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Premier Inn has no free phone numbers available currently. However, all your concerns will be resolved as fast as possible by calling their other numbers.

Premier Inn Alternative Contact Numbers

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Premier Inn Customer Service

The Premier Inn customer service phone number is 0333 003 0025. As one of the highly rated hotels in the UK and Ireland, the company puts the needs of clients first, by providing them with excellent customer services. the company guarantees its guests the utmost comfort and is ready to assist clients to resolve any issues they may be facing. If you have concerns about room features like TV, beverages, WiFi and modern bathroom facilities, do not hesitate to call this helpline. If you want details about an existing Saver Rate booking, call this number. Lines are open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Sundays and bank holidays.

Premier Inn Bookings Number

The Premier Inn Bookings number is 0333 003 8101. If you need information concerning the booking process and facilities available at hotels, call this number. The company offers various booking forms including the Hub Flex Rates and Saver Rates. If you require assistance with payment details on Flex rates and with how to make a reservation, contact this hotline.

Premier Inn Group Booking Changes

The Premier Inn Group Booking Changes phone number is 0333 003 8104. Whether you are looking for the ultimate hotel experience for a family getaway, vacation or business trip, the company has facilities to accommodate group bookings. With over 750 hotels over UK and Ireland, you can rest assured that you will enjoy services no matter the location. If you already have an existing reservation and want to make changes to your booking or cancel it, contact this helpline. If you made reservations using the hub flex rate, you can make the cancellation with your booking reference number.

Premier Inn Business Account Helpdesk

The Premier Inn Business Account helpdesk phone number is 0333 005 0504. To manage expenses and payment details, the Business Account is the best service to choose. To seek assistance in completing your application for a business account, contact this helpdesk.

Premier Inn Wi-Fi Trouble Support

The Premier Inn Wi-Fi Trouble phone number is 0330 660 1136. One of the ways this company guarantees the best hotel experience for its clients is the unlimited Wi-Fi service. Customers are entitled to enjoy a brilliant wi-fi service 24/7 throughout their stay at Premier Hotels. If you face any technical difficulties with wi-fi services, give the team a call to receive assistance.

Premier Inn Ten Plus Room Booking

The Premier Inn Ten Plus Room Booking phone number is 0871 527 9253. Premier accommodates multiple room booking only if booking is made in advance. You may need many rooms to host a lively party or getaway.

Premier Inn Five to Nine Rooms Booking

The Premier Inn Five to Nine Rooms Booking phone number is 0871 527 9222. For that family adventure, you may need to book more than a room. The company makes provisions for such reservations.

Premier Inn Alternative Free Contact Methods

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Premier Inn Tour Operator Booking

To book a tour guide for your stay at Premier Inn, send an email to

Premier Inn Complaints

Premier Inn aims to give the best standard of services to its clients. However, if you are dissatisfied with any service received, direct your complaints to

Feedback form

Premier Inn knows that customers are the heart of its services and hence appreciates their comments. Visit this page and share your comments by completing the feedback form.

Specific Suite Form

To make an online reservation and book a particular suite, fill out the suite form provided with all the necessary details.

Social Media

Premier Inn keeps its followers engaged on the various social media platforms. Give the official Twitter handle a follow and send your comments or feedback directly to the Support team. If you are a regular client, follow the official social media to get updated on latest news, offers, hotel openings.


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