Moneycorp Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Moneycorp Contact Numbers

Moneycorp Card Services Representative

Moneycorp Card Services Representative phone number is 0330 010 1808. If you are within the UK, call this number if it’s related to your card. If you purchased your card online, your card would need to be activated before you start using it, by calling the number. Your pin will also be revealed to you over the phone as part of the activation process. The pin can be changed at any UK ATM which displays the Master Card acceptance mark and has a change pin functionality. When you lose your card, call the number immediately for assistance.
You are presented with two options by the automated voice. For card activation and pin reveal press 1, for all other enquiries press 2. After any of these two options are chosen, you get connected to a representative who will assist you.
The card service representatives are available Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 9:00 pm and on Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Moneycorp Corporate Solutions

Moneycorp Corporate Solutions phone number is 0207 823 7400. They help businesses to save money on foreign exchange. Call this number if you are within the UK. Lines are active from Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Moneycorp Explorer Prepaid Card

Moneycorp Explorer Prepaid Card contact number is 0208 166 9979. The Explorer Prepaid card allows you to load multiple currencies on one card which will allow you to use your travel money in any location in the world. Customers can load on their cards Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and a lot more. Customers also get to load their cards for free up to £10,000 per day and transfer what is left to the other currency wallets.

Moneycorp International Money Transfer Service

Moneycorp International Money Transfer Service contact number is 0207 589 3000. To get an International Money transfer account, you can do so within three minutes through the online form, which comes with a fixed fee. You can either get an express service, which takes a maximum of two days and costs £9 or opt for the standard service takes between two to four working days and is billed at £5. You will have a personal account manager who will advise you and also help you find a rate that’s best. You are assured of a safe and secure process online.

You are provided with four options when you call.
If you don’t have an account yet press 1
To book a new deal over the phone press 2
For travel money and explorer card press 3
For all other enquiries press 4
You will then be connected to a representative who will provide you with the needed support.

Moneycorp Spot Contracts

Moneycorp Spot Contracts contact number is 0207 823 7800. This service applies to businesses. It allows them to fix an exchange rate and apply for international payments they wish to make within ten working days. Call the business support team on the number provided, and they will give you more information about options, forwards and any other foreign exchange services for your business.

Moneycorp Stand Agency

Moneycorp Stand Agency contact number is 0203 696 5800. The Stand Agency team has years of experience and one of the most influential groups in the foreign exchange market. The panel of experts are Adam Jordan, Chris Redfern and Glenn Uniacke. Call the number and you will be put through to any of these experts who will give you the right information to make your business or personal decisions regarding foreign exchange.

Moneycorp Stand Agency

Moneycorp Stand Agency contact number is 0796 622 7390. If you are calling from outside the UK, and you need to reach the experts at the agency, call the number provided.

Moneycorp France – UK number

Moneycorp France UK phone number is +44 (0) 207 828 7000. If you are in France but would like to contact the UK office, this is the number to call.

Moneycorp Telephone -UK

Moneycorp Telephone number is 0203 696 5800. If you happen to be calling from a home phone or landline, contact them on the number provided.

Moneycorp Complaints Procedure – Personal Dealing Team

The Moneycorp Complaints Procedure Personal Dealing Team number is 0207 589 3001. If you are an individual account holder and need to make a complaint, call the number provided.

Moneycorp Complaints Procedure – Business Dealing Team

Moneycorp Complaints procedure Business Dealing Team phone number is 0207 823 7401. If you have any business complaints or concerns, call the Business team on the number provided.

Moneycorp Complaints procedure – Wholesale Banknotes

Moneycorp Complaints procedure for wholesale banknotes contact number is 0207 828 9293.

Moneycorp Complaints procedure – Explorer Prepaid Card

Moneycorp Complaints procedure for Explorer Prepaid Card phone number is 0208 166 9980. Call the number provided, and a representative will assist with a resolution.

Alternative Moneycorp Free Contact Methods

Moneycorp Escalating Complaints

If MoneyCorp has not resolved your complaint to utmost satisfaction, you can escalate the case by sending an email to

MoneyCorp Financial Ombudsman Service

If your case has not been resolved to satisfaction after eight weeks, you can forward your complaint via the address Your mail will be acknowledged automatically, and you will be contacted.

MoneyCorp Card Services Representative

For enquiries, as to how to activate your card, where and how to use your card, card fees, transactions on account, send a mail to

MoneyCorp Explorer MasterCard

Send an email to for all your Explorer MasterCard enquiries like how to apply, registering for a card online, managing account online, loading and unloading money.

MoneyCorp International Money Transfer

For more information on international money transfer service, you can send a mail to

MoneyCorpTravel Money

For all Travel Money enquiries, complaints, comments, send them via mail to

Moneycorp Brazil

If you are a Brazil resident forward your complaints tp, and the support team will give you the necessary assistance.

Moneycorp USA – Within the USA (Florida)

Moneycorp Florida office email address is For individuals or customers who would like to reach out to the Florida office, they can do so by sending an email to this address.

Moneycorp France – Within France

If you happen to be in France and need any form of assistance or information, send an email to address for assistance.

Moneycorp Spain – Costa Blanca Office

Moneycorp Costa Blanca Office email address is

Moneycorp Spain – Costa Del Sol Office: Within Spain

Moneycorp Costa Del Sol Office email address is Send a mail to the address if you are in Spain.

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