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Copart Alternate Contact Numbers

Copart Head Office

Copart Head Office contact number is 0844 875 8845. Copart sells over three hundred thousand vehicles every year through online auctions. Copart UK has fifteen facilities.If you have any questions about purchasing a vehicle call this number.

Copart offers two delivery options once payment has been made, automatic and non-automatic delivery. This means members can have every vehicle delivered at their registered member address or they can select the vehicle they want to be delivered. Call this number if you have delivery related questions.

Copart UK employs over six hundred people and is always looking for individuals interested in joining their team to keep providing great customer experience. If you are interested in working for Copart call this helpline.
Call Copart helpline from Monday to Friday between  8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Copart Member Services

Copart Member Services contact number is 0844 875 8837. If you are interested in bidding or buying with Copart, you need to become a Copart member.

Being a Copart member comes with great benefits. You have access to bid on and buy thousands of vehicles stored in fifteen facilities across the UK, you get to enjoy five days a week viewing, priority loading, nationwide deliveries, and a whole lot more. All this is backed by Copart’s Member Protection Pledge. The member protection pledge ensures the accuracy of all details on their website and Copart will refund the purchase price and all buyers’ fees and applicable taxes if any of the conditions are not met. Note that products under this pledge have Copart’s protection pledge shield symbol. For further questions about membership call this helpline.

Copart Customers Outside UK

Copart customers outside the UK contact number is +44 (0)123 476 6500. If you are outside the UK and wish to be a part, that is, buy or sell a vehicle, then call this Copart customer service helpline for assistance.

Copart Direct and Sell a Vehicle

Copart Direct and Sell a vehicle contact number is 0844 856 6648. Copart buys used and damaged cars, non-runners, vehicles with mechanical problems, so no matter the condition your vehicle is in, you can call this Copart helpline.

This line is active throughout the week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Don’t hesitate to call this number no matter the condition your vehicle may be in, you will be made an offer.

Copart Bespoke Sales

Copart Bespoke Sales contact number is 0123 476 2264. If you are looking for a sales solution, contact the Copart Sales team on this number provided. They will help you with re-marketing.

Copart Northern Ireland

Copart Northern Ireland contact number is 0282 582 2066. If you are in Northern Ireland and you need assistance while buying or selling vehicles online, this is the Copart helpline to call. They auction hundreds of vehicles on Tuesdays with bidding starting at midday at their facility. Customers can visit and view vehicles before they bid. If you are also interested in auctioning your vehicle and happen to be in Northern Ireland, then call this Copart Northern Ireland phone number.
Lines are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Copart Northern Ireland Fax

Copart Northern Ireland Fax number is 0282 582 2902. If you are buying or selling a car and want to send in your paperwork in Northern Ireland, you can fax them to this Copart fax number.

Copart Sandwich Branch

Copart Sandwich branch contact number is 0844 875 8841. If you are in Sandwich and would like to visit this facility, call this telephone number for directions. They are located 14 miles from Dover and a few miles from A256 and A253. They are opened Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Copart Sandwich Fax

Copart Sandwich Fax number is 0844 875 8848. You can also fax in your documents to the Copart Sandwich facility. For category B vehicles, you will need to send in your licences so it can be authorized, you will be allowed to purchase such vehicles.

Copart Member Services Fax

Copart Member Services fax number is 0844 875 8850. If you have your documents ready to make you a Copart member, fax them to this number.

Copart Trade 1st Choice

Copart Trade 1st choice contact number is 0123 467 3671. Copart Trade 1st Choice lines are opened from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and closed on weekends and bank holidays. Trade 1st Choice gives you access in ninety countries, you are given dedicated support throughout the process and a lot more benefits. Call this Copart telephone number, speak to a representative to get more information as well answers to your questions.

Copart Bristol

Copart Bristol contact number is 0844 856 6649. Copart Bristol facility is located ten miles from Bristol. It has been in this location for more than ten years and has sold thousands of vehicles and still does so each and every week. Live auctions at the Copart Bristol live auction is every Wednesday at noon.

Copart Chester

Copart Chester contact number is 0844 875 8643. This is located close to the Welsh border and within easy driving distance from locations such as Liverpool and Manchester. You can always call this number to find the vehicles available. Auctions are every Tuesday and live bidding starts at midday.

Copart Colchester

Copart Colchester contact number is 0844 856 6651. This facility is a few miles from Colchester and off the A12 making the place easy to get to. Auctions are each and every Wednesday at noon.

Copart Newbury

Copart Newbury contact number is 0844 856 6656. The General Manager of the Copart Newbury facility is Lou Goodacre. Located in West Berkshire, an hour of London and a few minutes from the M4. Auctions take place every Thursday at 12 noon.

Copart Peterlee

Copart Peterlee contact number is 0844 875 8637. Copart Peterlee is located in North East of England between Newcastle and Middleborough and a few miles from the A1 motorway. Auctions are each and every Tuesday at 12 noon. This facility is managed by Kenny Mentz. If you want to have a vehicle viewing before the bidding, call this Copart helpline for more information and an appointment.

Copart Sandtoft

Copart Sandtoft contact number is 0844 875 8839. This Copart facility is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Copart Sandy

Copart Sandy contact number is 0844 875 8840. Copart Sandy facility occupies twenty-six acres of land where thousands of vehicles are stored. Online auctions are held every Monday at midday. To find this facility, follow  A1 and take the Ableton Lane exit northbound or you can take the first exit southbound as you enter Sandy.

Copart Fax

Copart Fax number is 0844 875 8842. This is the Copart UK fax number. Fax in your vehicle documents to the head office via this number.

Copart Address

You can visit the Copart Office or write to the company if you have any concerns or enquiries. The registered Copart Office address is:
Copart UK
Acrey Fields
Woburn Road
United Kingdom

Copart Online Contact Methods

Copart Member Services

If you are interested in signing up with Copart and would like to find out more about the requirements, send them an email to the address

Copart Direct

Do you have a used car you want to sell? Send an email to with more details of your vehicle and a representative will get back to you for more details.

Copart Investor Relations

For investors and potential investors who have any questions about Copart Stock or Copart Finance, send them via email address

Copart Media Enquiries

Journalist, writers and media house representatives, who require information about the company, anything press related, should contact the Copart Communications team via email address for clarification and more details.

Copart Trade 1st Choice

Forward all issues related to Trade 1st Choice through the email address

Copart Member Service Contact Form

Interested in joining Copart? Then fill this Copart membership form and take the step in becoming a pro in the shortest possible time.

Copart Customer Services Contact Form

Forward all your enquiries, comments and complaints through this Copart customers services form.

Copart Direct Contact Form

If you want more information before you sell your car or need details on how to sell your car, fill the Copart Direct Contact Form.


Copart Search Our Job Form

If you are interested in working with Copart, if you believe you have what it takes, then find a job that best suits you by filling The search Our Job Form.

Copart Investor Relations Form

If you are interested in an investment with Copart, then send the investor relations team a message using the  Investor Relations form. A representative will get back to you with the information you need.

Copart Media Enquiries Form

Forward all press related enquiries and queries by completing the Press form and it will be submitted to the right department.

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