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National Express Contact Numbers

National Express Customer Service

The National Express Customer Service phone number is 0871 781 8181. In the UK, National Express is highly acclaimed as one of the leading companies with excellent and efficient services in the area of travel. Across Europe and North America, National Express is the leading transport provider for all modes of transport including coach, bus and trains. To make a reservation you will need to create an online account. If you are facing issues while creating or accessing your online account, contact this helpline for technical assistance. A member of the technical team will guide you through the troubleshooting process to find a possible solution.

If you have already made reservations for a ticket and you wish to make some changes, contact this helpdesk. Please note that changes can be made 72 hours before the journey is made and only if the ticket is refundable. If you no longer require a reserved ticket, you can cancel your booking 24 hours before the journey is made. Reservations can only be cancelled if the ticket has a flexible add-on. The flexible add-on cost cannot be refunded but the remainder of the cost is refundable. If your ticket does not have the flexible add-on, a cancellation will attract a fee. Please note that there is a no refund policy on all the fares.

Lines are open from Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

National Express Travel Helpline

The National Express Travel Helpline contact number is 0871 771 7179. To make your journey comfortable, National Express ensures that all the needs of their clients are catered for, hence, there is Special Assistance department reserved for persons with special needs. Customers with disabilities or individuals who use wheelchairs can notify the Special Assistance team 36 hours before the departure time, to receive the necessary assistance. You can clarify details about travelling with a wheelchair or a mobile scooter by calling this helpline. Wheelchairs must meet the weight limit of 20 kilograms so it can be transported in the cargo hold. Customers whose wheelchairs exceed the weight limit can call this helpline to make a reservation for their transport. Persons who travel with trained assistance dogs must also seek permission before travelling with National Express. Call this number to provide identification details for your dog before the journey is due.
Phone lines are open from Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

National Express Online Contacts

National Express Send us an Email Form

Clients can make all their queries concerning amendments in reservations travel assistance of clients with special needs and cancellation of reservations by filling the email form. If you require more details on their services, have complaints or need a refund, fill out the form by clicking the Email us icon and proceed to make your specific query.


National Express Live chat

Individuals who have never used National Express services can chat with their online agents via Live Chat. Existing customers who also require information or clarification about National Express services can use the live chat service. The operators are online and ready to give all necessary assistance.


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