Emirates Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Emirates Free Phone Numbers

Sadly, Emirates does not have any free phone numbers available in the United Kingdom as of the moment. However, we are happy to present you alternative ways of communications with Emirates for all your needs to be assisted and met.

Emirates Alternative Contact Numbers

Emirates customer service contact number for main website page

Emirates Holidays

The Emirates Holidays service contact number is 0208 972 8951. Get to experience and enjoy your holiday on a wide array of Emirates’ first class hotels, tours, destinations, theme parks, special offers, get more value, and enjoy flights on their award-winning aircraft.  They will pamper you with their personal attention all the way. Call the number to know more.

Emirates Flights and Services

The Emirates Flights and Services contact number is 0344 800 2777.  You can call this number if you want to call their London Office.  They have English speaking customer relations where you can ask questions about your flight or if you want to know more about their flights and make reservations.

Moreover, this number can also assist you if you want to know more on how to avail of their Chauffeur-drive services when you travel on First Class or Business Class.  Call this number too if you want to know about Dubai Stopovers and their promos along with it or if you have any other related Emirates services queries.

Emirates Hotel Booking

The Emirates Hotel Booking service contact number is 0203 564 6725. Emirates have partnered with hotels on Booking for an absolutely hassle free travel experience.  This is also the number to call if you want to know more about their daily offers and rates to suit every budget.

Emirates International Hotel Booking

The Emirates International Hotel Booking service contact number is 0203 320 2609. Call this number to book your hotel stay, however, an international fee will be charged.  Be guided that all queries related to hotels booked through a Dubai stopover package, Dubai Connect, or any other Emirates services may not be answered by Booking. Then again, you can call Emirates’ Customer Services number for that matter.

Emirates Car Hire

The Emirates Car Hire service contact number is 0203 582 159. You can call this number for Car Hire services queries like bookings, reservations payment policies prices and availability, Fuel policies and vehicle information.  Emirates have CarTrawler as a partner to provide top class service for their customers.

You can also call this number to know how you can place more than one booking or if you wanted to check on your car hire booking status.  This is also the number to call if you want to know about their optional extras.  Please take note that most of these extras are not included in the rental price. They will have to be purchased at the time of booking or at the rental desk.

 Emirates Tours and Activities

The Emirates Tours and Activities service contact number is 0203 308 9497. Call this number to know more of Emirate’s Tour and Activities services. They have partnered with getyourguide.com to help you have an amazing experience out of your travel. They have a diverse team from over 45 nationalities who work hard to make your trip memorable and fun.  However, getyourguide.com may be unable to answer your queries about other Emirates services.

Emirates International Tours and Activities

The Emirates International Tours and Activities service contact number is 0305 444 5944. This number is available for phone calls outside the country that are related to tours and activities queries.  However, international charges may apply by calling this number.

Emirates Alternative Contact Methods

Emirates Book A Hotel

Want an absolutely seamless travel?  Then book your hotel with Emirates and find deals for any season and for every traveller’s budget! They have more than 820,000 hotels and rental properties in over 200 countries with 24/7 contact centre support available in 42 countries. You can book your hotel before or after purchasing your flights. Plus, you can even make a hotel reservation without booking a flight!

Emirates Manage Booking

Breeze through a simple booking process and secure online payments and add an itinerary to your flight through manage a booking.

Emirates Online Check-in

Emirates is always looking for ways to make your travel hassle free. Save time at the air point and check-in online. Check-in as early as 48 hours to 90 minutes before your flight leaves.  You can also choose your seat without extra cost! Print out your boarding pass or receive it via mobile and do not forget to enter your Emirates Skyward to earn miles for that flight.

Emirates Flight Status

Do you have a family member flying with Emirates? Now you can check their flight status online and you will never have to worry about them.  Just enter their flight number or the route of which the flight is bound to, and they will show you if the flight has departed or arrived at their destination. You can even get a flight status alert via email or mobile text. Remember to disable Block Marketing feature in your SMS messages with your mobile carrier so that you will receive a text. Otherwise, you will not receive the alerts.

Emirates Find A Store

A travel is never complete without a souvenir.  Take home a piece of Emirates and reminisce that fun filled, hassle free journey on our Emirates Store.  They have a number of items like toys and travel goodies for the young travellers. And if you are a collector, I know you’ll love their model Emirates aircraft. You can get them on board or order them online and have them delivered.  They deliver worldwide.

Emirates Subscription

So you love travelling with Emirates! Why not subscribe to get alerts on special offers and deals? Just fill out the form in include your Emirates Skyward if you are a member so that you won’t miss a point when you fly with them.

Emirates Sponsorships

Emirates is committed to sponsorship not just in UAE but all over the world.  They have been doing that for 20 years since they began with the powerboat race that was held in Dubai, in 1987.  As His Highness, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum said that sponsorship is one of the best ways to connect with the passengers and build a closer relationship with them.  To know more and if you are interested in submitting a sponsorship proposal, visit their online sponsorship request site.

Emirates Refunds

If you need to request a refund for a ticket that you have purchased online or through one of the contact centres of Emirates, you can use this refund request form and submit it for review.  However, this form should not be used for queries about cancellation charges or how much of a ticket may be refunded.  Once this form has been submitted, your booking will be cancelled.

The Emirates United Kingdom Medical Information Form (MEDIF)

Before travelling, always consider that your health is in top shape for a worry free fun-filled journey!  But if you are in doubt, you can always have a team to check if you are fit to travel.  Emirates can help you assess your health. You may fill out their Medical Information Form (MEDIF) manually.

The form has 2 parts that you have to fill out.  Part 1 should be filled out by the passenger or on behalf of the passenger and should be based on the condition of the passenger within one month from the date of the start of the travel and must be submitted within at least 48 hours before travel commence for the doctor to have ample time to review and process your request.  Send the form to medaattachments@emirates.com. Part 2 is where the doctor processes your request at the email address given.  Please note that the doctors may need more information or might have clarification prior to approval of the MEDIF. You need to notify Emirates immediately of any change in the patient’s condition before the travel.

Emirates Media Contacts

Know the latest news about Emirates in their Media Center.  Learn about their new Onboard Lounge in their new Airbus A380 or even know how to pack smart with Emirates’ Urban Travelers Collection. Or if you want to get in touch with their media team, you can email them at pr@emirates.com.

 Emirates Customer Affairs

If you need to reach Emirates’ Customer Affairs for any other concerns and issues, you may send them a message on their general CS email address at customer.affairs@emirates.com.

Emirates Complaints Department

In some cases that you cannot find the exact way of communication in assisting your needs, Emirates have provided their mailing address for you to get your business done more personalised. Yet, standard response will be sent within 20 working days, depending on the depth of the case. The address to write on is:


P.O. Box 686


The United Arab Emirates

Emirates Feedback

You just experienced the best tour and travel with Emirates and would want to send them a feedback; you can fill out a compliment form on its website and pitch in your most encouraging words to the staff and crew who have been most of the help to you during your travel.  In the same way, you may also use this form if you’ve had some issues that you think might just help make Emirates improve on. Because Emirates value every customer and would always want them to feel that their journey is its top priority.

Emirates Social Media

Emirates Customer Service Contact Number for Social Account Twitter

Of course who today is not using social Media to get more information, updates and send messages? Emirates are pretty much visible and active in social media.  Check their pages and follow them or Join their mailing list to get more updates on perks and special offers.

Emirates Mobile Apps

In today’s technology, it is very easy to do transactions with just one slide of a finger in your mobile phones and tablets.  With Emirates App, it is now easier to make and manage your travel plans. The app is available on Ipad, Iphone, Apple watch and Android.

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