Equifax Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Equifax Free Phone Numbers

Equifax helpline for credit card

Equifax Customer Service Number

The Equifax Customer Service free number is 0800 014 2955. If you believe there’s inaccurate information on your Credit Report, the Equifax’s dedicated customer service teams can help you to resolve these. The number is available from eight in the morning until eight in the evening every day for the whole year except December 25th and 26th. Calls are free from UK landlines and UK mobiles.

Equifax Business Complaints

The Equifax Business Complaints free number is 0800 085 0650. Equifax Business is committed to delivering you the best possible service for your needs. However, if you’re ever disappointed, you can complain by calling this number. Their client support team is available from Monday to Friday at eight in the morning until six in the evening.

Equifax Alternative Contact Numbers

Equifax helpline number for Credit watch

Equifax Customer Service

The Equifax Customer Service contact number is 0333 321 4043. Any complaints from any Equifax service can also be entertained in this number. Calls from landlines and mobiles are normally included in bundled call packages, otherwise, calls cost 9.58 per minute and 15.97p connection fee from a BT landline while other networks and mobiles may vary.

Equifax Business

The Equifax Business service contact number is 0845 603 6772. By calling this number, you can learn more about Equifax products or sign up for service by contacting their sales team.

Equifax Client Support

The Equifax Client Support service contact number is 0845 603 3000. You can call this number and a client support representative can help you reset your password, explain the data presented within their products and ways to use it, assist you with your search for a customer or business, solve any technical issues and invoice queries.

Equifax Alternative Contact Methods

Equifax Contact Us

Equifax Account Assistance

Anyone can experience forgetting their username or password. So for your convenience, the account assistance page will direct you to a form that will display your username and allow you to change your password after you provide the necessary information as a security measure. A confirmation of your request will be sent to the email address that you have provided during registration.

Equifax Ask A Question

If you have questions about your Equifax Credit Report, you will need to create a support account in order to submit it to Equifax by completing the short registration form. Please note your existing Equifax Member Centre log in details will not work in the Equifax support site.

Equifax Statutory Credit Report Online

To view a copy of your Statutory Credit Report online, you can complete their online registration process and pay a one-off fee of £2. Please note, you won’t receive a posted report.

Equifax Statutory Credit and Non-limited Business Report

You can request a postal copy of your Statutory Credit Report via their credit report application form which you can download online.

After filling up the necessary form, you can then now mail the post to the following address. Your request will be processed and could take up to seven days from when the letter was received for processing.

Equifax Ltd

Customer Service Centre



Equifax Email Address

To have the Equifax support team to investigate your query directly and get back to you as soon as possible, you may email them at complaints@equifax.com. Please note that some queries may require Equifax to contact the company who has supplied the information to them but be assure that Equifax will let you know first and will add a note to your report while you’re waiting for a response.

Equifax Customer Service Email

Moreover, if you have further questions that can’t be resolved over the phone, you may message them at hello@equifax.com and the Client Support team will resolve your needs right away.

Equifax Complaint Department

In any case that other options of communication can’t resolve your query, you can post a letter to their address and their complaint department will handle your needs right away. Mail your letter to the following address:

Customer Relations




Equifax Social Media

Aside from giving you several ways of communication, Equifax has expanded their method of reaching to their consumers by being available on the following social media:

Equifax Mobile App

Also, to have Equifax right at your fingertips at all times, Equifax have also provided a mobile app suitable for Android and iTunes, whichever you prefer.

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