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Insure and Go Annual Multi-Trip Auto Renewal

Insure and Go annual multi-trip auto renewal free contact number is 0800 083 6237. You can ask for help for the auto-renewal of your multi-annual trip by dialling this number. This service is available for the customers who travel frequently and make several trips for their business and personal matters.

Alternative Insure and Go Contact Numbers

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Insure and Go Customer Service

The Insure and Go customer service number is 0330 400 1383. Call this number if you want to purchase a policy or have enquiries about your existing one. Other matters that you can get assistance with when you call this number are the following:

  • Retrieval of policy documents
  • Receipt of policy card for the other travellers on an existing policy
  • Request for travel insurance quotation for passengers who are over the age of 90
  • Finding out which geographical area your trip falls into
  • Information on policy wording booklets
  • Policy upgrades
  • Finding a suitable policy
  • Purchasing a policy for someone who is under 18
  • Online payment
  • Golf club coverage
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Declaration of pre-existing medical conditions
  • Change in medical status

Insure and Go Holiday Insurance

The Insure and Go holiday insurance contact number is 0330 400 1227. Call this number if you are abroad and want to go home or if you are yet to travel and would like the cover for an alternative holiday. For holiday covers, you need to call within 30 days so they can properly move your insurance to cover your new travel dates.

Insure and Go Travel Insurance Claims

The Insure and Go Travel insurance claims phone number is 0330 400 1235. They are available to answer your calls from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. They are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. There is no maximum age limit when buying insurance. However, the length of coverage will be affected by the age of the policyholder. You can choose from a wide variety of travel insurance available:

  • Single trip
  • Annual multi-trip
  • Backpackers
  • Cruise
  • Over 65
  • Winter sports
  • Last minute
  • Pre-existing medical conditions

Insure and Go Medical Emergency

The Insure and Go medical emergency number is 0207 748 0060. Unfortunately, if you are faced with any sort of medical emergency like a personal accident, liver failure, heart attack etc, you are recommended to dial this Insure and Go helpline number as soon as possible.

Insure and Go Travel Insurance Customer Service

The Insure and Go travel insurance customer service number is 0207 748 8593. You can get assistance with managing your quote or policy and making claims, whether it is for a single trip or multiple travel insurance. When you buy an annual multi-trip policy, the duration depends on the level of cover you have selected:

  • Budget annual multi-trips: 31 days per trip
  • Bronze and Silver annual multi-trips: 45 days per trip (31 days if aged 66 and older)
  • Gold Platinum and Black annual multi-trips: 90 days per trip (31 days if aged 66 and older)

Insure and Go Mobile and Tablet Claims

The Insure and Go mobile and tablet claims phone number is 0333 999 7916. Benefits of getting a mobile and tablet insurance include accidental and liquid damage covered as standard, upgrade to Elite for theft and loss cover, and freedom to choose the access.

Insure and Go Pet Insurance

The Insure and Go pet insurance number is 0330 400 1419. Policy benefits include up to 12,000 pounds cover for vet fees, cover for death caused by accident or illness, the monthly payment at no extra cost, 24/7 claims line, and overseas travel cover. Their cat, dog and rabbit insurance policies can also cover for boarding fees, holiday cancellation in case your pet needs emergency care, and loss by theft or straying.

Insure and Go Gap Insurance

The Insure and Go Gap insurance number is 0330 400 1201. If your car has been written-off or stolen and declared a total loss, a GAP insurance can pay the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the invoice amount you paid for the vehicle. Most noteworthy, you can enjoy up to 12 months cover from under 40 pounds and up to 36 months cover from under 35 pounds.

Insure and Go Car Insurance

The Insure and Go car insurance phone number is 0330 400 1263. A car warranty insurance can cover for vehicles up to 8 years old and up to 80,000 miles. In addition to most mainstream brands being covered, UK recovery is included on all of their warranties.

Insure and Go Claims (Car GAP and Warranty Insurance)

The Insure and Go claim number is 0117 930 8806. This number is valid for the car, GAP and Warranty insurance related enquiries. Want to make a claim? Whether it is related to warrant or your car, the company will register your claim on this number and try to accommodate your claim instantly.

Insure and Go Complaints

The Insure and Go complaints number is 0330 400 1420. While the insurance company strives to deliver excellent products and service, there may be times that they will fail to do so. Thus, they encourage customers to let them know soonest so they can make things better for you.

Insure and Go Travel Insurance (Ireland)

The Insure and Go Travel Insurance phone number for Ireland is +353 185 022 4225. Call them if you need to make a claim, get a quote online or are on a holiday but need to speak to someone.

Insure and Go Emergency Number (Ireland)

The Insure and Go emergency number for Ireland is +353 9 154 5908. Call this number in the event of an emergency overseas.

Insure and Go Non-Emergency Claims (Ireland)

The Insure and Go non-emergency claims number for Ireland is +353 9 154 5907. Reach this number if you want to get in touch with the Ireland Claims Department.

Alternative Insure and Go Free Contact Methods

InsureandGo Twitter

Insure and Go Online Support

You can also manage your quote or policy, pay for your travel insurance quote, download your policy documents, or make a claim online. Log in using your quote/policy number, surname, and date of birth.

Insure and Go Careers

The company offers a competitive salary and opportunities for growth and development for its employees. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, find out about their current or future vacancies by sending your CV and a covering letter to Alternatively, you can download the application form and return it by post to:

HR Team
Insure and Go
3rd Floor
One Victoria Street
Bristol Bridge

Insure and Go Complaints

Alternatively, you may also contact their customer relations manager by sending an e-mail to

Insure and Go Mailing Address

Alternatively, if you are making a claim by sending a hand written letter to the following:

Insure and Go Claims
One Victoria Street
Bristol Bridge

If your concern is related to Sales or Customer Service, address your correspondence to:

Insure and Go
2nd Floor
Maitland House
Warrior Square

Insure and Go Travel Insurance (Ireland)

Alternatively, you can send your comments to or if you need to make a claim, e-mail them at

You also have the option to send correspondence to:

Insure and Go Ireland
Ireland Assist House
22-26 Prospect Hill

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