Amazon Free Customer Service Contact Numbers


Amazon Free Phone Numbers

Amazon UK Head Office

It is important to contact Amazon directly. Therefore, you can reach the Amazon UK Head office toll-free 0800 496 1081. This number is also meant for general enquiries for all Amazon UK customers. This includes an order that hasn’t arrived or the wrong delivery address.

You can also use this number to cancel an order or get or return a refund. If you have any issues pertaining to Amazon’s digital products eg. as Amazon video, music, games & software, and audiobooks, you can also call this number.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the best membership around. With free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming on certain programming and more, it pays for itself even half way through your annual membership.The Amazon Prime contact number is also

The Amazon Prime contact number 0800 496 1081 is toll-free. For any query regarding your account, technical support for Prime Video and Prime Music issues, you will get assistance through this number. This number is also for changing your Prime account settings, like username and password if you happened to forget. You can also cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding your order, the services provided as compared to those offered to be provided, a faulty product, wrong delivery address etc or trouble handling one of their electronics, you can forward your issue to the Amazon Prime Complaints customer service 0800 496 1081, which serves as a centre for multiple areas of customer service including complaints. The Amazon care team will try their best and contact you once your issue has been resolved.

Amazon Kindle

If you have a general query or have a problem that needs addressing, call the Amazon Kindle contact number 0800 496 2449. The customer service team will provide you with the necessary assistance with regards to your Kindle E-reader, Kindle Fire tablet and Kindle App issues.

Through this number, there are also some menu options that you can choose from while making the call –

  • for registration or payments, press 1;
  • if you are experiencing any problems with connecting to the Wi-Fi, then press 2;
  • if your query regards damage or replacement of Kindle, then press 3;
  • and for any other question, press 4.

Through this number, you can also manage your Kindle Books and subscriptions. Check the website for Amazon Kindle support.

If you still have further problems after reaching out to the customer service support team, you can use this link.

Customers are allowed to use the click to call service, basically meaning you will be called back by the Amazon customer care coordinators. Of course, you have to remember to leave the correct phone number so they know where to reach you.

Alternate Amazon Contact Numbers

The Amazon Helpline numbers listed below are not free, but the charges vary from region to region depending on your network service provider.

Amazon Customer Relations Number

If you prefer to call their alternative London Office number directly, do so through the Amazon Customer Relations Number 0207 084 7911. The London number should be a fallback, sort of a last resort if all else fails.

Amazon UK Head Office Number

It’s relatively easy to also contact the Amazon UK head office through the alternate line 0208 636 9200.

Amazon UK Numbers for International Customers

All international customers can reach the Amazon support team through the customer relations number +44 (0)207 084 7911. During peak hours, you can also call +44 (0)203 356 6212 to have all your queries answered from 6 AM – 12 AM (midnight) every day of the week, including weekends.

For further assistance, you can also visit the Customer Relations Website.

They offer live chats can also be done with 24/7.

Amazon Technical Assistance Number

For any kind of technical assistance such as a malfunctioned phone or account administration help like making changes to your account, you can also dial the Amazon Technical Assistance contact number.

Amazon UK Office Fax Number

If you need to send documents over to the Amazon support team over in London, you can do it through the number +44 (0)20 8636 9401 from outside the UK. The cost of calling the number varies as per the customer’s location.

Amazon Customer Complaints London

The best way to contact Amazon in order to make a complaint by calling their London head office on 0207 084 7911, which is a local-rate phone number. However, make sure you first call either the main Amazon customer service helpline or the dedicated Kindle helpline to see if your complaint can be resolved by Amazon advisors or employees at an initial stage.

If you still feel your complaint is unresolved afterwards, you should then contact Amazon head office through the Amazon contact number 0207 084 7911.

Amazon Kindle

If you aren’t within the UK but still wish to have issues related to your Amazon Kindle resolved as soon as possible, Amazon UK offers the international helpline +44 (0)203 356 6212. However, take note that international phone calls cost more than local calls within the country. The cost of the call also varies depending on which country you are calling the UK from.

You should also be aware that overseas calls made from mobiles and payphones, eg. the kind of phones you see at the airport, will cost a significantly higher price than international landline calls.

Alternative Free Ways to Contact Amazon

Amazon Online

A comprehensive help page is available on Amazon’s official customer service website. You can also fill out an online form on that site to get Amazon to call you back and provide order advice or technical support. This is an innovative approach that saves you having to remember several different contact numbers for Amazon.

Amazon Live Chat

You can connect to Amazon UK Live Chat. You get connected to a chat only if you fail to find a solution to your issue through Amazon UK Support forum or the community support.

Amazon Customer Service Physical Address

There is an alternate option of contacting Amazon by mail, if, by any chance, customers are unable to use the other means of communication. In which case the written letter can be forwarded to the following postal address: Customer Services, 2-4 Waverley Gate, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG

Ensure you add all your personal contact details in the letter so the Amazon team can get back to you as soon as your issue is resolved.

You can also address any form of complaints you have with the service by mail to the following Amazon address:

AMAZON.Co.UK, Patriot Court, 1-9 the Grovetown, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1QP

Once again, ensure to include along with the letter of complaint, your contact details, and account number so that the Customer Relations Department can reach you as soon as they come up with a solution.

To write to Amazon customer services, you should use their official postal address provided below:

Amazon Customer Services, 1-9 The Grove, Slough, SL1 1QP, United Kingdom.

Amazon UK Complaints Hotline

  • You can hit the service team up with an e-mail, and have your issue dealt with. As soon as your issue is resolved, they will reply to your email, detailing the steps you should take next.
  • You can also use Amazon Customer Service Email ID to file all your complaints. The email support is available 24/7 for customers.
  • Finally, you can also visit the consumer forum and post your complaint.

Amazon UK Social Media Contact

Amazon is also known for their quick social media response, and may be able to assist you if you approach them through any of the following pages:


ASDA Free Customer Service Contact Number

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ASDA Free Contact Phone Number

This compiled list contains all the free ASDA phone numbers. Use this guide in order to find the correct number you wish to dial when needing a service.

ADSA Stores

ADSA Stores free number is 0800 952 0101. Call this number for any questions or concerns regarding ASDA stores. This is a general customer care helpline, and your queries may differ from questions regarding their products and prices to finding the nearest ASDA store.

ASDA Online Help Form is an ASDA owned company that deals in the latest clothing trends and also offer free delivery on all products ordered from their online shop. If you have an enquiry regarding an order you made, want to find out how you can track ordered merchandise or have any general queries concerning, contact the ASDA customer services number 0800 952 3003.

ASDA Groceries

Queries regarding ASDA’s Groceries services, products bought through the service and possible returns can be addressed by contacting ASDA customer help through the toll-free number 0800 952 6060.

ADSA Contact Lenses

ASDA offer in-house opticians for all eye-related problems. For related queries such as ASDA contact lenses, call the ASDA customer help number 0800 479 8716.

ASDA Travel

If you have any queries regarding ASDA Travel Money, call the ASDA customer service number 0800 188 4002. Questions related to Travel Money order can also be directed towards this number. For general enquiries regarding ASDA Travel Insurance or need to make changes to or otherwise upgrade your policy, contact the toll-free number 0800 138 2373. For insurance claims, however, call 0800 138 2376 or +44 (0)208 712 1303 if you are outside the UK.

ASDA Car Insurance and ASDA Breakdown Assistance

If your car insurance is provided by Britannia, call the ASDA customer help number 0800 202 8192 for car insurance breakdown assistance. If you’re unsure about who your policy provider is, it should also be contained within the same documents. If your car breaks down, you can always call the ASDA customer service number 0800 202 8100 for free and they will attempt to the necessary repair at the side of the road. If immediate repairs are impossible, they will tow you to the nearest garage.

ASDA Over 50s Life Insurance

For general queries regarding the ASDA Over 50s Life insurance cover, call the customer care number 0800 202 8104. If you have already done your research and need a quote, this is also the relevant number to call. If you want to make a claim from this cover, contact the ASDA customer care number 0800 678 1908.

ASDA Home Insurance

The ASDA customer care number 0800 479 8711 is for claims, renewals and all general enquiries regarding any home insurance policies taken after 7th July 2014. You can also get a quote through this number or alternatively, online at their website. ASDA Home emergency claims on their insurance policy can be made through the customer service number 0800 783 5498.

ASDA Mobile

ASDA Mobile is a phone network provider that offers free SIM cards to their subscribers. The SIMs will work in any ASDA provided mobile phones or any unlocked phones. If you have an ASDA mobile and have any questions regarding their services or otherwise general enquiries, dial them at 0800 079 2732.

If you have a complaint about ASDA Mobile, call the ASDA customer helpline at 0800 952 0393.

ASDA Tyres

ASDA Tyres offers a wide range of leading tyre brands for cars. They have an online portal to order nearly any tyre size for cars and can be found at the customer service number 0800 952 0395 for general enquiries, assistance or complaints.

ASDA 24 hours Customer Service

ASDA Alternative Contact Numbers

The numbers listed below are also the alternative ways to contact ASDA for general enquiries or otherwise complaints. However, these numbers aren’t free but offer the advantage of being less crowded and will get assistance faster than the counterpart free numbers.

ASDA Travel

When the time comes and ASDA has shut down booking, you can contact them at 0173 733 6450 if you had already reserved your space. This line is also for general enquiries regarding the service.

ASDA Credit Card Enquiries

For general enquiries regarding ASDA credit card services, call the number 0371 704 3369. You can also call the same number to apply for a credit card if you are eligible. Requirements are

  • You must be above 18 years old
  • You must have a UK bank or building society account.

ASDA offers various credit cards, including ASDA Cashback Credit Cards and ASDA Cashback Plus Credit Cards. The Cashback Credit Card has a zero annual fee and gives you 1% cashback on all ASDA purchases and 0.5% cashback on all other purchases. The Cashback Plus Credit Card has a monthly fee of £3 and gives you double cashback.

ASDA Car Insurance and other ASDA Insurances

For new claims, information on renewals, and general questions about car insurance dial the ASDA customer service number 0333 222 4544. This is also the number to call for windscreen or glass claims. When making a claim, you need to provide your name, location, names and contact information of anyone involved in the incident, and the damage to your car. If your insurance policy is provided by RAC, however, call the alternative number 0333 202 1867. Make sure you have your policy documents at hand before you call them.

For changes, renewals or any general enquiries regarding your van insurance policy, dial the ASDA contact number 0333 222 1052. To make an insurance claim or to check the validity or progress of a claim you are pursuing, call the number 0333 005 2597. Just ensure you have your policy details and relevant papers close by when you call. To get a pet insurance quote, dial 0800 181 4904 or get it online at For legal protection insurance claims, dial 0160 342 0080. To claim a Renters Insurance Policy or for general queries, dial the ASDA customer help number 0330 332 2637. You can also get a quote by calling this number or online quote section.

ASDA Gifts

If you have an ASDA Gift voucher and wish to redeem it, you can reach the customer care hotline through the number 0208 275 5236.

ASDA Call Time

ASDA call time is an international calling service that allows anyone to call international destinations simply by calling the access number using a mobile phone or landline, and the number is automatically registered, eliminating the need to enter a PIN every time you call.

Dial the ASDA customer service number 0330 777 1804 for general enquiries including billing, operation times and eligibility of application to the ASDA Call Time service.

ASDA Party

ASDA Party closed their operations and is no longer taking any new orders.

Alternative ASDA Free Customer Service Contact Information

ASDA Savings Truck

For those who prefer to make contact via email, this can be done so through the following addresses. Please keep in mind that this will take anywhere between 24 to 96 hours for a response. You will receive immediate confirmation having sent a query.

Alternatively, you can write them a letter to claim your insurance policy at the following postal addresses:

  • ASDA Travel Insurance, Maitland House, Warrior Square, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 2JY.
  • ASDA Renters Insurance, PO Box 5733, SOUTHEND ON SEA, SS1 2ZP.
  • ASDA Van Insurance, Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust, Bristol, BS35 4BL
  • Customer Services Department, The Bike Insurer, 8 Princes Parade, Liverpool, L3 1DL.
  • Customer Services Department, The Caravan Insurer, 8 Princes Parade, Liverpool, L3 1DL.

ASDA Social Media Contacts

Like most companies, even ASDA is on social media communication networks. But for what reason? To stay in touch with the company at all times. Use any of these following communications tools to send a message or get an update.