Aegean Airlines Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Aegean Airlines Free Phone Numbers

Aegean Airlines does not have a free phone number at this time.

Alternative Aegean Airlines Contact Phone Numbers, Details and Services

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Aegean Airlines Customer Service

The Aegean Airlines customer service number is 0208 759 3800. Likewise, you can use this number to contact the Aegean Airlines Disability Assistance service. This line is also open for people who have special needs such as when you need to travel with your wheelchair or that you have a medical condition that needs close monitoring. Just name your requirements and they will make the required arrangements.

Aegean Airlines Reservations Department

The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number is 0871 200 0040. You can also use this number to contact the Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus Miles Points program. If you have earned Miles and Bonus Miles points, you can call this number and redeem your points. Alpha Bonus Card holders are also welcome to call the number if you want to buy a ticket using your points.

International Aegean Airlines Reservations Department

To book a flight with the Aegean Airlines, you may call this following number any time of the day, every day of the week.

  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number in the USA is +1 855 323 4326.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservations Department number in Greece is +30 210 626 1000.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number is +32 275 34710.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number for Italy is +39 069 715 0532.
  • If the line for the service number for Italy mentioned above is busy, the Aegean Airlines Reservation Department alternate number for Italy is +39 069 715 0533.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number for France is +33 170 031 323.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number for Germany is +49 069 238 5630.
  • The Aegean Airlines Reservation Department number for Spain and Cyprus is +34 900 802 376.

 Aegean Airlines Customer Relations Department

The Aegean Airlines Customer Relations Department number +30 210 355 0300. The line is open on Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may call this number if you have complaints against Aegean Airlines.

As an alternative, you may write to them through a contact form provided on their website. You can view the contact form here. Just fill up the required contact details and your complaint. Aegean will send a Unique Identifier Number to your e-mail as a reference for your message. Aegean Airlines promise to answer all queries and complaints within 10 working days upon their receipt.

Aegean Airlines Fax Number

The Aegean Airlines Fax number is +30 210 355 0188. Be guided that there may be times that the waiting period for the reply on your email complaints will take longer than expected. The duration usually depends on the depth of the issues in the complaint that would need research and investigation. In this time of urgent needs, you may fax your letter in the given number.

Aegean Airlines Lost Baggage

The Aegean Airlines Lost Baggage number is +30 210 353 0546. Ask if your baggage has been surrendered to their department. Else, you need to report immediately to the Ground Staff assigned by Aegean Airlines. The staff will produce a case file and register the case in a baggage tracing system (World Tracer). You will be given a reference ID number which would be important when checking the status of your case in the World Tracer website.

Aegean Airlines Free Online Contact Methods

Aegean Airlines Customer Service

If you can’t call the any of the helplines enumerated above, you may submit your query through their contact form on this page. Here you will be required to fill-in your contact details and the type of communication you are to send. You can send your compliments, complaints and any requests through this form. You will be given a unique ID which shall be your reference in case they reply to your message. Aegean Airlines will try to get back to you within ten days.

Aegean Airlines Resend Booking Confirmation

If you have lost your booking confirmation, you may recover it by going to this link. You will be connected to an online form which you should accomplish for their processing. Upon submission, they will send another booking confirmation to your registered e-mail account.

Aegean Airlines Email Address

If you would rather send them an e-mail, the e-mail address of Aegean Airlines is You can send them any query, requests, compliments and complaints. You can also send them an e-mail if you want to opt out from your subscription of their e-newsletters.

Aegean Airlines Complaint Department

As an alternative to the phone calls and the e-mail, you may send them a snail mail. Again, you can send your letter of complaint, request, gratitude and query through a letter. For such, you can address your letters to:

Aegean Airlines Customer Relations

Department Building 57

Athens International Airport

190 19, Spata

Artemida Attikis, Greece

Aegean Airlines Social Media

The Aegean Airlines Application is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

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