PayPal Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

PayPal Free Contact Number

PayPal Customer Service

The free PayPal customer service phone number is 0800 358 7911. Account owners can call this number to discuss their account information, queries, claims and limitations. You will be required to enter your six digits one-time passcode from the website if you have one or say so if you don’t have one for further instructions. Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

PayPal Business Customer Service Phone Number 

The PayPal business customer service phone number is 0800 368 7173 for funding. Customers can call this number to apply for working capital. The number is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. At the menu, press 1 if you are a business calling to open a new merchant account to leave a message with the merchant sales team.

PayPal Alternative Phone Numbers

PayPal International

The PayPal International phone number is +353 (0)1 436 9004. Customers calling from outside the UK can call this number for all inquiries and special instructions regarding the service.

PayPal Credit Customer Service

The PayPal credit customer service phone number is +1866 528 3733. Customers in the United States can call this number for questions and discussions on their credit. The number is open from Monday to Friday between 5:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday/Sunday between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT.

PayPal Customer Service outside the US

The PayPal customer service phone number for customers calling from outside the US is +1402 935 2050. Customers calling from outside America can call this number for customer service support, limitations, debit card and business support.

PayPal Resolution Center

The PayPal resolution centre number is 0870 730 3196. In some cases, PayPal may ask you to provide a police report before processing. In such an instance, you may fax the completed police report with the required information on this number including a cover sheet stating the primary email address on your account and the ID number of your claim faxed to the company.

PayPal Payment Gateway Partners

The PayPal Payment Gateway partners phone number is 0844 338 0470. Customers can contact the support team on this number if they require some help to activate PayPal on their existing payment system. Payment gateway partners help customers to swiftly switch on Express Checkout, so they can start to benefit from increased sales.

PayPal UK Telephone Number

The PayPal UK telephone number is 0208 605 3000. Customers can call this UK telephone number if they have any complaints or misgivings concerning their service.

PayPal Access Card Customer Services

The PayPal Access Card Customer services phone number is 0333 700 7060. Customers can contact the access card customer service on this number for all queries regarding the access card. Call if you need information about your new card or need help in getting started on your new card.

PayPal Alternative Free Online Contacts

PayPal Security

The PayPal security email address is Contact PayPal security via this email to report, manage, detect or prevent any form of fraudulent or potentially unlawful activities with your account.

PayPal UK Community

Customers can register and sign up to the online PayPal community. With almost 1 million members of this community, customers can chat and interact with each other and ask questions about the common service they enjoy. You can also post on the community page and find other services of interest.

PayPal Social Media

PayPal provides support on the various social media platforms including

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