RAC Insurance Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

RAC Insurance Free Phone Numbers

RAC Insurance Sales

RAC Insurance Sales free number is 0800 072 2822. The sales representative will explain all the insurance packages and help you make an informed choice as to the one that best fits your need.

RAC Insurance European Break Down Cover

RAC Insurance European Breakdown Cover free number is 0800 015 6000. The European Breakdown cover, will either fix your vehicle immediately or tow you to the nearest garage with flexible options.

The automated voice will provide you with two options.
For breakdown cover press 1 and for insurance press 2.

RAC Day Insurance Claims

RAC Day Insurance Claims free number is 0800 015 6166. Call this number to make a day insurance claim. The automated voice will provide you with four options.

  • Press 1 to Talk to us if you have a breakdown, or you’re not well and need your vehicle collected
  • For windscreen and glass claims press 2
  • To talk to us about a new motor claim press 3
  • For existing motor claims press 4.

Customers are advised to contact their broker if their concern is policy related.

RAC Insurance Caravan

RAC Insurance Caravan Insurance free number is 0800 308 1111. Your Caravan and Motorhome is safe with this company because they have over 120 years of experience and are the motoring experts. Insuring will give protection in situations of theft, accidents, fire, explosion, lightening and earthquakes for your caravan.

RAC Insurance Batteries

RAC Insurance Batteries free number is 0800 096 2968. They supply car batteries for most vehicle types. Call the number and talk to an expert, who will help you get a battery that will best fit your car.
Your call will be welcomed by an automated voice which will present three options

  • Press 1 to book an appointment for a battery to be fitted
  • Press 2 to talk to us about a battery you have ordered online or damaged battery refund
  • Press 3 if you’re broken down and need assistance

RAC Vehicle Breakdown Customer Care

RAC Insurance Vehicle Breakdown customer care free number 0800 731 1104. Just call the number, and you will get to talk to an agent who will take your location and have someone there within some minutes to fix it for you.

Alternative RAC Insurance Contact Numbers

RAC Insurance Customer Service

RAC Insurance Customer Service contact number is 0330 159 0740. If you want insurance but don’t know what’s best for you, call the number, the team will give you all the information you need or transfer you to the appropriate unit that will help you make an informed choice.

RAC Breakdown

RAC Breakdown contact number is 0333 200 0999. The RAC breakdown helpline is  an emergency number that connects you to an assistant, so you get the help you need.
You are presented with two options by the automated voice.

  • Press 1 if you’re in a breakdown situation or have been involved in a road traffic accident
  • And 2 if it’s any other issue.

RAC Car Insurance Customer Service

RAC Car Insurance customer service contact number is 0330 159 1031. Their car insurance is arranged and administered by BISL Ltd, an intermediary who are monitored by the Financial Conduct Authority. Customers can opt in for Car Insurance Plus, for families, Multicar Insurance may suit them best, new drivers can go in for a Black Box Insurance. Choosing car insurance, the insured gets a breakdown cover, motor legal protection and no claims discount protection.

RAC Car Insurance Claims

RAC Car Insurance Claims contact number is 0330 159 1062. If you need to make a claim on your car insurance, contact the number. You will be presented with three options by the automated voice.

  • For windscreen claims press 1
  • For new claims press 2
  • If you have already made a claim and wish to discuss with an adviser, press 3.

RAC Caravan Insurance Claims

The RAC Caravan Insurance Claims contact number is 0333 323 0966. Dial this RAC phone number to make an insurance claim immediately.

RAC Classic Car Insurance

RAC Classic Car Insurance contact number is 0330 159 0728. To get a classic car insurance, your car should be used as a second car, was made before the 90’s as a standard production and will not exceed five thousand miles a year. Cars that get insured include American classics, classic military vehicles, classic motorcycles and cherished cars.

RAC Classic Car Insurance Claims

RAC Classic Car Insurance Claims contact number is 0330 159 0730.

Day Insurance Customer Service

RAC Day Insurance Customer Service contact number is 0333 005 0944. This is a short term insurance. The automated voice presents two options.

  • If you have purchased a policy and need to make a claim press 1.
  • And if you have purchased a breakdown cover and need assistance press 2.

RAC Motorbike Insurance

RAC Motorbike Insurance contact number is 0333 159 1156. Choosing to insure with this company, you enjoy a 24/7 claims management service, personal accident cover, excess protect cover, helmet and leathers cover, legal expenses cover and a few more benefits.

RAC Van Insurance

RAC Van Insurance contact number is 0330 332 8308. You are given two options.

  • To talk to a team about a new quote or to accept a quote you have already obtained press 1.
  • For anything else press 2.

RAC Van Insurance Claims

RAC Van Insurance Claims contact number is 0330 332 8315. They are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

RAC Home Insurance

RAC Home Insurance contact number is 0330 159 0985. To ensure your home and all valuables inside, call the number.

RAC Home Insurance Renewals

RAC Home Insurance Renewals contact number is 0333 202 3044. To renew your home insurance package, call the number.

RAC Travel Insurance

RAC Travel Insurance contact number is 0333 159 0409. It is important to find the right protection while you make that trip and no better insurer than this company. They cover your medical and dental expenses, lost and delayed luggage and airline failure and cancellations. It offers three forms of cover, Orange, Silver and Black. The travel support team is available to help travelers.

RAC Travel Insurance Sales

RAC Travel Insurance Sales contact number is 0333 159 0405. Lines are opened Mondays to Fridays 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturdays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

RAC Travel Insurance Claims

RAC Travel Insurance Claims contact number is 0208 667 2464. Call this number if you need to make a claim on your travel insurance.

RAC Emergency Medical Assistance UK Outpatients

RAC Emergency Medical assistance for the UK outpatients contact number is 0231 025 6454. If you need emergency medical assistance, where you will not stay overnight in the hospital, call the number. Lines are opened 24/7

RAC Car Data Checks

RAC Car Data Checks contact number is 0330 159 0364. This  RAC helpline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

RAC Vehicle Inspections

RAC Vehicle Inspections contact number is 0330 159 0324. It offers three levels of vehicle inspection- Basic, comprehensive and advanced. This is also the RAC insurance free quotes helpline.

RAC Switchboard

RAC Switchboard contact number is 0192 243 7000. Need help? Have a question but don’t know the number to call? An operator will connect you to the right department for assistance.

RAC New Business Enquiries

RAC New Business contact number is 0330 159 0975.  Are you interested in doing business with this insurance company? The call is routed to a representative who will give you all the necessary information for any RAC business enquiry.

RAC Business Breakdown Cover

RAC Business Breakdown Cover contact number is 0330 159 0784.

RAC Business Cover Renewals

RAC Business Cover Renewals contact number is 0330 159 0783.

RAC Business Insurance

RAC Business Insurance contact number is 0344 892 1757. Thinking of having your business insured? Whether you want to cover your business, employees, customers, call the number and get the assistance you need.
The business insurance team is available 8:45 am to 5:15 pm Mondays to Fridays.

RAC Billings and Collections

RAC Billings and Collections phone number is 0333 202 1855. This line connects you to the SME’s payment team. So if you have any questions on your billing, if you want to know your bill, call the number. The automated voice presents three options.

  • Option 1 if you want to change your business breakdown policy.
  • 2 to make a payment.
  • 3 if you’re thinking of leaving RAC Insurance.

RAC Complaints

RAC complaints contact number is 0330 159 1441. Unhappy with a service? Need someone to talk to, to make your dissatisfaction known? Your call will be answered by a representative who will take up the complaint. For concerns on Business Cover, you can call the same number.

RAC Warranty

RAC Warranty contact number is 0330 100 3728. The company provides three types of warranty to its customers. Platinum covers mechanical and electrical for vehicles under seven years, Gold for comprehensively listed components, vehicles under ten years and Silver for listed components for any age at all. Warranty is administered by TWG Services Ltd.

RAC Personal: Sales Enquiries

RAC Personal Sales enquiries contact number is 0330 159 1111. Call RAC Insurance on the number if it’s for a personal insurance matters and single-car insurance.

RAC Business Enquiries

RAC Business Enquiries contact number is 0330 111 1724. If you own a business and want information on business insurance covers or you want to know how the business cover works, then call this number.

RAC Insurance Alternate Online Contact Methods

RAC Day Insurance

Send your questions to Day Insurance customer service via rac@shortterminsurance.co.uk.

RAC Battery Insurance

For your insurance on batteries, send a mail to partsalesadministration@rac.co.uk.

RAC Business Enquiries

For new business enquiries, send a mail to business@rac.co.uk.

RAC Insurance Business Breakdown

For your business breakdown cover enquiries, forward a mail to fleetadministration@rac.co.uk.

RAC Insurance Business Cover Renewals

For your business cover renewals, send them via mail bsalesrenewals@rac.co.uk.

RAC Insurance Car Passport

For concerns about your car passport for dealers, forward all enquiries to dealerpassport@rac.co.uk.

RAC Insurance Complaints – Breakdown

For Complaints about a breakdown, send a mail to breakdowncustomercare@rac.co.uk.

RAC Insurance Complaints- Membership

For complaints about the sale or administration of your membership, forward your mail to

RAC Complaints- Business Cover

For complaints about the sale and management of your Business cover, send a mail to

RAC Complaints-Legal Issues

For a complaint about legal services, mail them to legalcustomercare@rac.co.uk.

RAC Contact Form

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You can also contact RAC Insurance customer service on most popular social media platforms.

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