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Oyster Customer Service Complaints

The Oyster customer service complaint number is 0800 112 3456. The company aims to make the use of London’s busy roads safer for clients. It manages the travel road networks and is responsible for maintenance of all traffic signals in London. To report street faults such as potholes and abandoned vehicles, call this helpline. Similarly, if you have any other complaints about services, do not hesitate to call this number.

Oyster Alternative Contact Numbers

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Oyster Customer Service

The Oyster customer service phone number is 0343 222 1234. To ensure smooth service by all mediums of transport, it provides its customers with Oyster cards. If your card gets lost or stolen, call the lost Oyster contact number to alert them immediately. If you also have concerns about using the card, contact this helpline. Please ensure you have your card number, security password and name of your regular station. Direct all your complaints about any services or products to this number. Lines are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays.

Oyster Fax

The Oyster Fax phone number is 0343 222 7000. For customers who prefer to make their queries and request information via fax, use the number indicated.

Oyster Congestion Charge Complaints

The Oyster congestion charge complaints phone number is 0343 222 222. To learn more about the Congestion Zone and where charges apply, contact this helpdesk. The simplest way to pay your Congestion Zone charges is by choosing the Congestion Charge Auto Pay option.

If you, however, prefer to make payments via other means, call and discuss with any of the representatives. Certain exemptions and discounts are available to some vehicles and individuals. To clarify the terms and conditions that apply to the Congestion Zone call this number from 8:00 am to10:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Oyster Fleet Auto Pay

The Oyster Fleet Auto Pay telephone number is 0207 649 9860. The company offers fleet owners the Fleet Auto Pay service, to enable them to pay all charges incurred on their vehicles.

Oyster Low Emission Zone

The Oyster Low Emission Zone phone number is 0343 222 1111. In line with their mission to protect the environment, the company has established the Low emission zone operation. This operation encourages heavy diesel vehicles that operate on the streets of London, to become cleaner. To check if your vehicle meets emission standards, contact the Oyster helpline number given above.

Oyster Penalty Charge Notice Support

The oyster Penalty Charges Notice support contact number is 0343 222 3333. Customers who drive a vehicle that does not meet the emission standards may receive a Penalty Charge Notice. Customers have the right to either pay or challenge the PCN.

Oyster Santander Cycles Support

The Oyster Santander Cycles contact number is 0343 222 6666. The company offers the Santander Cycles service to customers who prefer cycling as their primary means of transport. It provides about 10,000 bikes at over 700 docking stations located every 300 to 500 metres in London. To find out how you can use this service, call the number provided. Alternatively, report lost or stolen keys to this Oyster helpline number to avoid extra ride charges.

Oyster Taxis and Minicab Contact

The Oyster Taxis and Minicabs phone number is 0343 222 4000. For all queries on how to book a taxi or a minicab, call this helpline. You can also direct your complaints about the Minicab service to this number.

Oyster Dial-a-Ride

The Oyster Dial-a-Ride telephone number is 0343 222 7777. Customers who require cab services can make a booking by calling this number. Please ensure to make your reservations a day before your journey. To make amendments or cancel a booking, call this helpline.

Oyster Lost Property Support

The Oyster Lost Property support phone number is 0208 681 8300. If you have unfortunately lost some items or valuables while using any of Oyster’s transport services, call this number to make a report. Please note that it takes an average of 10 days for recovered items to be delivered at various stations and entered into the system.

Oyster London Travelwatch

The Oyster London Travelwatch phone number is 0303 176 2999. The London Travelwatch is an institution that advocates for public transport users in London. Customers can direct all unresolved complaints to this institution. Make all complaints from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays.

Oyster Alternative Free Online Contact Methods

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Oyster Complaints

Direct all your transport queries to tflaccessibility@tfl.gov.uk. If you have any complaints about road faults or general Oyster services, send an email to the address provided.

Oyster Deliveries In London

Oyster offers the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme for freight operators who make deliveries in London. Address all your questions about making and receiving deliveries to freight@tfl.gov.uk.

Oyster Walking Complaints

For more information about walking routes in London, contact the Walking Support team by sending an email to walking@tfl.gov.uk

Oyster Metro Competitions

From time to time, Oyster runs Metro competitions in London. To learn more about these competitions, send an email to metrocompetitions@tfl.gov.uk. Also, all entries to the free prize draw should be sent to this address.

Oyster London Travelwatch

Direct all your unresolved complaints to the London Travelwatch via enquiries@londontravelwatch.org.uk. A representative will contact you shortly to begin necessary investigations.

Oyster Legible London Walking Contact

Oyster has created a mapping and signage system called Legible London to aid people to find their way while walking. Send your queries about this service to legiblelondon@tfl.gov.uk

Oyster Deliveries in London

Direct all questions about making and receiving deliveries in London to this address. freight@tfl.gov.ukiil. A member of the Support team will respond shortly.

Oyster Low Emission Zone

For all your questions about the Low Emission Zone operations and concerns on charges incurred, send an email tolezlondon@tfl.gov.uk.

Oyster Lost Property

To request information on the procedure to recover lost items while using Oyster Piers transport services, send an email to river@tfl.gov.uk.

Oyster Dial a Ride

To make a booking or changes to a previous reservation, send your details to the Booking Support team via DAR@tfl.gov.uk.

Contact Oyster via Social Media and Email Updates

Oyster offers an efficient support system across all social media platforms. Visit the social media hub to get direct links to all the branches of Oyster transportation services including Tubes and rail lines, London buses, Traffic news, River and Santander cycles. Customers can also interact with the Online Support team by sending a direct message. Follow these social media handles to get the necessary travel information.

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