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The QuickQuid Customer Service Support phone number is 0800 056 1515. When you think of lending services, it is the leading company in online credit. More than 1.4 million customers have enjoyed the transparent flexible short term loans that the company offers. For short term loans, your top choice is QuickQuid. However, if you are facing financial difficulties and require a long-term loan plan, the company may not be an advisable option.To be eligible for the loan services you must have a valid UK bank account, be Employed, be a resident of the UK and be at least 18 years old.

If you face any difficulties completing the online registration, give this number a call, and one of the representatives with give you the necessary assistance you require. Necessary background checks like credit card history will be run to ensure that you can make payments on the loan. Rest assured that after completing your application, reviewing is done in 30 minutes and you will be informed if your request was approved. If your application was successful, you could request that the short term loan is sent to your bank in as little as 10 minutes. If you decide not to borrow, you can withdraw your loan in 24 hours with no cost incurred.

Your call will be received by an automated voice prompt that will welcome you and direct your call to a customer service personnel. Please ensure you have your Customer ID and mobile number ready since it will be required. Their lending services are one you can rely on for clear terms and protection of personal information. Lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

QuickQuid Complaints Department

The QuickQuid complaints department phone number is 0800 016 3114. Quickquid is a dependable lending service that prioritises the customer’s interests and helps all manner of persons. It is the aim of the dedicated staff to offer top-notch services that will leave customers satisfied. However, if something goes wrong and you are unhappy with service received, call this helpline, and they will offer you a comprehensive complaints process.

As soon as your complaint is received, the Support team will review your claims and find out the factors that caused the breach in service. To acknowledge receipt of a complaint, you will receive a prompt via email informing you on how the claim is being handled within five business days. If within eight weeks, you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, you are free to take it up with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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QuickQuid Collections

The QuickQuid Collections phone number is 0808 234 4561. After receiving approval for your short term loan, you need to set up a repayment plan. Call this number for assistance on choosing a repayment plan. QuickQuid spreads the loan repayment process over three periods. You can opt to pay either over a period, 2 or three. The term option you choose will determine how your accrued interest and loan amount will be paid. In case you are facing difficulties making payment, a late payment date can be arranged for you by calling this number.

Please ensure that you contact the Collections support team early and provide a valid reason. With this, a representative can work out a deadline extension, a due date adjustment, or a fixed repayment plan on your behalf. Clients with active loans in good standing may apply for a top-up. Alternatively, clients can request for a maximum of two extensions per loan for a maximum total loan duration of three periods.

Customers who miss payment dates without taking the necessary procedure will have their credit report tarnished. If there is a breach of loan contract on the client’s side, the issue will be taken up legally. It is, therefore, important to contact this help desk to discuss any payment difficulty before the payment dates.

QuickQuid Press Enquiries

The QuickQuid Press Enquiries phone number is 0808 101 7453. This contact is available to journalists who have media related queries. To arrange interviews with them about the loan services, reach the Press Team by calling this helpline. It is important to note that the company is a member of the Consumer Finance Association. Therefore if you require information regarding the payday loan industry, you can contact the press team.

QuickQuid Alternative Online Contact Methods

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QuickQuid Customer Service

The company has a customer service support team that works tirelessly round the clock to ensure that its clients are satisfied. If you have any general queries, write to the Customer service team via support@quickquid.co.uk. The representatives are always ready with a solution to meet your needs.

QuickQuid Collections

QuickQuid is quite flexible with the borrowing options. You can, therefore, seek a discussion with the Collections support Team to set up payment plans. If you are faced with issues that prevent you from making your payments, send an email to collections@quickquid.co.uk. Inform earlier to avert unpleasant consequences of not meeting payment dates.

QuickQuid Complaints Department

QuickQuid aims to offer excellent services and loan plans. However, should you face any issue that leaves you dissatisfied, send an email to the complaints team via complaint@quickquid.co.uk to begin the complaints procedure. A member of the team will contact you promptly to reach a negotiable agreement.

QuickQuid Press Enquiries

For press related inquiries, send an email to the Press Team via media@quickquid.co.uk. All your queries will be sorted out.

QuickQuid Application form

To apply for a payday loan if you are eligible, visit this page and complete the 3 step registration form provided. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted shortly.

QuickQuid Social media

The company has customer friendly social media platforms. The Facebook page, for instance, provides a community forum for consumers to share suggestions and provide feedback on QuickQuid services. They are readily available to provide you with hassle free service on all its social media platforms.

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