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EDF Energy Account Queries

The EDF Energy account queries free number is 0800 056 7777. The dedicated team here provide customer service for home customers. A call to this number will be received by an automated voice system. This voice system will provide you with options to choose. You can proceed to choose from the options provided based on your specific query. Lines are open between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays and 8:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

EDF Energy Bill Payment And Meter Reading Service

For your EDF Energy automated 24-hour bill payment and meter reading service, the free number is 0800 015 1736. You will be asked to enter your customer account number or telephone number including your area code.

EDF Energy Direct Debit Set-up

The  EDF Energy direct debit (monthly or quarterly) set up free number is 0800 096 2260. Call this number for help concerning payment packages for your energy usage.

EDF Energy Prepayment Meter

The EDF Energy pay as you go (prepayment meter) inquiries free number is 0800 015 1733. You may dial this number if you have any questions on how to make payments on your prepayment meter. You can also direct any questions about prepayment meter service to this number.

EDF Energy Fixed Tariff Exhaustion

If your fixed tariff is ending soon, the EDF Energy free number to call is 0800 096 7355. If you realise at any point your fixed tariff is almost exhausted, and you wish to alert the Tariff Exhaustion team, call this number.

EDF Energy National Gas Emergency Service

The EDF Energy National Gas Emergency Service free number is 0800 111 999. Take the necessary precautions if you smell a gas leak, call this emergency line anytime.  The line is open 24 hours all week.

EDF Energy Priority Service Helpline

The EDF Energy priority services free number is 0800 269 450. If you are a customer with special needs, call this number to be put on the priority service list. The special needs service covers the blind, disabled, elderly and people with long-term health conditions.

EDF Energy Tariff Sales

The EDF Energy Tariff Sales free number is 0800 096 4063. The call is received by an automated voice. Calls are free from Landlines but may attract a charge if you are calling from a mobile device, charges vary based on your customer service provider. To be connected to the right service agent you will be required to choose from two options.
If your property is not supplied by EDF Energy you will be required to press 1.
If your property is supplied by EDF Energy Press 2.
A customer service personnel will be readily available to assist you in discussing and choosing a tariff that suits your needs.

EDF Energy Theft and Meter Tampering

To report energy theft and meter tampering the EDF Energy free number to call is 0800 023 2777. If you have any suspicions of interference with your energy or you think someone is tampering with your meter call this number and relay your report to stay-energy-safe. This is a 24-hour emergency toll-free line.

EDF Energy Gas Emergencies

The EDF Energy Gas Emergencies free number is 0800 096 9000.
For gas or electricity emergency press 1.
If you like to leave a meter reading, hear your balance or make payment Press 2.
To know about the office open hours Press 3.

EDF Energy Business Meter Reading

The EDF Energy Business Meter Reading free number is 0800 404 7421. To get your billings based on your actual usage instead of estimates call this number. You will be welcomed by an automated voice that will ask you to enter your account number or telephone number associated with the account.

EDF Energy Business Movers

To reach EDF Energy Business Movers, the free number to call is 0800 404 7413. In any case of relocation of your business, direct all your queries to this number. This line is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

EDF Energy Business Sales

To make queries about general business sales, the EDF Energy free number is 0800 015 9097. You can reach a support team that would deal with your questions about business sales from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

EDF Energy- Small Business

The EDF Energy small business customer service free number is 0800 096 2255. This number is dedicated to providing any assistance on all business related issues.

EDF Energy Large Business Sales

The EDF Energy Large Business sales free number is 0800 328 9030. This is for industrial, commercial and public sector organisations who want to choose EDF Energy as their energy provider. Phone lines are open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Switch To EDF Energy

To switch your energy provider to EDF energy the free number to call is 0800 015 9097. This toll-free number connects you to a team of dedicated advisers who will help you get started.

EDF Energy Complaints

The EDF Energy Complaint free number is 0800 051 1643. If you are dissatisfied with any service provided, you can lodge your complaints here.

EDF Energy Executive Customer Service Director

To escalate any unresolved complaint to the executive service director, the EDF Energy free number is 0800 904 7450. If you feel the resolution to your complaint is delaying or it has not have been resolved at all or you are unsatisfied with the resolution offered after making your initial complaint. You can easily escalate your complaint by calling this number.

Alternative EDF Energy Contact Numbers and Services

EDF Enerygy Alternative Contacts

EDF Energy International

For customers calling from abroad, the EDF Energy phone number is 0113 820 7117. Contact any of this number for all EDF Energy inquiries. This number is exclusive to countries outside the UK.

Alternative EDF Energy International Number

The alternative EDF Energy International phone number is 0113 820 7118. If you are calling from outside the UK this is an alternative number to call.

EDF Energy Debt Helpline-Landline

From a landline, the EDF Energy debt helpline phone number is 0808 156 6666.

EDF Energy Debt Helpline-Landline

From a mobile, the EDF Energy debt helpline phone number is 0300 330 0519. This line is available for independent debt advice.

EDF Energy Large Business Customer Service

The EDF Energy Large business customer service phone number is 0845 366 3664. This number is open to all large organisations and industries who have inquiries to make.

EDF Energy Revenue Management

The EDF Energy phone number for revenue management is 0845 302 7337. You will receive any assistance you require from the support team.

EDF Energy Free Online Contact Methods

EDF Energy Twitter Page

EDF Energy Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with any service provided, direct all your complaints to complaintresolutionmanager@edfenergy.com. This address relays your issues to the Complaints Resolution Manager. Any issues you may be facing will be dealt with within the shortest possible.

EDF Energy Customer Service Director

If your complaint has not received the necessary attention you can report this issue by sending an email to the Executive Service Director via CSDirector@edfenergy.com. This gives you the opportunity to follow up on your initial complaint. It is their aim to resolve all your issues within five working days.

EDF Energy Large Business Sales Inquiries

For all forms of sales inquiries concerning large businesses, send an email to directsaletenders@edfenergy.com. This is mainly for commercial and industrial businesses that require the services of EDF energy.

EDF Energy – Large Business Inquiries

For any queries about your large business relocation direct your concerns to businessmoves@edfenergy.com. You can email to give prior notice when changing the premises of your business.

EDF Energy Online Chat

You can get your questions answered via an online live chat. Click on the Chat now or Live Chat button, enter your name, select from a list of four options, click submit and your chat is initiated. EDF energy advisers are on standby to answer all your concerns in the shortest possible time

EDF Energy Email Form

You can send EDF Energy an email by filling the online email form.  Click on the send us an email button and fill out all necessary slots like your category of the query, your name, email, account number, reference ID etc. The customer support team will respond to your email in the shortest possible time.

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