Dyson Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

 Departments UK Contact Numbers
Dyson Customer Service 0800 298 0298
-Free Number-
Dyson Returns and Refunds 0800 345 7788
-Free Number-
Dyson Discount Service 0800 954 0153
-Free Number-
Dyson Press 0207 833 8244

Dyson Free Numbers


Dyson Customer Service 0800 298 0298

Dyson Customer Service free number is 0800 298 0298 available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. The Dyson official website has all the products in stock displayed in the online catalogue. All items have been clearly categorized with their special features attached to them. Dyson order and Dyson returns policies for the different appliances have also been provided on the site. Clients who have issues navigating the site and using the online order placement service may get in touch with the free Dyson contact number 0800 298 0298 for assistance.

Customers who have already placed orders with Dyson but no longer require them are allowed a free Dyson cancel process. How to cancel Dyson orders can be done when you contact Dyson UK head office freephone 0800 298 0298. Be sure to have all your information ready including your Dyson order number, your Dyson serial number, and your Dyson receipt information for a proper and quick Dyson return. Do not forget to cancel your Dyson order within 35 days of receiving the item. Any cancellations made outside this time period will be rendered invalid or lead to a more difficult Dyson refund process.

For affordable and swift delivery services in the UK, you can be assured of Dyson’s services. After placing an order for your desired product online, you can request for delivery services for your new purchase. Existing customers can also request delivery of Dyson spare parts, machines and accessories via the free Dyson parts contact number 0800 298 0298. Different items come with different delivery timescales and charges. Contact this Dyson free helpline 0800 298 0298 for further details about the delivery services provided.  A representative will assist you to register for the Dyson delivery service.

Every product sold by Dyson comes with a comprehensive guarantee policy. The guarantee service ensures that any fault incurred by the product during the guarantee period will be covered by Dyson. To register for the Dyson Guarantee service, contact this Dyson customer service contact number 0800 298 0298. Clients who have already registered for the service can contact this support line to notify Dyson about products with major faults that need to be returned. For minor faults, Dyson will provide repairs and replacements to machine parts or the whole gadget. Contact the customer service team to book an appointment with any of the skilled Dyson Service Engineers.

Dyson Faults 0800 345 7788

Dyson Faults free number is 0800 345 7788 available from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 5:30 pm, and on Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Dyson has terms and conditions that allow clients request for repairs of products that are damaged upon delivery. Clients who have received faulty lighting products, hair care products, vacuum cleaners, fans, purifiers or Fireblade hand dryers must notify Dyson immediately to claim for repairs. Contact the Dyson contact telephone number 0800 345 7788 and arrange with the support team to pick up the faulty gadget for free. For machine bundles with faulty parts, please ensure to return the entire bundle in order to ensure a full machine repair.

Additionally, Dyson customer satisfaction in all aspects is a goal. If you have any Dyson feedback in the form of comments or suggestions for Dyson, call the Dyson freephone 0800 345 7788. Do not hesitate to lodge any complaints about Dyson products and services via this helpline.

Dyson Discount Service 0800 954 0153

Dyson Discount service free number is 0800 954 0153. Dyson may not be able to provide servicing, repairs and supplies for older models of certain machines. To guarantee that customers continue to enjoy better Dyson products, Dyson runs a discount service for clients with older machine models. This discount service enables clients the opportunity to claim a reduction on the standard prices provided for new purchases. To check if you are eligible for this service, contact the Dyson Discount service team via the Dyson customer helpline 0800 954 0153. Speak to the customer service representative to discuss the latest Dyson models in stock before making a purchase.

Dyson Contact Number

Dyson Press Office


Dyson Press contact number is 0207 833 8244 available Monday through Friday. The Dyson press centre is available for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Journalists and other news agencies can dial Dyson contact number 0207 833 8244 for more information about press releases and Dyson upgrades, Dyson Products, and Dyson services.

Dyson Online Contacts

Dyson Contact Number

Dyson Customer Service

For general queries related to Dyson products, services, delivery charges, timescales and terms and policies, contact Dyson email askDyson@Dyson.co.uk. Learn more about any product including the Dyson V8 or Dyson hair dryer.

Dyson Orders

Clients with questions concerning the terms and conditions for Dyson orders can contact Dyson email address orderenquiries@Dyson.co.uk. If you are unsure about the process for placing an order send an email to the address provided.

Dyson Affiliates Program

Organizations and individuals interested in a Dyson affiliate partnership can contact Dyson online affiliates@Dyson.com. Existing affiliates who require details about their dealings with Dyson can send their questions via the address provided.

Dyson Privacy

Customers who have queries or concerns about the security of personal information offered to Dyson, can send Dyson email privacy@Dyson.com for clarification.

Dyson Careers

At Dyson, there is an enabling environment help you grow in your field of expertise. Dyson is gradually expanding globally with their technological innovations. For details about the Dyson job application process necessary job supporting documents, send an email to groupjobs@Dyson.com .

Dyson UK Sales Jobs

Have you ever thought of a Dyson career? There are plenty of Dyson jobs available for individuals with wholesale and retail experience who wish to work in the sales department. You can send a request to the Dyson UK Sales team online gbandijobs@Dyson.com.

Dyson Graduates Program

To equip graduates with practical skills to fit into the job market, Dyson has a number of job opportunities for new graduates. To learn more about the application process, contact Dyson intern program online graduates@Dyson.com.

Dyson Press

Dyson press online contact is press.office@dyson.com. Alternatively, you can contact Dyson head office address:
38 North Row
London, W1K 6DH
Dyson enquiries can be received from Dyson customers in the UK and Ireland.

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