Travelzoo Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Travelzoo Free Phone Numbers

Currently, Travelzoo has no free phone numbers available at the moment. Clients are free to use any of the alternative contact numbers available as per their particular query.

Travelzoo Alternative Contact Numbers

Travelzoo Customer Service

Travelzoo Customer Service phone number is 0203 564 3000. With massive experience in the travel industry, Travelzoo is one of the top travel companies online. Travelzoo can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific catering to over 28 million clients. To make the process easier, Travelzoo provides an online site where you can create an account to join the Travelzoo family. If you require assistance to set up your account, contact the customer service, and you will be provided with the assistance you need. Travelzoo accepts payment through debit and credit cards. Customers who need help in making payments can contact the customer service centre for more details.

Travelzoo Hotel Bookings

Travelzoo Hotel Bookings phone number is 0203 564 9000. Travelzoo offers exclusive travel deals and rates to its cherished customers at no fee at all. With affiliation to over 2000 travel companies and resorts, you can be assured that Travelzoo will provide the best housing facilities to give you the best holiday experience. Travelzoo has well-trained deal experts who review all offers to find the best deals and confirm the true value. For affordable hotel reservations, place a call to this number. You will receive information on all the facilities your chosen hotel has to offer as well as the cost involved. Once you make your reservation, you will receive details of your stay including your booking confirmation number. Travelzoo allows customers to make amendments on their bookings as per their comfort. Call this helpline and speak to one of the hotel travel specialists to make your changes. Please note that making amendments to the rooms and dates may cause a change in rates. If you also need to make special requests concerning your reservations, you may use the online booking link. If you face any difficulty doing this, contact the Hotel Bookings Support Team for assistance. This line is open 24 hours.

Travelzoo Head Office

Travelzoo Head Office phone number is 0207 420 0400. The Travelzoo head office is located in the UK and is open for all customers queries. Travelzoo aims to provide clients with the excellent service they are well known for. Travelzoo is one of the best because the Travelzoo Test Booking Center ensures to research every deal before it is published for customers viewing. This is to guarantee that clients have a hassle free flight and hotel experience. However, once in a while, clients are bound to face issues or difficulties while using any of their services. If this happens, you can contact the Travelzoo head office contact number to make a report. You can add all documentation that will aid the investigation. The dedicated staff will work hard to resolve any issue you may face, and your complaint will be recorded to prevent a repeat in the future.

Travelzoo Press Inquiries (USA)

Travelzoo Press Inquiries (USA) phone number is 1 (212) 484 4982. Individuals in the USA can contact the Travelzoo press team for all media related enquiries. Travelzoo has press releases from time to time about their ongoing activities and events. Journalists who need clarifications or want to cover any of their events in the USA can talk to a member of the press team to make their requests known.

Travelzoo Press Inquiries Europe

Travelzoo Press Inquiries Europe phone number is 0207 420 0426. This number caters for individuals who wish to contact the Press team about their media-related enquiries. Travelzoo partners with many third party organisations to bring the best offers and promotions to customers through their major events. Agencies and researchers who need to learn more about these events can contact the Travelzoo Europe head of communications, Louise Hodges, via this helpline to receive adequate support.

Travelzoo Press Inquiries Europe

Travelzoo Press Inquiries Europe contact number is 0207 420 0498. Individuals who need to speak directly to the PR Assistant for Europe, Laura Higgins, can call this helpline. Journalists can set up appointments to hold interviews with some of the Travelzoo travel experts about the trends in the industry.

Travelzoo Stock and Shareholder Information

Travelzoo Stock and Shareholder Information contact number is 1 (866) 632 6352. Travelzoo has over the past 15 years partnered with 2,000 top travel vendors to bring the best deals to the doorstep of customers. Individuals and organisations in the US who are interested in being investors in this multinational company can contact this hotline to make all the necessary enquiries.

Travelzoo Stock and Shareholder Information Abroad Support

Travelzoo Stock and Shareholder Information Abroad Support contact number is 1 (781) 575 2510. This number caters for agencies and individuals outside the US who have invested and have shareholders inquiries. Existing shareholders who need more information about the stocks and their account status can contact this hotline for assistance.

Travelzoo USA Press Contact

Travelzoo USA Press Contact number is 1 (646) 951 3561. For clients who prefer to deal one on one with PR Head for the USA, Cat Jordan, call this number.

Travelzoo Free Online Contacts

Travelzoo Customer Service

For general enquiries about discount codes, airline reservations, cancellation policy, affiliate programs and careers send an email to

Travelzoo USA Press

Individuals and journalists in the USA who want to set up interviews or make enquiries about Travelzoo events can make their requests known to the head of PR, Cat Jordan, via

Travelzoo Deactivate your account

If you have an online account which you no longer require, you can deactivate by sending an email to this Travelzoo address for technical assistance.

Travelzoo Press Inquiries

To contact the Communications Head of Travelzoo in Europe, Laura Hodges, for all your press enquiries, send an email to

Travelzoo Press Inquiries

Clients who prefer to communicate with the PR Assistant can send an email via to discuss all press related issues.

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