Universal Credit Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Universal Credit Logo
Universal Credit Department UK Contact Number
Universal Credit Claims 0800 012 1888
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Live Service 0800 328 9344
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Live Service Textphone 0800 328 1344
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Full Service 0800 328 5644
-Free Number-
Universal Credit Customer Service 0345 600 0723
Universal Credit Welsh Language Changes 0345 600 3018
Universal Credit Helpline 0345 600 4272
Universal Credit Textphone 0345 600 0743
Universal Credit Central Income Team Lambeth 0207 926 0820
Universal Credit Castle Point 0126 888 2200
Universal Credit Stafford 0178 561 5478

Universal Credit Free Numbers

Universal Credit Contact Number

Universal Credit Claims – Welsh Speakers Free Number 0800 012 1888

Universal Credit claims Welsh speakers free number is 0800 012 1888 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Your Universal Credit Claim can be made online if you already have a Universal Credit account. If you encounter any difficulty or if you prefer to make your claim via phone then call Universal Credit free contact number 0800 012 1888. Reach the support team if you have questions about eligibility, application process and the required documents to support your application.

Universal Credit Free Number

Universal Credit Live Service Free Number 0800 328 9344

Universal Credit live Service free number is 0800 328 9344 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Universal credit live service is no more available as at January 2018. To manage your claim by phone if you are already Universal Credit in the live service area call Universal Credit contact number live 0800 328 9344. If are expecting notification for full service to live and haven’t received it call the customer support team here. Also, call to report changes in circumstances to your live service.

Universal Credit Live Service Textphone 0800 328 1344

Universal Credit live service free textphone 0800 328 1344. If you are hearing impaired or a textphone user you can make your Universal Credit live claims via this Universal Credit contact number free 0800 328 1344. You can also make all your Universal Credit live service enquiries when you reach the team.

Universal Credit Full Service Free Number 0800 328 5644

Universal Credit free number 0800 328 5644 is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers can call this Universal Credit helpline 0800 328 5644 to apply for a scheme. Universal Credit full service is available to certain claimants in some areas of Great Britain. You can check online if you are in the Universal Credit full-service area. You will be required to give out your personal details to the operators to check your eligibility. Reach the tech team here if you need technical assistance when logging into your Universal Credit online account to check upcoming appointments. For questions and concerns directed to a DWP representative about Universal Credit existing claims contact Universal Credit contact line 0345 600 4272.

Universal Credit Contact Numbers

Universal Credit Customer Service

Universal Credit customer service contact number is 0345 600 0723 available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers in the UK can call the Universal Credit helpline UK 0345 600 0723 for enquiries and assistance about their service. If you have questions about Universal Credit disability, Universal Credit delays, Universal Credit rates, Universal Credit roll out call Universal Credit contact centre on 0345 600 0723. Issues about eligibility, application process, document requirements, Universal Credit award letter, Universal Credit benefits, Universal credit Budget and Universal Credit deductions will be addressed by the able team.

The team will take you through the Universal Credits benefits and how you can take advantage of it. Based on your circumstances you can use the Universal Credit benefits calculator to get an approximation of your payments. if you have been notified of your benefits but have not received your Universal credits award letter you can call Universal Credit contact number 0345 600 0723 to follow up.

Universal Credit Welsh Language Changes

Universal Credit Changes In Circumstances
Universal Credit Welsh language changes contact number is 0345 600 3018, available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Welsh speaking customers can call this Universal Credit contact phone number 0345 600 3018 to make changes to their universal credit account details. As an existing account holder circumstances may change from the time of service to date, if you need to make changes so you can receive the correct amount under the Universal Credit Policy reach the Universal Credit Changes in circumstances team. If you do not report changes such as moving in with a partner, having a child, getting a new job, changes in health condition etc. your claim may be reduced on stopped altogether. If you have been paid too much you have to repay the money if the change wasn’t reported straight away, wrong information was provided or you were mistakenly overpaid. In such a case you can be taken to court.
If you have a Universal Credit Online account you can report the changes to your circumstances via your online account.

Universal Credit Textphone

Universal Credit text contact number is 0345 600 0743 available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.Speech and Hearing impaired customers can contact Universal credit textphone number 0345 600 0743 for all enquiries and claims. To speak to someone in the Department of Information on work and Pensions on all issues about Universal Credit Policy reach the support team here. This is also Universal Credit Harlow textphone contact, In Harlow, Universal Credits replaces income support, child tax support, Income-based Job seekers allowance, Income-related employment, support allowance and working tax credit. As a Harlow resident inquire about these benefits, call the Universal Credit Contact telephone number 0345 600 0743.

Universal Credit Castle Point

Universal Credit Castle Point contact number is 0126 888 2200, available Monday to Thursday 8:45 am to 5:15 pm and Friday 8:45 am to 4:45 pm. If you live anywhere near Castle Point or its surroundings and you need to make enquiries about Universal Credit services, a Universal Credit claim or a Universal Credit appointment reach the Castle Point Borough Council, contact Universal Credit contact phone 0126 888 2200.

Universal Credit Stafford

Universal Credit Stafford Contact Number is 0178 561 5478, available Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Housing Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Income Support, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit cannot be claimed, only single people can make claims. If you have questions about the claims procedures call Universal Credit Helpline contact number 0178 561 5478.

Universal Credit Online Contacts

Universal Credit Email Address uc.servicecentrehousing@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Universal Credit Service Centre email address is uc.servicecentrehousing@dwp.gsi.gov.uk. In an instance where the details provided by DWP does not match that of the tenant reach the support team via Universal Credit email address uc.servicecentrehousing@dwp.gsi.gov.uk. an investigation will be done based on the information supplied.

Contact Universal Credit Social Media

Universal Credi1 Twitter
DWP YouTube
Universal Credit in UK LinkedIn

PayPal Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

PayPal Free Contact Number

PayPal Customer Service

The free PayPal customer service phone number is 0800 358 7911. Account owners can call this number to discuss their account information, queries, claims and limitations. You will be required to enter your six digits one-time passcode from the website if you have one or say so if you don’t have one for further instructions. Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

PayPal Business Customer Service Phone Number 

The PayPal business customer service phone number is 0800 368 7173 for funding. Customers can call this number to apply for working capital. The number is open from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. At the menu, press 1 if you are a business calling to open a new merchant account to leave a message with the merchant sales team.

PayPal Alternative Phone Numbers

PayPal International

The PayPal International phone number is +353 (0)1 436 9004. Customers calling from outside the UK can call this number for all inquiries and special instructions regarding the service.

PayPal Credit Customer Service

The PayPal credit customer service phone number is +1866 528 3733. Customers in the United States can call this number for questions and discussions on their credit. The number is open from Monday to Friday between 5:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday/Sunday between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT.

PayPal Customer Service outside the US

The PayPal customer service phone number for customers calling from outside the US is +1402 935 2050. Customers calling from outside America can call this number for customer service support, limitations, debit card and business support.

PayPal Resolution Center

The PayPal resolution centre number is 0870 730 3196. In some cases, PayPal may ask you to provide a police report before processing. In such an instance, you may fax the completed police report with the required information on this number including a cover sheet stating the primary email address on your account and the ID number of your claim faxed to the company.

PayPal Payment Gateway Partners

The PayPal Payment Gateway partners phone number is 0844 338 0470. Customers can contact the support team on this number if they require some help to activate PayPal on their existing payment system. Payment gateway partners help customers to swiftly switch on Express Checkout, so they can start to benefit from increased sales.

PayPal UK Telephone Number

The PayPal UK telephone number is 0208 605 3000. Customers can call this UK telephone number if they have any complaints or misgivings concerning their service.

PayPal Access Card Customer Services

The PayPal Access Card Customer services phone number is 0333 700 7060. Customers can contact the access card customer service on this number for all queries regarding the access card. Call if you need information about your new card or need help in getting started on your new card.

PayPal Alternative Free Online Contacts

PayPal Security

The PayPal security email address is spoof@paypal.com. Contact PayPal security via this email to report, manage, detect or prevent any form of fraudulent or potentially unlawful activities with your account.

PayPal UK Community

Customers can register and sign up to the online PayPal community. With almost 1 million members of this community, customers can chat and interact with each other and ask questions about the common service they enjoy. You can also post on the community page and find other services of interest.

PayPal Social Media

PayPal provides support on the various social media platforms including

EON Energy Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Eon Energy Logo

With a vision to be their customers’ trusted energy partner providing clean energy from renewable resources from wind and water. They have 16 operational onshore and 5 offshore wind farms, all of which are equipped with world class technology.  With plans of producing more renewable energy, they hope to produce up to 1,500MW.

EON Energy Free Phone Numbers

EON Energy helpline number for main website page

EON Energy Distribution Company Enquiries

The EON Energy Distribution Company Enquiries number is 0800 092 3990. They are the ones responsible for maintaining the cable networks all over the UK.  For a faster and more organised work, they have different distribution area that looks after the cable network in their area.

EON Energy Gas Emergency Number

The EON Energy Gas Emergency free phone number is 0800 111 999. This number is also considered as the EON Energy Gas Leak Contact as it will help you with gas leaks or if you need to report gas explosions or fire. The company is committed to making sure you are safe.  When you call this EON Energy phone number, they will sort out the problem and will tell you what to do to stay safe. So always make sure that this EON Energy Gas phone number is noted under your emergency numbers for a quick access in times of need.

EON Energy Security

The EON Energy Security service contact number is 0800 032 2409. They usually call in advance before technicians visit your home. So if you have any doubts about our representatives and would like to verify their identity, you can call this EON Energy phone number free.

EON Energy Alternative Contact Numbers

EON energy customer service number for for your home

EON Energy House builders and Home Developers

EON Energy’s House builders and Home Developers service number is 0333 202 4447.  Since every home development is unique, the company is equipped to help you in installing meters and a one-stop-shop for all your site metering needs. They have dedicated account managers providing on-hand expertise and advice.

EON Energy Business Meters

The EON Energy Business Meters service number is 0333 202 4920.  For customers who are moving into premises that require a change in supply, it provides meter installation and energy supply contracts for your specific business needs. From large manufacturers to major retail businesses who are in need for on-site advice.

EON Energy Own House Meter Installation

The EON Energy Own House Meter Installation service number is 0333 202 4592. It knows how stressful building a new home can be. So they offer a hassle-free connection of electricity and gas to your new home.  They will help you install meters and work with you to meet your deadlines. Even manage your account through your first bill!

EON Energy Disconnections

The EON Energy’s Disconnections service number is 0115 995 5019. If you’re demolishing your home or if you wish to have your services removed.  You can ask them about your meter and other information that you need before demolishing your property.  The EON Energy phone number may even offer you another option aside from disconnecting your services to them.

EON Energy De-Energise

The EON Energy’s De-Energise service number is 0115 995 5181.  Call this number if you are doing renovations to your properties and you need to turn the power off.  They will arrange to have the meter turned off and you will have no power while you do all the necessary renovations. They will remove the meter by the meter operator.  However, there is a charge of £64.76 for the visit to remove the fuse.  The return visit and to replace the fuse and get back the electricity is free.

EON Energy Saving Home Improvements

EON Energy Saving Home Improvements service number is 0330 400 1183. It helps low-income household heat up for a much cheaper option. They offer Loft Insulation grants, Cavity Wall Insulation Scheme, Boiler Grants and Scrappage Scheme to help you heat up your home for less.

EON Energy Rewards Enquiry

The EON Energy Rewards Enquiry service number is 0345 301 5350.  If you have Rewards, you can exchange them into Tesco Clubcard point and Bonusbond gift vouchers.  Sadly, the rewards scheme has ended last March 31, 2017. But, you can still exchange them until June 30, 2017. To know more on how you can redeem your rewards, call the number and enjoy your rewards.

EON Energy Rewards Exchange Key or Card Payments

The EON Energy Rewards Exchange Key or Card Payments service number is 0345 302 4317.  Use your Key or Card to exchange your rewards and enjoy the special treats. You should hurry since the rewards scheme has ended last March 31, 2017.  But, you can still exchange your rewards until June 30, 2017.

EON Energy Prepayment

The EON Energy Prepayment service contact service number is 0345 303 3040.

EON Energy Prepayment Meter

The EON Energy Prepayment Meter service number is 0345 301 5866.  Call this number if you want to change to a prepayment meter.  If you have 24-hour access, your meter is not above the head height and can top up anytime, anywhere; you can switch to a prepayment meter installation.

EON Energy General Complaints

The EON Energy General Complaints service contact number is 0345 052 0000. This is for general complaints, it may also be considered as the EON Energy Head Office Phone Number. The company is passionate about making things right when they get things wrong.  They have a team of customer care who are trained to resolve issues.  They will even send you an apology, an explanation and compensation if they are really at fault.  They aim to resolve 9 out of 10 complaints within 2 days, but usually, they try to resolve all other issues and complaints within 3 weeks.

EON Energy Smart Meter Account

The EON Energy Smart Meter Account service number is 0345 366 5973.  Call this number if you have complaints or disputes on your Smart Meter Account. They will be glad to help you in resolving your complaints.

EON Energy Moving Home Complaint

The EON Energy Moving Home Complaint service number is 0345 303 3020.  If you are not happy with service or they did not meet the requirements in moving to your new home, you can always call them and they will set things straight for you.

EON Energy Smart Pay As You Go

The EON Energy Smart Pay As You Go service contact number is 0345 366 5996. The benefits of Smart Pay As You Go is that you will never have to hassle yourself in controlling your energy. You can set up your balance alerts when you’re running low.  Top up anywhere by using your smartphones, our app, your computer or go to any post office. You can also transfer credit between meters. Call this number if you want to know more.

EON Energy Business Enquiries

The EON Energy Business Enquiries service contact number is 0333 202 4586. The company offers a wide range of energy solution to fit your business needs. They can provide energy solutions to help you use energy efficiently to make your business more profitable. So whenever it is a business-related concern, just call this EON Energy Business contact and they’ll sure to assist you right away.

EON Energy Changing Supplier for Prepayment Meters

The EON Energy Changing Supplier service contact number for prepayment meters is 0345 302 3473. If you want to switch suppliers either switching to EON or leaving them for another supplier, you can call this EON Energy Supplier contact number. A customer service expert will answer all your queries.

EON Energy Credit Meters

The EON Energy Credit Meters service number is 0345 301 4905.  Whether switching to them or to another supplier, you can call this number and their customer service expert will be happy to assist you.

EON Energy Pay Bill, Meter Readings, and Bill Queries

The EON Energy Payments, Meter Readings and Bill Query service contact number is 0345 059 9905. Call the said EON Energy Pay Bill phone number for queries on your payments, bills, and meter readings all in one account.  Learn more on their Landlord Services and manage your properties in one place. Discover more of innovative energy solutions that make your life easier. This Eon Energy Meter Reading Phone Number could also let you view your readings and you will never have to worry about unexpected bills. Enjoy the benefits of having solar energy to your home and start saving around 50% on your electricity bills.

EON Energy Overseas

The EON Energy Overseas number is 0115 843 4373. If you are outside of the country and needed to call, you can call the number mention above.  There will always be someone to assist you with any part of the world.

EON Energy Business Energy Solutions

The EON Energy Business Energy Solutions service contact number is 0330 400 1753. You may call this number to know more about solutions. This EON Energy Solutions phone number will give you enough information on their solar panels, battery storage to you solar PV system. Integrating and managing your lighting, cooling, heating, process steam and electricity needs.

EON Energy Customer Service for People with Special Needs

The EON Energy Customer Service Phone Number for People with Special Needs is 0333 202 4760. It provides a number of assistance for people with special needs like people who are of pensionable age, have disabilities, deaf, blind or those who are chronically ill.  Call this number to contact Priority Services Register Scheme.

EON Energy Paying Bills

The EON Energy Paying Bills service contact number is 0345 301 5882.  They have trained people who can talk to you and walk you through their available payment options.

EON Energy Alternative Contact Methods

EON Energy mobile app

EON Energy Gas and Electric Tariffs

Get a quote on EON Energy’s latest tariffs.  You need to provide your address so they can send you their best offer for your area.  They base their quote on the amount of energy you tell them you use each year.

EON Energy Home Smart Meter

Book for a smart meter for your home and free yourself the hassle of paper bills. With the Smart Meter, you can view your meter readings, track your energy usage, receive and accurate bill every time, get a smart pay as you go feature for a worry-free payment and top up anywhere or any post office in your area.

EON Energy Meter Fit Request Form

You can let them know when you want your meter fitted with EON Energy Meter Fit Request Form.  You need to fill out their meter fit form and send it to your dedicated point of contact.

EON Energy Application Email

Once you have completed the application form you can email the form to energy.connections@EONenergy.com and EON Energy will log your application. Expect a call from an account manager within 2 working days to talk you about the process.

EON Energy Warm Home Discount

EON is committed to helping their customers reduce their energy bills. Discounts are offered particularly to those in fuel poverty area.  This is a first come, first served basis application and they will contact you once you have submitted your online forms.

EON Energy Email

If you want to get in touch with EON Energy via email form and send your attachments with your queries. You can also fill out the form online and send it to them. Include as much detail about your query as possible so they can assist you properly. They, however, do not answer emails immediately.  You can try live chat for immediate answers.

EON Energy Complaint Department

If you are more comfortable in writing your complaints, you can send it to the address below.  EON Energy Customer Complaints Department values their customers and they will review your complaints and their resolution team will get back to you within three weeks.

Customer Service Centre


Nottingham NG1 6WR

EON Energy Live Chat

For immediate response to your queries, you might want to try EON’s online chat. EON will be happy to answer you and help you with your queries.  You can also find their FAQs of all you needed to know for a much easy and faster browsing.

EON Energy Mobile App

For a more control on your energy account, you may access it through your mobile phones. Just download their mobile app on your Android and Apple devices.

Contact EON Energy via Social Media

Follow EON Energy on social media to know more about their latest posts and updates.

Daily Mail Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Daily Mail Logo

Daily Mail Free Phone Numbers

Daily Mail main Website

Daily Mail Missing Supplements Free Customer Service

The Daily Mail missing supplement free customer service contact number is 0800 200 250.

Daily Mail on Sunday Missing Supplement Free Helpline

The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday missing supplement free helpline number is 0800 200 240.

Daily Mail Alternative Contact Numbers

Daily Mail Home page

Daily Mail Back Copies

In order to enquire about this service, dial the Daily Mail Back Copies service contact number is 0207 640 3900. Want to get a copy of a certain article? You may call this number for more information on availability and costs of back copies and the company will either send you a copy online or through the mail, whichever you prefer.

Daily Mail Editorial

The Daily Mail Editorial service contact number is 0207 938 6000. You may call this number to contact Daily Mail about any queries on their news and features.

Daily Mail Classified Advertising

The Daily Mail Classified Advertising service contact number is 0207 937 5656. The company is open for any advertisement that you want to be posted over their hundreds of article links, websites and mobile apps. So if you are one of the many people who are interested in advertising something, you may do so by calling this number.

Daily Mail Alternative Contact Methods

Daily Mail Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Daily Mail Editorial Content

If you notice a factual inaccuracy on MailOnline, Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, please email corrections@mailonline.co.uk and the company will address the issue as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you feel that your matter won’t be solved with a phone call, you may submit an email to Daily Mail at news@dailymail.co.uk.

Daily Mail Online Competitions and Newspaper Promotions

If you have a query regarding online competitions or newspaper-led promotions which oftentimes also appear online, you can email your query at promotions@dailymail.co.uk.

Daily Mail Technical Support

Daily Mail website has been updated with the latest technology to be compatible with every device and computers for subscribers can access it anywhere. However, if at any case, that you have experienced any technical problem with MailOnline, you may email them at technical@dailymailonline.co.uk.

Daily Mail Story Tip-offs

Do you have a story you want to send to Daily Mail? You may do so by emailing your story at tips@dailymail.com. You might be surprised one day that you could read your story online via their website.

Daily Mail Missing Supplements

If by any case that you have observed that a certain article posted by Daily Mail, MailOnline or Mail on Sunday are missing some supplements, you may appeal to their office by sending a message online at helpline@dailymail.co.uk.

Daily Mail Letters to the Editor

Daily Mail has provided a way to let their readers communicate to the editors in a more personal manner. Whenever you feel to do so, you may send a message through letters@dailymail.co.uk.

Daily Mail Managing Editor’s Office

If you wish to make a formal complaint about a potential breach of the Editor’s Code of Practice under IPSO rules, please go to this page where you will find an easy-to-use complaint form to assess your queries.

Daily Mail Communities

If you have a question about the Daily Mail’s message boards or is experiencing some problems with your account, you may send your enquiries by filling up this form. The support team will take your privacy seriously and will address your needs as soon as the form was submitted.

Daily Mail Advertisement

Get in touch with one of Daily Mail’s team members to find out how Mail Advertising can help you achieve your marketing goals. Just simply fill up their form and the company is looking forward to hearing more from you.

Daily Mail Complaint Department

For a more personal approach to your needs and enquiries on Daily Mail services and articles, you may do so by writing them a letter. Their complaint department will assist you as soon as they can, however, be advised that it could take up to seven days as the letter will take a couple of days to be received in their office. You can post it to the following address:

Reader’s Editor

Daily Mail

Northcliffe House

2 Derry Street

London W8 5TT

United Kingdom

Daily Mail Social Media

By the growing influence of people over social media, the Daily Mail have made their services available all throughout the web and made accounts on the following sites:

Daily Mail Online Mobile App

Download the free Daily Mail Online mobile app to get over 1,200 articles and 10,000 photos every day for your iPhone, Android or Windows devices.

QuickQuid Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

QuickQuid Logo

QuickQuid Free Phone Numbers

Quick Quid Homepage

QuickQuid Customer Service Number

The QuickQuid Customer Service Support phone number is 0800 056 1515. When you think of lending services, it is the leading company in online credit. More than 1.4 million customers have enjoyed the transparent flexible short term loans that the company offers. For short term loans, your top choice is QuickQuid. However, if you are facing financial difficulties and require a long-term loan plan, the company may not be an advisable option.To be eligible for the loan services you must have a valid UK bank account, be Employed, be a resident of the UK and be at least 18 years old.

If you face any difficulties completing the online registration, give this number a call, and one of the representatives with give you the necessary assistance you require. Necessary background checks like credit card history will be run to ensure that you can make payments on the loan. Rest assured that after completing your application, reviewing is done in 30 minutes and you will be informed if your request was approved. If your application was successful, you could request that the short term loan is sent to your bank in as little as 10 minutes. If you decide not to borrow, you can withdraw your loan in 24 hours with no cost incurred.

Your call will be received by an automated voice prompt that will welcome you and direct your call to a customer service personnel. Please ensure you have your Customer ID and mobile number ready since it will be required. Their lending services are one you can rely on for clear terms and protection of personal information. Lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

QuickQuid Complaints Department

The QuickQuid complaints department phone number is 0800 016 3114. Quickquid is a dependable lending service that prioritises the customer’s interests and helps all manner of persons. It is the aim of the dedicated staff to offer top-notch services that will leave customers satisfied. However, if something goes wrong and you are unhappy with service received, call this helpline, and they will offer you a comprehensive complaints process.

As soon as your complaint is received, the Support team will review your claims and find out the factors that caused the breach in service. To acknowledge receipt of a complaint, you will receive a prompt via email informing you on how the claim is being handled within five business days. If within eight weeks, you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, you are free to take it up with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

QuickQuid Alternative Contact Numbers

Quick Quid contact page

QuickQuid Collections

The QuickQuid Collections phone number is 0808 234 4561. After receiving approval for your short term loan, you need to set up a repayment plan. Call this number for assistance on choosing a repayment plan. QuickQuid spreads the loan repayment process over three periods. You can opt to pay either over a period, 2 or three. The term option you choose will determine how your accrued interest and loan amount will be paid. In case you are facing difficulties making payment, a late payment date can be arranged for you by calling this number.

Please ensure that you contact the Collections support team early and provide a valid reason. With this, a representative can work out a deadline extension, a due date adjustment, or a fixed repayment plan on your behalf. Clients with active loans in good standing may apply for a top-up. Alternatively, clients can request for a maximum of two extensions per loan for a maximum total loan duration of three periods.

Customers who miss payment dates without taking the necessary procedure will have their credit report tarnished. If there is a breach of loan contract on the client’s side, the issue will be taken up legally. It is, therefore, important to contact this help desk to discuss any payment difficulty before the payment dates.

QuickQuid Press Enquiries

The QuickQuid Press Enquiries phone number is 0808 101 7453. This contact is available to journalists who have media related queries. To arrange interviews with them about the loan services, reach the Press Team by calling this helpline. It is important to note that the company is a member of the Consumer Finance Association. Therefore if you require information regarding the payday loan industry, you can contact the press team.

QuickQuid Alternative Online Contact Methods

Quick Quid twitterpage

QuickQuid Customer Service

The company has a customer service support team that works tirelessly round the clock to ensure that its clients are satisfied. If you have any general queries, write to the Customer service team via support@quickquid.co.uk. The representatives are always ready with a solution to meet your needs.

QuickQuid Collections

QuickQuid is quite flexible with the borrowing options. You can, therefore, seek a discussion with the Collections support Team to set up payment plans. If you are faced with issues that prevent you from making your payments, send an email to collections@quickquid.co.uk. Inform earlier to avert unpleasant consequences of not meeting payment dates.

QuickQuid Complaints Department

QuickQuid aims to offer excellent services and loan plans. However, should you face any issue that leaves you dissatisfied, send an email to the complaints team via complaint@quickquid.co.uk to begin the complaints procedure. A member of the team will contact you promptly to reach a negotiable agreement.

QuickQuid Press Enquiries

For press related inquiries, send an email to the Press Team via media@quickquid.co.uk. All your queries will be sorted out.

QuickQuid Application form

To apply for a payday loan if you are eligible, visit this page and complete the 3 step registration form provided. Upon submission, your application will be reviewed, and you will be contacted shortly.

QuickQuid Social media

The company has customer friendly social media platforms. The Facebook page, for instance, provides a community forum for consumers to share suggestions and provide feedback on QuickQuid services. They are readily available to provide you with hassle free service on all its social media platforms.

Google plus 

Premier Inn Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Premier Inn Logo

Premier Inn Free Phone Numbers

Premier Inn Hotel

Premier Inn has no free phone numbers available currently. However, all your concerns will be resolved as fast as possible by calling their other numbers.

Premier Inn Alternative Contact Numbers

Premier Inn Homepage

Premier Inn Customer Service

The Premier Inn customer service phone number is 0333 003 0025. As one of the highly rated hotels in the UK and Ireland, the company puts the needs of clients first, by providing them with excellent customer services. the company guarantees its guests the utmost comfort and is ready to assist clients to resolve any issues they may be facing. If you have concerns about room features like TV, beverages, WiFi and modern bathroom facilities, do not hesitate to call this helpline. If you want details about an existing Saver Rate booking, call this number. Lines are open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Sundays and bank holidays.

Premier Inn Bookings Number

The Premier Inn Bookings number is 0333 003 8101. If you need information concerning the booking process and facilities available at hotels, call this number. The company offers various booking forms including the Hub Flex Rates and Saver Rates. If you require assistance with payment details on Flex rates and with how to make a reservation, contact this hotline.

Premier Inn Group Booking Changes

The Premier Inn Group Booking Changes phone number is 0333 003 8104. Whether you are looking for the ultimate hotel experience for a family getaway, vacation or business trip, the company has facilities to accommodate group bookings. With over 750 hotels over UK and Ireland, you can rest assured that you will enjoy services no matter the location. If you already have an existing reservation and want to make changes to your booking or cancel it, contact this helpline. If you made reservations using the hub flex rate, you can make the cancellation with your booking reference number.

Premier Inn Business Account Helpdesk

The Premier Inn Business Account helpdesk phone number is 0333 005 0504. To manage expenses and payment details, the Business Account is the best service to choose. To seek assistance in completing your application for a business account, contact this helpdesk.

Premier Inn Wi-Fi Trouble Support

The Premier Inn Wi-Fi Trouble phone number is 0330 660 1136. One of the ways this company guarantees the best hotel experience for its clients is the unlimited Wi-Fi service. Customers are entitled to enjoy a brilliant wi-fi service 24/7 throughout their stay at Premier Hotels. If you face any technical difficulties with wi-fi services, give the team a call to receive assistance.

Premier Inn Ten Plus Room Booking

The Premier Inn Ten Plus Room Booking phone number is on their website. Premier accommodates multiple room booking only if booking is made in advance. You may need many rooms to host a lively party or getaway.

Premier Inn Five to Nine Rooms Booking

The Premier Inn Five to Nine Rooms Booking phone number is on their website. For that family adventure, you may need to book more than a room. The company makes provisions for such reservations.

Premier Inn Alternative Free Contact Methods

Premier Inn Twitterpage

Premier Inn Tour Operator Booking

To book a tour guide for your stay at Premier Inn, send an email to leisuretours@premierinn.com.

Premier Inn Complaints

Premier Inn aims to give the best standard of services to its clients. However, if you are dissatisfied with any service received, direct your complaints to guest.relations@premierinn.com.

Feedback form

Premier Inn knows that customers are the heart of its services and hence appreciates their comments. Visit this page and share your comments by completing the feedback form.

Specific Suite Form

To make an online reservation and book a particular suite, fill out the suite form provided with all the necessary details.

Social Media

Premier Inn keeps its followers engaged on the various social media platforms. Give the official Twitter handle a follow and send your comments or feedback directly to the Support team. If you are a regular client, follow the official social media to get updated on latest news, offers, hotel openings.


Equifax Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Equifax logo

Equifax Free Phone Numbers

Equifax helpline for credit card

Equifax Customer Service Number

The Equifax Customer Service free number is 0800 014 2955. If you believe there’s inaccurate information on your Credit Report, the Equifax’s dedicated customer service teams can help you to resolve these. The number is available from eight in the morning until eight in the evening every day for the whole year except December 25th and 26th. Calls are free from UK landlines and UK mobiles.

Equifax Business Complaints

The Equifax Business Complaints free number is 0800 085 0650. Equifax Business is committed to delivering you the best possible service for your needs. However, if you’re ever disappointed, you can complain by calling this number. Their client support team is available from Monday to Friday at eight in the morning until six in the evening.

Equifax Alternative Contact Numbers

Equifax helpline number for Credit watch

Equifax Customer Service

The Equifax Customer Service contact number is 0333 321 4043. Any complaints from any Equifax service can also be entertained in this number. Calls from landlines and mobiles are normally included in bundled call packages, otherwise, calls cost 9.58 per minute and 15.97p connection fee from a BT landline while other networks and mobiles may vary.

Equifax Business

The Equifax Business service contact number is 0845 603 6772. By calling this number, you can learn more about Equifax products or sign up for service by contacting their sales team.

Equifax Client Support

The Equifax Client Support service contact number is 0845 603 3000. You can call this number and a client support representative can help you reset your password, explain the data presented within their products and ways to use it, assist you with your search for a customer or business, solve any technical issues and invoice queries.

Equifax Alternative Contact Methods

Equifax Contact Us

Equifax Account Assistance

Anyone can experience forgetting their username or password. So for your convenience, the account assistance page will direct you to a form that will display your username and allow you to change your password after you provide the necessary information as a security measure. A confirmation of your request will be sent to the email address that you have provided during registration.

Equifax Ask A Question

If you have questions about your Equifax Credit Report, you will need to create a support account in order to submit it to Equifax by completing the short registration form. Please note your existing Equifax Member Centre log in details will not work in the Equifax support site.

Equifax Statutory Credit Report Online

To view a copy of your Statutory Credit Report online, you can complete their online registration process and pay a one-off fee of £2. Please note, you won’t receive a posted report.

Equifax Statutory Credit and Non-limited Business Report

You can request a postal copy of your Statutory Credit Report via their credit report application form which you can download online.

After filling up the necessary form, you can then now mail the post to the following address. Your request will be processed and could take up to seven days from when the letter was received for processing.

Equifax Ltd

Customer Service Centre



Equifax Email Address

To have the Equifax support team to investigate your query directly and get back to you as soon as possible, you may email them at complaints@equifax.com. Please note that some queries may require Equifax to contact the company who has supplied the information to them but be assure that Equifax will let you know first and will add a note to your report while you’re waiting for a response.

Equifax Customer Service Email

Moreover, if you have further questions that can’t be resolved over the phone, you may message them at hello@equifax.com and the Client Support team will resolve your needs right away.

Equifax Complaint Department

In any case that other options of communication can’t resolve your query, you can post a letter to their address and their complaint department will handle your needs right away. Mail your letter to the following address:

Customer Relations




Equifax Social Media

Aside from giving you several ways of communication, Equifax has expanded their method of reaching to their consumers by being available on the following social media:

Equifax Mobile App

Also, to have Equifax right at your fingertips at all times, Equifax have also provided a mobile app suitable for Android and iTunes, whichever you prefer.

Nationwide Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Nationwide Logo

Nationwide Free Phone Numbers

nationwide building society office

Nationwide Flex Direct

The nationwide Customer Service free number is 0800 357 357. A call to the number is answered by an automated voice, which presents the caller with two options. For self-service telephone banking, press 1, lost and stolen, press 2. They service team is available 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

Nationwide Bereavement Team

The Nationwide Bereavement team free number is 0800 464 3018. The call is transferred to a representative with the bereavement department who will assist you further. The team is available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Nationwide Card Service Team

The Nationwide Card Service team free number is 0800 055 6611. The automated voice gives five options for the customer choose from Press 1 for Lost and stolen, 2 for existing credit card customers,3 to follow up on credit card application, 4 for new credit application and 5 for current account, savings, mortgages and insurance queries. Once you make a choice, the call is transferred to a service representative.

Nationwide Credit Card

The Nationwide credit card free number is 0800 055 6622. Call this number for all credit card related issues. Three options are provided: Choose 1 to make a report, 2 for issues related to lost and stolen card associated with a flex account, and 3 for any other lost and stolen inquiry.

Nationwide Current Account Fraud

The Nationwide Current Account Fraud free number is 0800 464 3051. You are given five options by the automated voice related to financial crime; you chose an option based on your need, you will be connected to a representative in that department who will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Nationwide Digital Banking Queries

The Nationwide digital banking queries free number is 0800 302 011. Call on this number for all banking related inquiries, from current account to existing insurance policies. You will be provided with five options by the automated voice; your call will be routed to a representative who will assist based on the option chosen.

Nationwide Lost/Stolen FlexPlus

The Nationwide Lost or Stolen Flexplus free number is 0800 118 855. Callers are presented with options to make a choice, based on their need. All options presented are related to Flexplus account. It is important you have your 16 digit Flexplus card number.

Nationwide Breakdown Assistance FlexPlus

The Nationwide Flexplus breakdown emergency free number is 0800 587 7100. This is an emergency contact number to resolve current account issues related to Flexplus customers in the UK. You will be asked a series of questions which will aid the support team to assist you.

Nationwide Breakdown Assistance-Flexplus-Republic of Ireland

The Nationwide Flexplus Breakdown Emergency free number is  +353 1800 806 176. This is the emergency number for current account customers in Ireland. Call the number and a service representative will assist you.

Nationwide Alternate Contact Numbers.

Nationwide Homepage

Nationwide Internet Banking Queries

The Nationwide Internet Banking queries phone number is 0345 266 0894.
An automated voice will answer you. You will be put on hold while you are transferred to a service representative who will assist with your inquiry, comment or complaint.

Nationwide Card Service Team

The Nationwide Card Service team alternate phone number is 0247 643 8997.
Existing customers are advised to have their credit card number at hand. The automated voice presents callers with five options:
Press 1 for lost or stolen
2 if you are an existing customer
3 if you are following up on a card application
4 for a new credit card application
5 for current, savings, mortgages and insurance queries.
You can also decide not to choose an option and the call will be routed to a representative.

Nationwide Flex Direct Card

The Nationwide Flex Direct card phone number is 0179 365 6789. Customers should have an existing account. You will be presented with three options:
Press 1- Lost or stolen current account
2 for – Lost or stolen credit card
3 for – All other enquiries.

Nationwide Flex Plus Card

The Nationwide Flex Plus card phone number is 0179 354 1200. The customer is provided with three options all related to the Flex Plus card: lost or stolen, flex plus insurance queries and flex plus banking.

Nationwide Flexplus Breakdown Assistance Abroad

The Nationwide Flexplus Emergency breakdown assistance phone number for clients abroad is 0120 231 1431. Flexplus card holders who are outside the UK should call the number for assistance. The call is immediately directed to a representative.

Nationwide Travel Cover Flex Account

The Nationwide Emergency Flex account travel cover phone number is 0141 349 0109. This number is for emergencies for flex account holders, with issues related to travel cover.

Nationwide Travel Cover Flexplus

The Nationwide Emergency flex plus account travel cover phone number is 0141 349 0288. If you have an emergency with your flex plus account, particularly travel cover, then call the number. A member of the team is available for support.

Nationwide Travel Cover Legal Helpline

The Nationwide legal helpline for travel cover phone number is 0345 246 2110; this number is for Flexplus and Flex account holders who have emergencies on their travel cover. The legal helpline team is available 24 hours a day; the call is immediately routed to a member of the team where you will be assisted and advised accordingly.

Nationwide Alternate Free Online Contact Methods

Nationwide twitter page

Nationwide Contact Form General Enquiries

You can contact Nationwide via their online contact form. All fields marked with asterisks need to be filled.
For your general issues, select an option from the drop-down and then click continue. Enter your name, email address and state your reason, provide any additional details and submit. You will receive a reply within the shortest possible time.

Nationwide Contact Form Digital Banking

Contact Nationwide on digital banking issues through the contact form. Chose an option based on your need. Available options include how to register, forgotten login details, locked out, missing account, payment and transfers, card reader etc. Make a pick, click continue, enter personal details such as name and email address and then state your query. The support team will respond to your query.

Nationwide Contact Form Current Account

Send a message to Nationwide on current account issues by filling the contact form choose that option in the drop down: Enter your name, email address and state your issue of concern and click on submit button.

Nationwide Contact Form Savings

To contact Nationwide on savings related issues, choose a topic from the options provided in the contact form and click on continue. Go ahead and enter your name, email address, state your query and submit the form.

Nationwide Contact Form Credit Card

Send a message to Nationwide on credit card inquiries via the contact form. Go ahead to select an option related to your need and then select continue. Enter a name and email address, state your issue and then submit.

Nationwide Contact Form Mortgages

Contact Nationwide on mortgage issues by selecting that topic under the mortgage option of the contact form, then click on submit. You are required to enter a name and email address, followed by your inquiry.

Nationwide Contact Form Personal Loans

Reach out to Nationwide on personal loan inquiries by using the contact form. Select an option from the drop down, options include how much you want to borrow, additional borrowing, making payments or overpayments, payment difficulties and general loan information. Enter your name, email address and then state your inquiry in the box provided.

Nationwide Contact Form Insurance

Send a message to Nationwide on any insurance query you may have using the contact form. All you do is to select a topic from the drop down, click on continue. Enter a name and email address, state your query and click on submit button.

Nationwide Contact Form Investment

To send a message to Nationwide on investment related issues via the contact form, choose a topic from the drop down and click on continue. You will be required to enter a name, email address and then state your query, click on the submit option.

About Nationwide

To get more information about Nationwide, their meetings, careers etc., choose any of these options from the drop-down and then click on continue. Go ahead to enter a name, email address and details of your query and click on submit the form.

Nationwide Live chat

Nationwide live chat service that provides immediate support to customers on general issues. Click on the live chat icon, and you will be given a reference number of the chat, an online representative will be available to assist and answer any question you may have.

Nationwide on Social Media

Reach out to Nationwide on their various social media platforms. Tweet, @AskNationwide, to get answers to all your questions.
Nationwide updates customers and potential customers on their products on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Have questions? Just visit their page, and you will be assured a response within minutes.

Npower Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

npower logo

Npower Free Phone Numbers

npower office

Npower Customer Service

The Npower customer service free number is 0800 073 3000. You are presented with five options by the automated voice: press 1 for opening hours,  2 for a callback, 3 if you need help with an emergency or fault, 4 for meter reading and 5 to make a payment. The team is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturdays 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Npower Electricity Tariff

Npower Electricity tariff number is 0800 316 9044. Call this number for issues related to your electricity tariff. A customer service representative is available at the other end of the line for assistance.

Npower Energy Efficiency

Npower energy efficiency free number is 0800 022 220. A call to this number is answered by an adviser, who will give you energy efficiency advice and information on how to improve energy efficiently in your home.

Npower Complaint

Npower Complaint free number is 0800 316 9328. Call this number if you have any grievance and a support representative will take the details of the issue and resolve it with all urgency.

Npower Boiler Complaints

Npower boiler complaints free number is 0800 197 5442. If you have any complaints about your boiler, call this number. Your call will be immediately routed to a representative who will assist you further.

Npower Smart Meters

Npower Smart meters free number is 0800 980 9907. Call the smart metering team on this number for any assistance you may need; it is important to have your account number handy for quicker assistance.

Switching to Npower

Switch to Npower by calling the free number 0808 156 0056. Call the number, and a representative will be available on the other end of the line to give you more information on how to switch.

Npower Online Account

Npower Online account free number is 0800 316 9331. You are presented with five self-service options to choose from: press 1 for opening hours, press 2 for a callback, press 3 if you need help with an emergency or fault, press 4 for meter reading and 5 to make a payment. For immediate assistance after making a choice, have your account number ready.

Npower Eligibility Landline

Npower Eligibility free number is 0800 107 9630. This is an energy improvement helpline. Call the number from your home phone or landline to know if you can benefit from Npower’s free or subsidised insulation or boilers. The automated voice presents you with two options: Choose 1- If you have been briefed before about energy saving improvement and 2 if it’s your first time calling.

Npower Energy Efficiency

Npower energy efficiency free number is 0800 072 1741. The call is routed to a service representative who will assist you with energy efficiency advice.

Npower Alternate Contact Numbers and Services

Npower Homepage

Npower Press

Are you looking for their press phone number? Npower Press phone number is 0845 070 2807. Journalists, who need more information about Npower, should call this number. A representative will give you more information and update you on the latest press releases.

Npower Bills and Payments

Npower bills and payments alternate phone number is 0330 100 3000. If you need assistance with bill payment, call this number. The customer support representative will help you with any questions you may have.

Npower Gas Tariffs

Npower Gas tariffs phone number is 0330 100 8694. You will be required to enter your account number; a customer care representative will be available to take your inquiry, complaint or comment from there.

Npower Energy Efficiency Mobile

Npower energy efficiency phone number is 0330  100  8620. The call is routed to a service representative who will assist you with energy efficiency advice and information. Call the team from your mobile on this number.

Npower Heating Complaints

Npower heating complaints phone number is 0330 100 7516. Call the number to get any necessary assistance you may need for heating related issues.

Npower Online Account Mobile

Npower Online account phone number is 0330 100 8601. Contact Npower on this number for any questions you may have about your online account. A representative is always available during working hours to attend to your needs. Callers are presented with five options to choose from.


Npower Worcester phone number is 0190 534 0521. Call the number if you are interested in knowing the available career opportunities in Worcester, their operations and what makes it a great town to live and work.

Npower- Solihull

Npower Solihull phone number is 0121 336 5100. Reach out to the Solihull office on this number to know more about the available job opportunities and how to start a career.


Npower Swindon phone number is 0179 389 2522. Contact the Swindon office on this number to get more information about jobs openings at Npower Swindon office.

Npower Eligibility Mobile

Npower Eligibility phone number is 0330 100 0138. Call the number from your mobile phone to know if you can benefit from Npower’s free or subsidised insulation or boilers.

Npower Energy Efficiency Mobile

Npower Energy Efficiency phone number is 0330 100 8123. Call this number from your mobile to learn more efficient ways to ways to save energy.

Npower Alternate Online Contact Methods

Npower Twitterpage

Npower Press

Are you looking for their press email address? Npower press email address is press.office@npower.com. Email all your media related questions to this address.

Npower Complaints

Were you treated unfairly by a representative? Dissatisfied with a service? Email your complaint to complaints@npower.com.

Npower Smart Meters

Send a mail to Npower on your smart meter related issues, address is smartcustomerservicesuk@npower.com. This address is for smart meter users.

Npower Mobile Support

Forward a mail to  Npower on MobileSupport@npower.com for all mobile related issues.

Get a quote

Are you a new customer? Get a Quote from Npower by entering your postcode.

Npower Live Chat

Connect with Npower customer support team via live chat by clicking on the live chat icon. Live chat is open from Mondays to Friday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm and on Saturdays 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. You immediately get connected with an online agent who will provide you with any assistance you may need.

Npower Social Media

Npower has a 100 % response rate on Facebook. Tweet @npowerhelp and a support representative will be at your aid.

Natwest Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

NatWest Logo

NatWest Free Phone Numbers

Natwest Office

NatWest Existing Mortgage Queries

The NatWest existing mortgage queries free number is 0800 092 9585. Call this number to inquire about your loan or mortgage with this bank. Lines are open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, except bank holidays, and Saturdays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

NatWest Debit Card

The NatWest debit card free number is 0800 011 3312. Call on this number to discuss recent transactions if you have received an automated message. Customers may receive a call or voicemail about their bank account or debit card to protect them against fraud.

NatWest Money Worries & Financial Struggle

The NatWest money worries free number is 0800 161 5921. Call this number if you have any money problems or struggling financially and you desire to borrow.

NatWest Bereavement

The NatWest bereavement free number is 0800 161 5903. Call this number to inform the bank if you are bereaved.

NatWest Mortgage Outbound Customer Service

The NatWest mortgage outbound customer service free number is 0800 151 2572. Customers applying for a mortgage may receive a call on this number from the Mortgage Outbound Customer Care Team.

NatWest Personal Credit Card

The NatWest personal credit card free number is 0800 161 5153. Call this number to inquire or request for a personal credit card.

NatWest Personal Loans

The NatWest personal loans free number is 0800 200 400. Call this number to request for a personal loan.

NatWest Reporting fraud – Current Accounts

The NatWest reporting current account fraud free number is 0800 161 5149. Customers should call this number if they suspect they might be a victim of fraud or they notice any distrustful activity with their transactions.

NatWest Alternative Phone Numbers

Natwest Homepage

NatWest Banking Managers

The NatWest banking managers phone number is 0345 788 8444. Call this number for questions about your day-to-day banking with NatWest.

NatWest Platinum Accounts

The NatWest Platinum Accounts phone number is 0345 609 0453. Call this for inquiries if you are signed onto a platinum account.

NatWest Private Banking & Platinum Customers

The NatWest Private Banking and Platinum customers phone number is 0370 909 3715. Private Banking & Platinum Customers can call this number 24 hours, seven days a week.

NatWest Black Accounts

The NatWest Black accounts phone number is 0345 601 7188. Call this number to inquire about your black account.

NatWest Business Credit Cards

The NatWest Business Credit Card phone number is 0345 300 4350.

NatWest Business Telephone Banking

The NatWest Business Telephone Banking phone number is 0345 711 4477.

NatWest Credit Card Gold Customers

The NatWest Credit Card Gold customers phone number is 0370 333 1993.

NatWest Credit Card Classic Customers

The NatWest credit card classic customers phone number is 0370 333 9091.

NatWest Customers with Private Banking Managers

The NatWest customers with private banking managers phone number is 0333 202 3330. Private customers can call this number to speak to an advisor about their service.

NatWest Existing Loans

The NatWest existing loans phone number is 0345 366 5502. Call this number for issues regarding your existing loan.

NatWest General Mortgage Queries

The NatWest general mortgage queries phone number is 0345 302 0190. Call this number to inquire about mortgage services.

NatWest Business accounts

The NatWest Business Accounts phone number is 0345 300 3986. Call this number for questions about your business account.

NatWest Silver Accounts

The NatWest silver accounts phone number is 0345 601 5219. Call this number to inquire about your silver account.

NatWest Stolen Cards

The NatWest stolen cards phone number is 0370 600 0459. Call this minicom number if you lose your card or chequebook, or it is stolen. Also, call if you think another person may have access to your card’s PIN so NatWest can cancel it and provide you with a new PIN.

NatWest Telephone Banking & General Queries (Scotland)

The NatWest telephone banking and general queries number in Scotland is 0345 900 0200.

NatWest Money worries & struggling financially

The NatWest money worries and struggling financially phone number is 0345 301 5449. Call this number if you have any money problems and you desire to borrow.

NatWest Alternative Free Online Contacts

Natwest Twitterpage

NatWest Ask a Question Form

Customers can ask questions directly about NatWest products and services online by filling the Ask a question form online. Simply type your question on the portal, and a solution will be provided.

NatWest Live chat

Customers can also chat with NatWest advisers directly online for more detailed inquiries by accessing the 24/7 online chat service. Chat service is completely private and secure.

NatWest Social Media

Like and follow the official NatWest social pages for the latest information, listen to feedback and be provided with help whenever you need it. You can also send private messages or post on the page for quick banking questions. Operators are available and ready to help 24 hours a day. Customers can also follow NatWest House Rules on Twitter at natwest.com/twitter