Bewilderwood Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Bewilderwood Free Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, there is no Bewilderwood free contact number at the moment.

Bewilderwood Alternative Contact Numbers

Bewilderwood Customer Service

The Bewilderwood customer service number is 0169 263 3033. The company is a wild and imaginative adventure park with magical treehouses and a hint of intriguing characters, bringing a curious difference to the Norfolk Broads.

Bewilderwood Crostwick Boarding Kennels Pet Boarding

The Bewilderwood Crostwick Boarding Kennels service contact number for pet boarding is 0160 373 7240. Twiggles are scared of dogs. However, Bewilderwood gets a lot of enquiries form holiday makers who bring their dogs on holiday, so if you’re coming from the South or West then Crostwick Boarding Kennels is best. They’re a 12-minute drive away from Bewilderwood (approximately 6.7 miles). Call the number and speak to Jane to avail of their service. You must pre-book and you’ll need proof that your doggy has been vaccinated.

Bewilderwood Broadland Cattery Pet Boarding

The Bewilderwood Broadland Cattery service contact number for pet boarding is 0169 258 0202. If you are coming from the North or East, the Bewilderwood recommends you to use the Broadland Cattery who are 9.7 miles away from Bewilderwood which is approximately 17-minute drive away. Moreover, all dogs must be up to date with yearly vaccinations. The price is £15 per dog and this includes their food and exercise. Please contact Leslie by this phone number to make your reservation which is strictly subject to availability and note that they do not take Day Care bookings more than 2 weeks in advance.

Bewilderwood Alternative Contact Methods

Bewilderwood Email

If, by all means, that you want to drop some message to the staffs, you may do so by emailing them at Bewilderwood customer service email address They won’t let your suggestions, comments or any inquiries unnoticed so you can expect some fast response on their behalf.

Bewilderwood Twiggle Times

The Twiggle Times is an e-newsletter full of exciting news, forthcoming events, BeWILDery puzzles, quizzes, jokes and the odd exclusive Twiggle Times competition. They’ll only be sending it out when there’s stuff to tell you so they won’t bombard you with constant emails and silly nonsense. So, if you want to be kept up-to-date with all the news and events then sign up on their registration page to receive the fantabulous Twiggle Times.

Bewilderwood Blog

Get more information on the newest competitions, games, discounts and recipes for fun. The company has managed to get a blog going so their customers could get all the data they need to have the excitement flowing as they plan a visit to them.

Bewilderwood Advance Tickets

Pre-booking is not essential but if you want to avoid queues and ensure speedy entry into the park the advice that you do so by visiting this page. The Bewilderwood family tickets helpline along with the Bewilderwood book online customer service will happily do the booking for groups, schools and birthday parties that are coming soon. For the meantime, you can contact the Bewilderwood season ticket number and they will make a booking. Please be advised that Bewilderwood visitor numbers will be given upon payment for follow-up purposes.

Bewilderwood Career

If you’d like to apply for the best ever job, please download and complete the job application form. And you might be lucky enough to have the Bewilderwood job application contact you to work in one of their offered areas such as storytelling and events, ticket office or front house, catering, boats, retail, and park rangers.

Bewilderwood Charity

You may want to check if you’re qualified or the list of the charities that this company supports as of the moment into this page. If you do not receive a response from them within three weeks, then, unfortunately, your request has been unsuccessful.

Bewilderwood Complaints Department

The address of the Bewilderwood complaints team is:

Horning Road,
Hoveton, Norwich,
NR12 8JW

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