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Esure Breakdown Cover

The Esure Breakdown cover free phone number is 0800 085 6837. If your car has broken down and you have RAC Breakdown Assistance included on your policy, then you may call this number. If you don’t have this optional extra, RAC may still be able to help you but a fee will be charged. The line is open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Esure 24-hour Accident Recovery Line

The Esure 24-hour Accident Recovery free phone number is 0800 085 8533. Be guided that when you call this number, the representative on the other line will ask for your car’s registration number, the location of the incident, the name, address, telephone number and registration number of anyone else involved in the accident, and the name, address and telephone number of any witnesses.

Esure Windscreen Claims

The Esure Windscreen Claims free phone number is 0800 085 8459. If your windscreen is chipped or cracked, you call the Autoglass with this Esure claim number provided. Give them your policy number and they’ll arrange your repairs instantly. The line is open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

Esure Key Cover

The Esure Key Cover free phone number is 0800 085 4913. You may call this Esure contact number UK if your keys are lost, stolen or damaged. The partners of this company in RAC will retrieve your keys when accidentally locked inside your car, take you home to get your spare key, replace the car keys and reset the alarm or immobiliser and replace the lock if your key breaks inside and is not retrievable.

Esure Misfuelling Cover

The Esure Misfuelling Cover free phone number is 0800 085 8556. You may call this number if you misfuel your car. The company will pay or reimburse you for the services provided by RAC such as hiring a car to complete your journey, draining and cleaning your fuel system.

Esure Alternative Contact Numbers

Esure helpline number for home page

Esure Customer Service

The Esure customer service number is 0345 045 1000. If you feel that the company has not provided the customer service you had expected, please feel free to call this number, where you will be kept in touch with the relevant people to assist your needs.

Esure Renewal

The Esure renewal number is 0345 603 7879. You may call this Esure contact number and the company will make the necessary changes and renew your policy for you. Just be reminded that you must call at least four days before your renewal date if you’d like to change your payment details or payment methods.

Esure Car Insurance Claim

The Esure car insurance claim phone number is 0345 603 7872. Please call this number as soon as possible, immediately after you are involved in an incident that could arise in a claim. Once your claim is registered, you can confidently leave everything to them. They will arrange the recovery of your car, the repair work at one of their recommended repairers, and they’ll even give it a clean before returning it to you.

Esure Home Insurance Claims

The Esure home insurance claim contact number is 0345 601 7072. Call this number if you would like some more information about making a claim on your home insurance. No claim forms, no waiting. They will oversee your claim so you can rest assured they’ll be looking after your interests.

Esure Home Emergency

The Esure home emergency telephone number is 0345 601 7624. Call this number to arrange a local reputable contractor to come to your home and carry out emergency repairs. One of the advisors will call you to confirm the details of the appointed contractor, and the time of their visit. Just give your name, address, postcode and the nature of the emergency upon calling the number. However, before requesting assistance, please check that the circumstances are covered by your policy. This line is open 24/7.

Esure Pest Cover

The Esure Pest Cover service contact number is 0345 601 7073. When you discover a pest problem, call the number provided and give your name, address, postcode and the details of the pests. An advisor will give you a return call to confirm the details of the appointed contractor and the arrangement of the time of their visit.

Esure Family Legal Protection

The Esure Family Legal Protection phone number is 0345 601 7070. They will ask you about your issue and if necessary, they will call you back to give you any legal advice. Also, a reference number will be given to you if your issue needs to be dealt with as a potential claim under this policy.

Esure Medical Emergency

The Esure Medical Emergency contact number is 0208 763 4902. You must call this number right away if you are taken by ambulance to the hospital following an emergency call. The company will guide you to the safest and most appropriate source of treatment suitable for your needs.

Esure Annual Travel Insurance

The Esure Annual Travel Insurance helpline number is 0345 601 6194. If you want your loved ones to have an insured address, with worldwide cover for unlimited trips subject to a maximum duration of 30 days per trip, then you may call this number for registration and claims. Just be reminded that this service does not cover hospital costs over £500 where prior agreement regarding treatment has not been obtained from the company.

Esure Travel Insurance Claim

The Esure Travel Insurance claim phone number is 0345 600 3951. If you need to make a claim once your back home, you may do so by calling this number within 31 days of your return to the United Kingdom. For all claims, you’ll need to provide your original booking invoice or receipt. While for any claim which is the result of the accident, bodily injury or illness, you’ll need to complete or obtain a medical certificate.

Esure Alternative Contact Methods

Esure general picture for mobile application

Esure Customer Service

If you provide your name, address, date of birth and policy number (if you have one), you can email your questions about your car, home, pet or travel insurance quote or policy to

Esure Online Renewal

You could also renew your policy online if you’re registered for the online Policy Portal or you don’t need to make any changes to the policy details. All you need to do is log into your account, select your policy, click ‘Renew’ and enter your card details. If you choose to renew your policy via online, you’ll need to do your renewal process at least seven days before your renewal date.

However, if you’re not registered, you may still renew your policy online here.

Esure Proof of No Claim Discount

The company now accepts Proof of No Claim Discount by email. If you’d like to send them your Proof of No Claim Discount, please email Make sure that your name, address, date of birth and policy number were included in the sent email.

Furthermore, if you have any questions about providing proof of your No Claim Discount, you can click here.

Esure Car Insurance Claims

If you have registered a Car Insurance claim, your dedicated claims team will give you the correct email address to get in touch with them. However, if you don’t have this, you can email Please include your claim reference or policy number so they can pass your email to the right team.

Esure Home Insurance Claims

If you have registered a Home Insurance claim, you can get in touch by sending an email to

Esure Van Insurance

For questions relating to the van and motorbike insurance comparison service, you can email them at

Esure Motorbike Insurance

Moreover, for questions on motorbike insurance, you could also email Esure motorbike customer service address

Esure Unsubscription

If, by any case, that you no longer wish to receive any marketing emails from Esure, you may request for unsubscription by emailing

Esure Car and Home Insurance Complaint Department

Keep in touch with Esure about your car and home insurance concerns in a more personal way. You may send them a letter posted on the following address:

The Equinox
19 Cadogan Street
Glasgow G2 6QQ

Esure Travel Insurance Complaint Department

While if your concerns are related to travel issues, you can still send Esure a letter via this address:

Esure Travel Insurance
1 Drake Circus
Plymouth PL1 1QH

Esure Blog Centre

Want to know more of what Esure has to offer? You may read on some of the topics that could even answer all your related concerns on their blog centre.

Esure News Centre

Get updated with the latest news and happenings on Esure. From the latest news, Esure News Centre is always there to get their clients well-informed with the latest technology, ratings, methods and even ways to save up and win at life.

Esure Career

Their mission is simple. It is to provide a very easy living as well as a great place to work for their people while providing the very best service to their customers. If you want to be a part of their growing team, you might be lucky to have a position by looking through Esure job selections for further information.

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