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Transport for London Free Phone Numbers

TfL oyster cards

TfL Free Textphone

The only free number at the moment is a textphone, 0800 112 3456. It is available seven days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm. This is the standard Textphone number to use for all concerns, feedback, and complaints.

Alternative Transport for London Contact Numbers, Details and Services

TfL journey planning

TfL Oyster Card Contact Number

The TfL Oyster Card contact number is 0343 222 1234. Unless otherwise stated, this single TfL customer service telephone number was launched for all ticket enquiries including Oyster and contactless payment. It can also assist with travel information concerns, journey planning, and lost property.

You can call them to request a password reset, get a reminder of your forgotten username, report a lost or stolen Oyster card, or get a statement of your Oyster card journey history. Just press option 2, and then option 5 for adult Oyster cards; or option 1 for Oyster photocards.

What is the importance of touching in and out your Oyster card? If you fail to touch in or out, you may have an incomplete journey. Hence, TfL may charge you a maximum fare, issue a penalty fare, or even prosecute you. To touch in and out correctly, follow these tips:

  1. Tube, DLR, TfL Rail, London Overground, Emirates Air Line and National Rail services: Touch on the yellow card reader at the start and end of your trip
  2. Buses and trams: Only touch at the start of your journey
  3. Thames Clippers River Bus services: Only touch when a member of Thames Clippers staff asks you to do so
  4. TfL Buses; press Option 6 if you want to enquire about TfL buses. Some of the most common concerns include paying for your bus fare, finding bus timetables, complaining about a staff member on a bus and planning your bus journey. When contacting them, be sure to provide the bus number, bus stop location and your Oyster card number, if available.
  5. TfL Lost and Found; press Option 4for the following services:
  • London buses
  • London Underground
  • Docklands Light Railway (DLR)
  • London Overground
  • TfL Rail
  • Black cabs (taxis)
  • Emirates Air Line
  • Victoria Coach Station


Transport for London Customer Service Complaints

The TfL customer service complaints number is 0343 222 2222. TfL encourages its customers to get in touch with them if they feel dissatisfied or unhappy with their services and policies. If you are not happy with their initial response, they will ask a team manager to review your concern. Furthermore, if the final outcome still does not meet your expectations, you can ask London TravelWatch (for public transport complaints) or the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) (for complaints about streets and traffic) to consider your case. Their contact details are available on the website.

Transport for London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Complaints

The TfL Low Emission Zone (LEZ) complaints number is 0343 222 1111. You may use TfL’s website tools to check whether your vehicle is in compliance with LEZ emissions standards. TfL may issue you with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if you drive in the LEZ and do not pay the required charge. If your vehicle does not meet the standards, there are various ways to deal with the situation. You can convert to gas, fit an approved filter to your exhaust, replace your vehicle, reorganise your fleet, or pay the daily charge to be able to drive within the zone.

TfL Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Textphone

The TfL LEZ textphone number is 0207 310 8999. The LEZ operates to encourage diesel vehicles driving in London to become cleaner. Remember that you have the option to pay a PCN or challenge it if you think it is unfairly deserved.

TfL Fleet Auto Pay

The TfL Fleet Auto Pay number is 0207 649 9860. If your business has six or more vehicles, you can apply for this automated payment system. The benefits include a cheaper daily charge per vehicle, quicker administration, convenience, online account management, and no penalty charge notices.

TfL Santandar Cycles

The TfL Santandar Cycles number is 0343 222 6666. Do you know that for as little as 2 pounds, you can already hire a bike? Simply visit any docking station and with your bank card and touch the screen to get started. You may ride the bike anywhere you like and return it to any docking station.

TfL Taxis & Minicabs

The TfL taxis and minicabs number is 0343 222 4000. TfL has four key responsibilities for taxi and private hire services in London: as a regulator, a licensing authority, an enforcement authority, and a strategic transport authority. Visit their Taxis & Minicab section on the website to find out more about booking a taxi or minicab, transport accessibility, tax fares, and many others. TfL recommends that you only book a minicab with an official minicab company. Getting into unbooked minicabs may pose risks such as sexual assault or robbery.

TfL Dial-A-Ride

The Dial-A-Ride contact number is 0343 222 7777. Dial-A-Ride is TfL’s free door-to-door service that is exclusive for its members. This service is for those with a permanent or long-term disability only. Thus, they cannot use public transport some or all the time. You can apply for membership if you are a permanent or temporary resident in London. Check out the website for more information about arrival time, getting help from the driver, what and who you can bring with you, and how to make the most of Dial-A-Ride.

Transport for London Fax

The TfL fax number is 0343 222 7000. You can use this number to contact TfL customer service or send documents needed for various TfL products and services. Examples of services include bus service, tube stations, and safety and security.

Alternative Transport for London Free Contact Methods

TfL help and contact

TfL Customer Service Complaints

For unresolved complaints about online transactions, you may visit the European Union (EU) online dispute resolution portal. Alternatively, you may contact TfL via e-mail at Check out the TfL complaints handling procedure which has been updated in accordance with guidelines published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) in 2015.

TfL Online Form

You may opt to use TfL’s online forms for your various concerns and feedback. TfL will ask you to provide your personal information and the details of your concern. Do not forget to leave your phone number as it will be easier and quicker to resolve your enquiry by allowing TfL to call you back.

TfL Social Media

Sign in to your Facebook or Twitter account and they will respond to your queries as soon as they can. You can also connect with them if you want to sign up for travel alerts, traffic news, and e-mail updates.


Transport for London Headquarters

You may use the following address if you wish to contact TfL via post:

TfL Customer Service
4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk,
London, SE10 0ES

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