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Ryanair Free Phone Numbers
Ryanair inflight

Unfortunately, there is no Ryanair free contact number yet. Refer to the next section for the alternative number to enquire about Ryanair flight details. Ryanair customer service opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 7 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Alternative Ryanair Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Ryanair booking

Ryanair Bookings

The Ryanair bookings number is 0330 100 7838. Booking with Ryanair has its perks: best choice for holidays and destinations, great value promise with priority seats and boarding, lowest prices for your budget, and convenient flight times for flexibility and frequency. If you are calling from other countries such as Germany, Austria, France, and Hungary, the contact details are provided on the website.

Furthermore, the following types of bookings can only be done via their call centre or chat service:

  • Where an international flight is being changed to a domestic flight or vice versa
  • Any booking where anyone of the customers has already checked-in online
  • A partial change to a flight (change or airport)
  • Where a Spanish resident or large family subsidy has already been applied

    Ryanair Business Plus UK

The Ryanair Business Plus phone number is 0330 100 6996. Business Plus is Ryanair’s premium flying fare. Benefits of booking via Business Plus include free airport check-in, one 20-kilo checked bag, premium seat (if available), priority boarding, airport Fast Track security service (at participating airports), and SMS flight details.

Ryanair Business Plus International

Please refer to the following numbers if you need to enquire about Business Plus outside UK:

Business Plus Business Plus International
Ireland +353 818 904 013
Spain +34 902 050 118
Italy +39 895 569 8704
Germany (German-speaking) +49 180 555 6688
Belgium Francais +32 28 087 269
Belgium-English +32 28 087 014

Ryanair Head Office

The Ryanair head office number is +353 1 945 1212. Ryanair is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Check out the website if you need directions by car if you are coming from Dublin City Centre/the south or from the north. Alternatively, you can also take a Dublin bus or airport express buses from outside of Dublin.

Ryanair Holidays

The Ryanair Holidays phone number is 0203 885 0006.
Few things to remember about Ryanair holiday packages:

  1. Ryanair offers closed holiday package trips. Thus, it is not possible to add a person to the booking.
  2. You may change hotel services, hotel selection or passenger name through their Service Centre.
  3. Rebooking a trip is not possible because the reduced fares do not allow any rebooking.
  4. Finally, flight and hotel cancellations are not possible as well since the trip has been booked as a package. However, a partial cancellation of a traveller is allowed.

Ryanair Holidays International

You may contact the following numbers if you need to enquire about Ryanair Holidays outside UK:

Ryanair Holidays Ryanair Holidays International
Ireland +353 1 902 7611
Spain +34 97 157 8341
Germany +49 7141 376 22 11

Ryanair Corporate Jet Hire

The Ryanair corporate jet hire number is +353 1 945 1810. Look for Charlene. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you book Ryanair’s corporate jet include being serviced by world class cabin crew, having access to 15 luxurious leather seats, and lots of space and extra legroom.

Ryanair Press Office

The Ryanair press office number for Ireland,  UK, and all other markets not listed below is +353 1 945 1949. Please note that the Press Office cannot deal with customer queries, booking and contact concerns. It operates between 8am and 5:30pm on weekdays and is closed on weekends and Irish public holidays. For journalists from other countries, you can get in touch with Ryanair via the following phone numbers:

Country Ryanair Press Office Number
Spain +34 91 769 5894
Germany +49 174 193 1214
Italy +39 068 997 0516
Poland +48 221 16 8655
Sweden +46 840 30 3196
Norway +47 219 5 7070
Belgium +32 258 8 2668
France +33 180 14 6345
Portugal +351 211 11 0070
Denmark +45 708 9 9950
Netherlands +31 202 62 0175
Hungary +36 184 8 0238

Alternative Ryanair Free Contact Methods
Ryanair Holidays

Ryanair Holiday Packages

Looking for the latest holiday deals and cheapest flights? You can register online to receive alerts as soon as deals are available. In this way, you can book early and enjoy the best value going. Signing up as a member will provide you exclusive offers, news, and information, as well as deals and information from Ryanair’s partners. For the latest Ryanair holiday packages, check out their Ryanair holidays page.

In case you did not receive your travel documents, you may send Ryanair a request via e-mail to ryanair@airlineholidays.com. Indicate the booking number of the names of the travellers and dates of travel.

Ryanair Complaints Department

Whether you want to submit a complaint or feedback or compliment someone or a service for the exceptional experience you have had, you can rest assured that Ryanair will attend to your needs as soon as possible. Use the online forms on the website as they are the most efficient way to get in touch with the Ryanair complaints department and to get a more timely response. Concerns are classified accordingly:

  1. General refunds, death, and serious illness
  2. EU 261 Expenses Claim Form for delays and flight cancellations
  3. EU 261 Disruption Compensation Claim Form for delays and flight cancellations
  4. Baggage
  5. Compliments or general complaints and enquiries such as refunds, insurance, disruption/schedule changes, check-in issues, name change, and allocated seating

Additionally, you may submit your feedback via post:

Ryanair Customer Service Department
PO Box 11451
Co Dublin

Make sure to supply all documentation to support your claim and in some cases, your bank details for payment processing.

Ryanair Social Media

Connect with Ryanair via their various social media platforms and get instant access to latest holiday deals, news about the airline, and new routes. You can tag your pictures, send your travel videos and share your Ryanair stories so others can take a glimpse of your memorable experience. Finally, their YouTube page contains videos about various cities that will help you get the most out of each one. Explore them now.


Ryanair Live Chat Service

Online agents are available to answer any queries in real time via the Ryanair live chat service. Aside from your name and e-mail address, you need to provide the reference number to be able to use the service. Furthermore, you may also get in touch using their contact form, which is available in various languages, namely English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Or you can e-mail them at customerqueries@ryanair.com.

Ryanair Head Office

Below is the address of Ryanair Head office:

Ryanair DAC, Dublin Office
Airside Business Park
Swords, Co. Dublin

Ryanair Press Office

The Ryanair Press Office e-mail for UK and Ireland is press@ryanair.com. Similarly, please note that this is strictly for journalist enquiries only. For journalists from other countries, you can contact Ryanair via the following e-mail addresses:

Country Ryanair Press Office e-mail
Spain espana@ryanair.com
Germany deutschland@ryanair.com
Italy italia@ryanair.com
Poland polska@ryanair.com
Sweden sverige@ryanair.com
Norway norge@ryanair.com
Belgium belgium@ryanair.com
France france@ryanair.com
Portugal portugal@ryanair.com
Denmark danmark@ryanair.com
Netherlands nederland@ryanair.com
Hungary magyarorszag@ryanair.com
All other markets media@ryanair.com

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