Renault Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Renault Free Phone Number

Currently, Renault has no free numbers available. However, clients can use any of the alternative numbers provided in the next section to make their queries.

Renault Alternative Contact Numbers

Renault Customer Service

The Renault customer service number is 0343 335 0000. The company is one of UK’s top motor dealership companies, with a network of over 200 hundred dealerships points. Clients enjoy free servicing for all their vehicles at any given time. There are many servicing plans, offers and loyalty packs to keep your car in top shape. You can book servicing for your car online. The Renault customer service number caters for queries and therefore provides a menu of options to suit your particular question.

Option 1 is for information on Renault products and services. Once you purchase a car, you are automatically a beneficiary of the Renault 4+ package. This package consists of a four-year mechanical warranty plan and assistance which includes unexpected mechanical and electrical breakdown of important vehicle parts. The first two years offer unlimited mileage while the third and fourth years cover mainly 100,000 miles. This warranty guarantees that your dealer can repair or replace, without any charge. To learn more about other their products and packages, contact this Renault head office contact number.

Option 2 is for Multimedia & Navigation support. Alternatively, you can call the Renault Multimedia and Navigation Support directly for your queries.

Option 3 deals with new or ongoing complaints. If you have had any poor experience using any of the services and products, you are free to lodge a complaint. After providing the necessary details, investigations will be done to help in the resolution of your complaint.

Option 4 deals with Renault Finance or Renault Insurance. The company offers financial advice and assistance when making payments for products. You can opt for the insurance policy to cover your vehicle for future damages.

Option 5 offers Renault Breakdown Assistance for accidents. If your car suffers failure at any point, contact Renault via this number to seek urgent help. The support team will send the necessary assistance you need to your given location.

Renault Multimedia & Navigation Assistance

The Renault Multimedia & Navigation Assistance phone number is 0343 369 0000. The company has created numerous multimedia systems to make your auto experience enjoyable.

  • The R-LINK 2 is a state-of-the-art multimedia tablet that can be connected to your smartphone so you may enjoy all technology on your smartphone while driving.
  • The R-LINK Evolution is a connected tablet designed to enhance your driving experience.
  • The Bluetooth multimedia system helps to check compatibility with other media devices.
  • The Media Nav and Media Nav Evolution helps clients select an easy-to-use multimedia system and provide essential services and high-quality navigation.
  • The R & Go is integrated impeccably into your vehicle, via your smartphone.

Renault Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England Corporate Sales

The Renault Corporate Sales phone number is 0797 728 9370. Clients located in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Northern England who want to make use of the leasing and short-term rental services, can contact Ian Mills, the manager via this number.

Renault North West and North Wales Corporate Sales

The Renault Corporate Sales phone number is 0797 425 1355. By dialling this number, you can approach  Phil Rae, the manager for leasing.

Renault Midlands South West and South Wales Corporate Sales

The Renault Midlands South West and South Wales Corporate Sales phone number is 0797 728 9424. Andy Watkinson, the manager for short-term leasing is accessible via this Renault helpline.

Renault Shire Counties, Peterborough and Humberside Corporate Sales

The Renault Shire Counties Peterborough and Humberside Corporate Sales phone number is 0779 405 9061. You can call on this Renault contact number if you are located in West or South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Peterborough or Humberside and make use of the leasing and short-term rental services.

Renault South East London Corporate Sales

The Renault South East London Corporate Sales phone number is 0781 499 1644. Customers who are interested in corporate deals can learn more about the company’s policies by getting in touch with this Renault corporate telephone number.

Renault Northern Home Counties Corporate Sales

The Renault Northern Home Counties Corporate Sales phone number is 0779 081 5004.

Renault Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

Renault Corporate Sales Email Addresses

With a network in 450 locations in 35 countries, the Corporate Sales division is the best choice for institutions, managing a fleet of over 100 cars. With Corporate Sales, you are assured of highly competitive vehicle range regarding price, and total cost of ownership. Renault offers outstanding services for financing, maintenance contracts and warranty extensions. To contact Renault about corporate sales queries send an email to the addresses indicated.

Renault Business enquiry form

If you wish to conduct business with Renault, fill the Business enquiry form and submit all your questions.

Renault Book a Service Form

Clients who want to use the Renault servicing offer to cater for their cars can book a servicing appointment by filling the service form.

Renault Career Application Form

If you want to begin a career with Renault, visit their career page to learn more about the opportunities available and fill the Career Application form. You will provide relevant information about your work history and also upload your CV.

Renault Business Contact

To learn more about Renault corporate sales and fleet management visit this page. Fill the Business Contact form. With all mandatory sections filled you can click the submit buttons and expect a reply from the support team.

Renault Live chat

Live Chat services for Renault are open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. For Wednesday lines are open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Lines are Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Contact Renault via Social Media

Renault provides support on the various social media platforms. You can also engage with the Online Support Team and share any concerns you have with them.

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