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1st Central Insurance Department UK Contact Number
1st Cental Insurance Customer Service 0333 043 2066
 1st Cental Insurance Sales 0333 043 2044
1st Cental Insurance Complaints 0333 043 2077
1st Cental Insurance Monthly Payments 0333 043 2088
1st Cental Insurance Renewals 0333 043 2055
1st Cental Insurance Existing Claims 0333 043 2022
1st Cental Insurance Repairs Team 0148 979 4256
1st Cental Insurance Windscreen Helpline 0333 043 2012
1st Cental Insurance Claims 0333 043 2011
1st Cental Insurance Third Party Claims 0333 043 2026
1st Cental Insurance Careers 0843 208 4086
1st Cental Insurance Excess Protect Claims 0330 055 5276

1st Central Insurance Customer Service number

1st Central Insurance Contact Numbers

1st Central Insurance Customer Service 0333 043 2066

1st Central Insurance customer Service number

1st Central Insurance Customer Service Contact number is 0333 043 2066. This 1st Central Insurance Customer Service phone number 0333 043 2066 is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm. Moreover, they are open during the weekends between 9 am and 5 pm. In addition, they also operate on Sundays between 10 am to  2 pm and 10 am to 4 pm on  Bank holidays. Therefore, if you have any manner of queries touching on various insurance products they offer, they can be found throughout the week at the specified times for contact provide herein. By accessing the 1st Central Insurance Customer Portal, you can quickly make changes to your cover level or increase cover level from the third party, fire & theft to comprehensive among many other changes possible from the portal. This not only saves you your money amounting to £15  but also your precious time. By using the 1st Central Insurance Customer Login page, you are required to key in your registered email address, password and your date of birth. In case you have forgotten the procedure or your login credentials, you can call 1st Central Insurance Contact number 0333 043 2066 for further assistance. Moreover, to get the latest 1st Central Insurance discount code, talk to their customer care team. Furthermore, for any 1st Central Insurance address change, call the 1st Central contact number 0333 043 2066 for them to effect the necessary amendments to your account in case you have moved places. Finally, for further enquiries and answers to commonly asked questions, visit the 1st Central Insurance faq page.

1st Central Insurance Sales 033 043 2044

1st Central Insurance Sales Contact number

1st Central Insurance Sales contact number is 0333 043 2044.  This 1st Central Insurance sales number 0333 043 2044 is open to all enquiries from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 8 pm. The 1st Central Insurance opening times on Saturday is between 9 am to 5 pm in addition to opening on Sundays between 10 am to 2 pm. Moreover, they also open for business on all Bank holidays from 10 am to 4 pm. You can query on their numerous policies they sell to both their existing and to all the new customers wishing to buy their policies. Its important to query and find out more on all 1st Central Insurance terms. By calling the 1st Central Insurance sales phone number 0333 043 2044, you can get a new 1st Central Insurance quote for covers such as car hires, accidental damages, personal accident or even medical expenses. If 1st Central Insurance reviews are anything to go by, then this is only attributed to their excellent service delivery with over 80% of their customers fully satisfied. Furthermore, you can get 1st Central Insurance free online quotes for your car.

1st Central Insurance Complaints 0333 043 2077

1st Central Insurance Complaints number 1st Central Insurance Complaints contact number is 0333 043 2077. The 1st Central Insurance Complaints phone number 0333 043 2077, opens every Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. They are however closed over the weekends. The company offers the best customer service to all their clients and this is confirmed by the positive customer feedback courtesy of the 1st Central Insurance reviews which rate them at over 80% customer satisfaction level. However, in the event that they don’t meet their customer expectations especially on service level agreements, they would like to be notified on any of their shortcomings through their 1st Central Insurance Complaints department as soon as possible. This is in line with their commitment to providing exceptional customer service as all complaints about 1st Central Insurance are taken with utmost urgency. Moreover, just like other companies, they also have a 1st Central Insurance Complaints procedure which stipulates the agreed response timelines to all raised queries and complaints. Additionally, you can also write a letter to the customer relations team using the address below.

Customer Relations
First Central Insurance Management Ltd
Central House,
25 – 27 Perrymount Road,
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex RH16 3TP

1st Central Insurance Monthly Payments 0333 043 2088

1st Central Insurance payment plan number

1st Central Insurance Payment contact number is 0333 043 2088. This line opens from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, the line opens from 9 am to 5 pm and 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays. Get to discuss with a customer care representative on all your 1st Central Insurance payments. Visit the pay monthly car insurance section to get to know more features of the payment plan. This includes your monthly premiums and how to better settle all your outstanding debts. If you need to make amendments to your payment plan such as changing your payment dates, it’s important to inform their payment plan representative as it involves updating their systems, notifying their payments points for this case the banks on the changes to be effected on their collection dates. In addition, 1st Central Insurance make a payment online is another option you can use to pay your premiums within the shortest time and it also saves you money. The advantage comes where you can swiftly make online changes to your policy, get quotes online in addition to cancelling your policy. For payments done directly from banks, you can discuss with a team member on how direct debit works, the merits and above all why its the most secure way and also effective in meeting your monthly payment obligations.

1st Central Insurance Renewal 0333 043 2055

1st Central Insurance Renewal number 1st Central Insurance Renewal number is 0333 043 2055. This line opens Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, they open from 9 am to 5 pm and 10 am to 2 pm respectively. You can contact the 1st Central Insurance Renewal team to renew an existing policy. To go about it easily, you can set up 1st Central Insurance automatic renewal by seeking guidance from the renewal team. 1st Central Insurance Renew online option is available for quicker access to your policy.

1st Central Insurance Existing Claims 0333 043 2022

1st Central Insurance Existing Claims number

1st Central Insurance Existing Claims contact number is 0333 043 2022. This 1st Central Insurance existing claims number 0333 043 2022 is available for customers between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. As a 1st Central existing customer, get the opportunity to seek clarifications on the status of your claims by calling the 1st Central Insurance Claims phone number 0333 043 2022. Furthermore, you can query on the expected time it will take to receive the settlement amount. Also, you can ask if you can claim for costs incurred which are not covered by your policy. Kindly note for quality and monitoring purposes, your call may be recorded.

1st Central Insurance Repairs Team 0148 979 4256

1st Central Repair Team number

1st Central Insurance Repairs Team contact number is 0148 979 4256. There is 1st Central Insurance approved repairers which are available for contact. The 1st Central Insurance repairers network consists of 500 reputable companies across the UK and all are BSI Kitemark accredited to give you the much-needed confidence of being in safe hands. Some of the advantages you will get when you contact their repair team for assistance include;

  • Free 1st Central Insurance hire car to use as yours is under repairs to ensure you are not grounded in your daily activities. You can use the car for a day after incident reportage.
  • A guarantee of 5 years of 1st Central Insurance Approved Repairers work painting included

Furthermore, you can also get the all the information on the repair of your online by simply clicking on the link that shall be sent to you via their email. Search for 1st Central Insurance repair team email and access your personal tracker online. However, If your car is not repairable, you can call the 1st Central Insurance repair phone number 0148 979 4256 for further directions and plan to take.

1st Central Insurance Windscreen Claims 0333 043 2012

1st Central Insurance Windscreen Claims number

1st Central insurance Windscreen Claims contact number is 0333 043 2012. This 1st Central Insurance Windscreen phone number 0333 043 2012 is used by all 1st Central Insurance windscreen cover policyholders when their vehicles windscreens are damaged and require repair or total replacement. Alternatively, you can visit the 1st Central Insurance windscreen claims page to know more about the claims process and also get the answers to frequently asked queries.

1st Central Insurance New Claims 0333 043 2011

1st Central Insurance New claims number

1st Insurance Central Insurance Claims telephone number is 0333 043 2011. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of any emergencies, you can report a claim by calling the 1st Central Insurance Claims department. Try as much as possible to call 1st Central Insurance Claims contact 0333 043 2011 from the scene of accident subject to your safety. However, if not possible to make a call at the scene, make a call within 24 hours for faster claims processing. Alternatively, you can send your request to their 1st Central Insurance email address for new claims giving an explanation on the incident and seek clarifications on the options you have in the event of seeking the cover as it important not to admit liability before getting in touch with the Claims department.

1st Central Insurance Third Party Claims 0333 043 2026

1st Central Insurance Third Party Claim number

1st Central Insurance Third Party Claims contact number is 0333 043 2026. This number is available from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays that is Monday through Friday for all their existing customers. This 1st Central Insurance Third Party line 0333 043 2026 is available for answering all questions arising from an accident where you are not insured with 1st Central Insurance in the first place but the other party is a 1st Central Insurance policyholder. Moreover, you get to enjoy benefits such as dedicated claims handlers, larger approved repair networks across Europe, similar replacement vehicle to yours as repairs are done and keeping your no claims discount among others when you contact 1st Central Insurance Third party claims phone number 0333 043 2026.

1st Central Insurance Careers 0843 208 4086

1st Central Insurance Careers number

1st Central Insurance Careers contact number is 0843 208 4086. Get in touch with the 1st Central human resources department to discuss further the available job opportunities. Call the 1st Central Insurance Career phone number 0843 208 4086 and ask the hr representative on the status of your application, interviews or also the departments available for you to make an informed decision on your career path you wish to take. You can as well visit the 1st Central Insurance careers website to learn more about working at 1st central Insurance. Kindly note that you can make 1st Central Insurance job applications online but not via email.

1st Central Insurance Excess Protect Claims 0330 055 5276

1st Central Insurance Excess Protect Claims number

1st Central Insurance Excess Protect Claims contact number is 0330 055 5276. You can use this number to claim reimbursement of your car cover excess for each period of insurance after settling a claim where no recovery from the third party can be achieved. This can arise from fire, theft, accidental damage, vandalism or malicious damage. Alternatively, you can make online claims. This is done by notifying in advance of 31 days the claims team that is after settling your 1st Central Insurance claims and also providing your policy number for faster assistance.

1st Central Insurance Online Contacts

1st Central Insurance Live Chat

For a 1st Central Insurance live chat, visit the live chat page to get real-time feedback on all your insurance queries.

1st Central Media EnquiriesEmail Address

For all press related matters touching on the 1st Central Insurance, the media personnel can dig in information by sending an email to 1stcentral@eulogy.co.uk.

1st Central Payment Plan Email Address

For any discussions on how you plan to make your payments, then send an email to instalments@1stcentral.co.uk.

1st Central Insurance Customer Service Email Address

For all general enquiries about your policy, renewal quotes and policy cancellation charges, send an email to customer.services@1stcentral.co.uk

1st central Insurance Marketing Email Address

For 1st Central customers who would like not to receive all the latest offers and services that are of interest to you, then you can opt out by sending an email to marketing@1stcentral.co.uk with all your policy details for them to remove you from the mail list.

1st Central Insurance Fraud Email Address

If you get an email you are suspicious of coming from 1st Central Insurance, then just forward it to stopfraud@1stcentral.co.uk for further investigations.

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