Turkish Airlines Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Turkish Airlines Free Phone Numbers

There are no Turkish Airlines toll-free numbers available for client use at the moment.

Turkish Airlines Alternative Contact Numbers

Turkish Airlines Customer Service

Turkish Airlines customer service number is 0212 444 0849. Due to its large fleet size, the company flies to all destinations across the continent. Direct all your questions concerning pre-flight booking requirements, the status of your booking and payment methods available for transactions. Before you book a flight, you may inquire about infant discounts, youth discounts and make a special request for pets. To find out more about the facilities set in place to cater for disabled clients, contact this Turkish Airlines helpline. To make inquiries on your Turkish Airlines E-Ticket Number, call the support team.

Apart from queries, this contact alternates as a Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number. If you have made a booking and for any reason, you need to opt out of the flight, alert the customer service team as soon as possible. Consider the number provided as a Turkish Airlines Refund Policy Number for making enquiries about refunds after making a cancellation. The Customer service personnel will inform you about all the terms and conditions attached to the return policy.

Turkish Airlines General Management

Turkish Airlines General Management contact number is 0212 463 2121. You can dial this Turkish Airlines helpline number in order to enquire about services like cargo sales, marketing directory, moving merchandise to Turkey, cargo airport procedure, customs management and to track any special cargo through Turkish Airlines export services.

Turkish Airlines Fax

Turkish Airlines fax number is 0212 465 2121. For customers who have to send documents to the Turkish Airlines General Management Office and make enquiries can leave a fax on this number.

Turkish Airlines Lost Luggage

Turkish Airlines lost luggage helpline number is 0212 463 6363. For customers who lose their baggage at the reclaim section, it is essential to file a Property Irregularity Report at the arrival hall before you leave. Clients will be required to provide a certified I.D, baggage tag and travel ticket to process this claim. Failure to do this will affect consumers adversely since the airlines incur no liability for items clients are responsible for that get lost during flights. For the first five days after the loss of baggage, Station Lost & Found Offices take charge of the search. If your luggage is found, it will be delivered d to you free of charge. To check updates on your baggage search, call this helpline.

Turkish Airlines Lost Luggage Fax

Turkish Airlines Lost Luggage Fax number is 0212 463 2160. If you rather prefer to make enquiries and get an update of your lost baggage via fax, use this contact number.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Reservations

Turkish Airlines Cargo Reservations telephone number is 0850 333 0777. From textiles to plastics to machines, the company offers safe transport of your goods from one location to another. With over 293 destinations over the world, the cargo services cover different continents. If you intend to transport some special cargo like livestock, pharmaceuticals and fragile goods, you may need to make a reservation ahead of time. Call the Turkish Airlines reservations number to talk to an agent who will take the details of the nature of your goods and guide you to make a reservation. Lines are open all week from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Network Planning Department for Charter

Turkish Airlines Cargo Network Planning Department contact number is 0212 461 1255. For all your enquiries related to their cargo and the various interlaced network, across all the branches, contact this helpline.

Turkish Airlines Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

Turkish Airlines Lost Luggage

To make queries and check for updates on the retrieval of your baggage, send an email to the Turkish Airlines Lost Luggage Department via cargosales@thy.com. You will receive a delivery of your lost baggage without charges if it found. If it not found, the company will contact you to reach an agreement on an appropriate compensation package.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Reservations

To make reservations for your cargo, send an email to this address cargoreservation@thy.com. You will be required to provide information about the nature of your cargo and certain details to ensure that your cargo is handled appropriately. Rest assured that your details will be kept secure.

Turkish Airlines Cargo Network Planning Department for Charter

To make enquiries concerning the Cargo Network Planning Department for Charter, send an email to cargocharter@thy.com. A representative will see to your questions and offer the necessary information.

Turkish Airlines Customs Management

If you have any questions about the Customs Management services, do not hesitate to make enquiries via ordinogumrukotomasyonsefligi@thy.com.

Turkish Airlines Trace Mail

To reach the centre for queries about domestic and international mail delivery services, send an email to cargotracing@thy.com.

Turkish Airlines Claims

If you wish to make claims on your cargo, contact Turkish Airlines with all the necessary details and documentation via cargoclaim@thy.com.

Turkish Airlines Customer Relations

Customers who want to know about the flight facilities and make individual reservations can send an email to cargocustomer@thy.com.

Turkish Airlines AWB Data Quality

For enquiries on E- AWB application integration, advantages of the system, and technical assistance send an email to e-cargo@thy.com

Turkish Airlines Domestic Cargo Departure

For all domestic cargo that makes a departure, clients can send an email to kargoichatsefligi@thy.com to track the location and status of their cargo.

Turkish Airlines Mail & Post Supervisor

Contact the Mail and Post Supervisor to request the terms and conditions of transporting mail. Send an email to kargopostasefligi@thy.com and learn about payment methods for air cargo.

Contact Turkish Airlines via Social Media

In addition to Turkish Airlines international phone number and domestic helplines, you can also approach the company via social media:

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