Betfair Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Betfair Free Contact Numbers

Betfair Contract- Ireland

Betfair Contract free number in Ireland is +353 1800 944 000. If you are in Ireland and you need more information, need assistance, have any query, call the number provided. They are available throughout the week.

Betfair Telephone Betting Betting is manned 24/7- Ireland

Betfair Telephone Betting free number in Ireland is +353 1800 719 915. Contact Betfair telephone betting on the number provided, stating the TAN number and you will be given the necessary assistance.

Betfair Alternate Contact Numbers

Betfair Contract UK

Betfair Contract contact number is 0344 871 0000. This is the number to call if you are in the UK.
Betfair Sportsbook is the place for sports betting. Customers can cash out in-play bets or place multiples. Cash out allows customers to lock in profit or loss before the event closes, it, therefore, allows you keep part of the bet. You can opt for this if a game is going your way or in your favour, the risk is therefore reduced. It doesn’t have any specific number of times it can be used, it is offered and dependent on the size and odds of your initial bet, current odds of the selection you have matched bets on and the portion of your bet that you have previously cashed out.

You are presented with five options by the automated voice. For payments press 1, for sports betting press 2, for the casino, poker, bingo or arcade press 3, for general accounting enquiry press 4 and to place an exchange bet press 5.

Betfair Contracts International

Betfair International Contract contact number is +44 (0)203 059 8888. This is the Betfair phone number for callers abroad, call this line if you are outside the country. If you have any queries, need help, clarity, call the number provided. This line is active throughout the week 7:30 am to 12:30 am the next morning.

Betfair Telephone Betting

Betfair Telephone Betting contact number is 0844 871 5000. If you prefer to make a bet over the phone, call the number provided. Your call will be put through to a representative who will ask certain details to confirm your account and then help with the bet. This line is active 24 hours a day, throughout the entire week. You can also place your bet while the game is ongoing by contacting this telephone betting number but bets cannot be placed on fixed odds market when they call this number.

Betfair Online Contact Methods

Betfair Contract- UK

Forward all your business enquiries via the email address

Betfair General and Sports related queries

If you have any query, suggestion, anything related to sports, you can forward a mail to the address and get the information you need.

Betfair Gaming and Poker related queries

For all games and poker enquiries, forward a mail to

Betfair Payments related queries

For issues related to payment, send them through mail to the address

Betfair Affiliates

To become an affiliate, you need to apply. Application review takes three working days, once accepted you can start referrals immediately. You are paid in 30 working days from date invoice is received.
Send a mail if you want to become an affiliate, how you intend to refer customers, what your target market is if you also want more information on the benefits of becoming an affiliate, forward a mail to and a representative will give you all the information you require.

Betfair Social Media

For affiliate enquiries.
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