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AOL UK Free Phone Number

The AOL UK free number is 0808 234 9279. You get to speak to a Customer Care Representative who will give you real-time answers to questions related to AOL email, system Mechanic issues, McAfee and AOL computer check up.
Calls to this number from any UK landline is free. From a mobile you will be charged a fee, costs vary based on your mobile phone provider. The phone lines are opened Monday through to Sunday from 8 am to Midnight.

Upon dialing the number, you will be welcomed by an automated voice. You will be given the opportunity to wait to speak to a tech expert or follow the voice prompts to be directed to your specific service requirement.
For AOL password reset you will be asked to say Reset Password or Press 1.
For AOL email services you will be required to say email or press 2.
For AOL billing services you will be required to say billing or press 3.
For AOL premium service you will be required to say premium or press 4 for all your premium needs.                                                                                                                         If you do not take any action after the voice prompts you will be automatically directed to a customer support representative.

AOL USA Free Number

The AOL USA free number is +1 800 827 6364. For questions about AOL, upgrade, reactivation or change of AOL plan you will have to say account or press 2.
For questions about AOL bill or account, you will be asked to say billing or press 3.
If you need technical help, you will be requested to say tech support or press 4.
For Verizon to AOL migration, say Verizon or press 5. If you take no action, your call will be forwarded to a customer service representative to attend to your needs.

AOL Verizon Migration

The AOL Verizon Migration number is +1 800 837 4966 (VERIZON) if you have issues related to migration from Verizon email to AOL email. You will be further prompted to reset your password by saying reset or by pressing 1 if you called for that purpose.

AOL USA Customer Service

The AOL USA customer service free number is +1 866 401 3158. This number connects you directly to a customer service representative right after an automated welcome voice. Here, the support person can address all your AOL needs, from sign-up issues, migration, technical assistance, password reset, etc.

AOL Spanish

The AOL Spanish free number +1 866 885 5117. This number is dedicated only to their Spanish-speaking clients for all the services AOL offers.


The AOL TTY free number for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is +1 800 759 3323.  To use this service,  you should have a TTY enabled equipment.

AOL Canada

The AOL Canada free number is +1 844 863 7648. This toll-free number for AOL clients in the Canada area addresses all AOL support needs from password reset, AOL email services, migration issues etc.

AOL Puerto Rico

The AOL Puerto Rico free number is +1 844 221 3510. This toll-free number is dedicated to all AOL client needs in the Puerto Rico area.

Alternative AOL Phone Numbers and Service Contacts

AOL support

AOL Broadband Services

The AOL UK Broadband number is 0843 903 3231 or 0844 499 5555. The lines are open 8 am to Midnight, seven days a week. Call this number for all your broadband needs. The support team handles general broadband inquiries, billing, cancellations and everything related to the service.

AOL Press Office

The AOL press office phone number is 0207 492 1000. Call this number for press releases and its related issues.

Alternative Free AOL Online Contact Methods

AOL twitter

AOL Live Chat

You can have a customer service conversation through AOL Live Chat, by signing-in if you already have an account or by creating one through a simple sign-up process that requires entering basic information such as your name, date of birth, zip code, etc. The live chat support team address all inquiries related to the services AOL offers, this is broadband, password reset, migration issues etc.

AOL Media Contacts

For all AOL Coperate Communication issues send an email to

For issues related to the Huffington post, you must email

When it comes to matters concerning investor relations, you must email

AOL Charitable Foundation

If you want to make an inquiry, donate or support AOL Charitable Foundation, send an email to

AOL Advertising

For advertising opportunities on AOL send an email to  The Advertising wing of  AOL provides agencies, advertisers and publishers with comprehensive, efficient and robust online advertising tools available anywhere.

How to Advertise Online

If you need to place any form of advertisement with AOL you will have to fill a contact form where you will enter  personal details, specify the kind of advert you are interested in by ticking from a list which includes ad advertising, content marketing, display, mobile, multi-touch attribution, partner studio, premium format, research, tv or video. There is also a comment box where you will provide more details about your advert.

AOL complaints

If at any point in dealing with the AOL team you feel you have not been treated with the utmost respect you can report any offensive member behaviour by sending an email to

AOL Europe Press

Industry Analyst and journalists can contact AOL UK press office by sending an email to

AOL Social Media

AOL is social, and their social media platforms have a big following.
There is a general verified AOL Facebook page with over 1.5 million followers and 1.6 million plus likes. There are separate verified AOL pages for Entertainment, lifestyle, and news.

The AOL Entertainment Facebook page shares entertainment news and responds to followers as well.
The AOL Lifestyle Facebook page is dedicated to lifestyle news.
AOL News Facebook page is updated daily with recent news articles.

The Twitter and Instagram pages have a crowd as well. There is a dedicated AOL Twitter Customer Support page. There is also an AOL Twitter Advertising page with a support team responding to Advertising needs globally.

AOL LinkedIn

AOL advertising (LinkedIn) has 4,000 plus followers and addresses and showcases only advertising related content.

AOL jobs (LinkedIn) with 2000 plus followers showcases the latest news on jobs and recruitment; you can inquire about jobs here through a simple message inbox.

AOL On Network (LinkedIn) shares the latest news, ideas and insights on AOL On Network. The support team can be contacted here on matters related to AOL network.


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