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Lycamobile does not have any free phone numbers in the United Kingdom. The company, however, has other numbers and free online contacts through which customers’ support needs can be resolved.

Lycamobile Alternative Phone Numbers

Lyca Homepage

Lycamobile Customer Services

The Lycamobile customer service phone number is 0207 132 0322. Contact the customer services support team on this number if you have any queries or you are interested in knowing more about the services the company has to offer. Additionally, the company has a multilingual team to address queries in multiple languages. The number is open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Lycamobile Fraud Report

The Lycamobile fraud report phone number is 0300 123 2040. Customers can call this number to report any fraudulent activity and get advice about fraud actions. In case you receive unsolicited phone calls or texts telling you that you have won a lottery prize, do not hesitate to call this number as you may be a target of fraud.

Lycamobile sports news

The Lycamobile sports news phone number is 0207 132 0606. Customers can get regular sports news updates on their favourite teams from just 9p per call with this carrier through this number. All your subscribed offers and prices can be changed or terminated by the company at any time if you so desire. All prices shown are also the prices per each call and can be changed at any time. Customers must, however, have at least 20 pence credit on their SIM card to enjoy all offers.

Lycamobile Alternative Online Contacts

Lyca Twitter page

Lycamobile Customer Services

Customers can send an email to the Lycamobile customer services support team if they have any queries or they are interested in knowing more about the services the company has to offer. Also, send an email if you have already lodged your complaint with the customer care team, but you have not received a satisfactory response and would like to step up your complaint. Send your email to

Lycamobile news and media

Customers can email the Lycamobile news and media team for all the latest news and updates on products, services and sales at

Lycamobile Telecoms partnerships

Lyca Group, the world’s largest provider of Telecom, Media, Entertainment, Financial, Travel and Healthcare services mainly to ethnic and expatriate communities, also sponsors the Gift of Life Adventure Drive as well as many others. Email the team via to know more about all the telecom sponsorships and partnerships run by them.

Lycamobile Media enquiries

Customers can email Lycamobile for all their media enquiries at Send a message if you have any questions and you want to know more about the service.

Lycamobile Customer Services Careers

You can send an email to Lycamobile for enquiries and information about customer service jobs at

Lycamobile Careers

You can send an email to Lycamobile via to inquire about advertised vacancies. You can subscribe for all possible updates and posts regarding future positions.

Lycamobile Mobile Partnerships (MVNO)

Customers can send an email to Lycamobile to enquire about the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services provided to customers via

Lycamobile Voice Interconnect and Carrier

Customers can send an email to the Lycamobile carrier team for all their inquiries and if they desire to know more about the voice interconnect and carrier service via

Lycamobile web service customer support

Activate your internet service online by following the steps online at the Lycamobile web settings portal.
You can choose either auto or manual set up to start the process. You will be required to choose your mobile brand and model and enter your Lycamobile phone number for the process to be completed.

Lycamobile multilingual customer service form

Customers can fill the Lycamobile multilingual customer service form online for queries. You will be required to enter your personal details, country of origin and your specific inquiry for assistance from the support team.

Lycamobile contact form

Customers can complete the Lycamobile contact form online to have their issues addressed. If you have any questions and would like to contact Lycamobile or you are interested in knowing more about the services the company has to offer, you can fill the online form for immediate response. On the form, you will be mandated to give out your personal details, your Lycamobile phone number, and an alternate phone number.

Lycamobile Free Sim Order Form

Customers can order their free Lycamobile sim online by completing the order form. You will be required to select the number of sims and type of sim you want, nd provide your personal details on the order form. Customers can also top up online to start using their free sim. Free sim arrives topped up with extra credit from them, ready for usage.

Lycamobile remit registration form

Customers can register for a Lycaremit account online simply by completing the registration form online with their personal details and a password.

Lycamobile fraud report form

Customers can report any fraudulent activity to Action Fraud at any time of the day or night using the online fraud reporting tool. Simply fill in the online fraud report form and supply as much information as possible to enable the Action Fraud support team help you. Customers who receive unsolicited phone calls or texts informing them that they are winners of a lottery prize should not hesitate to report as they may be targets of fraud.

Lycamobile Store Locator

Customers can find a Lycamobile store near them by using the store locator portal online. Simply fill out your location and distance details as well as what you are searching for.

Lycamobile Online Porting Form

Customers can port their existing mobile number from another network directly to Lycamobile by completing the porting form online.

Lycamobile Online Top Up form

Existing customers can top up their Lycamobile number with credit by using the online top up form.  Simply state your number, email and select the amount you wish to top up.

Lycamobile Affiliate registration form

You can sign up for an affiliate account by completing the Lycamobile affiliate registration form. You will be mandated to provide your account details, promotional details, website/campaign and verification method for the publisher account setup.

Lycamobile Social Media

Lycamobile customer service contact number for Twitter Account

Lycamobile has an active social media presence committed to serving the needs of customers and resolving all concerns that come with using the mobile service. Experts are also on hand to interact and answer all customer related questions online for the best experience. The Facebook page for instance typically replies messages within a day.

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