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Lyreco Customer Service

Lyreco Customer Service contact number is 0845 767 6999. Lyreco provides customers with effective workplace products, services and solutions, such as catering, personal protective equipment, packaging supplies, office products, furniture and a whole lot more.

Lines are active Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Call the support team within these times and get the information or assistance you need.

Lyreco Corporate Sales Customer Service

Lyreco Corporate Sales Customer Service contact number is 0195 229 3000. Lyreco’s mission is to simplify life at work, through the products and services they provide. Aside Lyreco providing you with all your office solutions, they also take the environment into consideration.

You are also assured of account managers, who will provide you with the highest level of account management to meet your organisational goals and objectives, as well as get the best solutions. Your account manager is your point of contact for anything you need from Lyreco. Your account manager also understands what you need and makes adjustments to meet those needs.

To place an order, there are flexible options which are simple and fast. You can order from the webshop or your mobile phone when you download the Lyreco Mobile App on Apple Store and Google Play. Using the mobile app, you can search for specific products, browse Lyreco catalogue, check product information and even place an order.

No matter your location in the world, Lyreco provides the same great service and delivery is assured. Lyreco has a record of 99.3% of products being delivered within 24 hours after order, and this is accomplished thanks to their 24 distribution centres, there are over one thousand seven hundred vans, drivers and a state of art distribution network.

Do you have an unresolved issue? Channel your Lyreco Complaints through this number provided and a resolution will be given.
For all your sales enquiries and queries, speak to a Lyreco Corporate Sale customer service representative on the number provided.

Lyreco Corporate Sales Customer Service Fax

Lyreco corporate fax number is 0195 229 0670. If you are not able to get through to the Corporate Sales Customer Service number provided, you can equally fax Lyreco through this number.

Lyreco New Orders

Lyreco New Orders contact number is 0845 767 6999. Use this helpline to place an order. Before making the call, have in hand: your name, address, phone number, product number and quantity, payment details and a delivery address. It’s necessary to have these for a faster processing.
Call the lines between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and place your order.

Lyreco New Orders Fax

Lyreco New Orders Fax number is 0845 076 2698. If you’re not getting through to the order number, you can also fax your new orders to the Lyreco New Orders Fax number provided. You can send in your new orders between 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. Orders processed before 5:30 pm are eligible for next day shipping.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service contact number is +353 (0)185 088 2276. Customers in Ireland can call this Lyreco help desk number. For all inquiries, channel them through and a representative who will sort you out.

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service Fax

Lyreco Ireland Customer Service Fax phone number is +353 (0)185 088 2277. If you prefer not to call, you can send in your details and necessary documentation if you are in Ireland.



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