Lebara Mobile Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Lebara Departments UK Contact Number
Lebara Money 0800 640 6303
-Free Number-
Lebara Play 0808 189 0385
-Free Number-
Lebara Customer Service 0207 031 0791
Lebara Play Technical Support 0203 608 0062
Lebara Play UK Wholesaler 0208 004 1234
Lebara Customer Support 0870 075 5588
Lebara Voicemail 0783 612 1121
Lebara Mobile Support 5588
Lebara Voicemail from a Mobile 121
Lebara Emergency 999

Lebara mobile contact number

Lebara Mobile Free Numbers

 Lebara Money Free Number 0800 640 6303

Lebara mobile free number

Lebara money free number is 0800 640 6303, available from Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM. From Lebara helpline number 0800 640 6303 customers get any assistance related to money lost or stolen payment instrument. Once reported the customer care team would take the necessary action. You can also call Lebara Mobile free number 0800 640 6303 to lodge complaints about services offered. Customers looking for help with Lebara money services should always contact free Lebara mobile helpline UK 0800 640 6303 for assistance.

Lebara Play Free Number 0808 189 0385

Lebara Play

Lebara play free contact number is 0808 189 0385, available from Monday to Friday 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. In case you are a Lebara play customer and would like to get any technical assistance, please call Lebara free contact number 0808 189 0385.

Lebara Contact Numbers

Lebara Customer Service

Lebara Customer Service contact number

Lebara contact number is 0207 031 0791, available Monday to Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. From the Lebara hotline, any customer who experiences any challenges with Lebara mobile services can get assistance. Callers from other mobile networks and landlines can reach Lebara support through 0207 031 0791. The support staffs will answer any query a customer has regarding Lebara services so feel free and get in touch with Lebara for assistance. To send comments, complaints, feedback to Lebara, please contact Lebara customer care.

You can also write to Lebara customer care office via post;

Lebara Mobile
25 Copthall Avenue
London, EC2R 7BP

Lebara Play Technical Support

Lebara Play Technical Customer Support

Lebara play technical support contact number is 0203 608 0062, available Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Customers are free to call Lebara customer helpline when they need any technical help from Lebara tech support staff.

Lebara Play UK Wholesaler

Lebara Play UK Wholesaler

Lebara play UK wholesaler contact number is 0208 004 1234, available from Monday to Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM. Any customer who would like to place orders to Lebara can contact Lebara play uk contact number 0208 004 1234 and place orders. Lebara official wholesale distributor will make the necessary arrangements to deliver the orders.

You can also write to Lebara wholesale via post;

Aristo Travels
346 High Street North
East Ham, London E12 6PH.

Lebara Customer Support

Lebara Customer Support

Lebara customer support contact number is 0870 075 5588, available from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM and Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Any customer in need of any assistance with Lebara service will be assisted from the Lebara helpline. You can also call Lebara helpline number 0870 075 5588 if you want to report a theft or a lost Lebara sim or phone.

Lebara Voicemail

Lebara Voicemail

Lebara voicemail contact number is 0783 612 1121, available 7 days a week 24 hours daily. For this particular number, customers from abroad and those calling from a fixed-line can listen to their voice call messages. Calls to Lebara voicemail cost the national rate for fixed-line callers while international rates apply to customers calling from abroad.

Lebara Mobile contact details 0783 612 1121 should be left for when speaking to a person voice-to-voice and not left on the global Lebara mobile voice mail.

Lebara Mobile Support

Lebara Mobile Support

Lebara mobile support contact number is 5588, available from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Please use this only when calling from a Lebara mobile device. For this particular Lebara mobile contact number, it is only available to Lebara sim card users. They can reach Lebara when in need of any assistance with Lebara services. Also, if you are in need of any technical assistance, please dial 5588 from your mobile handset to reach Lebara head office London. Customers checking the balance and top-up services from Lebara automated helpline 5588 are not charged.

Lebara voicemail from a mobile

Lebara voicemail from a mobile

Lebara voicemail from mobile phone contact number is 121, available 7 days a week 24 hrs daily. If you wish to listen to your voicemails from your handset, please dial 121.

Lebara Emergency

Lebara Emergency

Lebara emergency contact number is 999, available 7 days a week 24 hours daily. Customers in an emergency can contact the relevant authorities by dialing 999 from their mobile phones. The call will reach the relevant authorities.

Lebara Mobile Online Contacts

Lebara Press Office

All media personnel with any press inquiries about Lebara group, please send an email to Lebara email press@palmarium.ch and answers will be provided.

Lebara Complaints

A customer who wants to complain about any Lebara services or would like to report a lost or stolen payment instrument should contact Lebara email moneycare@lebara.com.

Lebara Play Customers Support

Lebara play customers can get their technical queries answered by Lebara support staff by sending an email to Lebara play email playcs@lebara.com. Another option to reach Lebara mobile uk is by filling the contact us form available on the website. The technical support team will take care of the issue immediately.

Lebara Sales

Customers looking for sales service from Lebara mobile can send an email to Lebara email address sales@lebaraplayuk.com

Lebara App

The official Lebara app is available for both Android and IOS users in Google play store and IOS app store for download. Users can manage their Lebara account from their smartphones, check Lebara offers, deals, balances, bundles, top up, register a Lebara sim card, create a Lebara account among other services available. The app is a Lebara all in one stop shop for all services available to any customer either abroad or within the UK. Apart from the app, customers can also get services from a Lebara shop near them.

Lebara Address

Also, customers can write to Lebara via post

The White Chapel Building,
10 Whitechapel High Street,
E1 8DX

Lebara Careers

Professionals looking for work and would love to Join Lebara mobile should visit Lebara careers page for more information on current job vacancies. The job details, location, and requirements are available on the site. If you find one vacancy and you are qualified, please go ahead and click on apply. Fill the details, and Lebara will get back to you.

Lebara Online Enquiry Form

You can also contact Lebara online by filling and submitting a Lebara contact us inquiry form available on the website. Lebara values your comments and is ready to listen to you. Feel free to fill the inquiry form with as many details as possible. Also, do not forget to leave your Lebara phone number if you have one. If not just leave any details on how Lebara can contact you later. Responses to any enquiry will be as soon as possible but will not go beyond two days of sending your email.

Lebara Chat

For a quicker response to your enquiries, you can use Lebara online chat available 7 days a week from 9:00 AM-5:30 PM. Friendly Lebara advisors will guide you through the challenges you experienced. Live chat is one of the best options available on Lebara website. It expedites service delivery to customers. Feel free to start a session with one of the advisors and get your issue sorted out immediately.

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Lebara GB Facebook
Lebara Twitter

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