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1&1 Customer Service

The 1&1 customer service free number is 0800 917 6273. First of all, the automated machine will ask you to enter your 1and1 customer ID. If you do not have a customer ID yet, press 0. Please select the following options from the menu: press 1 for Web listing, 2 for 1&1 Marketing Toolbox, and 3 for 1&1 MyWebsite products. Additionally, for e-Commerce, press 4; and for other products, press 5.

1&1 MyWebsite Packages

The 1&1 MyWebsite packages free number is 0800 731 8994. The menu you will be choosing from is similar to the options indicated in the previous paragraph. With 1&1, you can create your own website even if you do not have previous experience. Since every user has specific needs, you can choose from a range of distinct packages to find the perfect solution for your business:

  • Personal – for private websites
  • Basic – for freelancers and business websites
  • Plus – for business websites with online marketing requirements
  • Premium – for business websites and eShops

And while you are contemplating which package is the best for you, check out their key features:

  • SSL security
  • Personal consultant
  • Web editor
  • Your own domain
  • Business mail
  • Mobile-optimised industry templates
  • Industry-specific features
  • Over 20 million industry photos
  • Online marketing
  • eShop

1&1 MyWebsite Services

The 1&1 MyWebsite services free number is 0800 021 1693. Aside from the regular services, another option is adding a Personal Consultant service to your package so you can receive expert and tailored advice for your web project. Most noteworthy of this feature, you will receive a direct contact number of your consultant along with their e-mail address.

1&1 Tech Support

Finally, the 1&1 tech support free number is similar to the number in the previous paragraph. Before contacting their tech support, check first the website for answers to your concerns. Some of the topics that you will find there include information about passwords and access, domain DNS settings, as well as website building tools.

Alternative 1&1 Contact Numbers, Details and Services
1and1 alternative

1&1 Customer Service Number

The 1&1 customer service number is 0333 336 5691. They are open 24/7. Have your customer ID ready to avoid delay in the processing of your concerns. Alternatively, you can set up an appointment for them to call you. Just provide the time you want them to contact you, your phone number, account name, and your 6-9 digit account number. The account number can be found in your Control Panel or on an invoice.

1&1 Billing Telephone Number

The 1and1 billing telephone number is 0333 336 5780. Here are some of the especially relevant issues customers need assistance with:

  • Unlocking an account
  • Paying a bill that is already past due
  • When and how much to pay
  • Downloading past invoices
  • Resolving an issue with a collections agency
  • Checking if the payment went through
  • Any other questions about your bill

1&1 Webmail Contact Number

The 1&1 webmail contact number is 0333 336 5743. You can read your e-mail online with 1&1 Webmail. The basic inclusions of a standard e-mail management package include 2GB storage space per e-mail address, completely ad-free, e-mail POP/IMAP retrieval, and 2GB of online storage for saving documents. For basic business packages, you get to enjoy the basic benefits plus professional e-mail solution with advanced features including 50 GB storage space per e-mail address, collaborative team use of the calendar, events, contacts, and tasks, and online document management functionality edit. Consequently, this will allow you to share and store documents of your team quickly and efficiently online.

1&1 Domains

The 1&1 domains telephone number is 0333 336 5812. This service includes an e-mail address, unlimited sub-domains, and free private registration. Companies sometimes find it hard to get their preferred domain names. Thus, 1&1 recommends pre-ordering your ideal domain to ensure that your company name or the name you choose for your website can no longer be used by a competitor. Additionally, you can also transfer your domain in 3 steps:

  1. Prepare domain transfer by requesting an authorization code from your current provider.
  2. Transfer domain by entering the code in the box on the 1&1 website and following the steps.
  3. Take advantage of the 1&1 benefits such as connecting your domains to your website via the 1&1 Control Panel.

1&1 MyWebsite

The 1&1 MyWebsite alternative number is 0333 336 5219. Create custom-made websites while saving money, time and creativity by using the 1&1 MyWebsite Design. This service is mainly aimed at the self-employed, freelancers, and small- and mid-sized companies.

1&1 Webhosting

The 1&1 Webhosting phone number is 0333 336 5429. If you want high performance hosting for successful projects, choose from any one of the following packages:

  • Basic – for dynamic web projects
  • Plus – for one or several big projects
  • Pro – for resource intensive web projects or online shops

1&1 Server

The 1&1 server phone number is 0333 336 5721. You can set up your server in 55 seconds along with other benefits:

  • 1&1 SSL certificate
  • SSD SAN storage
  • Cloud apps
  • Load balancer
  • Hot-add-resize feature
  • Shared storage
  • Plesk ONYX
  • Full API
  • Software development kits
  • Backup
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • Choice of data centre
  • 1&1 cloud community
  • 9% availability

1&1 eCommerce

The 1&1 eCommerce phone number is 0333 336 5827. Here are the basic packages if you want to sell successfully online:

  • Starter – for those just about to start their eShops
  • Basic – contains the essentials for successful marketing
  • Plus – improved performance for your eShop
  • Unlimited –for optimum sales success

With 1&1, you can get your professional eShop online with just a few clicks, integrate price comparison sites, and maintain customers with newsletters and Facebook integration.

1&1 Online Marketing

The 1&1 online marketing phone number is 0333 336 5941. The 1&1 Marketing Toolbox will provide you with higher Google ranking, presence in all major online directories, and capability to retain customers through e-mail newsletters.

1&1 Security

The 1&1 security phone number is 0333 336 5812. What are the advantages of having an SSL-encrypted website? They include secure data transaction, anti-phishing protection, and real-time scanning. You can also choose from 1&1 SSL Starter for blogs or personal websites or 1&1 SSL Business for organisations.

1&1 Sales

The 1&1 sales phone number is 0333 336 5509. You can get help in choosing the right product for your specific needs or seek support if you are an existing customer.

1&1 Web Domain

The 1&1 web domain phone number is 0333 336 5172. There is a wide range of domain endings that 1&1 offers. For business websites, you can choose from the .co, .uk, .com or .info domains. Furthermore, their new top level domains allow you to register domains as .london, .site, or .online.

Alternative 1&1 Free Contact Methods
1and1 Twitter

1&1 Online Support

In case you want to directly get in touch with one of their experts, 1&1 recommends using their online contact support. Aside from getting the chance to talk to a 1&1 expert, you will also find various online help resources which may provide immediate answers to your concerns. Some of the topics include account and billing, e-mail and office, and domains, as well as web hosting, websites and servers. You can also get information about web e-commerce, online marketing, and security. Additionally, you may send your general concerns and queries to support@1and1.co.uk.

1&1 Help Centre

For information about 1&1’s products and services, visit the 1&1 Help Centre page. Here you can find instructions about updating your contact details, checking an account’s payment method, and managing domains. In addition, you can also build websites, transfer files using FTP, and set up e-mail using IMAP or POP3.

1&1 Social Media

Almost everyone has access to various social media sites. Connect with 1&1 via their social media platforms. Their Twitter support team is happy to assist you on your queries about web hosting, domains, servers, and more. Do you know that you can also connect your Twitter account to Social Media Centre? Once connected, you can tweet instantly or schedule tweets for later. Furthermore, their YouTube site has a wide array of videos that talk about web hosting, cloud, WordPress, data security, and many others.


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