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Wonga Customer Service

The Wonga customer service number is 0207 138 8330. The Wonga customer service telephone number will connect you to the team that work hard to deal with your issue as soon possible. You will be updated on how your complaint is being handled from time to time. Using the details provided, the Complaint team will perform the necessary investigations and provide a resolution. If you are however still dissatisfied with the way your issue was dealt with, your complaint can be raised to the next step in the complaints procedure. Lines are open 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week.

Wonga Press Enquiries

The Wonga press enquiries phone number is 0207 284 5679. For journalists and researchers who want information, call this Wonga contact number. The press support team can set up interviews with the affiliated experts, appointments with financial gurus, and provide real stories of beneficiaries of the loan service. Also, their press team provides information on loan management issues and payday loans industry.

Wonga Short Term Loan

The Wonga short-term loan phone number is 0207 183 0063. To repay your short term loan, call this helpline. The company excels at providing short-term and instalment loans to clients. They offer advice and suggestions to make you feel at ease while using their services.  As a lending company, Their staff have profound experience and knowledge in dealing with money and the management of funds. You can be sure that you are in safe hands when applying for a loan. To pass the eligibility requirement for loan services you must be a bank account and debit card holder, be a mobile phone owner, be a resident of the UK and be at least 18 years old. If you are sure you meet all these requirements, you may proceed to put in an application for a loan.

The next thing is to select the amount you want to borrow, choose the payment date and check the cost of the loan. If you are already dealing with arrears from a previous debt, it is not advisable to use loans services to cover up. To apply for the loan services, use the online application. If you face any issues filling the online registration, place a call to Wonga customer service helpline. You will get a response right away based on whether or not you can make repayment for the loan. If your application is accepted, the money will be sent to the bank account you provided. Clients who do not adhere to payment dates and pay the required amount will be breaching their contract. Failure to do this will be considered as a disregard of the loan contract on the client’s part, and the issue will be addressed by legal means.

Clients who do not adhere to payment dates and pay the required amount will be breaching their contract. Failure to do this will be considered as a disregard of the loan contract on the client’s part, and the issue will be addressed by legal means.

Wonga Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

Wonga Twitter page

Wonga Complaints Manager

Wonga complaints email address is customercomplaints@wonga.com. Please ensure to include correct details to aid a smooth investigation. Details required include your name, your email address associated with your account, a description of your complaint, including supporting documentation and how you think the company can resolve your issue. The customer complaints manager handles all matters raised and ensures that they are thoroughly assessed.

Wonga Press

The Wongs press and media email address is press@wonga.com. You should provide details, your deadline and a brief description of the enquiry.

Wonga Customer Care

The company welcomes the feedback of clients and hence encourages them to send their comments to the customer service team. If you have queries to make concerning Wonga terms and conditions, billing and repayment services, send an email to customercare@wonga.com. The representatives are always ready with a solution to meet your needs. To get an in-depth knowledge on the range of services and guarantees, contact this address.

Wonga Marketing or Sponsorship Proposal

They are always looking for ways to work with third party organisations. If you wish to run your advert on their site or provide support for some events, send your details to marketing@wonga.com.

Wonga Affiliates

Direct all queries about the program to Wonga affiliate email address  affiliates@wonga.com. The company is open to new partnerships to improve their services and outlets. Being an affiliate means you are linked to one of the top lending services in the UK. This offers you incredible networking opportunities and exposure as well as high rate commissions.For questions about Affiliate commissions and payouts, contact this email.

Wonga Social Media

In addition to Wonga phone numbers, you can keep yourself up to date by subscribing them on any of the social media websites given below:

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