Littlewoods Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

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Littlewoods Free Contact Numbers

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Littlewoods Insurance and Warranty Products

Littlewoods Insurance and Warranty free number is 0800 092 9051. When you call the number, the automated voice system gives five options:
Press 1 to place an order
Press 2 for new Claims or existing claims
Press 3 to discuss or cancel an order
Press 4 to make a complaint
Press 5 for any other issue
A customer care representative will respond to you based on your need.

Littlewoods Security and Privacy

Littlewoods Security and Privacy free number is 0800 0151 290.
Call the support team on this number if you feel someone is using your identity to make purchases or if you also want to know what the details requested from you are used for.
The call is immediately routed to an agent who will assist you on issues related to security and privacy of your account.

Littlewoods Alternate Contact Numbers

Littlewoods Homepage

Littlewoods Customer Service Team

The Littlewoods customer service team phone number is 0344 822 8000.
If you have a comment, query or complaint, call the customer service team for assistance. Call charge is 7p per minute. The service team is available seven days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Littlewoods Financial Services

Littlewoods financial services phone number is 0333 000 0606
Whenever you have an issue related to your credit cards which may include but not limited to the application, call the number. The call is answered by an automated voice system where you chose any of the options stated.
Chose 1- If you already have an account
2- To report a stolen card
3- If you’ve recently applied but has not received any response

Forward all credit cards related issues to Littlewoods via this number.

Littlewoods Default Payment

Littlewoods default payment phone number is 0344 822 2321. In case you are or will not be able to make payment on a purchase made to Littlewoods, call this phone number. The call is answered by an automated voice system, where you will choose from available list options: place an order, make a payment, make a return, and check delivery status. If you don not pick from the available list, you will be transferred to an advisor for further assistance.

Littlewoods Payment Protection Insurance

Littlewoods Payment Protection Insurance phone number is 0344 8111 220.
To protect your Littlewoods purchases, call the number to choose the most suitable form of protection. One of Littlewoods protection plan is Service guarantee. When you call the number, a service representative takes your account number and assists you further from there.
Service guarantee offers protection against mechanical and electrical breakdown up to 5 years (which includes warranty), an unlimited number of repairs that is if it cannot be fixed and also spread the cost on your shopping account. Service guarantee doesn’t cover damage to item, breakdown during the manufacturer’s warranty or caused by not following manufacturer’s manual instructions.
Other forms of payment protection insurance include replacement guarantee, mobile phone guarantee and furniture insurance. These all offer payment protection insurance.
To buy a protection insurance from Littlewoods, all you need to do is go shopping, after selecting an item, select a level of cover. If you already have the item and want protection, just log in to My Account and select a cover.

Littlewoods Financial Mailings

Littlewoods financial mailings phone number on 0344 811 1218. For Littlewoods to stop sending information on your financial status, call the team on this number. Your call will be routed to a customer care representative, but if all agents are busy, you will have to hold on the line until one is available to assist you.

Littlewoods Alternate Free Contact Methods

Littlewoods Twitter page

Littlewoods Returns Model Cancellation form

To cancel an order made with Littlewoods, you need to fill the Model cancellation form. In the form, you state specifically the product or goods purchased, the date the product was ordered, date it was received, your name and address, and then state the date (current date) and then sign (on paper) to make it complete. Email this to the support team.

Littlewoods Unresolved Issues

If a complaint you lodged has not been resolved, send an email via a Secure Webmail to the complaints team. Sign up on their official website and click on the My account and then select I have a complaint, state the complaint or challenge, and then you will be contacted within 24 hours.
For insurance related complaints, select ‘My complaints relates to shopping insurance or choose general insurance’, service related complaints select the option ‘My complaints is about something else’, or you can decide to write to Littlewoods.

Littlewoods Order status (Contact form)

Littlewoods has a page where you can track an order. On the Order Page, you first need to log in with your email address or account number, enter the password and then select:
-Recent orders
-Locate your order
-Select track parcel (which will reveal the latest information on your order)
You will be able to get up to date tracking information and as well make changes to your delivery (if available).

Littlewoods Expired-Account

If your Littlewoods online account has expired, send a mail to for an account to be recreated. Be assured of a response within some hours from a representative.

Contact Littlewoods via Social Media

Littlewoods makes it a point to update customer through the various social media platforms. On these platforms, they to respond to a customer enquiry within a few hours.

Groupon Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Groupon Logo

Groupon Free Phone Numbers

groupon office chicago

Groupon has no free numbers available currently. However, the company provides other equally effective means of contacting the Customer Service Support.

Groupon Alternative Contact numbers

Groupon Hompage

Groupon UK Press Contact

The Groupon UK Press phone number is 0203 510 2135. The company has a Press team who you can contact via phone for all media related issues. If you need to make media inquiries, request for interviews or find news updates concerning this company, contact this helpline. Please note that the Press Support team does not deal with queries or purchases but only media related issues.

Groupon Business Consult Support

The Groupon Business Consult Support phone number is 0203 510 2248. This company provides accessible platforms for people at any location to explore and find great businesses at affordable prices. They are changing the face of the usual small business domain. It has created a system that supports small businesses by placing many of their products and services with amazing deals online, along with open payment platforms. This system helps these businesses access more customers and expand their operations successfully. For queries on growing your business, advertising and sales promotions, contact this number.

Groupon Dispute Resolution Support

The Groupon Dispute Resolution Support phone number is 0203 510 0444. The Groupon customer support team is devoted to dealing with all possible issues clients may face. The Support Team provides an online support page; the Help Wizard serves as the first point of contact for all clients. This page ensures that customers get quick solutions to their problems. However, in the event where the Help Wizard does not offer the adequate help you require, you may proceed to contact the support team by phone.

The customer service team deals with queries on tracking your order, purchases credited to your account, promotion codes and pre-purchases. You can contact the Dispute Resolution Team from Monday to Friday. The phone lines are open between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Presently, the lines are always jammed with calls during morning hours.

Groupon Alternative Free Contact Methods

Groupon Twitter page

Groupon UK Press Office

If you are seeking assistance on press issues, send an email to the Press support team at This address is exclusive to media related queries.The Press team is responsible for communicating all related news and updates.

Groupon US and Canada Partner Network Queries

For Groupon partners in US and Canada, send all your partner network Queries to The purpose of partner network is to provide businesses with the opportunity to advertise consumer friendly deals on the advertising sites while earning commissions in the process. If you are a new customer interested in signing up to the Partner Network, direct your queries to the partner network Support via the address provided. If you are an existing affiliate, you may send your enquiries about payments made to your affiliate account via email.

Groupon Asia Pacific Partner Network Queries

For Groupon Partners in Asia Pacific, you can seek assistance from your partner network related queries via The partner network which is a Global Affiliate Marketing platform has many key benefits. To sum it up, the company helps their partners harness their online presence, thereby making money in the process. They work with affiliates to publish unbeatable deals merchants offer on their digital platforms. This increases visibility and creates markets for businesses. To learn more about how you may benefit from the partner network, contact the Support Team through the address provided, and you will be contacted shortly.

Groupon Europe, Middle East and Africa Queries

For Groupon partners residing in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, seek clarification about the Partner network activities by sending an email to The dedicated Partner Network Support team will provide you with any information you may require.

Groupon Customer Service Support

To resolve any issue with services or products, send an email to If you face a problem with any product or service you may have ordered from this company or one of the merchant businesses, do not hesitate to alert the Groupon customer service support. If you prefer to contact the team by mail, this is the address to use.

Groupon Pre-Purchase Form

If you have any questions before purchasing a product or service, fill the purchase form. After the first section marked Trending Articles, there are two tabs below namely, Help Wizard and Frequently Asked Questions. With the Help Wizard, you may choose the Pre-Purchase box under question 1. Alternatively, you may type your query in the space provided when you click the FAQ tab. You will receive all the necessary details to aid your purchases.

Groupon Online Dispute Resolution

Contact the Groupon Dispute Resolution team. If you have any complaints about products and service. Customers are also offered alternative follow-up processes if the issue is unresolved.

Groupon Merchant Contact Form

If you are a merchant interested in being a member of Groupon Merchant platform.

Groupon Queries Support

If you are reporting a difficulty faced with a product or service ordered from Groupon, the fastest way to get a response, is through the queries support page. There are query related articles you can read to get clarification and information concerning your queries.

Social Media

Groupon considers Social media as an equally efficient medium to engage with clients. The company has a dedicated team on various social media platforms who welcome questions, comments and suggestions.

Compare the Market Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Compare the Market Logo

Compare the Market Free Phone Number

Compare the market customer Service number for main website

Compare the Market Life Cover

The Compare the Market life cover free number is 0800 072 1146. Call this number to speak to advisors about the various life insurance cover policies available to you. Experts are on hand to assist customers to compare life insurance quotes and choose from a range of life covers such as over 50s life insurance, critical illness cover and a whole other life insurance cover. The free number is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturdays between 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Compare the Market Broadband, Phone & TV experts

The Compare the Market broadband, phone and TV experts free number is 0800 781 4022. Call this number for all your inquiries related to broadband, home phone or TV. Experts are available to guide you in selecting the best broadband, phone and TV deals for you and your family.

Compare the Market Alternative Online Contacts

Compare the market twitter

Compare the Market Online Query

Customers can submit their inquiries online by completing the customer service query form. Your query will be reviewed and the appropriate response sent to you by the support team.

Compare the Market Online Login Page

Customers can create an account online from where they can always log in for services. Sign in with your email and password and gain instant access to all the best deals and offers right on your personal Compare the Market page.

Compare the Market Online Registration Page

Customers can access the online registration page in the event of a lost password. If you forget your password or have problems logging into your online account, you can access this page to reset your password. The support team will send you an email with which you can complete the process of reclaiming your account.

Compare the Market IOS App Page

Download the IOS App by Compare the Market on iTunes for the fastest and most simple way to compare energy and save money on your bill. The App captures information from a code on your energy bill (paper or online) and gives you an accurate quote back without you deciding your bill. Snapt enables you to see how much you can save on your gas and electricity.

Compare the Market Android App Page

Android phone users can download Compare the Market MEERKAT MOVIES App from the Google Play Store. The App gives you the offer of taking a friend to the cinema with 2 for 1 cinema tickets from MEERKAT MOVIES every week, all year round. The App also provides customers with the easiest way of getting a cinema ticket voucher code. You can get your weekly code online and redeem it physically at the cinema.

Compare the Market Pet Insurance Quote

Customers can retrieve their saved pet insurance quotes or simply start a new quote. The support team is available to help clients choose from the accident-only, time-limited, and lifetime insurance policies. Customers will also be offered an impartial and independent comparison of pet insurance policies from the over 20 UK providers. Forms take up to 4 minutes to fill, and operators will offer guidance on each question.

Compare the Market Travel Insurance Quote

Customers can compare travel insurance quotes online to view the types of travel insurance covers available for individuals on a trip or for families and groups.

Compare the Market-Van Quote

Customers can submit a quote to compare cheap van insurance policies online. The support team is available to help customers find the best policy for their commercial vehicles is it a transit van, crew cab, pick-up or tipper below 3.5 tonnes. Other options include breakdown cover both in and outside the UK for effective running of your business.

Compare the Market Bike Quote

Customers can compare cheap motorbike insurance quotes online to find the best possible deals. Compare the Market support team is also on standby to help you find the right and suitable deal for your bike, be it for a moped, scooter, cruiser, sports bike or classic motorbike.

Compare the Market Social Media

Compare the Market customer service for Twitter

The company has an active social presence where all the latest deals, offers and insurance updates are regularly posted. The easy to use insurance and product comparison system enables customers to compare products such as car insurance from a variety of providers directly online on social media.
The Facebook support team is available on weekdays between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to reply messages and answer all questions.
Customers can also visit @comparemkt_care on Twitter for all your customer service enquiries.


Furniture Village Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Furniture Village Logo

Furniture Village Free Phone Number


Furniture Village Online Sales Team

Furniture Village Online Sales Team free number is 0800 804 8879. If you need clarification about a product, more benefits of the product selected, or any other questions you may have about a product, call the number.
There’s always someone who is available to pick the call.
This is also the number to call for all your delivery related questions.
A flat fee per order is charged and delivery time is always communicated when a product is purchased. Time of delivery is calculated from the day of the order. Delivery days excludes weekends and bank holidays. Most of Furniture Village Delivery Service includes installation. The support team will answer all your delivery related questions. Deliveries are done from Monday through to Saturday.

The support team are available from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Sundays, 9;00 am to 10:00 pm.
Your call will be answered by an automated voice; the support team will on speak to you if you are the person whose details is on order.

Furniture Village Alternative Contact Methods

Furniture Village Deals

Furniture Village Media / Press ENQUIRY-UK

The Furniture Village Media and Press phone number is 0207 221 1540. The media team is in charge of writing and distributing news releases and responding to media enquiries.
This office acts as a point of contact for members of the press and other media representatives. They are in charge of maintaining the image of Furniture Village publicity and passing on information to all media outlets. Direct all your media related issues to this number. Your phone call will be answered by media personnel who is willing and ready to answer all questions.

Furniture Village Media Contact Representative -Benjamin Webb

To contact Furniture Village media and press, call the phone number 0793 040 8224. This number directs you to Benjamin Webb. The Media representative will respond to all your media related questions.

Furniture Village Media Contact Representative-Kristina Bassett

The Furniture Village Media Representative Kristina Bassetts phone number is 0207 243 5105.

Furniture Village Media Representative

The Furniture Village media representative Kristina Basset mobile number is / 0749 659 7422She can be reached on both numbers. She is available to answer all media support needs.

Furniture Village Alternate Contact Methods and Services

Furniture Village Returns After Delivery- UK

A product you ordered was not the right one sent to you? Not happy with your furniture delivered? Are you no longer interested in the product you chose and want a change? Then send a mail to For refunds, you have to give 14 days prior notice, either via email or in writing stating want to cancel the order. It’s also necessary for the product to be in the state that it was received for the full refund.
When a product is delivered, and you realise there’s damage, Furniture Village makes sure the product is fixed, but if it cannot, it will be replaced within seven working days or the product be returned and customer refunded.

Furniture Village Media Representative- Benjamin Webb

If you need someone at the media department to get information or to answer some questions, ideally the PR officers, you can send an email directly. Direct your emails to Furniture Village media personnel: –

Furniture Village Media Representative – Kristina Bassett

The Furniture Village Media PR officer Kristina Bassett can be reached via email

Furniture Village Media Representative – Ana Scanlon

The Furniture Village Media PR officer Ana Scanlon can be reached via email

Furniture Village Contact Form-UK

You can reach the Furniture Village support team by filling the online contact form. You can leave a message online, and the support team will respond within 24 hours.You will need to enter your name, email address and phone number, an order number (if any). From a list of reasons provided in a drop-down you will choose one that best fits your request this is Product enquiry, Store Order enquiry, online enquiry, Feedback etc. and then send.

Furniture Village Live Chat- UK

This platform provides support to customers/potential customers online. You select the live chat, click on the icon, enter your name and email address.
An online sales consultant will be live to answer all your questions.

Furniture Village Social Media Platform

Furniture Village social media Twitter

Furniture Village updates customers through their various social media platforms.


JD Williams Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

JD Williams logo

JD Williams Free Phone Numbers

JD Williams About Us

Unfortunately, there are no JD Williams free phone numbers yet. You can, however, use the numbers indicated in the next sections for all your concerns, enquiries, and orders.

Alternative JD Williams Contact Numbers, Details and Services

JD Williams Customer Service Hub

JD Williams Customer Service

The JD Williams customer service number is 0345 071 9018. JD Williams will try to answer all your questions, even offer shopping advice, or respond to any comments or suggestions that you might have regarding their products and services.

You can also use the number to arrange delivery of your purchases and choose from these available options: standard delivery, nominated delivery, next-day delivery, click and collect, and Sunday delivery. Additionally, more expensive items may require an extra delivery charge, or what they call as the supplementary delivery charge. They need this fund because expensive items may be heavier or may require additional manpower to be delivered.

Finally, you can also arrange a courier to collect your returns. Contact the JD Williams customer service number and follow the steps. Similarly, you may call the courier directly if their number is indicated on your parcel.

JD Williams Customer Sales Advisor

The JD Williams customer sales advisor number is 0871 231 2000. Here you can place orders and request for special requests, if available. Their order line is open from 7 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 6 pm during weekends. Calls will cost you specific charges plus your phone company’s access charge. Furthermore, calls may be monitored for quality or training purposes.

JD Williams Complaints: Retail

The JD Williams complaints number for retail is 0345 026 3900. To resolve your complaint as soon as possible, JD Williams has assigned two dedicated teams to deal with them. Since their goal is to find a solution the first time, expect a high-standard service regardless of the nature of your concern. Dial this number for complaints about deliveries, goods or their customer service.

JD Williams Complaints: Financial Services

The JD Williams complaints number for financial services is 0345 026 3899. This is for issues related to credit accounts, financial services, and insurance.

If you maybe feel that JD Williams was not able to properly resolve your complaint, you may refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service for credit complaints or to the European Union’s (EU) Dispute Resolution Team for non-credit complaints.

Alternative JD Williams Free Contact Methods

JD Williams Twitter

JD Williams Catalogue

You may request the latest JD Williams catalogue via their catalogue request form. This service is available to exist customers and to interested ones as well, those who just wish to look at the catalogue and do not want to open an account yet. You will be asked to input personal and address details.

JD Williams E-mail

Alternatively, you can choose to e-mail JD Williams directly using If you have an existing account, include your customer number within your correspondence.

Here are just some of the issues that you can get help with:

  • Outstanding orders
  • Received orders
  • Returned goods
  • JDWilliams products
  • Problems with the website
  • Comments on their service
  • Enquiries about their policies
  • Promotional codes
  • Questions about signing in
  • Enquiries concerning your balance, credit issues, billing statement, payments, and Account Protection Plan or Cover Plan
  • All other enquiries

JD Williams Personal Online Account

You can make payment, track your order, and even create a wish list of your preferred products by signing up online. Here’s a step-by-step guide that new customers may find useful when ordering online:

  1. Find the products you want by searching for an item number or the type of product or by just browsing through the homepage.
  2. Select all the products you want by using the “Add to Bag” button. If you have a promotion code, input it on the Shopping Bag page to avail of fantastic discounts and free gifts. You can only input only one code per order. Make sure to use the code before its expiry date.
  3. Sign in if you are a new user or choose the “Enable Existing Account” option if you have already registered before.
  4. Finally, place your order at the checkout and wait for the e-mail confirmation.

JD Williams Live Chat

You can find their live chat button at the top of their website from 8 am to 11 pm. Just click the button to begin chatting with one of their agents.

JD Williams Social Media

Find out about the latest trends, wardrobe staples and popular styles by connecting with JD Williams via their social media platforms. Most of all, discover how they are living up to their tagline “Fashions fade, but the style is eternal.” In fact, their Instagram and Pinterest accounts contain beautiful and refreshing photos showcasing the latest trends in fashion. For new customers, if you want to save time, you can pre-fill your application with a social account.


JD Williams Human Resources Department

The JD Williams human resources e-mail address is for head office and contact centre job opportunities. Use the same address if you wish to enquire about logistics positions.

Alternatively, you can also write to:

Griffin House
40 Lever Street
M60 6ES

Or for logistics:

Beal Lane

JD Williams & Company Limited is part of N Brown Group plc, thus any vacancies will be posted on the N Brown Careers website.

JD Williams Complaints

Alternatively, for those who wish to send their complaints, you can submit them via e-mail at for retail complaints or at for financial services complaints. If you prefer, you can also write them at:

Complaints Department
JD Williams
40 Lever Street
M1 1BB

Please include your name, account address, account number and contact details in your letter, along with a summary of your complaint, to ensure prompt processing. For non-JD Williams customers, you can alternatively provide your name, complaints summary and contact details.

JD Williams Ethical Trading

JD Williams is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), the body responsible for looking out for those who make the JD Williams clothes and improving their work conditions, wherever they may be. Currently, JD Williams has a number of projects with other retailers from around the world including Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and India. For all queries related to ethical trading, e-mail them at

Iceland Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Iceland Logo

Iceland Free Phone Numbers

Iceland bonus card
Iceland Customer Service

The Iceland customer service free number is 0800 328 0800. Their friendly customer care team is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm, until 8 pm every Saturday, and until 6 pm every Sunday. Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes. After the ring, choose from the following four options:

  • Press 1 for Bonus Card. The Bonus Card allows you to load savings both online and in-store at your most convenient time.
  • Press 2 for My shopping and home delivery. Home delivery is free of charge for purchases worth 20 pounds or more.
  • Or choose 3 to speak to a member of the customer service team;
  • And finally, 4 for the main reception

For anything else, please hold and wait to be connected to the next available agent. For business related issues, contact their switchboard using the same number. Calls are free from a BT landline but other networks may have charges, especially if you are calling from a mobile.

Alternative Iceland Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Iceland sign-in page

Iceland Head Office UK

The Iceland head office UK number is 0124 483 0100. Use this number for your general concerns, product enquiries, feedback and direct contact with Iceland Foods. A helpful advisor will do their best to answer any queries that you have and if they fail to do so, they will always try to forward your phone call on to the most relevant person/group that can better address your concerns.

Iceland Head Office UK Fax

The Iceland head office UK fax number is 0124 481 4531. Iceland Foods is registered in England & Wales, No. 0110 7406, with VAT No. 849754470.

Iceland Home Shopping – By Store

The Iceland home shopping number for the Lower Marsh store in London is 0207 620 3620. Alcohol is sold in the store. They are open from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 9 pm, and on Sundays, 11 am to 5 pm. Note that this branch does not offer home delivery. You can use the website’s store locator tool to get the contact details of the Iceland store nearest your area and to find out if that store is offering home delivery or not.

Iceland Home Delivery – By Store

The Iceland home delivery number for the Chapel Market store in London is 0207 837 5562. Similar to most of the stores, alcohol is sold in-store. To comply with licensing laws, Iceland only delivers alcohol during their licensed hours. These vary from each store but are usually from 8 am to 11 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10 am to 10:30 pm Sunday, in England and Wales and 10 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday, in Scotland.

Iceland Manufacturing

The Iceland manufacturing number is 0161 220 7771. The Manchester site manufactures chilled and ready meal products for all Iceland stores.

Iceland Manufacturing Fax

The Iceland manufacturing fax number is 0161 220 9836.

Iceland Human Resources

The Iceland human resources number is 0124 483 0100. Iceland promises to offer the right career opportunities, develop your potential, challenge and reward you, and always treat you as an asset. Their ability to take the time to get to know you and listen to what you have to say makes them an ideal place to nurture your skills. Visit their website to have access to the opportunities they offer in store and in their head office departments.

Here is their recruitment process:

  1. For in-store roles, go to your local store and talk to the manager.
  2. For online applications, if your initial try is successful, Iceland will get in touch with you to discuss the role in more detail. Otherwise, you can always register your details or check the site again for future announcements.

Alternative Iceland Free Contact Methods

Iceland FB

Iceland Suggestions and Feedback

Have ideas so Iceland can improve their services? Are they about their bonus card, online browsing, customer service, or delivery? You can share them via their Contact Support/Give Feedback form. Just click on the Contact Us section and provide your e-mail address so they can get back to you as soon as possible.

For issues related to your orders, you will be asked for your order number and/or Bonus Card number.

Iceland Online Support

Alternatively, you can fill out the Iceland online form for any queries related to product/packaging, store service, a bonus card, home delivery, advertising, and compliments.

Iceland Knowledgebase

Furthermore, you can visit their Knowledgebase page and find out more information about a range of topics, including Bonus Card, Carrier bag charges, delivery, and online shopping. Also, here you can browse through solutions to technical problems and tips about maintaining your online account, amending or cancelling your orders, and making payments and checkouts.

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation

The Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation (IFCF) aims to make life better for families, adults, and children. It raises money yearly for good causes, selects a lead charity as the key beneficiary of their fundraising, and supports charities that everyone, including their employees, customers, and suppliers, can relate to. Interested in helping? E-mail them at or donate online. Additionally, you can give 1 pound to IFCF by texting “IFCF01£1” to the number posted on the website.

Iceland Human Resources

For those interested in joining the Iceland team, you may visit their Careers Website to have access to information about the company, training and development, the application process, and new stores opportunities.

Iceland Social Media

Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, watch them on YouTube, or share photos via Instagram and get inspiration and fun from the Iceland community. Connect with them now and get instant updates about their latest products, news, offers, competitions, and more.


Iceland Manufacturing

You may also get in touch with Iceland Manufacturing via e-mail at Their address is:

Hammerstone Rd
M18 8BW

Iceland International

Wherever you are in the world, the Iceland international team offers excellent customer service to ensure that your requirements are addressed to and managed effectively and on-time. The ranges they offer include frozen, chilled, and fresh food, drinks, food cupboard, and non-food. Contact them now via the Iceland International online form.

Iceland Head Office UK Mailing Address

Alternatively, you can write your general concerns including queries related to career opportunities at the following address:

Iceland Foods Limited
Second Avenue
Deeside Industrial Park

Homebase Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Homebase Logo

Homebase Free Phone Numbers


Homebase Kiddie Safety

The Homebase Kiddie Safety free number is 0800 917 0722. This number connects you to the Kiddie Safety Europe Limited. If you have any questions about the safety of a product, do not hesitate to call this helpline.

Homebase Alternative Contact Numbers and Services

Homebase Alternative Contacts

Homebase Dublin -Santry (Ireland)

The Homebase Dublin Santry Store phone number is +353 1 894 0198. If you need assistance with services like deliveries provided by the Homebase Dublin Santry store, you can call this number. Also, if you want to make a store visit; you can call to check on the open store times.

Homebase Drogheda (Ireland)

The Homebase Drogheda Store phone number is +353 1 4987 4418. Call this number if you have delivery related questions about your online reserved products. A customer service personnel will be available to aid you in tracking your order.

Homebase Dublin – Fonthill (Ireland)

The Homebase Dublin Fonthill Store phone number is +353 1 623 3866. Call this number if you require any help concerning the delivery of ordered items to your local store in Dublin Fonthill. You can reach a customer service personnel if you need any information on products available at the store.

Homebase Dublin -Naas-Road (Ireland)

The Homebase Dublin Store on Naas Road phone number is +353 1 456 9044. Call this number to get information about delivery services provided and products available at your local store on the Dublin-Naas Road. You can call this number to get information on the store’s open times.

Homebase Dublin-Nutgrove (Ireland)

The Homebase Dublin Nutgrove Store phone number is +353 1 491 6118. If you have any issues about services offered like deliveries by your local store in Dublin Nutgrove, you may call this number. You can also receive assistance concerning stock availability and opening hours.

Homebase Letterkenny (Ireland)

The Homebase Letterkenny Store phone number is +353 74 910 6308. Call this number for information about delivery services provided and products available at your local store in Letterkenny. You may also call to track an online order you may have placed to be delivered at this store.

Homebase Limerick (Ireland)

The Homebase Limerick Store phone number is +353 6 148 9687. For all inquiries about any delivery services provided or product information at your local Homebase store in Limerick, call this number. You can also direct all queries about stock availability at this store if you are in the Limerick area.

Homebase Navan (Ireland)

The Homebase Navan Store phone number is +353 46 903 0227. For all issues concerning products and deliveries made to your local Homebase store in Navan, you can call this number to receive the necessary assistance. Track your online orders placed to be delivered at this store with their customer service support.

Homebase Portlaoise (Ireland)

The Homebase Portlaoise Store phone number is +353 57 869 4667. When seeking assistance for deliveries made to your local Homebase store in Portlaoise or information about products available, call this number.

Homebase Sligo (Ireland)

The Homebase Sligo Store phone number is +353 71 911 3127. You can call this number if you require clarification about services provided like deliveries or products on display at your local Homebase store in Sligo. You can get information about their open times as well.

Homebase Waterford (Ireland)

The Homebase Waterford Store phone number is +353 51 844 017. Call this number if you need some information on the delivery of your online reserved products to your local store in Waterford. Likewise, direct all questions about product information and stock availability to this number.

Homebase Returns and Refunds

The Homebase Returns and Refunds phone number is 0345 077 8888. If for any reason you need to return an item, call this number. Their customer service representative will be available to guide you through the step by step process of returns and refunds. Please note that you can only request for free delivery if you placed an order online, in such a case your item can be home delivered.

Homebase Ireland Support

The Homebase Ireland support phone number is +353 1 247 7708. Call this number if you need assistance on any issues on your deliveries. Direct all your queries about orders you have placed online with Homebase to this number. Lines are open between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sundays.

Homebase UK Support

The Homebase UK support phone number is 0345 077 8888. Call this number if you would like to track an online order, make inquiries concerning deliveries to the UK or get information about product stock. The support team are available to answer all Homebase related inquiries.

Homebase General Customer Support

The Homebase customer support phone number is 0808 168 4499.    Homebase has an efficient customer service support unit.You can call this number if you have questions on the availability of items or if you have complaints regarding services or products purchased. If you need clarification on return and refund policies or are experiencing issues with your order, contact their efficient customer service through this number.

Alternative Homebase Customer Support

The alternative Homebase Customer service phone number is 0190 860 0717. Call this number for all support related issues.

Homebase Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

Homebase Tweeter Page

Homebase Kiddie Safety

If you need to make queries about the safety of certain Homebase items, send an email to If you feel that a product may be potentially harmful, you can share your concerns by directing them to this email. Do not hesitate to make your concerns known as there is an efficient support team readily available to respond to you.

Homebase Returns and Refunds

For returns and refunds queries, send an email to You may want to return a damaged item or one you no longer require or may want more information on their return and refund policies. In such a case you may want to directly get in touch with a Homebase returns and refund expert. You can direct all your queries to this address, and the support team will provide immediate answers to your concerns.

Homebase Online Query Form

If you have any query on products, order or delivery of items, fill in the Online form. From the drop down choose from the categories provided, this is the kitchen, furniture, homeware, etc.
You will also be required to enter personal details like name, email, phone number, address and postcode. You will enter your order number or and any detail you think is relevant to your query.

Homebase Online Feedback Form

If you wish to give feedback on services received from Homebase, fill the feedback form. The feedback form is on the right side of the page; here you will enter your local store and the date of visit. You will choose an area your feedback applies to, this is a garden, showroom and Decorating or DIY. You will then proceed to enter relevant details and submit your form.

Homebase Social Media

Homebase keeps its followers engaged on the various social media platforms. On Facebook, for instance, they share several promotional and educational posts about their products and services. The page has three thousand plus followers and is rated as very responsive. You can get all your Homebase questions and queries answered through their messenger system or comments section. Messages are usually replied within a minute.
On Twitter your tweets get a reply within the day, there are four hundred thousand plus followers. The best garden ideas are shared on the Twitter page.
The Instagram page with eleven thousand plus followers displays the best home and garden furniture. Your comments and direct messages will be answered by the customer support team here within minutes.

Google Plus

Currys PC World Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Currys PC World Logo

This article will provide you with the contact numbers that you should call and the channels you may use in communicating with Currys.

Currys PC World Free Phone Numbers

Currys Online Deals

Currys PC World Promotional Card

The Currys PC World Promotional Card free number is 0800 897 163. Please be informed that this voucher program is just being supported and sponsored by Currys PC World itself, but it is handled by the Dixons Retail Company. So, if by any chance that you have received a gift card or the Curry’s Promotional Card, you can use this card to make full or partial payment to your goods. Yet, a restriction from change and refunds are implemented when you use your Currys Promotional Card so it is very crucial to check your balance before doing any purchase. To check for your balance, you may do so by calling the number above. Just get your card number ready as this information will be asked during the process.

Alternatively, you can just go to any Currys PC World Store and hand your gift card to an authorised personnel for you to check your Promotional Card balance.

Alternative Currys PC World Contact Phone Numbers, Details and Services

Currys Megastore

Currys PC World Customer Service

The Currys PC World Customer Service contact number is 0344 561 1234. If you have questions or problems regarding your purchased product (e.g. product did not arrive or product was damaged when delivered) and would want to talk to the Technical Team, dial this number any time of the day and any day of the week.

Moreover, for Currys PC World Knowhow Repair Fault and Fix service, the same contact number above can also be dialled to avail the service. If your home appliance, television or personal computer suddenly breaks down or is in dire need of repair, call the Repair Team and schedule for a repair. All repairs made have a three-month guarantee period. This means that if your repaired electronics breaks down again, they will repair the item again for free. The service also offers a “no fix, no fee” policy wherein you are not obliged to pay the Repair Team anything if they fail to fix your electronics.

In addition to this services, the same contact number above could also be used for PC World Care Plans, Currys PC World Delivery, Installation and Recycling services. This so-called Instant Replacement option is an optional add-on to your products which promises a three-year protection for your product. Here, if your product breaks down, you can simply avail of this option and Currys World PC will replace your product without any conditions or limitations.

Currys PC World Sales Team

The Currys PC World Sales Team contact number is 0344 561 0000. This line may be called on Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturdays at 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sundays at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call this number when you want to place your order via phone. Talk to a Sales Agent and indicate the product you want to purchase, the agent will guide you through the process and give you an order reference number. You can also state additional services you want with your purchase: installation, delivery, and recycling.

You can also call the same contact number as that provided for the Currys PC World Sales Team to request for a Price Match. The Price Match feature is Curry’s dedication to their promise that you will be paying cheaper as compared with the competitor’s price – delivery charge not included. To make the request, provide the product code and the price of their competitor, including the discount vouchers. Be sure to make the call before ordering the product. Though, the Sales Team will still accept calls 7 days following the receipt of the product.

Currys PC World Business

The Currys PC World Business contact number is 0344 561 6789. The Currys PC World Business is a special feature open for business ventures wherein a range of business products are offered with a 30-day credit and with flexible lease plans. There are also special offers for business owners which may vary from time to time. For inquiries about the service, the availability of a certain business product or requests for professional business advisers, it is recommended that you call this number.

Currys PC World Business Fax Number

The Currys PC World Business Fax Number is 0114 280 6119. Just when the lines for Currys PC World Business can’t accommodate your urgent needs, fax them can be done to this said number. However, all your concerns will only be entertained during 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening from Mondays to Fridays. Also, please be guided that this line is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Alternative Currys PC World Free Online Contact Methods

Currys PC World Knowhow Track It

The Know-how Track it page can be accessed through this link. This page will let you know where your product is currently at now. If you bought a big kitchen appliance or a big television, you can go to the link above and enter the details asked, to wit: your order number, phone number, and postcode.

For members with an online account, you can also access the “Track It” feature via your Currys PC World online account. Note that if your purchases are to be delivered for free, you will only be able to see the time of expected delivery at 9:00 to 10:00 pm of the day of the final delivery date. On the other hand, if you purchased a small appliance, you can track your purchases via your Currys PC World online account or at the website of the courier as indicated in the confirmation e-mail sent to you after you made the order.

Currys PC World Store Finder

Currys has over hundreds of superstores in all over the UK. If you want to find one near you, go to the “Find a Store” page to look for a Currys Store that is nearest to you. Just type in your postcode or your town in the Find A Store search engine and hit “Search”. A list of stores near your location will be returned.

Currys PC World Complaint Department

You can write your concerns – queries, complaints or even a message of thanks via snail mail. Send your letters to the following address:

Currys PC World Business
PO Box 1687
S2 5YA

Currys PC World Email Address

As an alternative, you may send Currys an e-mail containing your message at In sending the e-mail, however, remember to provide your name, your phone number, as well as your postcode and any other information that is relevant to your message. If you are sending them a message regarding your purchases, do provide the order number you are inquiring or talking about.

Currys PC World Sales Team

If you would like to contact the Sales Team via e-mail or if you simply do not want to make a call, send an e-mail to this e-mail address: Again, if you are to message about an existing order or a product, enter the order reference number or the product code, as well as your personal contact details.

Currys PC World Social Media
Currys customer service contact number for social media Twitter Account

Currys is available at the common social media websites. You can like, follow, subscribe or watch their videos on the following links:

Currys PC World Compare Prices Mobile Application

If you want to compare prices with the competitors, you may download the Price Match App – both for Android users and iOs users. This application will allow you to compare the prices of selected items with that of their competitor. Simply search the products whose price you want to compare and view the prices of the competitors.

Carphone Warehouse Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Carphone-Warehouse Logo

Carphone Warehouse Free Phone Numbers

carphone-warehouse headquarters

Carphone Warehouse Customer Service

The Carphone Warehouse Customer Service free number is 0800 049 6250. Call this number to inquire about an order you have made or wish to make online. Find a device or compare devices to suit your needs. The line is open from Monday – Friday between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on bank holidays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Carphone Warehouse Dedicated team

The Carphone Warehouse dedicated team free number is 0800 049 6248. Call this number to discuss the best upgrade deals available to you. Upgrades include; O2, EE and Vodafone upgrades. Check with operators to see if you qualify for an upgrade with Carphone Warehouse. If you need to find the nearest store this is the phone number to call.

Carphone Warehouse Phone Repairs

The Carphone Warehouse phone repairs free number is 0800 276 1373. Contact this number if you need your phone repaired or need repair advice on your device. The Specialist team will be available to assist you. You can call this number from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Carphone Warehouse Lifeline Insurance

The Carphone Warehouse Lifeline Insurance free number is 0800 049 6193. Call this number for all your insurance related inquiries. The customer care team will assist you with all your queries, including cancellation of your policy if you so desire. The lines are active from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Geek Squad

The Carphone Warehouse Geek Squad free number is 0800 049 1067. Call this 24/7 support number for your Carphone Warehouse phone, computer or tablet technical support needs. The Geek Squad is an independent technical service provider that operates the stores of  UK Carphone Warehouse Stores.

Carphone Warehouse  Business Mobile Sales Support

The Carphone Warehouse  Business Mobile Sales Support free number is 0800 049 6000. For business mobile phone contracts or anything related to your business services with Carphone Warehouse, this is the number to call. Here you will get free bill analysis. You will get the best network after comparing several others etc. Phone lines are opened Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding bank holidays.

Carphone Warehouse Business Mobile Customer Service

The Carphone Warehouse Business Mobile Customer Service free number is 0800 1300 688. Call this number for all your business related inquiries, from final diagnosis, tariff changes, order status, sim swap, billing queries etc. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm excluding Bank Holidays.

Carphone Warehouse Alternative Contact Numbers and Services.

Carphone Warehouse contact us page

Carphone Warehouse Customer Service and Trade-In

The Carphone Warehouse customer service and trade-in phone number is 0370 111 6565. If you want to trade in your old phone or tablet for the money, this is the number to call. The Trade In team will send you a pre-addressed postage paid package. When your item is received and evaluated, you will be sent a cheque. This usually takes five working days, if you don’t receive your cheque within this time frame this is the number to call. You can also call this number for general customer support inquiries. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Saturdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Sundays, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Alternative Free Carphone Warehouse Contact Methods

Carphone warehouse social media

Carphone Warehouse Media Contact

Media related inquiries can be directed to and

Carphone Warehouse Business

Existing Carphone Warehouse business customers can contact the customer service team for support and queries through the service email

Carphone Warehouse Business Sales

You can also send the Carphone Warehouse Business Sales team an email at

Carphone Warehouse Email form

Customers can access the Carphone Warehouse customer email form online. A click on the Email US icon presents a drop down that allows you to select the service from a list of options that includes buying and upgrading, Repairs or technical help, complaints, consumer finance etc. Fill out all necessary details and send. You can expect a reply within the shortest possible time from the support team.

Carphone Warehouse Online Help Portal

Carphone Warehouse Online Help portal offers a simple way to get your service questions and queries answered. Customers are required to choose a support topic depending on their need. You can choose from the categories buying a device, upgrades, your account, returns and exchanges, deliveries and orders, repairs and technical help, insurance, lost and stolen, company info and legal stuff etc, all your questions are answered.

Carphone Warehouse Online Complaints

Customer complaints about unsatisfactory products or services can be made online via an email form. Operators will reply your email promptly and provide solutions for your complaint or refer you if necessary for the best solution. On the Contact Us page select complaint from the drop down and follow the necessary steps.

Carphone Warehouse  Compare Page

The Carphone Warehouse  Compare Page allows you to compare different types of phones under various sections like a battery, camera, dimensions, connectivity, etc.

Carphone Warehouse Online General Inquiries Form

Fill the Online General Inquiries Form to get all your concerns addressed. The form does not, however, address account and order needs. You can pick an option closest to your need from the drop down and your request will be forwarded to the right department. When filling the form you will provide personal details, your daytime contact and alternative contact. How you will like to be contacted, what time you will like to contact etc.

Carphone Warehouse Repair Page Tracker

The Carphone Warehouse Repair Tracker form allows you to check the status of your device under repairs. You will have to enter the job number which is usually an eight digit number, your last name and your postcode. After submission, you will receive details on what date the device can be collected.

Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel App

Carphone Warehouse has a Bill App for Android and iOS. The App gives you control over your tariff. Track your calls, texts and data usage by entering your monthly allowance. When you reach your limit you will be alerted.

Carphone Warehouse store locator

Customers can return or exchange any product they buy online or over the phone from Carphone Warehouse within 14 days of the delivery of the product. Visit any return and exchange store near you to exchange a product. To find the nearest store, use the Carphone Warehouse Online Store Locator online.

Carphone Warehouse Social Media

You can send messages through this medium as well.


ASOS Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

asos logo

ASOS Free Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, there are no ASOS free numbers. There are however several means to reach the customer support team.

ASOS Alternate Contact Numbers, Details and Services


ASOS Customer Service

The main ASOS customer service contact number is 0207 756 1000. This is the only dedicated ASOS support number for all customer needs. You can also make inquiries on investor relations, media and legal matters and ASOS corporate issues. Lines are active from 8 am to 8 pm from Mondays to Sundays.

Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

asos- social

ASOS Customer Service

You can send your concerns, requests and questions to the ASOS customer service email address Here the team will address issues regarding order placements, payments, the return of items, etc. You will get a response to anything related to ASOS services.


The ASOS CEO, Nick Bateman can be emailed at You can expect a reply on any issue addressed.

ASOS Media Contacts

Email the ASOS media team at The team will respond to all queries related to ASOS media. The ASOS media department is responsible for publishing the ASOS quarterly magazine, the ASOS social media content, and all news articles on the ASOS media page.

ASOS Legal

Send all your requests on legal matters to The legal team will send you a professional reply on the matter at hand.

ASOS Legal – Company Secretariat

If there is a need to reach the ASOS Company’s Secretariat office, you can send an email to

ASOS Marketplace

The ASOS market place email is Expect prompt services from the skilled team of customer service personnel who will answer any questions related to the marketplace community. Here you can send an email as a brand or business owner who wants to showcase his or her collection or as a customer hoping to buy.

ASOS Order Cancellation

To cancel an ASOS order, an Order Form needs to be filled, scanned and emailed to The Order Cancellation team will expedite the process upon receipt.

ASOS Investor Relations

To make queries about investor relations, visit their site and fill an online form. The form will require you enter your name, email, address and other relevant personal information. A click on the submit button will forward your details to the Investor Relations team who will reply accordingly.

ASOS Delivery

The ASOS delivery team can be contacted via live chat. If you have an ASOS account, then you will first sign in. If you do not have an account you can still go ahead without signing in but you will need to provide personal details like your name and email address before you choose a category, follow the necessary steps, and a live chat representative will be at your service. The ASOS delivery time frame is taken as the first three working days from which the order was initiated; this excludes public holidays.If your order goes beyond this time frame you have all the right to reach the team via live chat, they will help track your order. Delivery is free for orders above £20.

ASOS General Live Chat

You can have an Online live chat with an efficient support team that is ready to answer questions from any department. You can address issues such as delivery, order, returns and refunds, technical issues, products and stock, payments, promos and gift voucher issues. The knowledgeable team is equipped to provide you with the necessary help.

ASOS Corporate Responsibilities Inquiries

If you need information or wish to comment on the ASOS fashion with integrity program, then fill the contact form dedicated to this purpose. You will enter relevant details like your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, etc. You can provide more details in the comment box provided.

ASOS Contact Form

The ASOS Contact Form page answers all questions related to ASOS services. The customer care representatives here work around the clock. You choose a category your question falls under, enter a few personal details and then go ahead to write your question or concern in the space provided, they promise to get back to you as soon as they can.

ASOS Social Media

ASOS has a strong social media presence. They have active and verified accounts on all the popular social media platforms.
On Facebook, they have two verified accounts, the main ASOS page and ASOS Marketplace. Both pages have the Shop now feature that redirects you to the ASOS website. The page shows the best of ASOS clothes, Events and features live updates.

ASOS Facebook Messenger

ASOS responds to most of its customers on Facebook Messenger.
With an active Facebook account, you can chat with the ASOS team via Facebook messenger, the support team here are as capable as the team from any of their helpline channels.

The ASOS Instagram page has close to six million followers. It constantly features the latest from ASOS clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.
There are also links from the main ASOS page to the ASOS_MAN page and the ASOS_BEAUTY page. The man page features, the ASOS collection of male fashion items.
The beauty page shows ASOS beauty products, from skincare, make- up and hair products, etc.

The Twitter page has over a million followers, For customer care tweet @ASOS_Heretohelp, the support team will respond in a snap.
For men’s fashion tweet @ASOS_Menswear and you will receive any form of assistance needed.

The ASOS YouTube page features ASOS Menswear, ASOS France and ASOS Deutschland.

With over 75,000 subscribers they keep their followers up to date on styling and fashion trends the ASOS way.

The Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr pages have a big audience as well. All three social media pages display the best of ASOS fashion.
Google Plus