Ovo Energy Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Ovo Energy Free Contact Numbers

Ovo Energy Customer Service

Ovo Energy Customer Service free number is 0800 358 3523. A group of friends wanted fair pricing, great service, technology, clear and simple information to make management of their energy easier. They also wanted honesty and openness from their respective energy providers, but they were not experiencing that.

Existing Ovo Energy customers moving to a new home should call this support number. A call to this number will help you know how much you will have to pay for Ovo Energy to set up your new place. If you are moving, your account will have to be closed. Ovo Energy will need some information like the date you moved or due date, a meter reading for the date, your new address as well as your new phone number. If you are also moving in, call the number provided and the necessary details will be taken.

Pay as You Go customers can forward their complaints to this Ovo Energy Complaints number.
Customers are allowed to cancel their contract with Ovo Energy. You are given fourteen days to ponder over it, if you still decide to terminate your contract, you will be required to pay an exit fee. Contracts are either on a fixed plan or variable plan.
When you call this support number you  are presented with three options :
If you are already with Ovo or transferring your cost to them press 1
If you are switching to Ovo and want to find out more press 2
If you’re moving home and want Ovo Energy to be your Energy provider press 3.
Lines are active Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly Customers

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly Customers free number is 0800 599 9440. If you submit meter readings and pay bills every month, then this plan is for you. You get to choose the plan or tariff you want to be on. Existing customers who like to be on this plan can call this support number.
If you are a Pay Monthly customer you can channel your Ovo Energy Complaints to this number as well. If you believe there has been an unfair increase in your gas or electricity tariff, call this helpline.
If you also want to know how the smart meter works or if you want to check your balance, call this number. Customers can make their smart meter payments by Direct Debit.
For any question you may have, call the support team for assistance.
Two options are presented by the automated voice.
Press 1 to give them your meter readings
Press 2 for card payment
Lines are active Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Ovo Energy New Customers

Ovo Energy New Customers free number is 0800 408 6610. You can switch to Ovo Energy within a few minutes. If you want to switch call this Ovo Energy telephone number and you will be walked through the process. Ova Energy offers their clients uninterrupted service. This is a free helpline number, you can call from your mobile or landline. Individuals who want to move to Ovo Energy should call this support number. You will be connected to an advisor, who will give you the necessary information before you switch.

Ovo Energy Gas Emergency

Ovo Energy Gas Emergency free number is 0800 111 999. As soon as you detect a gas leakage in your home, call this Ova Energy helpline number. Keep a safe distance from where you detect this leak, open doors and windows and turn off the gas supply.

Ovo Energy Power Cuts

Ovo Energy Power Cuts free number is 105. When you realise your power has been out for some hours, contact your Distribution Network Operator on 105. Before you give them a call, check your wiring system, also check to see if your neighbours have power or not, either way, call the helpline.

Ovo Energy Alternate Contact Numbers

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly

Ovo Energy Pay Monthly phone number is 0117 930 3100, If you are a Customer on the pay monthly service you can contact Ovo Energy on this helpline from your mobile.

Ovo Energy Pay as You Go Mobile

Ovo Energy Pay and Go Mobile phone number is 0117 370 1041. If you are on the Ovo Energy Pay as You Go service and wish to contact the department via your mobile, call this phone number.

Ovo Energy New Customers Mobile

Ovo Energy New Customers Mobile contact number is 0117 332 6945. If you are a new customer and you have questions call this Ovo Energy help desk to get answers.

Ovo Energy Citizen Advice Consumer Helpline

Ovo Energy Citizen Advice Consumer Helpline number is 0345 404 0506. This helpline offers free and impartial advice on consumer issues. So while you are still resolving issues with Ovo Energy, call this number for further advice as it is your right.

Ovo Energy Customer Help Service (Experian)

Ovo Energy Customer Help Service Experian phone number is 0844 481 8000. This is a credit reference agency. This agency holds credit details of customers which it provides to organisations, to help them make an assessment before they take any decision to enter into a contract with them. Call the number provided and at a small fee, they will give you the information you need.

Ovo Energy National Terms of Connection

Ovo Energy National Terms of Connection phone number is 0207 706 5137. Ovo Energy acts as an intermediary between you and your network operator. Signing up to energy supply from them, you agree to terms and conditions by your local operator. Call the helpline for further clarification as well as any queries you may want to be addressed.

Ovo Energy Press Office

Are you a journalist looking for Ovo Energy Press number? Ovo Energy Press Office phone number is 0741 570 2472. Representatives of media houses or journalists can call this Ovo Energy contact number, to book appointments for interviews or to get more information and update on OVO Energy.

Ovo Energy Bristol Office Address

Customers can visit the OVO Energy Bristol Office at their address:

1 Rivergate
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1

Ovo Energy London Office Address

If you happen to be in London, you can visit Ovo Energy London Office at their physical address:

33 Notting Hill Gate,
W11 3JQ

Ovo Energy Online Contact Methods

Ovo Energy Complaint

For all your OVO Energy complaints, if you are a Pay As You Go, customer, channel it through this email address hello@energy.com and the complaints team will resolve it within five working days.

OVO Energy Press Office

Send all media related enquiries to the address media@ovoenergy.com and a member of the OVO Energy Press team will get back to you.

OVO Energy Foundation Chat/ Feedback

This is an initiative set up to bring change in energy accessibility, youth poverty and education. This foundation was set up to bring the youth a brighter future. Through this foundation, organisations are supported with smart ideas, launching of pioneering of projects and volunteer work. Visit the Ovo Energy Foundation page and donate for a good cause.

OVO Energy Forum

OVO Energy Forum is accessible throughout the day. Here, you can ask any question and also view other OVO Energy customer reviews. Register and be part of the forum.

OVO Energy Blog

Visit OVO Energy Blog for the latest stories and articles. Here you will get access to articles that throw light on Ovo Energy and the Energy sector as a whole.

OVO Energy Online Contact Form

Customers who wish to make enquiries online can do so through the online contact form. Fill up the compulsory fields, make known your request and send to OVO Energy for the necessary assistance.

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