EE Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

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EE Free Phone Numbers

EE Office

EE Business Contact

The EE Business Support free number is 0800 079 0888. If you have any business query, call this helpline. An EE Business Support representative will be available to discuss any questions you may have and provide you with the information you require. If you call during the offline hours, an automated voice system will welcome you and provide alternative numbers to contact depending on your query.

EE Home Broadband Contract Cancellation

The EE Home Broadband Contract Cancellation free number is 0800 079 8586. Contact the EE Broadband team who will assist with your cancellation request and answer any additional questions you may have. The standard hours during which the lines are active are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm weekdays and 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends. You may also contact them from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm weekdays and from 8 pm during weekends.

EE Personal Inquiries Helpline

The EE Personal inquiries Helpline toll-free phone number is 0800 956 6000. Your call will be received by an automated voice prompt that will provide you with a menu of options. Select the option that corresponds to your need.
If you are already a customer or in the process of joining EE press 1.
If you want to become an EE customer press 2.
If you want to top up your, Pay As You Go or handphone with a credit or debit card press 3.
For EE Broadband, handphone and TV query press 4.

EE Large Business Service Landline contact

The EE Large Business Service landline phone number is 0800 079 3333. Seek help about all your EE Large Business related issues by dialling this number. There are no costs incurred for calling this number.

EE Alternative Free Contact Numbers

EE homepage

EE Ombudsman Services Contact

The EE Ombudsman Services Phone number is 0330 440 1614. EE is committed to keeping their customers satisfied. However, in the unfortunate case where a client is dissatisfied with services received, the first point of call should be the EE Customer Support. If after contacting the Customer Service Support your complaint has not been dealt with within an eight week period, you may proceed to contact the Ombudsman Service. Similarly, if your claims result in a deadlock situation, you may refer your complaint to Ombudsman Services, without any charges.

EE Broadband Service Landline Contact

The EE Broadband Services Landline phone number is 0844 873 8586. EE offers incredible Broadband packages that give you unlimited mobile data connection. All the packages include unlimited usage without data download restrictions, weekend calls to UK landlines and full access to EE TV. If you are calling from a landline with any queries, do not hesitate to contact the EE Broadband Support via this number to make a switch to EE Broadband Services.

EE Broadband and TV Services Alternate Contact

For customers using an alternate service provider, the EE Broadband and TV Service phone number are 0207 362 0200. It is essential that clients check call charges from their service provider before contacting this number. Use this number for general inquiries on EE Broadband and TV packages.

EE Text Relay Assist Services

The EE Text Relay Assist Service phone number is 0795 396 6250. Customers who have difficulty speaking or hearing may send a text to an EE Customer Service personnel to make queries or request for information. To reach the EE Customer Service Support using this service, please be sure to dial the code 18001 before dialling the primary contact number provided. This number is exclusive to EE customers who are speech-impaired or have any other disability.

EE Monthly Orange Pay Monthly Service

The EE phone number for the Orange Pay Monthly Service is 0797 310 0150. Customers with other service providers are free to dial the number. Please be sure to check the call charges with your provider before contacting this number. The same number applies to all International customers. Customers calling from abroad should add the UK country code and should check the EE roaming charges for calling costs.

EE Landline Orange Pay As You Go Service Contact

The EE Landline phone number for the Orange Pay As You Go Service is 0797 310 0450. For clarification on the value packs this service offers, use the number indicated. Please refer to the pricing guide to obtain the total cost for contacting this number.

EE 4GEE Mobile Wifi Service landline contact

The EE 4GEE Mobile Wifi Service landline phone number is 0795 396 6502. You may contact this number at any time without incurring any cost.

EE Large business Alternate Service Provider Support

For customers using an Alternate Service Provider, the EE Large Business phone number is 0797 310 0158. If you encounter any issue or have any query related to your large business, use this helpline. Always check the call charges with your provider.

EE Mobile or Sim Service

The EE Mobile or Sim service Landline phone number is 0795 396 6250. This number is also suitable for customers using an alternate service provider. Always check call charges for this number with your service provider. International Customers are also free to call this number to make mobile or Sim service queries. It is recommended that International customers check the EE roaming charges before calling costs.

EE Small Business Service -landline

The EE Small Business service landline phone number is 0797 310 0345. The same number can be used by customers with other service providers who have EE Small business related queries. You only have to check call charges for this number with your service provider. The contact also applies to International customers. It is essential that International customers check the EE roaming charges for calling costs.

EE Alternative Free online Contact Methods

EE Twitter

EE Broadband Email Form

EE Broadband customers who may be dissatisfied with any aspect of the EE broadband service can visit this page and fill out the form provided to lodge their complaints. Your submission will be thoroughly reviewed, and the support team will get in touch as soon as possible.

EE Social media

EE has a dedicated support team on all its social media platforms. Get your questions answered in a snap.


AT&T Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

ATT logo

AT&T Free Phone Numbers

ATT image

AT&T Existing Client Support in the USA

The AT&T existing clients support free number in the USA is
+1 800 331 0500. The customer care representatives are available to solve problems regarding billing, technical support, devices and provide any other form of assistance with regards to AT&T products and services. A call to this number is received by an automated voice that will require you to voice out your need, based on your response your call will be transferred to the appropriate department.

Call this number to have your wireless phone issues resolved in a snap by the efficient customer support team. Lines are open to clients from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm for wireless home phone issues. For home base issues calls are taken from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays.

AT&T Customer Support

The AT&T Customer Support free number for the USA is +1 800 288 2020. This is the dedicated service number for all AT&T Internet needs, DSL and Dial-up for existing accounts. Phone lines are active 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday and on Saturdays, 8;00 am to 5:00 pm.

AT&T Sales – USA

The AT&T USA sales free number is +1 877 680 0559.For any sales related inquiries, this is the number to call. English and French options are available here. The automated voice presents the caller with three options:
Press 1 if you are a current AT&T customer
Press 2 if you are interested in purchasing a service
Press 3 if you are calling about a recent AT&T order

AT&T Wireless Order status – USA

AT&T USA wireless order status check free number is +1 877 782 8870. Call this number to check the status of a wireless order by providing your order ID and zip code. Phone lines are open 24/7.

AT&T Disability Resources – USA

The AT&T disability resources free numbers are:
TTY – +1 800 651 5111
Voice –+1 800 772 3140
The lines are accessible Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on Saturdays, 11 am to 7:45 pm.

AT&T International

The AT&T international free number are +1 800 335 4685Call this number from anywhere in the world to inquire about AT&T products and services. The Customer Representatives are available around the clock, 24/7.

AT&T ConnecTech Technical Support Solutions -USA

The AT&T USA ConnecTech technical support solutions phone number is +1 866 294 3464. Experts here provide solutions for home network and computer needs such as crashed, slow or non-responsive computers.

AT&T New Service- USA

The AT&T order new service phone number is +1 888 333 6651. Call the support team between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays and 9;00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends to purchase a new service.

AT&T Bill Payment Service-USA

The AT&T Bill payment phone number is +1 800 288 2020. For payments towards U-verse voice, U-verse, U-verse internet and other internet services this is the number to call.

AT&T Order Status Phone- USA

The AT&T order status for Wireless and devices phone number is +1 877 782 8870For details about your AT&T order call this number.

 AT&T Business Support -USA

The AT&T Business Support direct phone number is +1 888 944 0447. The Business Support team provides enterprise solutions in the area of repair and troubleshooting, wireline and IP services, Billing and Account and mobility and wireless.

 Alternative AT&T Contact Numbers and Services

ATT support

There is currently no UK support lines for AT&T. Only numbers available are in the United States.

AT&T Support for Travel outside the USA

The AT&T support for travel outside United States free phone number is +1 314 925 6925. Lines are active 24/7.

Alternate Free AT&T Online Contact Methods

ATT social

AT&T Contact Form -UK

You can contact AT&T directly through their online contact form. Enter your name, email address, company name and telephone number and proceed with your concern.

AT&T Customer Service

The AT&T customer service email address is Email your queries, questions and concerns, and you will receive a reply from the qualified team addressing your specific problem.

AT&T Complaints

Dissatisfied with AT&T? Email your complaints to the CEO at

AT&T Abuse

If you receive suspicious emails that look fraudulent, even if you are in doubt immediately forward the email to It is advisable not to click on the links, as it is a route for hackers to steal confidential details such as your User ID and password.

AT&T Live Chat

The AT&T live chat service provides immediate support for general customer inquiries, U-Verse TV, Direct TV, the internet and Digital home phone. Initiate chat by clicking on the chat icon. Answer a few questions and select a category that best fits your need. A customer care representative will be online to answer your questions. Chat service is not available for Go-phone customers.

AT&T Order Status Contact Form

AT&T has a dedicated page for checking your order status. You fill a Contact Form by entering your order ID and zip code. Full details on the status of your order will be provided.

AT&T Social Media


Apple Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

apple logo

Apple UK Free Phone Numbers

Apple Office

Apple Customer Service

The Apple customer service free number is 0800 107 6285. This is for technical support with their online shop, iPad and iPhone mobile devices. If you have a login issue, you can call this number too. You can also call this number if you need to visit an Apple store for troubleshooting issues. You are entitled to such services only if the Apple product was purchased from the online store. If you got your apple product from a network provider, then all after purchase services must be directed to them.

App Store Inquiries

The Apple App Store free number is 0800 048 0408. You can call this number to order devices and further track your purchase. You can use this service to buy apps and all kinds of Apple software. If you need a refund for reasons such as dissatisfaction with a product purchased, an adviser will attend to you and take you through the return process.

A call to this number will start with a welcome note by an automated voice that will ask you how you can be helped. If you do not speak, you will be given a chance to choose from three options.

  • For Technical Support you say technical support or Press 1
  • For Recent Order, you say recent order or Press 2
  • For Sales, you say Sales or Press 3
  • If you do not take any action, your call will be disconnected

 Apple Business

The Apple Business free number is 0800 058 2222. The lines are opened weekdays only, between 9 am to 6 pm. You cannot reach the support team on weekends. This number is dedicated to business inquiries only. Inquiries for iMacs for professional users and their specialist users must be made here.
If you need to make a bulk order for large quantities of hardware, a call to this number will ensure you get the necessary discount if you qualify for one, you will also receive pricing details here.

You can call this number for repair and regular update of your devices if you have a contract that covers that. For all types of business transactions such as paying off outstanding debts owed to Apple and changing your finance agreement, the support team here will be at your service.

If you call this number, you will be welcomed by an automated voice that can handle complete sentences. You will be asked to provide the extension name if you are calling to reach someone. If you do not respond, you will be provided with three options.

  • For Technical Support you say technical support of Press 1
  • For Recent Order, you say recent order or Press 2
  • For Sales, you say Sales or press 3
  • If you do not take any action, your call will be disconnected

Apple Education

The Apple Education free number is 0800 912 0207. School and University representatives interested in equipping their institutions with Apple devices will be given be needed guidance and support when they call this number. You can call this number to open a new account or make changes to an existing one such as changing a nominated representative.

You will receive a welcome note when you call this number. The automated voice will request you enter the extension number if you know the one you want to speak to by pressing 1 and then the extension number. If you do not, you will be put on hold for more options.

  • If you are a student or teacher purchasing on your own behalf, you Press 1
  • If you want to speak to a member of the educational sales team, Press 2
  • If you want to make inquiries on an existing order or speak to a member of the sales support team, Press 3
  • For technical support, Press 4
  • Press 9 to hear the options again

Apple Beats Headphones

The Apple Beats Headphone troubleshooting free number is 0800 028 2329. The number is dedicated to Beats Consumer support issues.
You will be welcomed by an automated voice that will ask you to have your beats product available so you can be assisted. You will be attended to when the next customer care representative is available.

AppleCare Support (USA)

The AppleCare support free number is  +1 800 275 2273. This is a free call to the United States. An automated voice will welcome you and ask what Applecare product or service you are calling about.

There is a Spanish option for Spanish-speaking clients.

  • iPhone press 1
  • Apple Watch press 2
  • iPad press 3
  • Mac computers press 4
  • Apple TV press 5
  • Anything else press 6

Apple Online Store (USA)

The Apple Store free number is +1 800 692 7753. This is a USA free phone call.
This is an automated system that can handle complete sentences.

  • Technical support Press 1
  • Recent orders Press 2
  • Sales Press 3

Apple Sales (USA)

The Apple Sales free phone is  +1 800 780 5009. This is a free call to the United States. All sales concerns should be directed here.
An automated voice that can handle complete sentences will welcome you and ask how you may be helped. If you say nothing, you will be asked to choose from three options.

  • Technical Support you say technical support of Press 1.
  • Recent Order, you say recent order or Press 2
  • Sales, you say Sales or press 3.
  • If you do not take any action, your call will be disconnected.

Apple Support and Services in Canada

The Apple Support and Service free phone number is +1 800 263 3394. This is meant for users who live in Canada.
There is a Spanish option for Spanish-speaking clients.

  • iPhone press 1
  • Apple watch press 2
  • iPad press 3
  • Mac computers press 4
  • Apple TV press 5
  • Anything else press 6

Alternative Apple Phone Numbers

Apple Support image

Apple Media Helpline

The Apple Media Helpline number is 0208 278 1440. Use this number to get information on recent press releases, or if you need to get press access. Updates are released weekly and monthly.

Spain AppleCare

The Spain AppleCare phone number is +34 900 812 703. The customer support team here handle all Apple queries. From technical support, sales, consumer support for recent orders, etc.

Alternative Apple Free Online Contact Methods

Apple social image

Contact Apple via Email

An email can be sent the to the Apple Customer services by visiting their Applecare UK support. On this site, you can find the appropriate device from the options given. You can then connect to the expert either by chat or email.

Lost or Stolen Devices

If you lose a device or happen to have it stolen you can file a claim online. Expect a response after 72 hours only.

Apple Social Media

Apple provides multiple ways to connect with customer service on social media. From Facebook to Twitter, and even LinkedIn, there are multiple ways to reach out to representatives.

YouTube                                                                                                                                                  LinkedIn

GiffGaff Customer Service Number


GiffGaff Free Customer Service Number

Unfortunately, GiffGaff does not offer any free contact numbers.

You can contact GiffGaff Customer Service by logging to a GiffGaff account. Enter your basic credentials by adding your mobile number or email id and reap unlimited benefits offered by GiffGaff. As of now, the company has no free numbers allotted or mentioned anywhere on its site.

There are alternative ways through which you can hold a direct communication. You can enquire about the service plans anytime by joining the GiffGaff Community. Expect the response from the GiffGaff agents as early as possible.

Alternative GiffGaff Contact Numbers, Details and Services

GiffGaff community

GiffGaff Customer Service

The only GiffGaff customer service number is 0113 272 2000. The staff support is available round the clock on all working days.

The company has a single phone line for all its troubled customers. GiffGaff is all ears to your problems and commits to providing instant on the spot solutions. The idea behind promoting the online community page is that you don’t have to wait for a corporate call centre. You may write down the complaints and report about the inconvenience faced by contacting the customer representative officials now.

GiffGaff Activate SIM

There is no number to call in order to activate a SIM card. However, GiffGaff Activate SIM online service is available 24 hours a day. You will receive a message: Congratulations on receiving a GiffGaff sim! Are you facing a problem in activating your GiffGaff number?  Are you not able to configure the GiffGaff sim? Take help from the GiffGaff Knowledge Base. Here, you can find your way to activate the sim by reading the step-by-step instructions provided on the website. The handy video uploaded on this page can be a better source if you are looking for an extended help. Nothing better than a visual guide!

GiffGaff Help Desk

GiffGaff does not have a customer service number for direct help concerns. Yet, there is a GiffGaff Forum where lots of conversations take place between the customer base. Any GiffGaff sim-plans related questions? GiffGaff has no dedicated customer service department. All the help is done online.

Facing any technical issue?  Simply, post it on the community and members will try to assist you further. Start a topic on the GiffGaff Help & Support page. You will be amazed to see how quickly you will get a response. All the responses are provided by Community Help member. The online support community is an effective and efficient way of addressing issues. Stay on the same page to have a better understanding of the GiffGaff numbers and their process of activation.

GiffGaff Messages from Agents

In order to receive a GiffGaff Message from an agent, you will need to register or sign into your account first. The community help page of GiffGaff is constantly updated by its expert agents. These agents will provide exact and one of the best answers to all your queries within a prescribed time. Inquire anything about GiffGaff such as how can I activate my sim? You may also talk about how can I get a micro sim and what is the process of acquiring one.  Any issue against payment or account, type in the community page. You will be answered in the less possible time.

Alternative Online Methods of contacting GiffGaff


GiffGaff Community

The GiffGaff community is the trustworthy and reliable source of taking assistance from the community members. You are free to visit the page on the go. Read the other members request and you might find a solution without even typing. The GiffGaff community page is highly active. It has no obsolete information that leads to confusion or misguides you.

Having any questions? Find out the best solutions by starting a topic. Choose the Start Topic button; you are re-directed to Help & Support page. Here, type a crisp message that explains in words.

GiffGaff General Discussion Forum

The GiffGaff General Discussion Forums connect the entire team of GiffGaff to all its users. If you are planning to take its services, without any hesitation you can land to this page and suit yourself. Here, you can read the comments and questions posted by the other existing users.

Raise a Complaint?

Send all complaints to Alternatively, you can send a handwritten letter in the post to the GiffGaff headquarters.

GiffGaff Ltd
11 Vine Street

The lovely community members of GiffGaff take all the complaints seriously. Additionally, you can click on Contact an Agent and your issues you will see that the issues resolve on a priority basis. However, sometimes things might not go as planned then you are free to express and make a complaint again. All the dissatisfaction is effectively handled by an intelligent team of GiffGaff.

GiffGaff Agent Live Chat Help

The GiffGaff expert team is constantly promoting the way of providing assistance to its valuable customer. With more than 5,000 experts available at a platform, the response time of providing a solution is just 90 seconds. Take your call by just typing in the complaint in as many words as you can.

Social Media

GiffGaff is available everywhere and all the time. The active social media team dedicates itself and leaves no gap. Blindly rely on these platforms when you face complications with the service. Subscribe the GiffGaff YouTube channel to receive latest updates from the company. The tips and tricks to make best out of the service are of great use.

GiffGaff Contact address

For any further assistance, you can write to GiffGaff.

GiffGaff Ltd

Hertz House
11 Vine Street

Virgin Media Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Virgin Media logo

Virgin Media Free Phone Numbers
Virgin Media bills

Virgin Media Customer Service Sales Team

The Virgin Media Customer Service Sales Team free number is 0800 052 0422. After the tone, press 1 if you are interested in joining Virgin Media. If you are an existing customer and would like to add another service, press 2. Furthermore, press 3 if you want to change the service that you have with them. For any other concerns about your account, press 4. Lines are open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm.

Virgin Media New Customers

The Virgin Media New Customers free number is 0800 064 3820. Once the automated message begins following the ring, be sure to first Press 2. This will direct you to add another service. Press 4 to be directed to open an account.

Virgin Media Helpline

Alternatively, you could simply dial the Virgin Media Helpline 789 when calling from your Virgin Mobile device. First of all, Virgin Media encourages customers from other providers to switch to them mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Fastest widely available broadband in the UK
  • Safe cables that will not be affected by stormy weather
  • No charge for servicing and repairs

Virgin Media Products and Services

The Virgin Media Products and Services free number is 0800 064 3836. For those customers who wish to learn more about new phones or current offers for customers, then call and be sure to press 4.

Contact Virgin Media Bill Payment

The Virgin Media Bill Payment free number is 0800 064 3777. You can make a payment from any phone and mobile device. After the tone, the automated machine will ask you to enter your full Virgin Media Phone number including the area code. If you would rather enter your account number,  just press the hash symbol for redirection. Either option is recommended.

Virgin Media Repairs

For cable and national customer services and technical support, dial the free Virgin Media Repairs Contact Number 150. Please note that these calls can only be made from a Virgin Mobile phone. This is the same number to use for bill payments, cable home move, and national home move.

Virgin Media Emergency

Virgin Media Emergency services include the need for police, firemen, or paramedics and an ambulance. All textphone users are recommended to use this free Virgin Media number 18000.

Alternative Virgin Media Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Virgin Media Repair

Virgin Media Broadband and Installation

The Virgin Media Broadband telephone number is 0345 454 1111. For any issues about broadband such as service fault, slow broadband speed, Wi-Fi connectivity, e-mail service, and upgrading your package, dial this helpline.

Use the same contact detail mentioned above for the Virgin Media Installation Number or if you want to join Virgin Media, upgrade your TV or phone package, and upgrade your mobile phone or tariff.

Virgin Media Existing Customer Deals

The Virgin Media Existing Customer Deals number is 0345 141 0111. Take advantage of Virgin Media TV bundles and other mobile and broadband packages. Call them now from any phone select option 5 upon hearing the automated message.

Virgin Mobile Customer Complaints and Lost or Stolen Phone

The Virgin Mobile customer complaints number is 0345 600 0789 . Virgin follows certain codes of practice to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service. Hence, they will welcome any feedback and will try to improve things where they can. If you want to make a complaint about broadband, TV and home phone services, dial the Virgin Media Customer Complaints Number which is the same contact detail indicated in the preceding paragraph. Alternatively, for complaints about mobile services, use the contact number indicated in the succeeding paragraph.

If your phone is lost or stolen and you need immediate help, dial the Virgin Mobile lost phone support 0345 600 0789 from any mobile phone. You could also use another person’s phone and dial 789 to take the necessary precautions in protecting your privacy. There is an alternate number that you can use if you are calling from abroad so Virgin Media can bar any calls from your mobile phone as well. Virgin Media recommends that you tell the police if the phone was stolen, as you may need a crime reference number to complete your claim.

Use the same number above if you need to seek help about mobile billing and payments, problem logging into your account, and managing your account.

Alternative Virgin Media Free Contact Methods
Virgin Media Sign in

Virgin Media Check Service Status

You need to register and sign in to your account if you want to run tests on the service to your home, restart and reboot your Virgin Media kit, or book or reschedule engineer home visits. If you cannot sign in, you may enter your postcode or Virgin Media home phone number from the website to be able to use this special service.

Virgin Media Complaints Department

Virgin Media wants to ensure that they give the best customer service possible. You may write to them if you wish to express dissatisfaction over any of their products and services. They also have a quick resolution to your issues. Address your post to:

Virgin Media
PO Box 333
Matrix Court
Swansea, SA7 9ZJ

Virgin Media Online Help and Support

Virgin Media offers an extensive database that will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about their products and services. They have a wide range of help topics that include Wi-Fi problems, accounts and billing, concerns about mobile, broadband, TV and phone, and applications and e-mail, among many others. Popular queries include Virgin Mobile phone support, roaming costs, Virgin Media No Signal solutions, and help with Virgin Mobile SIM.

Virgin Media Chat Service

For customers who wish to get in touch with Virgin Media via chat, visit their website and talk to one of their agents about any assistance or support that you need. The service is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and every Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. They are closed on Sundays.

Virgin Media Social Media

Virgin Media is also present in various social media networks. Their Helping Hands videos in YouTube, for example, offer help and advice to allow their customers make the most out of Virgin Media products and services. Watch a wide range of video tutorials which include using Powerline to extend broadband connectivity, changing the wireless channel on your Hub, and improving your broadband speed.

Helping Hands on YouTube

Virgin Media Community

The friendly community of Virgin Media’s forums can also offer helpful advice to your concerns about account and billing, broadband, TV, phone, mobile, and any other issue you might have. Additionally, the section also contains help videos for step-by-step guides on some of the most common enquiries customers have. Examples of these include checking if there is a problem with your Virgin Media services, watching live TV on your Virgin Media TiVo service, and understanding your first Virgin Media bill. Alternatively, you may check out the latest blog updates from the Virgin Media support team.

Accessible Ways to Contact Virgin Media

Virgin Media For All! Customers who are deaf, have difficulty hearing, or other impairments, can make use of Virgin Media’s text relay service. Consequently, you can properly keep in touch with your loved ones. The service will also enable you to make sure that you do not miss an important phone call.

Additionally, you may also opt to get in touch using sign language over webcam. A fully qualified sign language interpreter will communicate with you in real time. If there is no interpreter available, you may hold or try again at a later time. You need a broadband speed of at least 1Mb and Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to use the service.

Three Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Three logo

Three Free Phone Numbers
Three Welcome Details

3 Mobile Customer Service

When you decide to call your phone provider make sure you are using the 3 Mobile Customer Service free number 0800 358 6796. Select 0 if you wish to speak to an operator immediately. Otherwise, wait for the tone and then Select option 2 to be put through to normal customer services menu. Select options 2-1-1-2-1 if you want to be connected to Pay as You Go (PAYG) menu. For 3 Mobile Broadband Support, select option 3.

3 Mobile Business

Call Three Helpline Phone Number for Business 0800 358 6796 and choose option 2. You may also call 337 free from your 3 Business mobile.

Three Contact Details for Sales Enquiries

For sales-related concerns, call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiries Free Number 0800 033 8001. Planning to buy a new phone for the holidays? Or are you just shopping for yourself or your friend and loved ones. You can always buy directly from Three. Just reach out and call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiry free number 0800 033 8002. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

Three offers various services for people with different abilities to make communication easier for them. Some of these services include emergency SMS or text relay, directory enquiries, InterpretersLive! Video relay service, Minicom, and text relay and the next generation text service (NGTS).

For those who are interested in finding out the accessibility services Three offers or if you want to suggest of ways so they can improve those services, you may contact Three Contact Number for Minicom 0800 358 6799.

The Three Customer Helpline for Textphone Free Number 0800 033 8011 is for the hearing impaired as well. There might be a need for you to register before you can use some of Three’s accessibility services. Registration can be done through these contact numbers.

Alternative Three Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Three Customer Service

3 Mobile Customer Service

Dial Three Help for Phone Account Customers Calling from any device. Simply dial the Three Mobile Number 333.

All Mobile Devices Number

The Three Contact Number for Phone Account Customers Calling from Any Other Phone is 0333 338 1001. You will be connected to a switchboard agent so be sure to be specific with your needs.

Three Broadband

For all data and internet queries, contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers 500. You can also dial the 3 Mobile Customer Service Number 0333 338 1003 if from another phone or telecommunication device.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

You may also speak to the special needs accessibility team when you contact Three Help Number for Accessibility 0333 338 1012.

Three Fax Number

If you are that person who uses a fax machine still. Really? Okay, we are teasing. Still, you need the Three fax number 0141 204 8773. Be sure to always have a cover letter that properly addresses your issues so the fax itself is not lost or thrown away.

Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phones

For stolen or lost devices, you need to contact Three right away so they can protect your account from misuse and you can immediately arrange for a replacement. Even more so, they shut down your phone service properly and in some cases help track down your phone within a 10-meter radius using GPS tracking.Dial Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number

So if the unfortunate event happens to you, contact Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number 0333 338 1001If you lose a tablet or other mobile device that uses Three broadband and data plans, you need to call a different Three phone number. It is important to contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers Calling from Three Mobile 0333 338 1003. However, they are closed on UK bank holidays.

Remember to change your passwords for your e-mail accounts, online banking, and social media accounts anytime your phone is lost or stolen. This is to safeguard your privacy immediately as well as to avoid possible complications arising from the loss. Consequently, a claim excess fee should be paid before replacement of a lost or stolen phone. Three recommends that you report any stolen device to the police to get a crime reference number.

Three Phone Insurance

If you have a Three phone insurance, you can make a Three Rescue claim online or contact Three Helpline Number for Mobile Broadband Insurance 0333 338 1003. There are separate numbers that Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) and CPP Phonesafe insurance customers can call to make claims.

Alternative Three Free Contact Methods
Three store

Three Website Forms

For questions about your account, you may contact Three using their standard contact form via the website. There is also a separate form for complaints.

Three Online Support

There is a Three support section on the website that provides answers to possible questions about device support, SIM support, mobile broadband, upgrades, bills and contracts, and network and coverage. You can also browse through information about calls, e-mails and messages, roaming services, Internet and apps, and subscription cancellation.

On the other hand, if you need help setting up and using your mobile device, you just need to enter the manufacturer name or device name onto the search field on the website. You may also download the device manually from the site.

Three Social Media

Three is present in major social media networks as part of its continued efforts to provide the best experience for UK mobile consumers. Connect with them or visit their website and find out more about their All You Can Eat data and Feel At Home offer, which lets customers call and text the UK and use data out of their UK allowance when abroad in 42 destinations including US, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, and many more. Feel At Home is open to Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go customers who are using a tablet, phone, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle.


Three Live Chat

Three Live Chat is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. Do take note that if you want to upgrade or cancel your account, you need to call the Three Phone Number for General Support, Cancel Three Contract Number indicated above.

For Accessibility services, their web chat is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm only.

Three Support Area

Customers may check out the Support area on the website which resolves the most frequently asked questions about Three. Some of the topics discussed include buying, upgrading, exchanging and delivery, bills and contracts, topping up, and signal and coverage. You can also find answers to questions about calls, data, messages & add-ons, device support, using a device abroad, updating customer details, and subscription cancellation.

My3 Account

You may also log on to your My3 account to manage your personal details. Use the account to find out about existing customer deals or if you are eligible for a Three phone upgrade. For mobile users, you can download the Three app via Google Play or App Store. Check your allowances, pay a bill or find a store anytime, anywhere.

Three Other Contact Details

Finally, you may also write to Three for any concerns that you would rather put on paper. You just need to indicate the specific department you want your post to reach.

Three Customer Services/Accessibility Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

For Accessibility Services, you can just opt to e-mail them. Expect a response within one working day.

BT Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

British Telecom Free Phone Numbers

British Telecom Customer Service

The British Telecom customer service free number 0800 800 150 is the main BT number for any possible enquiries. This will be a collection of ways to contact BT customer services without paying, while still receiving the service of optimal quality.

After the tone, you will be provided with a reply from the automated system. It is imperative to note that you can skip the entire auto-generated helpline introduction by pressing the number “0”. For the purpose of ensuring the maximum speed at which the BT customer service agent will resolve your issue, please ascertain that all of your personal information is made available during the call.

The BT customer services are available 7 days a week: from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends. If you are unsure of which exact BT assistance department to contact, you should dial the said number as well. The customer service agents will forward your call to the fitting expert that will be able to assist you. This is the first of many BT contact numbers, but it is all a customer needs in order to obtain help from the BT helpline.

BT Phone Number for Moving Home

If you are at the start of a moving process and you would like to contact BT in order to change your account address or switch to BT’s services, you can call the free BT Moving Home number 0800 100 400, active from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and from 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

Switching to BT

However, for any other inquiries on the packages that BT offers, you should again dial the Switching to BT customer service number 0800 800 150. The same type of service is also available on BT’s website, but dialling the BT contact numbers is the recommended alternative since the customer service agents can provide you with any additional info you may require.

British Telecom Customer Service Number for Cancellation

If you would like to cancel your BT subscription service, you should dial the British Telecom Customer Service Number for Cancellation 0800 783 1401. This will put you on the line with a specialist BT customer service advisor specifically trained in guiding you through the process of cancelling your BT Broadband, BT Landline, BT TV or BT Sports package. Calling the cancellation hotline comes free of charge for all UK phones, regardless of their carrier. The line is open from 8 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm on Saturday and from 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday.

In the unfortunate case where one of the members of your household who used to be a BT user has passed away, you will be available to dial the BT helpline number 0800 169 1663, which will allow you to deal with this specific issue. You can terminate the BT subscription service in the name of your deceased relative or family member. The helpline is available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm and it closes on the weekends. You can also notify BT about this by email using their online service, but calling is always the recommended option as the mail response may take up to a few workdays.

BT Billing Support

In the case of having an inquiry about BT’s billing methods, or if you wish to change your current billing plan, you should call the BT billing support freephone helpline number 0800 433 311. This type of phone service will allow you to pay your BT bill, get information on BT’s call charges, get a report on your current balance and even set up or manage your direct BT debits. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The online option is also available in this scenario, but more information stands on offer if you opt for calling instead.

BT Technical Support Helpline

If you are an unsatisfied customer who has uncovered a fault in their BT service, or if you have any other technical difficulties that need to be tended to, you don’t need to dial the main helpline number stated at the beginning. You can simply call the BT technical support helpline number 0800 800 150. This number is suitable for every BT department, including their Phone, Landline, TV and Sport assistance services. The said helpline is available from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm on weekends.

BT Homecare

If you know exactly which department you need to contact in order to fix your problem, you can find all of their numbers on the following list. Each of these numbers relates to a specific BT Homecare technical support service.

  • BT Landline Technical Support 0800 800 151, open 24/7 every day of the year.
  • Faults with BT Broadband 0800 111 4567. Also for BT TV/ BT Email / Internet Security, also open every minute of every day, with a recommendation to call between 12 pm and 4 pm.
  • BT Cloud Technical Support 0800 500 3114, from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 6:30 pm on weekends.
  • BT SmartTalk Support 0800 707 6310, from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and from 8am-6pm on Sunday.
  • BT Outdoor Equipment Fault Support 0800 023 2023, related to cabinets, poles, manholes and cables, and any issues with them. This line may or may not be open, it does not operate within a specified timeframe.
  • BT Building Support number 0800 223 388, it’s available for any issue you may face with a BT facility. The line’s availability schedule is also unspecified and it may or may not be reached at any given time.

This concludes the list of free BT contact numbers, but not the entirety of them. There are a few more numbers of BT customer services that you will be charged for calling, but they are extremely relevant nonetheless. This guide will also help you recognise any landline that can be called free of charge, as it will always start with the digits “0800”. The other BT contact numbers that cost money are equally as important, but the waiting time is significantly reduced for every troubled caller.

Alternative BT Contact Numbers

BT Complaints Helpline

If you would like to complain about your dissatisfaction with any service that British Telecom provides, you can dial one of the BT paid helpline numbers 0207 356 5000. This phone number charges at the lowest local rates, which greatly vary from carrier to carrier. However, it is a rather cheap luxury, since that is where you will get connected directly with the BT head office in London. The said number will allow you to speak to one of the most experienced advisors at British Telecom. In the case where your complaint isn’t as grave a critique, or if a specific department is able to solve it, you should instead phone the first helpline number to seek proper assistance with the issue.

BT International Contact Number

By dialling the BT International Contact Number +44 179 359 6931, you can still get the optimal help from the BT support service staff while being in a different country. Dialling this number will allow you to do exactly that, but it is highly recommended to stick to a different option, as you may be charged tremendous amounts of money for a very short call, depending on the location that you are calling from.

Alternative Online Methods to Contact BT

Contact BT via Social Media

Aside from the said list of BT customer service contact numbers, the customers can bypass calling in order to resolve their issues by using one of these free methods. 

Another reliable way of contacting the BT customer services is by sending them an email, which is one of the first options in the extensive help guide that can be found on BT’s website.

BT Live chat: The site also offers assistance through the live chat service, where you will be connected to the fitting expert for whatever issue you may be encountering. The chat timings are between 7 am to 10:45 pm UK time.

Following is the list of BT web pages that each serve for the solving of a different issue:

British Telecom is no stranger to social networks either, meaning their assistance services will be at your disposal on the following social networks:

BT also has its own YouTube channel that serves to advertise about its new campaigns, along with certain tutorial videos.

Vodafone Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Vodafone logo

Vodafone Free Phone Numbers

Vodafone Customer Service and Complaints

For general enquiries for personal accounts, the free number for Vodafone is 0808 040 8408. Vodafone advisers are available from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 9 pm. You can also dial the Vodafone 3-digit phone number 191 for free when using your Vodafone mobile device.

For Vodafone Pay-As-You-Go, please use the contact details below when you are calling from abroad. There is an alternative number that you can call for free from your Vodafone mobile. Check out their website for further details.

If you wish to file a complaint, call the Vodafone Free Contact Number 0808 040 8408. There are also other ways to let Vodafone know about your dissatisfaction with regard to their products and services. Please refer to the next section. This is the number you need to share your disappointment, concerns, criticisms or even general feedback. The Vodafone customer service department is quite receptive to hearing what you have to say.

Vodafone Head Office

You may also dial the Vodafone Head Office Phone Number 0808 074 1741 for enquiries that may pertain to other matters.The registered address of Vodafone is:

The registered address of Vodafone is:

Vodafone House, The Connection,
Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN

Vodafone Business

Do you want to reach your full potential as a public or private entity? Whether you plan on opening a small business of your own or developing a larger business, you will need telecommunications with the highest quality of service. Dial Vodafone Helpline UK

Go ahead and contact Vodafone Business phone number for free, 0808 060 0802. If you are from the business/corporate sector, it makes no difference if you are a public or private agency. For businesses that have anywhere between 10-149 employees, then you are considered a large business and therefore you will need to use Vodafone differently than if you were a small business.

If your organisation has 2-9 employees then you should alternatively use this Vodafone Phone Number 0808 004 4495 for small business. Both of these numbers are free from all UK landlines and mobiles as well. If you have just joined Vodafone, remember to transfer your content, swap your SIM, keep your number, set up your Vodafone, and get help and support on using your new device.

Vodafone Help and Support for Broadband Switching

Are you a customer for Vodafone Broadband? When you have any queries go ahead and contact Vodafone Help and Support for Broadband Switching 0808 004 4848.This number is toll-free to call and a customer service agent will help you make the switch over.

These telephone communication lines are open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Sunday. It just takes three steps to switch your Broadband over to one of Vodafone’s packages:

  • Choose any package
  • Select your installation time online
  • Wait for a callback

Except for Virgin Media customers, there will be no need for you to contact your current supplier. Vodafone will take care of the switch from start to finish. With Vodafone broadband you are always in good hands!

Alternative Vodafone Free Contact Numbers and Services

Vodafone Customer Service

Vodafone Customer Relations and Complaints Number

If you are calling from other UK landlines or mobiles, dial Vodafone Contact Number UK 0333 304 0191. This number is applicable for both personal and business enquiries.Call Vodafone Contact Number Ireland

Alternatively, if you live in the Northern Ireland district then you can contact Vodafone Contact Number Ireland 0289 027 5302. This is the helpdesk for all Northern Irish Businesses and Vodafone communications.

On the other hand, if you feel that the product or service you are receiving does not meet your expectations or standards, and you want to make a complaint then call them at your convenience at Vodafone Customer Relations and Complaints Number 0333 304 0191.

Alternate Vodafone Free Contact Methods

Vodafone Help Desk

If for any reason you would rather contact Vodafone by other ways, you can connect with them via social media or via their Chat Online service on their website. If you feel that you are capable of handling that particular issue you have, you may also check out their support section that is dedicated to both their personal and business customers. There you will find the answers to various issues such as getting started, upgrading your package, using Vodafone’s network, using your device/s, and information about Vodafone apps, products and services.

Vodafone Complaints

There are multiple ways to complain to Vodafone that does not involve picking up a phone to make a call to a customer service agent. In fact, you can go online and fill out the Vodafone Complaint form on the website. You will be asked to provide your account and personal details as well as a brief summary of the complaint. Vodafone commits that they will get back to you within 48 hours.

But if that is not how you want to approach your complaint, you can write a letter directly to the company via the post:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Vodafone tries to resolve issues within five working days of receiving your letter. The company will advise you if the investigation will take longer. For issues that Vodafone is not able to resolve within eight weeks, you can take them up to the Ombudsman Services Communications. They are independent in handling disputes and offer the service for free.

Their contact details are:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

You may also e-mail them or visit their website.

Vodafone Top Up

Vodafone Top up

Topping up with your Vodafone is quick, safe and secure and is free to do without having to make a phone call.  All you need to do is access the My Vodafone app or My Vodafone account online. Ready your debit or credit card details online for faster topping.

There are various ways to top up your Vodafone:

  • Top up by phone
    Call Vodafone Top Up 2345 for free from your Vodafone mobile device.
  • Buy a TopUp voucher
    You can activate it online.
  • Top up by text
    You need to register first using the free 2345 if you want to top up by text.
  • Top up automatically
    CSet up an automatic TopUp online.
  • Top up in a store
    You can top up in your nearest Vodafone store at a self-service TopUp kiosk. If you also see the green TopUp logo at supermarkets or in cash machines, you can easily top up your phone.

Vodafone Store Locator

If you have the time and would want a personal interaction, use the Vodafone store locator and get information about the nearest Vodafone store in your area. You will have access to the store’s address, operating hours, location map, and the products and services being offered in that store.

Vodafone Social Media

Social media has become the norm for businesses to engage and connect with their followers and customers. You can reach Vodafone via their various social media networks:

Vodafone Help & Support Site

Vodafone’s support site allows users to ask their questions and provides ready answers, including step-by-step guides to technical enquiries. Some of the topics discussed in this section include setting up your phone for Internet access and picture messaging (MMS), unlocking your Vodafone device if you are not a Vodafone customer, and activating and setting up your new SIM. You will find this section very helpful whether your questions pertain to your personal accounts or you are a representative of your company and wish to be informed about Vodafone’s business products and services. A more detailed way to go about it is to go to Vodafone’s YouTube site and you will find a wide range of videos that can help you solve some of the most common issues.

Vodafone UK Community

Vodafone’s online community can provide you help and technical support on Vodafone’s devices, products and services. Some of the issues that have been discussed include device unlocking, coverage and network status, and signal troubleshooting. The community has garnered more than 3,000 guests and is still growing.

Vodafone Help & Support Site

TalkTalk Free Customer Service Contact Number

talktalk logo

TalkTalk Free Phone Number

TalkTalk Customer Service for Sales

The TalkTalk customer service free number for sales is 0800 049 1402. If you are interested in learning more about and taking advantage of their broadband, TV and phone offers, please contact them at the above number. They are open at the following times:

Monday to Thursday 8 am to 10 pm
Friday 8 am to 9 pm
Saturday to Sunday 9 am to 8 pm

After the tone, an automated system will answer you. If you are already a TalkTalk customer, simply say “Yes” or press 1, and if otherwise, say “No” or press 2. If not certain, say “I’m not sure” or press 3. The automated recording will ask you to be ready with your account number if you choose the first option. For the other two, you need to tell in a few words the reason for your call so the system can initially evaluate your problem and connect you properly. If the system fails to recognise your words, you will be given further instructions on what to press for the specific concern you have in mind.

TalkTalk Phone and Broadband

Ready your account details when you call TalkTalk Phone and Broadband Deals 0800 049 7832 for Broadband and Phone packages. If you prefer to join online, just visit the website, choose your package, and sign up online. To upgrade your package, press 1, if for bills or payment, press 2.

TalkTalk Mobile and SIMs

Dial the Mobile Customer Service Telephone Number 0800 458 5331 for any issues related to mobiles and SIMs. The service is open at the following times:

Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm
Saturday 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday 9 am to 8 pm

If you do not wish to contact them over the phone, visit their website and try their Live Chat service. For all billing concerns, dial TalkTalk Phone Number to report a fault 0800 083 2545. This number should be used to pay a bill, to dispute unwarranted fees or tariffs, or just to resolve a billing issue.

TalkTalk Business*

*All Numbers are open 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday

TalkTalk supports small, mid-size, and large businesses and offers various products including Internet access, data networking, voice, and mobile services. They have offices in London, Warrington, Salford, Irlam, Gateshead, and Milton Keynes. Call TalkTalk Business Customer Service Number 0800 083 3003 for small businesses and 0800 298 2883 for large businesses.

If you have any business sales-related concerns, regardless of being a small or large business, there are TalkTalk free contact numbers available, including TalkTalk broadband 0800 458 4581.

The general enquiries number for TalkTalk business is 0800 231 5951.

Alternative TalkTalk Contact Numbers and Services

TalkTalk Brand
TalkTalk Customer Services England

For general enquiries, dial 0345 172 0088. This call is also free but only when you use your TalkTalk landline. The service is open seven days a week, from 8 am to 10 pm. Alternatively, if you are using a mobile phone you can dial the TalkTalk customer service 0203 4415 550. This number is available all week.

TalkTalk Bill Pay

The TalkTalk phone number to pay bill is 0345 172 0088. This is also the number to call when you want to understand your bill, change your package, or cancel your contract. Other queries that you may call this number for include placing a new order, claiming a voucher, and tracking an order or delivery. You need to have your account details ready when you call. Calls to the above number are free when you use your TalkTalk phone. Do note that you can also opt to manage your payments anytime using My Account.

Another option is to write to TalkTalk:
TalkTalk Correspondence Dept.
P.O.Box 346
SO30 2PW

Please confirm your full name, TalkTalk phone or mobile number, and your signature when writing. Aside from that, you can include any one of the following:

  • 3rd and 6th character of the password TalkTalk asks when you speak to Customer Services
  • Last 4 digits of your bank account number or payment card that you use for your service
  • TalkTalk account number
  • The personal security answer you assigned when you set up your accountTalkTalk also recommends giving them your contact details so they can get in touch with you about your query. Their customer support group will try to respond to your mail in 10 days.

    TalkTalk TV

    The TalkTalk TV customer service number may be used for those who wish to join TalkTalk TV over the phone. Similarly, you can visit their website, choose your TV box, and sign up. Web chat agents will also be available to help you find solutions to your concerns. This is the same general number listed above.

    TalkTalk Contact Number for Existing Customers

    You can call TalkTalk for free from your TalkTalk phone on 0345 172 0088. Existing customers can ask about renewing their contract online, getting a Faster Fibre broadband, or requesting for TalkTalk mobile upgrades.

    Alternate TalkTalk Free Contact Methods

    If you prefer getting in touch with TalkTalk apart from contacting them with free phone numbers, you may wish to do so at your own convenience. Check out the available options below.

Social Media

Free TalkTalk customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the internet. Social media communication brings agents to the mobile device and on the go. Access TalkTalk in more than a few ways without having to say one-word even:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube

    Live ChatTalkTalk Live Chat

    You can chat with TalkTalk’s web chat agents if you have further queries about any of the products and services. The chat experts are available every day between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. They are capable of handling everything that concerns the products and services of TalkTalk including bill queries, changes in package and orders, and even technical problems associated with your service. TalkTalk claims that 98% of their customers would rather talk to experts again if they need to contact the company about any of its services.

    TalkTalk Online Help Feature

    The website has a comprehensive and very helpful online help service that allows you to look for the specific issue that you want to report and have access to support and contact options. The screen below is an example. When you choose the My Account & Billing section, you can narrow down your search on the specific selection. There is a chance that you may not need to seek the assistance of an expert if you find the support options enough to resolve your concern.Talktalk Contact Us Home Page

    TalkTalk Members Forum

The TalkTalk community page allows you to search for topics that have been discussed by other users or that have been provided by TalkTalk. You can browse the posts according to location, author, date, answered/liked, type of post, and what is contained in the post. Some answers are quite detailed and will likely help you resolve your own. In fact, there are already 100,000 posts available on the site. There are also over 200,000 users on the forum so there is plenty to learn. Check them out now.

Sky Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Sky Logo

Sky Free Customer Service Contact Number

sky alternative logo

Sky Customer Service

The Sky free number is 0800 151 2747. Use this number as the main Sky customer service number for all of your needs. This will be a guide explaining to you all the free ways to contact Sky and receive the best experience with Sky services.

The easiest way to get started is by picking up the phone and dialling the Sky Free Number. After the tone, an automated system will answer you. It is very important that to bypass the whole system, simply push the number “0”. Have all of your credit card and personal information about your account available, as this will help to expedite your experience with the customer service agent.

Sky Billing

If you elect not to go through the operator directly then the prompts will be given above receiving the automated service. You can click a number from the telephone options including for your billing status, upgrading your services, or moving a home. You can also select broadband, phone, or television services. Another option is to dial this Sky Bill Free Number 0800 151 0775 and skip the opening automation.

The Sky free contact number will be the best way to gain access to the customer service department. There you can have additional queries answered about your services. This serves as the Sky Complaint department, as well as, Sky TV, Sky Broadband, and Sky Phone upgrade or cancellation line. You can even use this Sky phone number to pay a bill. While the automated system may not offer you a Sky cancellation solution, you will need to press “0” to get to that service agent.

Alternative Sky Contact Numbers and Services

Alternative Sky Services

There are several phone number listings for Sky that will help address any Sky customer service problem you have. However, you need to understand that since these numbers because with 02 or 03 they are not going to be free. You must consult with your provider to find out more regarding tariffs or other service charges. When these numbers are directly reached you will have a chance to discuss the services in question.

Sky Customer Service, Sky TV, Sky Broadband

There is a general Sky customer service phone number 0333 009 1489. This phone can be accessed from any mobile device or landline. This number can lead you to the Sky switchboard, so upon dialling it, be sure to immediately connect with an operator who will redirect your call properly. Some services additionally used with this number include: moving homes and needing to change your services, offering complaints, having technical issues and more. Below are additional phone numbers that apply to specific services that you may need help with.

The Sky TV customer service number is available all week long. Use this number if you are interested in upgrading your services, cancelling your services, or paying a bill. If you experience problems with the billing cycle, or simply want to check the status on a late fee, this SKY phone number will get you what you need.

You can use the main Sky customer service number for all of your Sky broadband needs. This includes opening an account, or even closing and cancelling Sky broadband. If you are experiencing service issues, such as slow internet speed, or even a cut line, this is the Sky contact number to use. It is very important also that this number be used to report problems with the Sky website, such as a miscategorised webpage. The Sky provider is always concerned that customers have the highest quality experience even when surfing the main Sky website.

Sky Mobile

While you can use the main Sky phone number listed above, the Sky Mobile phone number 0330 041 2523 should be used if you have lost your mobile device, or even if it has been stolen. This is a special service number that will connect with the Sky team for emergencies related to your mobile device.

Alternative Free Sky Contact Methods

Contact Sky on Social Media

If you are not interested in using the Sky free phone number to be in touch with the company there are several other options that are still free.

Contact Sky via Social Media

You can reach out to Sky over several social media networks. This is a free method of communication between you and the customer service department, and also a great opportunity to learn more about the company. Access Sky Customer Service via a handful of options, including:

Sky Live Chat

You can access a free Sky live chat just by visiting the website. Here you may have to wait as much as several minutes, but the agents will be direct and positive about receiving any or all information you have to give. Using the live chat can be a great way to pass on Sky complaints while not feeling bad about having to speak to someone directly. In fact, it is much easier to write out what you want to say and express it without being interrupted.

Sky Live Chat Free Option

Send Sky Online Form or Message

In the event you want to cancel Sky or fill out a complaint form, you do not have to do this with another person on a telephone. In fact, Sky offers a free messaging service that will allow you to submit a claim to cancel Sky or complain about the services. You can expect a response within 24 hours. First, you must sign in and then access the “Contact Us” page in order to find the services that provide free Sky customer service messaging.

Free Sky Messaging

Sky Online Help Feature

Sky provides online help that does not require speaking or chatting with a person. This is via the Sky Forum, as well as, the Online portal. All you need to do is find your related topic and you will be given the information in step-by-step language to do on your own.

You can replace a password for example, or find out how to reset your router, simply by asking the question and doing it yourself. All you need to do is go to the free Sky helpline on the website.

Sky Free Help

Sky Forum

With over 178,000 discussions going on, you can join in the forum section of the website and learn more about getting help. This is a free way to get information while also communicating with thousands of people who may have the same experience as you. The online interface is easy to access and tells you how many individuals are online at any given moment. Moreover, with over 35,000 questions already answered, you are in good hands to get the free Sky customer service that you are looking for.