Betfred Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Betfred Free Phone Numbers

Betfred Online Sports Betting Customer Service

Betfred Online Sports Betting Customer Service free number is 0800 028 7747. As one of the top companies in the gaming industry, Betfred welcomes new clients to use their bookmaking services. With over 1350 outlets in the UK, you can easily use their sport betting services. If you are interested in placing bets on sports such as horse racing, football, golf tournaments, cricket matches, poker or lotto, Betfred is your best choice.
New clients who are facing difficulties in getting started can call this helpline for assistance to be able to use the online betting portal. You can place your bets for football matches and horse racing events. Before the first horse race of the day, Betfred offers customers fixed odds or the early price. To learn more about the terms and conditions that apply to the best odd guarantee, call this helpline and speak to an agent. If you want to clarify if you are eligible to enter the game-play, contact the help-desk.
Lines are open from Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Betfred Poker, Casino, Games and Bingo Services

Betfred Poker, Casino, Games and Bingo Services free number is 0800 783 9146. Apart from providing online betting services, Betfred provides other gambling and game options to customers. Clients who have questions about poker, casino and bingo games at Betfred can call this hotline. Learn more about accessing these games, the rules, guidelines etc. If at any point you face any issues while playing on the online site, call this number to receive assistance.

Betfred Retail Betting Queries

Betfred retail Betting Queries free number is 0800 032 0878. Betfred has trained agents with expertise in online retail betting who are available to deal with all your queries. Direct all questions about withdrawing cash from your online account to place a bet by calling this helpline. Learn more about the procedure for laying a bet, making an offer and the minimum amount you can lay for a bet. Lines are open from Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 pm Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Betfred Telephone Betting

Betfred Telephone Betting free number is 0800 731 1210. Betfred has an online platform that allows clients to place their bets for sporting events. Clients who need assistance or further explanations of online options for betting can call the number provided. Customers who prefer to place their bets by phone can call this helpline to relay their offers. Please ensure that all details of the bet you are placing are clearly understood before you confirm it. This line is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Betfred Contact Numbers

Betfred Complaints

Betfred Complaints contact number is 0192 590 7500. Depending on the payment mode customers select, they receive withdrawals from their Betfred accounts between 2 to 5 working days. If you face issues with receiving your withdrawals, contact this helpline to alert a Betfred agent for assistance. If you have any other comment or feedback concerning your use of Betfred’s online services or gaming procedures, contact this number to share them. Lines are opened Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Betfred Retail Betting Ireland

Betfred Retail Betting Ireland phone number is +353 1 800 818 613. Clients residing in Ireland can use this number to relay their retail queries to a Betfred representative. If need help accessing any online service when placing an offer, call this helpline. You can also seek more information about the terms and conditions governing Retail Betting at Betfred.

Betfred Web and Mobile Support

Betfred Web and Mobile Support contact number are 0192 5285 032. If you are having issues using Betfred services on your mobile, contact this support line and a member of the support team will help resolve your issues.

Betfred Accounts Support

Betfred Accounts Support contact number is 0843 504 0602. If you have any issue accessing your Betfred account, call this number for assistance. If you are having login problems because you have lost your password or can not remember your username, contact this helpdesk for technical assistance.

Betfred Affiliate Contact

Betfred Affiliate contact number is 0843 459 6942. Individuals who are interested in being affiliated with Betfred can call this number to learn if they are eligible for this service. Existing affiliates who have general queries can direct them to this help-desk.

Betfred Corporate Inquiries

Betfred Corporate Inquiries contact number is 0192 628 8500. This number connects you to the Head Office of Betfred. If you need more information about sponsorship and legal formalities, call this helpline. Betfred has amazing opportunities available for individuals to pursue careers in their company. Call this number to inquire about recruitment procedures and conditions to ensure your eligibility to apply for any of their job opportunities. Lines are open from Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Betfred Press Inquiries

Betfred Press enquiries phone number is 0192 528 8 591. Contact Mark Pearson, the head of media affairs at Betfred via this helpline. Direct all your questions about press releases from Betfred to this number. Set up press conferences with appearances from Betfred officials by calling this number.

Betfred Alternative Free Online Contacts

Betfred Online Sports Betting Customer Service

If you need more information on placing online bets, the minimum amount required, or how to access any of these services, send an email to

Betfred Retail Betting

Send your questions on rules that guide retail betting to the email address

Betfred Affiliates

Betfred Affiliates can send their questions about their details related to the ActiveWin experience to the address

Betfred Poker Support

Individuals interested in playing the online poker game via Betfred services can send their queries to The support team will respond to your email with any form of assistance you may need.

Betfred Casino Support

If you have any questions about Betfred’s online casino game and the rules involved, send an email to The trained support team have the time, patience and expertise to educate you on anything related to Casino.

Betfred Games Support

For the terms and conditions that apply to Betfred Games, contact the Games Support team via

Betfred Bingo Support

For information about Betfred bingo services, send an email to

Betfred Web & Mobile Inquiries

If you need technical help using the online site or mobile app, send an email to

Betfred Account Assistance

For assistance with all issues concerning your personal Betfred account, send an email to

Betfred Free Bets

To make general enquiries about Betfred free betting services, send an email to

Betfred Sponsorship Inquiries

Do you have questions about sponsorship from Betfred, contact the Sponsorship team leader Steve Jones via

Betfred Betfred Careers

To learn bout the exciting career opportunities at Betfred, send an email to

Betfred Property enquiries

Contact the head of development at Betfred for all your property inquiries via

Betfred Press Inquiries

Journalists can send their press and media related inquiries to Betfred via

Betfred Address

You can visit the Betfred Office or write to the company if you have any concerns. The registered Betfred office address is

Benson Rd
United Kingdom

Betfred Contact form

If you prefer to make your queries online, fill the email contact form provided on the company’s website and you will get an appropriate response.

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