Wizz Air Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Wizz Air Departments UK Contact Number
Wizz Air Customer Service 0911 752 2257
Wizz Air Onboard Advertisements 0208 144 2220
Wizz Air Special Assistance Call Centre 0330 977 0444
 Wizz Air Advertising in Magazine  0207 625 0733

Wizz Air Contact Numbers

Wizz Air Customer Service

Wizz Air Customer Service contact number is 0911 752 2257  available from Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM. Customers who wish to book new flight reservations or buy additional services of the airline should dial Wizz Air Customer Service phone number UK 0911 752 2257. Call Wizz Air Customer Service number 0911 752 2257 if you have any inquiry or you have any special request regarding the services offered by the airline like redeeming your Wizz Air Promo code, Wizz Air hand language requirements or you would have to redeem a Wizz Air discount.  If you need direction on how to print a Wixx air boarding pass, the support team will assist you accordingly. Please remember that if you call the customer service team to make a transaction which is available online, purchase a ticket or make a change to your booking, you will attract an additional call centre fee which is not refundable. You must also have your confirmation number, passenger details, route and date of your flight information before you call.


Wizz Air Onboard Advertisements

Wizz Air Onboard Advertisements contact number is  0208 144 2220, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individuals, organisations and agencies who would like to advertise their brands, products and services on board on Wizz Air should call Wizz Air UK telephone number 0208 144 2220 for more details.

Wizz Air Registered Head Office Address

Wizz Air Hungary Limited
Laurus Offices
Koer street 2/A
Building B
H – 1103
Budapest, Hungary


Wizz Air Special Assistance Call Centre

Wizz Air Special Assistance Call Centre contact number is 0330 977 0444, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wizz Air offers special assistance to disabled, reduced- mobility and special needs passengers. Contact Wizz Air contact phone number 0330 977 0444  to request for medical care and special assistance before your trips. Please make sure to inform Wizz Air concerning your special assistance request at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure time.

Wizz Air Advertising in Magazine

Wizz Air Advertising in Magazine contact number is 0207 625 0733, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wizz Air in-flight magazine is published by The Ink and it provides passengers onboard a flight with current information about airline’s destination specific event listings, advertising messages, network and lifestyle insights. Dial Wizz Air contact number 0207 625 0733 to get in touch with Brano Haar, the magazine publisher in case you have any enquiries, concerns or feedback about how you can place your advertisements requests in the magazine.

Wizz Air Online Contacts

Wizz Air Customer Service Email Address

If you would like to get more information regarding the Airline’s service offerings, airports and networks, fleet and staff team then you can send your queries online through Wizz Air email  support info@wizzair.com.   Wizz Air Customer support team will answer questions you may have about Wizz Air share price, Wizz Air check in times, Wizz Air arrivals or about the requirements to be a part of Wizz Air Club. You may also request for the Wizz Air Annual Report via Wizz Air Customer relations email  info@wizzair.com.


Wizz Air Special Assistance Call Centre Email Address

Passengers with physical disability, reduced mobility and any other special medical conditions can request for special assistance during their trips by sending their inquiry online to Wizz Air Customer email specialassistance@wizzair.com. An questions you have as a special needs passenger will be answered. If you need a special menu you may inquire about Wizz Air food, if you requested a Wizz Air flight change you can check to confirm if your special needs requirement will reflect in your new flight. Your Wizz Air complaints as a special needs passenger will also be addressed via this email.


Wizz Air Agency Advertisements Email address

Agencies who have a contract with Wizz Air may advertise their brands using Wizz Air’s registered trademarks or non-registered marks solely upon the prior written consent of Wizz Air. Travel Agencies who have a contract deal with Wizz Air can send their requests for advertisements online through email to Wizz Air Customer Service email  communication@wizzair.com

Wizz Air Agency Registration Termination Email Address

Agencies who have registered with Wizz Air may request for the termination of its contract without stating the reason anytime by sending an email online to Wizz Air email address  agencyderegistration@wizzair.com . Please note that Wizz Air shall complete the termination of the agency registration within 15 days of receiving notification.

Wizz Air All other Countries Press Enquiries Email Address

Journalists in other countries with press-related enquiries can submit their questions online through Wizz Air email  communications@wizzair.com. All concerns related to Wizz Air services will be addressed here. You can forward your Wizz Air complaints to the support team here as well. If you have questions about Wizz buggage fees, Wizz Air Careers or Wizz Air car hire send them to this email and you will receive the necessary response.

Wizz Air Wizz Boarding Pass Advertisements Email Address

If you wish to advertise your brands on Wizz Air boarding passes then you can send your requests online through Wizz Ir UK email  wizz.ads@ink-global.com.

Wizz Air Onboard Advertisements Email Address

Companies and Agencies who would like to advertise their brands, products and services on board should submit their requests online through Wizz Air contact us  email  info@globalonboardpartners.com.

Wizz Air Compliments and Complaints form

You can register your complaints, compliments and suggestions concerning the travel services you were provided with before, after and during your trips by via the Wizz Air Complaint form. Please note that it might take 30 days to receive a response to your query.

Wizz Air Online Dispute Resolution platform Email Address

You can submit your claim on the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform in case you are not satisfied with the handling process or the outcome of your complaint online through Wizz Air email to odr@wizzair.com.

Wizz Air Download app on iTunes

Wizz Air app gives you easy access to flight search, booking process, flight timeline, in-app boarding card, Wizz Air discount club, add services and profile handling features. iPhone device users can download the Wizz Air app for iPhone on App store to enjoy these features on their travels.

Wizz Air Download app on Google Play Store

Wizz Air app has smart features like timeline, in-app boarding card and much more to track and have fun during your travel. You can check out and download the Wizz Air app for Android on Google Play Store

Wizz Air Subscribe to our newsletter form

If you would like to receive news alerts for Wizz Air latest offers, flight deals, discounts and promotions subscribe to the Wizz Air newsletter via the registration form online.

Wizz Air User Login pop up form

Wizz Air existing customers can sign into their account to view their bookings, manage their bookings and check out cheap flight deals and destinations after they log into their  Wizz Air User Login form.

Wizz Air User Register pop up form

If you would like to be the first to know about Wizz Air exclusive deals, lowest fares and travel routes then you should register by filling the Wizz Air User Registration form online for easy booking.

Wizz Air Agency login form

Travel agencies can sign into their Wizz Air Agency login form online to view and manage bulk bookings.

Wizz Air Agency registration form

Agencies who wish to register an account with Wizz Air to learn more about travel agency contract, services, terms and conditions and carriage general conditions should submit their request via the Wizz Air Agency registration form.

Wizz Air Call Centre- Numbers for other countries

You can make new reservations, get answers to your queries and special requests and  purchase additional services via the Wizz Air Call Centre. You can find the contact numbers of the Airline’s Call Centre for other countries on the Wizz Air Call Centre webpage. Please note that if you reach a Call Centre representative to make a transaction that is also available online, an additional Call Centre Transaction Fee will apply per call which is not refundable. Remember to have your confirmation number, passenger details, route and date of your flight at hand.

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