EON Energy Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

With a vision to be their customers’ trusted energy partner providing clean energy from renewable resources from wind and water. They have 16 operational onshore and 5 offshore wind farms, all of which are equipped with world class technology.  With plans of producing more renewable energy, they hope to produce up to 1,500MW.

EON Energy Free Phone Numbers

EON Energy helpline number for main website page

EON Energy Distribution Company Enquiries

The EON Energy Distribution Company Enquiries number is 0800 092 3990. They are the ones responsible for maintaining the cable networks all over the UK.  For a faster and more organised work, they have different distribution area that looks after the cable network in their area.

EON Energy Gas Emergency Number

The EON Energy Gas Emergency free phone number is 0800 111 999. This number is also considered as the EON Energy Gas Leak Contact as it will help you with gas leaks or if you need to report gas explosions or fire. The company is committed to making sure you are safe.  When you call this EON Energy phone number, they will sort out the problem and will tell you what to do to stay safe. So always make sure that this EON Energy Gas phone number is noted under your emergency numbers for a quick access in times of need.

EON Energy Security

The EON Energy Security service contact number is 0800 032 2409. They usually call in advance before technicians visit your home. So if you have any doubts about our representatives and would like to verify their identity, you can call this EON Energy phone number free.

EON Energy Alternative Contact Numbers

EON energy customer service number for for your home

EON Energy House builders and Home Developers

EON Energy’s House builders and Home Developers service number is 0333 202 4447.  Since every home development is unique, the company is equipped to help you in installing meters and a one-stop-shop for all your site metering needs. They have dedicated account managers providing on-hand expertise and advice.

EON Energy Business Meters

The EON Energy Business Meters service number is 0333 202 4920.  For customers who are moving into premises that require a change in supply, it provides meter installation and energy supply contracts for your specific business needs. From large manufacturers to major retail businesses who are in need for on-site advice.

EON Energy Own House Meter Installation

The EON Energy Own House Meter Installation service number is 0333 202 4592. It knows how stressful building a new home can be. So they offer a hassle-free connection of electricity and gas to your new home.  They will help you install meters and work with you to meet your deadlines. Even manage your account through your first bill!

EON Energy Disconnections

The EON Energy’s Disconnections service number is 0115 995 5019. If you’re demolishing your home or if you wish to have your services removed.  You can ask them about your meter and other information that you need before demolishing your property.  The EON Energy phone number may even offer you another option aside from disconnecting your services to them.

EON Energy De-Energise

The EON Energy’s De-Energise service number is 0115 995 5181.  Call this number if you are doing renovations to your properties and you need to turn the power off.  They will arrange to have the meter turned off and you will have no power while you do all the necessary renovations. They will remove the meter by the meter operator.  However, there is a charge of £64.76 for the visit to remove the fuse.  The return visit and to replace the fuse and get back the electricity is free.

EON Energy Saving Home Improvements

EON Energy Saving Home Improvements service number is 0330 400 1183. It helps low-income household heat up for a much cheaper option. They offer Loft Insulation grants, Cavity Wall Insulation Scheme, Boiler Grants and Scrappage Scheme to help you heat up your home for less.

EON Energy Rewards Enquiry

The EON Energy Rewards Enquiry service number is 0345 301 5350.  If you have Rewards, you can exchange them into Tesco Clubcard point and Bonusbond gift vouchers.  Sadly, the rewards scheme has ended last March 31, 2017. But, you can still exchange them until June 30, 2017. To know more on how you can redeem your rewards, call the number and enjoy your rewards.

EON Energy Rewards Exchange Key or Card Payments

The EON Energy Rewards Exchange Key or Card Payments service number is 0345 302 4317.  Use your Key or Card to exchange your rewards and enjoy the special treats. You should hurry since the rewards scheme has ended last March 31, 2017.  But, you can still exchange your rewards until June 30, 2017.

EON Energy Prepayment

The EON Energy Prepayment service contact service number is 0345 303 3040.

EON Energy Prepayment Meter

The EON Energy Prepayment Meter service number is 0345 301 5866.  Call this number if you want to change to a prepayment meter.  If you have 24-hour access, your meter is not above the head height and can top up anytime, anywhere; you can switch to a prepayment meter installation.

EON Energy General Complaints

The EON Energy General Complaints service contact number is 0345 052 0000. This is for general complaints, it may also be considered as the EON Energy Head Office Phone Number. The company is passionate about making things right when they get things wrong.  They have a team of customer care who are trained to resolve issues.  They will even send you an apology, an explanation and compensation if they are really at fault.  They aim to resolve 9 out of 10 complaints within 2 days, but usually, they try to resolve all other issues and complaints within 3 weeks.

EON Energy Smart Meter Account

The EON Energy Smart Meter Account service number is 0345 366 5973.  Call this number if you have complaints or disputes on your Smart Meter Account. They will be glad to help you in resolving your complaints.

EON Energy Moving Home Complaint

The EON Energy Moving Home Complaint service number is 0345 303 3020.  If you are not happy with service or they did not meet the requirements in moving to your new home, you can always call them and they will set things straight for you.

EON Energy Smart Pay As You Go

The EON Energy Smart Pay As You Go service contact number is 0345 366 5996. The benefits of Smart Pay As You Go is that you will never have to hassle yourself in controlling your energy. You can set up your balance alerts when you’re running low.  Top up anywhere by using your smartphones, our app, your computer or go to any post office. You can also transfer credit between meters. Call this number if you want to know more.

EON Energy Business Enquiries

The EON Energy Business Enquiries service contact number is 0333 202 4586. The company offers a wide range of energy solution to fit your business needs. They can provide energy solutions to help you use energy efficiently to make your business more profitable. So whenever it is a business-related concern, just call this EON Energy Business contact and they’ll sure to assist you right away.

EON Energy Changing Supplier for Prepayment Meters

The EON Energy Changing Supplier service contact number for prepayment meters is 0345 302 3473. If you want to switch suppliers either switching to EON or leaving them for another supplier, you can call this EON Energy Supplier contact number. A customer service expert will answer all your queries.

EON Energy Credit Meters

The EON Energy Credit Meters service number is 0345 301 4905.  Whether switching to them or to another supplier, you can call this number and their customer service expert will be happy to assist you.

EON Energy Pay Bill, Meter Readings, and Bill Queries

The EON Energy Payments, Meter Readings and Bill Query service contact number is 0345 059 9905. Call the said EON Energy Pay Bill phone number for queries on your payments, bills, and meter readings all in one account.  Learn more on their Landlord Services and manage your properties in one place. Discover more of innovative energy solutions that make your life easier. This Eon Energy Meter Reading Phone Number could also let you view your readings and you will never have to worry about unexpected bills. Enjoy the benefits of having solar energy to your home and start saving around 50% on your electricity bills.

EON Energy Overseas

The EON Energy Overseas number is 0115 843 4373. If you are outside of the country and needed to call, you can call the number mention above.  There will always be someone to assist you with any part of the world.

EON Energy Business Energy Solutions

The EON Energy Business Energy Solutions service contact number is 0330 400 1753. You may call this number to know more about solutions. This EON Energy Solutions phone number will give you enough information on their solar panels, battery storage to you solar PV system. Integrating and managing your lighting, cooling, heating, process steam and electricity needs.

EON Energy Customer Service for People with Special Needs

The EON Energy Customer Service Phone Number for People with Special Needs is 0333 202 4760. It provides a number of assistance for people with special needs like people who are of pensionable age, have disabilities, deaf, blind or those who are chronically ill.  Call this number to contact Priority Services Register Scheme.

EON Energy Paying Bills

The EON Energy Paying Bills service contact number is 0345 301 5882.  They have trained people who can talk to you and walk you through their available payment options.

EON Energy Alternative Contact Methods

EON Energy mobile app

EON Energy Gas and Electric Tariffs

Get a quote on EON Energy’s latest tariffs.  You need to provide your address so they can send you their best offer for your area.  They base their quote on the amount of energy you tell them you use each year.

EON Energy Home Smart Meter

Book for a smart meter for your home and free yourself the hassle of paper bills. With the Smart Meter, you can view your meter readings, track your energy usage, receive and accurate bill every time, get a smart pay as you go feature for a worry-free payment and top up anywhere or any post office in your area.

EON Energy Meter Fit Request Form

You can let them know when you want your meter fitted with EON Energy Meter Fit Request Form.  You need to fill out their meter fit form and send it to your dedicated point of contact.

EON Energy Application Email

Once you have completed the application form you can email the form to energy.connections@EONenergy.com and EON Energy will log your application. Expect a call from an account manager within 2 working days to talk you about the process.

EON Energy Warm Home Discount

EON is committed to helping their customers reduce their energy bills. Discounts are offered particularly to those in fuel poverty area.  This is a first come, first served basis application and they will contact you once you have submitted your online forms.

EON Energy Email

If you want to get in touch with EON Energy via email form and send your attachments with your queries. You can also fill out the form online and send it to them. Include as much detail about your query as possible so they can assist you properly. They, however, do not answer emails immediately.  You can try live chat for immediate answers.

EON Energy Complaint Department

If you are more comfortable in writing your complaints, you can send it to the address below.  EON Energy Customer Complaints Department values their customers and they will review your complaints and their resolution team will get back to you within three weeks.

Customer Service Centre


Nottingham NG1 6WR

EON Energy Live Chat

For immediate response to your queries, you might want to try EON’s online chat. EON will be happy to answer you and help you with your queries.  You can also find their FAQs of all you needed to know for a much easy and faster browsing.

EON Energy Mobile App

For a more control on your energy account, you may access it through your mobile phones. Just download their mobile app on your Android and Apple devices.

Contact EON Energy via Social Media

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