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The RBS Credit Card Customer Service free number is 0800 141 3999. RBS credit cards come in various types: Reward credit card, Clear Rate Platinum credit card, Reward Black credit card, and Student credit card. There are various ways to manage your credit card. This number is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Some of the things that you can do include checking your balance and transactions, requesting a balance or money transfer, and viewing and downloading your statements. Additionally, you can even set up text and email alerts when your payment is due or when you have exceeded your balance.

RBS 24 Hour Banking and Minicom Numbers

For personal current accounts, you can get in touch with RBS by calling the following numbers. These may be used by those who are hard of hearing. These are also the numbers to use if you are a business credit card or a BusinessOne customer. Please refer to the website for the RBS overseas contact numbers.

Minicom RBS 24 Hour Banking Phone Number
Accounts in Scotland
Also for General/Existing Mortgage and Loan Queries
0800 404 6160
Accounts in England 0800 068 1289
Accounts in Wales 0800 092 3201

You will hear an automated menu and can choose based on what you want to do:

Press 1 then:

  • Press 1 for balance and account transactions. Just follow the prompts to hear your balance/available funds and recent transactions.
  • Press 2 for transfers and payments. Similarly, follow the prompts to transfer money your RBS accounts, pay your credit card, and pay a bill or individual.
  • Or you may press 3 for statement or cheque orders.
  • Otherwise, press 4 to get assistance from a customer adviser.
    Press 2
    to talk about existing loans and overdrafts or account charges.
    Press 3 to discuss new products and services and telephone banking registration.

RBS Hard of Hearing

RBS values its customers and finds ways to make everything as comfortable for them as possible when transacting. If you are hard of hearing, you may dial the Minicom free number 0800 404 6161.

RBS Stolen Card

To prevent other individuals from possibly misusing your account, it is important to report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible. In addition, if you think someone may have access to your card PIN, RBS can cancel the card and issue you with a new PIN.  Below are the free numbers to call for lost and stolen debit/credit cards:

Debit/Credit Cards RBS Stolen Card Phone Number
Accounts in England & Wales (UK) 0800 056 4386
Accounts in England & Wales (Minicom) 0800 092 9098
Accounts in Scotland (Minicom) 0800 917 0526

They are open 24 hours to attend to your needs. Be ready with your Customer Number and PIN when you call. Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Alternatively, you can also report your debit, credit, or savings card as lost or damaged and order a new one online.

RBS Fraud Department

RBS strives to protect you and your computer in a number of ways including via text alerts, disabling of online accounts, and card reader. A card reader is a security device all online banking customers need. Additionally, RBS also offers an extra level of security in their website. Despite all these, fraud is always a possibility.

The RBS fraud department numbers for personal and business accounts are listed in the table below. For personal current accounts, make sure to call within their opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. If you need to get in touch with them outside these hours, there is an alternative number indicated in the next section that you can call. On the other hand, service for credit cards is available 24 hours a day.

Finally, if you are calling overseas, refer to the numbers listed on the website. RBS will ask you security questions first to verify your identity before they deal with your concern. This is to protect your account as well as your personal details.

Account Type RBS Fraud Department Number
In response to an automated message from RBS 0800 011 3312
Personal Current Accounts 0800 161 5150
Personal Credit Cards 0800 161 5153
Business Credit Cards 0800 161 5164

RBS Home Insurance

Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance Team RBS Home Insurance Contact Number
UK 0800 051 1450
Minicom 0800 051 3030

The above are the numbers to call when making a home insurance claim, tracking an existing claim, changing your policy details, and renewing your insurance policy. For emergencies, RBS has a 24-hour service available which can be automatically reached when calling the NatWest Insurance Team.

RBS Mortgages

Mortgage Queries RBS Mortgage Phone Number
General Mortgage Queries UK 0800 056 3220
Existing Mortgage Queries UK 0800 056 0567
Mortgage Application UK 0800 029 4291
Mortgage Application Minicom 0800 917 0526

A member of their team will talk you through the process and arrange a phone appointment with a qualified mortgage adviser. Mortgage applicants may get a call from the RBS Mortgage Outbound Customer Care Team.

RBS Loans Contact

 For personal loans, get in touch with them via the RBS loans contact free number 0800 148 8331. The Minicom numbers for both personal and existing loans are indicated in the first section.

Alternative RBS Contact Numbers, Details and Services
RBS Contact Us

RBS Customer Service Number

For telephone banking and general queries, you may also call:

UK RBS Customer Service Number
Accounts in Scotland 0345 724 2424
Accounts in England & Wales 0345 900 0400

If you have not registered for telephone banking, dial the following:

UK RBS Customer Service Number
Accounts in Scotland 0345 722 2345
Accounts in England & Wales 0345 301 0896

These numbers are for registration purposes only. You cannot carry out any transactions until you are registered.

RBS Outside Business Hours

For lost/stolen debit/credit cards in Scotland, the UK you need to call the RBS outside business hours number 0370 600 0459. This is also the same number to use if you are calling to report a fraud outside the opening hours listed in the first section.

RBS Fraud Department: Business

For business accounts, call the RBS fraud department number 0345 300 3986. Protect your business from fraud by reporting suspicious emails, contacting RBS immediately upon receipt of text messages, automated calls and voicemails from them, and installing Rapport software for added protection.

RBS Banking

Aside from the 24-hour free phone numbers indicated above, business customers can also dial the RBS banking phone number 0345 600 2230.

RBS Loans Contact

In addition to the free phone number, you may also reach RBS for your existing loan queries and general concerns by calling the RBS loan contact number 0345 030 3216.

Alternative RBS Free Contact Methods
RBS Mobile app

RBS Complaints

RBS intends to resolve all conflicts as quickly as possible to ensure full customer satisfaction. You can raise your concerns about any of RBS products and services via Web Chat or their online form. The form will allow you to email your complaint directly to a complaint handler.

Expect a written communication no later than 10 days after receipt of the complaint. But if the response or the action does not fully satisfy you, can get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman Service to get an impartial and fair support.

RBS Mortgage Centre

There are three ways to apply for a mortgage. You may call the RBS mortgage centre telephone numbers indicated in the previous sections. In addition, you may also meet with a qualified mortgage adviser at your local branch to find which mortgage fits your needs and requirements. Finally, apply online if you are comfortable choosing a mortgage without advice from RBS. Do note that online applications will not give you the protection provided by their advised service.

RBS Digital Banking

The benefits of digital banking are similar to those you get from phone banking. Most noteworthy, you can explore additional options that may be limited on phone calls. If you have just set up Digital Banking or have not used it for some time, use the handy guide for easier transacting.

RBS Mobile Banking

Why use the mobile app? Some of its features include fingerprint login, balance enquiry, money transfer and withdrawal. Enjoy the app on all your devices including Tablets and Mobile Phones.

RBS Social Media

Find out the latest updates and news from RBS by connecting with them via their various social media sites. Learn new interesting things about them such as their commitment to gender diversity, their energy efficiency initiatives, and how they raise scam and fraud awareness.


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