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This article will serve as a guide for customers to directly contact the company without the costs and the confusion.

American Express Customer Service

The American Express customer service free number is 0800 917 8047. Card holders, potential or actual, of the following cards, may also call the same number for queries and complaints: Platinum CashBack Credit Card, Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card, Express Rewards Credit Card, Green Credit Card, and Gold Credit Card.

American Express Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card free number is 0808 100 5050. By calling this number customers can learn about the card benefits such as access to luxurious hotel accommodations, top class restaurant reservations, and expensive travel plans.

American Express Platinum Charge Card

The American Express Platinum Charge Card free number is 0800 917 8054. The Platinum Charge Card is second to the luxurious Centurion Card. It also covers insured travels and premium hotel accommodations.

American Express Platinum Travel Card

The American Express Platinum travel card free number is 0800 032 7725. This is for customers who travel often. The card allows the users to earn five times (5x) membership points and provides the customer’s access to hundreds of travel plans and hotels.

American Express Gold Charge Card

The American Express Gold Charge Card free number is 0800 917 8050. This card is the entry-level charge card and is the cheapest charge card to handle.  Customers may call this number to know how to avail it and how the program works.

American Express Nectar Customer Service

The American Express Nectar customer service free number is 0800 917 8015. The Nectar Credit Card is an ideal card for frequent shoppers as Nectar Points will be earned for every credit card purchase. The Nectar points may be spent as payment for purchases from Nectar Partners. As of date, the following point system is adapted by American Express:

Points Collected Amount Spent Other Conditions
20,000 bonus points £2,000 Only in the first three months
2 points every full £1
Maximum of 4 points every full £1 If spent at Nectar partners

British Airways American Express

The British Airways American Express free number is 0800 917 8020. With this card, users enjoy convenient travel plans with 24/7 protection benefits and also earning Avios points as they spend.

American Express Blue Card

The American Express Blue card customer service free number is 0800 917 8049. The Blue Card is a basic card with no annual fees and with flexible payment options.

American Express Starwood

The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest free number is 0800 917 8019.  Customers may obtain a list of the available SPG hotels via the customer service number mentioned above.

American Express RED

The American Express RED free number is 0800 917 8012. Calling the free service number will guide the customers the step-by-step process in using the RED card which includes a guide on how to link the RED card to their bank account.

American Express Gold and Green Business Cards

The American Express Gold and Green Business card free number is 0800 917 8043.  These two cards allow business owners to manage their cash flow effectively. The Gold Card permits up to 54 days of interest-free purchases while the Green Card is effectively used for foreign transactions.

American Express Platinum Business

The American Express Platinum Business free number is 0800 032 7106. The Platinum Business Charge Card has the following benefits, among others: limited, interest-free credit period, business services or assistance, and travel plans with protection. Customers may call the number if they wish to avail any of the aforementioned benefits.

American Express Basic Business

The American Express Basic Business free number is 0800 917 8045. The card has the basic features that give an opportunity to small businesses to increase their purchasing power through no-preset spending limit and no interest features.

American Express Platinum Business

The American Express Platinum Business free number is 0800 917 8224. By calling the number, customers will learn how to avail of the card’s premium array of services: travel flights, travel insurance, and business services.

American Express Gold Business

The American Express Gold Business free number is 0800 917 8047. The Gold Business Credit Card gives the basic credit features for business owners, promising them the benefits upon availing and more effective cash flow.

American Express Nectar Business

The American Express Nectar Business free number is 0800 917 8014. Like the Nectar Business Charge Card, the Nectar Business Credit Card allows users to earn Nectar Points which can be converted to rewarding perks.

American Express Gold Corporate

The American Express Gold Corporate free number is 0800 917 8031. Customers can ask about travel services that are exclusive only to the Corporate Card holders.

American Express Platinum Corporate

The American Express Platinum Corporate free number is 0800 032 7646. The card promises the same features of the Corporate Gold Card with additional perks such as unlimited access to exclusive aeroplane lounges, unlimited Boingo wifi access and others.

Lost and Stolen Card Services

The American Express Lost or Stolen card services free number is 0800 521 313. This 24/7 customer service number will help the customers to open a claim and find the easiest way to refund the cheques. Customers must, as a reminder, have the serial numbers of their lost or stolen cheques on hand for a faster service.

Customers who lost or had their traveller cheques stolen may also call the same number provided for the lost and stolen cards.

American Express Online Assistance

The American Express online assistance free number is 0800 917 8045 . Customers may call the same number if they have an online Amex account and are faced with issues in managing their account.

American Express Travel

The American Express Travel free number is 0800 032 7233. The customer service line is open only Monday through Friday at 9 am to 5 pm only, thus, calls should be planned accordingly.

American Express Travel Insurance

The American Express travel insurance free number is 0800 028 7573. Amex also offers travel insurance services for card members, offering discounts if the card members avail of the Amex travel insurance. The service is open only at 9 am to 5 pm during Mondays to Fridays.

American Express Pet Insurance

The American Express Pet Insurance free number is 0800 038 0846. The number is available on Mondays to Fridays only at 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

American Express Defence Platinum Services

The American Express Defence platinum free number is 0800 022 4355. Customers may call the number to know how to use the tools and information for their benefit. It must be noted that this is not an insurance product and will not cover any losses as a result of identity fraud but it is a very helpful in preventing identity theft and potential losses. The line is open Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays at 8 am to 5 pm only.

American Express Merchant Services

The American Express merchant services free number is 0800 032 7216. Business owners have the option to create a Merchant Account with Amex. This means that Amex Merchant Account holders will be able to receive payments using American Express charge or credit cards.

American Express Member Disputes

The American Express member disputes free number is 0800 032 4744. The Customer Service Representative will inform the Merchants the details as reported by the Card member and process on how to respond to the disputes. The helpline is open Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 5 pm.

American Express Complaints

American Express Complaints Department Free Number
Consumer Card Customers 0800 917 8047
International 0800 032 7291
International Payments 0800 085 3456
Corporate Card Customers 0800 917 8031
Business Travel Account 0800 917 8237
Corporate Purchasing Solution 0800 917 8208 opt 1
V Payment 0800 917 8223

Alternative American Express Phone Numbers

American Express Slogan

American Express Membership Rewards Programme

The American Express Membership Rewards number is 0127 386 3863. Customers may call the Membership Rewards Team and enrol in the rewards program. The line is available only during Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays at 9 am to 1 pm. Customers should make sure that you have they have their card with them and they have the details of their Membership Rewards Account.

American Express Pet Insurance

The American Express pet insurance number is 0330 123 1294. A customer representative will discuss with the caller details about their existing pet insurance and the process of claiming out of the insurance. The number is open only on Mondays to Fridays at 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Global Assist

The American Express Global Assist number is 0203 126 4113. Customers may call this line when they want to plan a trip and would like to avail of the travel protection services. It is also the number to call for those who are away during a travel and has lost their luggage or passports. The number is available 24/7 to cater the emergency calls.

The alternative numbers for the same services all mentioned above are shown in the following:

American Express Department UK Contact Number
American Express General Customer Service and Online Assistance Number

Lost and Stolen Cards

Card users of the following cards: Platinum CashBack Credit Card, Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card, Express Rewards Credit Card, Starwood Preferred Credit Card, RED, Green Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, ALL Business Charge and Credit Cards,

0127 369 6933
Platinum Charge Card and Platinum Card Travel 0129 382 0925
Centurion Card 0127 366 7272
American Express Nectar Credit Card 0127 357 6904
British Airways American Express Card 0127 357 6445
American Express Blue Card 0127 357 6576
American Express Platinum Business Charge Card 0203 024 7715
American Express Travel Services 0129 382 6704
Lost Stolen Traveller’s Cheques 0127 357 1600
Corporate Card 0127 362 2600
Platinum Corporate Card 0127 372 1010
British Airways Corporate Card 0127 368 9955

Alternative American Express Free Contact Methods

American Express Online Options

American Express Social Media

Amex has both Facebook and Twitter accounts which customers can follow for updates. As mentioned earlier, both may serve as mechanisms for communication.

American Express Mobile App

The American Express application for both Android (minimum 4.1) and iOS (minimum iOS 7) system users are available for download at Google Play and iTunes App Store, respectively. Both applications are free, adding more convenience for the customers.

American Express Complaints Procedures

A guide on how to complain may be found in their Complaints Procedures page. The Complaints Department will investigate the matters and communicate to the complainant the progress of their findings. They promise a resolution in writing sent to the complainant in three days or more depending on the complexity of the issues.

American Express Headquarters

  • For Consumer Credit, Charge Card and Centurion Card Members
    UK Executive Customer Relations
    American Express, Department 333, 1 John Street,
    Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH
  • For International Currency Card (ICC) Customers
    International Currency Card (ICC) Customer Relations
    American Express, Dept 45, Telecom House,
    125 – 135 Preston Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6AG
  • For Corporate Card Members, FX International Payments, Business Travel Account (BTA), Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS)V Payment, Merchant and Insurance Customers
    American Express, 1 John Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH

Global Card Transfer

American Express card products and services in the UK may differ from that in other countries. Customers will have to avail of the Global Card Transfer for an easy move-in-and-out of the country plans. This can be done by accessing the Global Card Transfers page and identifying the country the customer will move in. The customer must own an eligible American Express Card (cards must have been issued directly from American Express) and should have the home address and phone number of the new country on hand.

American Express FAQ

Customers who have questions regarding the products and services of American Express may resort to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of their website. About 170 common questions are already answered on the page which covers almost all issues and areas in the company. A search box is also provided in the page for customer’s convenience.

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