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EasyJet Special Assistance Number

The free EasyJet Special Assistance Number is 0800 998 1130. You can call this number if you or any companion passenger is in need of special assistance. Special assistance services include the provision of wheelchairs, assistance with electric mobility aids, accompanying visually or hearing impaired passengers and accompanying passengers with intellectual or development disabilities. You will be assigned with a code that will be later transmitted to the group crew at the airport so you will be immediately attended to.

Alternative EasyJet Contact Phone Numbers, Details and Services

EasyJet helpline number for main website page

EasyJet Worldwide Special Assistance Number

The EasyJet Special Assistance Number for the Rest of the World is 0158 227 7147.

EasyJet Customer Service Team

The number of the Customer Service (CS) Team is 0330 365 5000. Call the number if you want to contact EasyJet when booking a flight.  Booking and reservations can be made directly to the Customer Service Team who shall guide you through the process of completing your booking. You will later be e-mailed a message confirming your booking transactions. Note that booking can also be made via their website or directly to the airport with the person in charge at the Sales Desk or the CS Desk.

You may also call the same number with the CS Team when you want to cancel your booking. Note that refunds are provided to those who phone for cancellation within 24 hours after the reservation booking. If you called the number after 24 hours, your cancellation will be entertained but you will not be entitled to a refund.  Be reminded that cancellation can only be done through an online cancellation in their website and by calling above number.

EasyJet Holidays Booking

The EasyJet Holidays booking service number is 0203 499 5232. The EasyJet Holidays is a way to customise your travel holiday. The Travel Experts will help you with the booking process, as well as other services such as transfers, baggage, and emergencies.

EasyJet Holidays Customer Service

The EasyJet Holidays Customer Service number is 0203 499 5251. The line is open 24 hours a day. Call this number if you have any additional requests for your pre-booked holidays or if you have issues and concerns during your trip. The customer service will tell you how to deal with those issues and provide you with your additional needs.

EasyJet Duty Office Number

The EasyJet Duty Office customer service number is 0203 499 5248. In case you have a complaint about your bookings or your flights while you are in your holidays and the local service supplier cannot help you with your problem, call this number for assistance. The duty office in-charge will try to resolve your problem. When calling this number, prepare your holiday reference number which was earlier sent to your email.

EasyJet Flying Course

The EasyJet Flying Course service number is 0203 813 1644. This number connects you to an agent who will give you instructions and information on their Fearless Flying Course. The course aims to help people with the fear of flying to cope up with their phobia through effective strategies. The course runs for two days with at least three hours a day. During the second day, you will experience a one-hour flight experience so you could apply the skills you have just learned during the course. The agent will tell you the schedule available and even assist you with your special requests (e.g. companion flight, prices and emergency call services).

EasyJet IPS Passport Advice Line

The helpline number for the IPS Passport Advice is 0300 222 0000. This number connects you to the Her Majesty’s (HM) Passport Office who is the sole issuer of UK passports. You can call this number if your passport is nearing its expiration and you want to avail of a new one immediately. The office will provide you information about UK passports including the type of passport you need and the requirements in applying for one.

EasyJet Group Bookings

The EasyJet Group Bookings contact number is 0843 104 1200. If you want to book for a group, you can call the Groups Team via this number to ask for a quote and to make a group booking. When asking for a quote, tell the agent your full name, e-mail address, specific travel details and any requests for special assistance. If you have already booked for a group, you can also call the same number if you have more enquiries. Keep your booking reference number ready when making the call.

Alternative EasyJet Free Online Contact Methods

EasyJet Contact Us customer service

EasyJet Contact Form

You can ask any question through EasyJet’s Contact Form found on this page. Scroll down to the “Write to Us” section to view the contact form. Fill in your name, booking e-mail address, booking number and your question, comments or complaints. Optionally, you can attach any document file that will support your question or complaint. The EasyJet team will try their best to get back to you within seven days upon receipt of your query or complaint.

EasyJet Compensation Claim Form

If you weren’t able to board due to flight cancellation, flight delays or you were simply denied to go on board, you may be compensated. If your case is indeed compensable, claim for compensation through the EU261 Compensation Claim Form. Enter your flight details, your contact details, payment details and information about the passengers. In about 21 days, the EasyJet specialists’ team will contact you and inform you if you are qualified for compensation. If you are qualified, the team will guide you through the process of making the compensation.

EasyJet Expense Claim Form

If you weren’t able to board your flight without fault, you may request for a claim for reasonable expenses incurred by filling in this form. Note that you can only claim for the expenses if your flight was delayed or cancelled or if you were not allowed to board the plane.

EasyJet Spirit

To contact the EasyJet Spirit, you can simply e-mail them at orangespirit@easyjet.com. The EasyJet Spirit embodies the quality of the company’s customer service and employees’ teamwork. EasyJet’s employee recognition the “Orange Spirit” factor as among their standards of upgrading their workforce. This, however, needs customer participation as customers are asked to recommend a staff or a member of the crew to be recognised in EasyJet. If you recognise the “Orange Spirit” in one of the employees, simply e-mail the name of the employee, your date of flight and your booking reference number to the above-mentioned e-mail address.

EasyJet Investors

Investors may contact EasyJet by sending an e-mail at investor.relations@easyjet.com. You can obtain any information about the company that would help you with your decision-making to whether or not invest on EasyJet.

EasyJet Public Affairs

You can contact the Public Affairs Team at public.affairs@easyjet.com. Any questions about the stockholder’s relations, corporate, policy and political issues may be aired through this e-mail.

EasyJet Call Back

You can also request for a Call Back from EasyJet for free by going to this page and filling in the required information.

EasyJet Careers

To be a part of the easyJet Team, you can apply online via their online application system. You can check this page for any vacancies. Register and apply with any of the vacant positions available. Remember that applying for EasyJet can only be made through their website and that they do not accept paper applications. If you do not find a position suitable for you or a position you are not yet qualified for, you can still register with EasyJet for future reference. The company will update you with new vacancies that match your profile so you can apply again.

EasyJet Live Chat

You can access the EasyJet live chat here. You can ask any question whether or not you have a booking. Simply enter your name, your e-mail address and your question. A customer service staff online will come to your aid. The Live Chat is available daily at 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

EasyJet Manage Booking

The EasyJet Manage Booking feature allows you to view your bookings, change the flight and the passengers’ names, reserve a seat, add hold baggage and check-in online. To be able to access this feature, login EasyJet and enter your e-mail address and the password you have provided during your booking or simply go to the page. If you did not make the booking but would like to manage such, enter the booking reference number and your last name.

EasyJet Flight Tracker

You can find a list of every EasyJet flight that will be departing in a few days through the EasyJet Flight Tracker. Here, you will be given the times of arrival and departure of the flights. You can also view the status of your own flight through this tracker.

EasyJet Public Relations Officers Email Addresses

If you are a journalist and would like to contact a Public Relations (PR) Officer but for any reason can’t phone them, you can send an e-mail the PR Officers at the following addresses, depending on your location:

EasyJet Inflight Returns

When you want to return an item you purchased in the plane, you can contact EasyJet through this web form. The items may be refunded only if the item is damaged, faulty or unwanted. Make sure that the form is completely filled in and that the details are accurate to allow EasyJet to process your refund quickly. After the form, send the item to the following address and EasyJet will contact you in a few days:

EasyJet Returns
Gate Retail Onboard
750 Capability Green

EasyJet Complaint Department

If you want to make a formal complaint, you can write to EasyJet to this address:

EasyJet Airline Company Limited
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

EasyJet Mobile Apps

You can also book a flight via the EasyJet Mobile Application, available in the Apple Store (for Apple phones) and in Google Play (for Android phones). You can also manage your bookings, track your flight, and check-in your passport using the application. You can likewise store your boarding pass (maximum of five passes) on your phone so you wouldn’t have to print them. Simply show the pass for scanning at checkpoints, desks or gates.

EasyJet Social Media

EasyJet Helpline for Twitter

EasyJet can also be contacted through their various social media accounts. The following are the links to their social media sites:

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