Ceta Insurance Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Ceta Insurance Contact Numbers

Ceta ASU/MPPI Insurance

Ceta ASU\MPPI Insurance contact number is 0160 864 7606. If you need more details about the coverage of the insurance policy, contact this hotline. If you want to discuss your payment methods for this policy, call this Ceta contact details 0160 864 7606 number and speak to a Ceta Insurance agent for assistance.

Ceta Travel Insurance

Ceta Travel Insurance contact number is 0160 864 7619. New clients can call this helpline to speak to an agent to request assistance in registering for this scheme. If you need an update on an existing quote, this is the number to call. Existing customers who no longer require this service can contact Ceta Insurance policy number 0160 864 7619 to cancel their policy or make amendments if they wish.

Ceta Insurance Accounts

Ceta Insurance Accounts contact number is 0160 864 7607. Clients who have opened accounts with Ceta Insurance can check for new updates by calling the number provided. Ceta Insurance provides various account packages including broker and affiliate. To discuss the details of payment plans for premium whether annually or monthly, contact the accounting department to speak with a Ceta Insurance representative 0160 864 7607.

Ceta Insurance Membership

Ceta Insurance Membership contact number is 0160 864 7647. If you require more details on the benefits of being a Ceta Insurance member or need help to sign up, contact this Ceta Insurance team support line 0160 864 7647.

Ceta Insurance Leisure

Ceta Insurance Leisure contact number is 0160 864 7605. For individuals and groups who are actively involved in leisure activities, this insurance plan is the best cover for you. In case the contents and accessories of your caravan go missing, Ceta Insurance covers replacements by phone. If you need a quote for the leisure policy, contact Ceta Insurance contact number 0160 864 7605 and receive one.

Ceta Household Insurance Support

Ceta Household Insurance phone number is 0160 864 7601. For anyone who owns a home, this household insurance scheme provides total coverage for your building and its contents. In the case of accidental damages or unfortunate events like flood, fire or theft you can be sure that Ceta Insurance will provide adequate support. If the building is unoccupied due to renovations and refurbishments, there is a plan to cover your empty building. This policy protects your building from risks like fire and floods for a duration of 12 months. If you have a secondary residence for holidays apart from your primary residence, Ceta Insurance has a plan to cover you. Homebuyers who are moving homes are protected by this policy against claims from mortgage lenders, removal firms and the seller of the house. In the event of home emergencies like lost keys, electricity, gas heating and plumbing failures, Ceta Insurance has a plan to cover your building. Call this Ceta Insurance phone number 0160 864 7601 to learn about the best plan that suits your needs.

Ceta Commercial Insurance Support

Ceta Commercial Insurance Support contact number is 0160 864 7604. Commercial property owners can opt for this insurance policy. If you own a shop, factory or office, you can protect your property against incidents like flood, fire and theft. The Store and Retail policy under Ceta Commercial Insurance include company stock, general contents, valuables, public & employers liability, buildings and loss of earnings.The professional indemnity plan also covers compensation claims from customers. Business directors and officers can get protection from unwarranted claims made against them for suspected illegal acts. Call this Ceta Insurance helpline 0160 864 7604 to speak to a member of the Commercial Insurance team.

Ceta Insurance Online Contacts

Ceta ASU Insurance

Individuals interested in getting an ASU policy can send an email to asu@ceta.co.uk to learn about the terms and conditions of this cover.

Ceta Travel Insurance

If you are interested in the travel plan of Ceta Insurance, send your enquiries to travel@ceta.co.uk to receive all the information you require. Existing clients who have comments or complaints about their travel policy can send them to the address provided.

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