacement

The Land Rover glass repair or replacement free number is 0800 104 7205. Customers should only call this free number for glass repair or replacement policies that started before 19th February 2015.

Land Rover Insurance

The Land Rover insurance free number is 0800 917 0740. Call this free number for all your inquiries about insurance. At the menu, press 1 if you are an existing annual policyholder, press 2 if you are a new customer or 3 if you are a dealer. Calls are recorded for trading and monitoring purposes.

Land Rover Quotes and Renewals

The Land Rover quotes and renewals free number is 0800 197 8966. Call this number to start your quote or request for a renewal of your policy. At the menu, customers have to choose from the following options, press 1 if you are an existing annual policyholder, press 2 if you are a new customer or press 3 if you are a dealer. You will be required to give out your personal details to enable operators to provide a car insurance quote designed especially for your car with exceptional value as compared to other car insurance policies.

Land Rover Book LRE Day

The Land Rover book LRE day free number is 0800 655 6465. Call this number to speak with an expert to book an experience (LRE) day. This free number is open during office hours from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Land Rover Alternative Phone Numbers

Land Rover Homepage

Land Rover Claims and Accident Helpline

The Land Rover Claims and Accident phone number is 0330 100 0469. Customers can call this number in the case of an accident and if they desire to make a claim.

Land Rover Customer Relationship Centre

The Land Rover Customer Relationship Center phone number is 0370 500 0500. Call this number for all your inquiries and speak to an agent at the customer relationship centre.

Land Rover Customer Services

The Land Rover customer services phone number is 0330 100 0470. Contact customer services for all your queries and inquiries via this number.

Land Rover Excess Protect Claims

The Land Rover excess protect claims phone number is 0330 100 0469. Call on this line in case of an accident before calling your motor insurer to have your excess charges reimbursed under Excess Protect. The policy will however not be able to reimburse you if you call your insurer first before calling this number. The specialist team will take charge of your insurance claim service and guarantee that your vehicle is repaired at an approved body shop using genuine parts. Customers will also gain access to a free courtesy car for their use for the entire duration of the repair period.

Land Rover Financial Services

The Land Rover Financial Services phone number is 0844 824 4732. Customers can call this number to speak to an agent about the choice of car finance options available to help you in purchasing your vehicle. Remember to quote your agreement number in correspondence with the company to speed up the process.

Land Rover Fleet & Business Specialist

The Land Rover fleet and business specialist phone number is 0845 600 2214. Call this number to speak with a member of Fleet and Business team. This phone number is open on weekdays between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Land Rover Warranty Queries

The Land Rover Warranty queries phone number is 08705 000 500. Contact the approved warranty administration for all your warranty queries. After calling this number, the company will protect your warranty and residual value by arranging for all the required repairs through an approved body shop where your car will be returned to its previous condition with all safety features restored.

Land Rover Claims

The Land Rover claims phone number is 0330 100 0470. Customers can call this number if they need to make a claim on their policy. The company will take care of every aspect of the process afterwards, so customers have nothing to worry about once a claim is made. Land Rover Glass Repair or Replacement Policies

Land Rover Class Repair

The Land Rover glass repair or replacement policies phone number is 0330 100 3128. Customers should only call this number for all glass repair or replacement policies that began on or after 19th February 2015.

Land Rover Special Vehicles

The Land Rover special vehicles phone number is 0203 601 1544. Call this number to speak to an agent about special vehicles. This number is solely for customers calling from outside the United Kingdom.

Land Rover Alternative Online Contacts

Land Rover Twitter page

Land Rover Customer Relationship Centre

All customer requests and inquiries can also be added to Land Rover via email. Operators are available to answer all your questions and offer you the best experience via

Land Rover Retailer

Customers can find a Land Rover retailer online simply by filling out the Find a Retailer form online. Simply enter a postcode, city/town or retailers name in the form.

Land Rover Test drive form

Complete the Land Rover test drive form online to book and arrange the best date and time for you to take your test drive with Land Rover. Customers can select the most appropriate date and time that best fit their schedules to have their Land Rover test drive.

Land Rover – Outside UK

Customers from Outside the United Kingdom who wish to contact Land Rover can visit the global contact us page online for all the appropriate means of contacting Land Rover.

Land Rover Social Media

Land Rover has verified social media pages with a large following on all media platforms. They have over 14 million likes on Facebook alone. Customers can send their messages directly via Facebook or through tweets on Twitter for immediate replies and assistance.

Jaguar Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Jaguar Logo

Jaguar Free Phone Numbers

Jaguar Coventry head office

Jaguar Store: Customer Service

The Jaguar Store customer service free number is 0800 096 0474. They are open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. Your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. After the tone, hold the line while they connect you to the next available account executive. There is a wide range of categories that you can find from Jaguar Store:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids World
  • Gifts & Lifestyle
  • Model Cars
  • Collections
  • Driving Experiences

Jaguar Roadside Assistance

The Jaguar roadside assistance free number is 0800 246 844. Their operations centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To help them improve their service, the company may record your call. First of all, if you are in a dangerous or vulnerable position, they strongly recommend that you listen to the safety advice that will be given over the phone and follow the advice immediately. If at any time you want to end the safety advice and speak to someone, just press 1.

Jaguar Insurance: Sales and Renewals

The Jaguar insurance free number is 0800 197 8967. They are open from Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, until 6 pm on Fridays, and until 5 pm on Saturdays. For an efficient processing of your call, choose from the following options: If you are an existing annual policyholder, press 1. If you are a new customer, press 2. And finally, if you are a dealer, select 3.

Alternative Jaguar Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Jaguar Contact Us

Jaguar Land Rover Customer Relationship Centre

The Jaguar Land Rover customer relationship centre number is 0345 303 2303. They are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, and every Saturday, 8 am to 2 pm. They are closed on bank holidays. Experience Jaguar and find out why they call the performance of each vehicle an art. Most of all, their latest offerings showcase the latest in car technology:

  • XE sports saloon
  • XF luxury business saloon
  • XJ luxury saloon
  • F-Pace luxury performance SUV
  • F-Type sports car
  • I-PACE Concept electric performance SUV

Jaguar Land Rover Financial Services

The Jaguar Land Rover financial services number for existing customers is 0344 824 4712. Dial this number to get information about your future options and tools to assist you in purchasing a new Jaguar. Credit is provided by Black Horse Limited trading as Jaguar financial services. For new customers, visit the retailer nearest your area and discover the range of flexible finance packages available that can be fitted to your specific requirements.

Jaguar Approved Warranty Administration

The Jaguar Approved Warranty Administration number is 0344 573 8065. Access their standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty and optional extended warranty. Consequently,  enjoy hassle-free repairs and replacements.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Special Vehicle Operations (SVO)

The JLR special vehicle operations enquiries number is 0203 601 1544. SVO offers a range of models featuring the highest level of luxury and cutting-edge technology, including halo models, limited run collectors’ editions, as well as high specification vehicles.

Jaguar Fleet & Business

The Jaguar fleet and business number are 0845 600 2214. Contact them for any queries about how to run a vehicle through a fleet or business in a cost-effective manner.

Jaguar Claims and Accident Helpline

The Jaguar claims and accident helpline is 0330 100 8702. Especially relevant is for you to call the company first after a motor accident. While your first reaction might be to call your motor insurer, contacting the company first will allow your excess charges to be reimbursed under the Excess Protect. Otherwise, this will not be reimbursed if you call your insurer first. An Excess Protect voucher worth up to 250 pounds is given free when you purchase a new or an Approved Used Jaguar.

Jaguar Customer Service Insurance

The Jaguar customer service insurance number is 0330 100 0471. You may call them from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7:30 pm.

Jaguar Store: Customer Service (International)

The Jaguar Store customer service international number is 0192 669 1791. Calls are free from a BT landline while mobile and other network call charges may vary.

Jaguar Press and Media: Head of UK PR

The Jaguar Head of UK PR number is 0771 472 5236. Name of officer-in-charge as of this writing is Ken McConomy.

Jaguar Press and Media: Senior Press Officer

The Jaguar senior press officer number is 0746 871 5346. Name of officer-in-charge as of this writing is Conrad Allum.

Jaguar Press and Media: Press Officer

The Jaguar press officer’s number is 0739 210 3565. Name of officer-in-charge as of this writing is Thomas O’Connell.

Jaguar Press and Media: Fleet Coordinator (Mobile)

The Jaguar fleet co-ordinator mobile number is 0776 438 6445. Name of officer-in-charge as of this writing is Lindsey Dipple.

Jaguar Press and Media: Fleet Coordinator (Landline)

The Jaguar fleet co-ordinator landline number is 0247 656 4152. Dial either the mobile or landline number and find the answers to your fleet enquiries.

Jaguar Land Rover Service Centre

The Jaguar Land Rover service centre number for the JLR centre in Herne Hill, London is 0207 733 3434. Visit the website for your general enquiries about body shop, parts only, service repair, and sales. Additionally, use the search tool to locate the nearest Jaguar retailer in the UK mainland and Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. You can search by postcode, city/town, or retailer.

Alternative Jaguar Free Contact Methods

Jaguar Twitter

Jaguar Online Services

You can either directly visit a service centre nearest your area or book a service for your Jaguar online. Service booking is quick and easy as the company has made available a range of services, pricing and location options for your convenience. Simply enter your car details, choose a retailer, and select your preferred service/s. Finally, pick out a date and time and they will confirm your appointment by e-mail.

Jaguar Press and Media

Alternatively, send your enquiries, feedback and concerns via e-mail to the following individuals:

Jaguar Land Rover Headquarters Coventry

In addition, you may also e-mail them at or write at:

Abbey Road

For Jaguar Store enquiries and general concerns, you may e-mail them at For your correspondence, write the following address on top of their head office address for faster facilitation of your concerns.

Web Retail Customer Services
Jaguar Land Rover CRM Centre

Jaguar Land Rover Careers

Finally, if you wish to be part of Jaguar Land Rover or their UK Retailer network, visit their Careers website and search for available opportunities in their head office, from their over 230 UK retailers, and in any one of their four UK manufacturing locations.

Jaguar Social Media

For the latest news, videos and photos from Jaguar, connect with them via their various social media platforms. Follow them and experience how vehicle performance is elevated to art.

How active is Jaguar International on social media? Their Twitter account, for example, has more than 300 million monthly active users and 1 billion unique visits monthly to sites with embedded Tweets as of June 30, 2016. Thus, this Twitter usage reflects the company’s mission to empower everyone to create and share ideas and information instantly and flawlessly.


Ford Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Ford Logo

Ford Free Customer Service Phone Numbers

ford dunton technical centre

Ford Assistance

The Ford Assistance free number is 0800 111 234. Ford Assistance is a roadside rescue, repair and recovery service that helps you all year long. If you place a call, an automated voice machine will provide you with a menu, and you may choose an option based on your particular query.
For breakdown assistance on your Ford private car press 1.
Breakdown assistance on a Ford commercial car press 2
For other enquiries on Ford breakdown assistance, press 3

Ford Europe Emergency Breakdown Assitance

The Ford Emergency Breakdown Assistance free number is 0800 8877 6611. This number is dedicated to emergency breakdown queries and services only. An automated voice machine will provide you with a menu, and you may choose an option based on your particular query.
For emergency, breakdown queries press 1
Alternatively, you can hold, and your call will be transferred to an Emergency breakdown representative.

Ford Alternative Contact Numbers

ford homepage

Ford Europe Breakdown Assistance

The Ford Europe, Breakdown Assitance number, is +33 42 629 8781. Call f your vehicle breaks down, and help will be sent your way.
If the Breakdown Assistance team is unable to fix the problem immediately, they may either provide a replacement vehicle, organise costs for alternative travel to your destination or cover hotel accommodation for you and your passengers.

Ford Acquire Queries

The Ford Acquire Queries phone number is 0345 712 5490. Ford Acquire is a Hire Purchase product for business car customers who are interested in ownership. Call this number to inquire if you are eligible for this product or to discuss your preferred payment method.

Ford Finance for Business

The Ford Finance for a Business phone number is 0344 600 1405. Ford offers you affordable, flexible and innovative products, to correspond with the size of your business. For all Ford Contract Hire and Finance Lease queries contact their support team through the number provided.

Ford Business Center

The Ford Business centre phone number is 0345 723 2323. Most Ford Dealers have a specialist Dealer Business Centre. Their Dealer Business Center support team is a high profile one; they ensure that their clients, receive an excellent level of service.
Call the Business Center for information on your nearest Dealer Business Center.

Ford Military and Tax-free sales

The Ford Military and Tax-free Sales phone number is 0127 725 2888. Ford provides military personnel with the facility to purchase affordable vehicles. Their Tax-Free Sales specialists, with proven expertise, provide this service via their dealer network. For all HM Revenue and Customs exemption programmes, including form filling, vehicle suitability and availability, this the number to call. Call the number and choose option 3. Lines are active between 8.30 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays.

Ford Fleet Service Centre

The Ford Fleet Service Center phone number is 0127 725 1250. Running a fleet of over 100 vehicles demands different process. The dedicated fleet service advisors of Ford Fleet Service Centre are available to give you the assistance you require. If you have any service, warranty, parts or technical queries, they will help you find the solutions when you call this number.

Ford Fleet Customer Support

The Ford Fleet Customer Support phone number is 0345 723 2323. This Customer Support team provides help with budgeting for Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR). Contact the Ford business Centre for any Ford fleet related enquiries via this number.

Ford Britain Trust

The Ford Britain Trust phone number is 0127 725 2551. The Ford Britain Trust accepts and considers, applications for grants towards capital projects or items of equipment, from organisations and projects located in limited company locations in the UK. Call to place a request or apply for a grant.

Ford Insurance Policy Holder

The Ford Insurance Policyholder phone number is 0344 693 6730. If you are a policyholder and have queries about your policy, you can call this number. Lines are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.

Ford Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The Ford Commercial Vehicle Insurance phone number is 0330 123 5189. To obtain a new insurance quotation call this number. Also, if you want to clarify the terms and conditions and benefits attached to this insurance policy.

For Private car Insurance

The Ford private car insurance phone number is 0330 123 5047. To discuss the key benefits and features and clarify the aspects your insurance policy covers, call this number. Similarly, to get a new quote or retrieve your quote, contact this number.

Ford Motability

The Ford Motability phone number is 0345 604 0019. Ford.To confirm if you or a family member is eligible for this scheme, contact their support team on this number. For guidance on the process of signing up to this scheme call this number.

Ford Rental

The Ford rental phone number is 0844 257 0909. Ford offers its customers short term, long term and flexible vehicle rental services. To make reservations to use the rental services, call this number.

Ford Technical Training

The Ford Technical training phone number is 0132 730 5232. Ford offers a variety of comprehensive training courses for all fleet operators who have their workshops. For details or queries on cost for all training programmes, call this number.

Ford Vignale One

The Ford Vignale One phone number is 0132 730 6620. The Ford Vignale range consists of five distinctive vehicles manufactured with premium materials and provides luxury. For all queries on the Ford Vignale range, call this number. Phone lines are active during corporate working hours.

Ford One Call

The Ford one call phone number is 0203 564 4444. The Ford one call phone number provides you with a list of options. Select one that corresponds to your query.
For Ford Roadside Assistance select 1
If your vehicle is covered by Ford Assistance and it suddenly experiences a breakdown, you may call this number to receive immediate help.
For Ford Accident Management select 2
In the event of an accident in your Ford vehicle, choose this option. Ford

Accident Mangement will assist in handling your claims, vehicle recovery, repair and courtesy car.
For Ford, Customer Relationship Centre select 3
If you wish to discuss any issues about your experience driving their vehicle or make inquiries about Ford services, choose this option. The Customer Relationship Centre aims to resolve all issues as early as possible.
For Ford Technical Information select 4
If you require specific technical information on your Ford vehicle, their team of technical experts can assist with your enquiry.

For Ford Credit, Ford Lease and Ford Insure press 5
Call the Ford Credit, Lease and Ensure team if you have an enquiry on their range of finance and insurance products or wish to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Ford Free online Contacts

ford twitterpage

Ford Britain Trust

You can send in your requests and applications to the Ford Britain Trust via

Ford fleet

Direct all your Fleet inquiries to If you need information about the services available for running a fleet, send a mail to this address, and you will be contacted shortly.

Ford Mobility

The Ford Motability team can also be contacted via Direct all your queries on the Motability scheme to this address.

Ford Rentals

Send all your marketing inquiries about Ford Rentals to Corporate Rental service team will respond as soon as possible.

Ford Military and Tax-free

For queries on facilities available to Military Personnel. For more details on Revenue and Customs, exemption programmes contact Ford’s Tax-free sales specialists via this address.

Ford training

For details, general queries or questions the on costs for all Ford training programmes send an email to

Ford general enquiries

For any general inquiries, or for concerns or issues you may have on your Ford vehicle please email

Ford Fleet Service Centre

If you have any service, warranty, parts or technical queries about Ford fleets, send an email to

Finance for Business

If you have any queries related to Ford finance or lease, direct them to All your questions would be answered shortly by their experienced support team.

Ford Live Chat

You can initiate a live chat with the Ford Online agents via the Ford live chat service. The agents will offer instant solutions to any issues and answer all questions promptly.

Ford has established its social media presence to effectively reach out to their followers.


Gumtree Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Gumtree Logo

Gumtree Free Phone Numbers


Gumtree has no free numbers in the United Kingdom. There are however alternative numbers available.

Gumtree Alternative Contact Numbers And Services

Gumtree Homepage

Gumtree Customer Service- Business

The Gumtree customer support phone number is 020 3608 5072. Call this number to get in touch with the Gumtree business support team. Contact Gumtree on this number if you need any guidance with posting an ad or need to inquire about any business classifieds. If you are experiencing problems with the posting of your ad or wish to know more about the conditions and charges of posting an ad you can call this number as well. A support executive is always available to answer customer questions. The phone number is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Gumtree has been a part of eBay classifieds services since 2005.

Gumtree  Display Team Customer Support

The Gumtree Display Team customer support phone number is  020 3608 5072. Call the support team for all your Gumtree display related questions, you may also request a callback.

Gumtree Alternative Free Online Contacts

Gumtree twitter page

Gumtree IOS/Android App

Download the Gumtree Application on iTunes if you are an Apple user and on   Google Play Store if you are an  Android user.  Clients looking to upgrade their cars or furnish their houses can discover items on sale in their local area. The Gumtree App brings opportunities within reach of customers.
Discover local deals and relieve the stress of searching relentlessly for a new job, sofa or nearby services online. With a click on the App, you can browse through all the ads close to you and find for yourself some great deals.

With the Gumtree App, you can find thousands of ads across hundreds of categories, deals on cars, local housing and job offers. You can also post local ads and sell your items locally. You can share ads across social media and email, shop for and manage your top pick ads. Items can also be saved and synced with the Gumtree website for in-app alerts, so customers do not miss any fantastic deals. Items for sale on the App come with quality photos and detailed descriptions, so customers know exactly what they are buying.

Gumtree Press Contact

Business owners and customers can communicate with the Gumtree Press team through email. If you have any inquiry, complaint or you want to register a complaint or make a suggestion related to Press; you can email the Gumtree Press contact team via Operators will reply your message and assist you to solve your issue.

Gumtree Live Chat

You can start a Live Chat if you want to speak with a chat operator directly. Just log onto the Gumtree Live chat section, fill out your details in the required fields and initiate your  Chat. Support executives are always online to speak with you and address all your concerns.

Gumtree Live Chat for FAQ

Customers can search for all the Gumtree FAQs by logging onto the Gumtree Live Chat Support menu online. From the search box enter details of your area of concern. Click the go button, and you will be provided with a list of titles related to your request. Select the most relevant. If your questions are not answered, you can contact the support team on live chat. Operators are available to clear your doubts.

Gumtree Business Contact Form

Fill out the online Gumtree Business contact form to get in touch with the support team. You will be required to provide your personal details as well as details on your ad and its relevant specifics.

Gumtree Display Contact Form

You can get in touch with the Gumtree Display team by filling the Gumtree Display online form.   You will be required to enter personal details like your name, company name, phone number, email address and website. from the client type dropdown, you will choose between three options this is an advertiser, ad agency or network. You will also pick a monthly budget from the dropdown provided. Also from the category and location of interest, you will make a pick based on your preference. You can provide more details in the comment section and click the submit button. the display team will take over things from here.

Gumtree Social Media

Gumtree has a large social media following. The support team responds to client needs via the various social media platforms.

Google plus 

ADP Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

ADP logo

ADP Free Phone Numbers

ADP Careers

ADP Sales

The ADP sales free number is 0800 170 7677. If you call during offline hours, you may opt to leave a message so someone can get back to you as soon as possible. The following are just some of the comprehensive solutions ADP offers to support your business:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Payroll services
  • Human resources
  • Time and attendance
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Payroll disbursement

As the largest comprehensive global provider of cloud-based HCM solutions and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise, ADP UK is capable of transforming human resources to a strategic business advantage. Their solutions will fit any type of business:

  1. Small business/private equity – 1 to 49 employees
  2. Medium sized business – 50 to 999 employees
  3. Large business – more than 1,000 employees
  4. Multinational business – any size
  5. Franchise – any size

ADP HR Everywhere HR Employment Law Advice

The ADP HR Everywhere free number is 0800 180 4994. It consists of services designed for two distinct types of businesses:

  1. ADP HRe Buddy – for businesses who want to reduce their risk but have no HR function
  2. ADP HRe Guru – for businesses who already maintain some professional HR presence and want to have access to reliable and the latest employment law research

Both services include online content (feature articles, questions and answers, key rates and data, strategic briefings, and the latest news in HR), how to/templates, online law and guidance, and advice line availability.

Alternative ADP Contact Numbers, Details and Services

ADP Let's talk

ADP Customer Service

The ADP customer service number is 0845 230 2373. This ADP helpline is open 24 hours a day. Since ADP is committed to supporting your business, they will try to provide an immediate solution to your problems, whether you are a new client or an existing one. Applicable call charges may be incurred for calls made on both a mobile device or landline.

The ADP payroll services number is the same as the number indicated on their website. These services are designed to suit all businesses, whether small, big, undergoing expansion, or based outside the UK.

Most noteworthy is the fast, efficient and accurate service ADP provides for their clients. Since the administration is reduced, in-house salaries teams get further support or staff can focus on other business needs. Use the ADP customer service number to inquire about payroll services.

ADP Human Resources – UK Head Office

The ADP human resources number is 0193 259 7000. ADP serves a wide range of clients, including service, retail, finance and legal, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and charity and housing clients. Additionally, get in touch with them via this number for product support and general head office enquiries.

ADP Human Resources – UK Northern Office

Finally, the ADP human resources number for their northern office in Manchester is 0800 170 7677. You can enquire about job opportunities or talk to them about any issues concerning their products and services.

Alternative ADP Free Contact Methods

ADP Twitter

ADP Marks

All trademark concerns should be handled here:

ADP Privacy

Send all issues about the companies privacy to

ADP Online Support

For employees of ADP clients, you may fill out their online form if you have a specific pay related concern or in need of assistance with your payslip. However, if you have forgotten your password or have trouble logging in, get in touch with your HR Department so they can help you reset your password. Additionally, the form may be used for new business questions and/or general company enquiries.

ADP Social Media

Become a member of the ADP community by connecting with them via one of their social media sites. Their blog site publishes posts about HCM, payroll services, time and labour, and many others. Furthermore, blog contributors are all experts in their fields so expect up-to-date information and insightful articles. Some of the most popular topics include compliance, HR, innovation and technology, multinational and globalisation, and payroll.


ADP Complaints Department

Additionally, you may write to ADP your concerns about any of their products and services via post:

ADP UK Head Office – Chertsey
Syward Place
KT16 9JT

ADP UK Northern Office – Manchester
319 Wilmslow Road
Heald Green

Check out the website for Google Maps instructions on how to reach their offices.