Affinity Water Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

 Affinity Water Free Phone Numbers
Affinity Water report a leak

Affinity Water Report a Leak

For leak problems, dial Affinity Water Report a Leak free number 0800 376 5325. You may need to hold for a while to wait for the next available team member to deal with you. They are open 24/7. Please note that calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. In order to check if the leak has already been reported online, visit the website and enter the town or postcode of the leak. A member of Affinity Water team will visit the site to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Submitting a photo of the problem will also be helpful in determining how serious the leak is.

Affinity Water Sewerage & Drainage Enquiries & Emergencies

The Affinity Water Sewerage and Drainage Emergency free number are 0800 316 9800. If your call is urgent, please hold and one of the teams will get to you as quickly as possible. There are four options available to you after the ring. If you have an enquiry or problem with your clean water or want to report a water leak, press 1. For problems with your waste water or drain, press 2. If you would like to talk to them about your bill, including payments, change of address or water meter enquiries, press 3. If you are a developer or thinking about renovating your properties and would like to talk to them about the right way to do it, press 4. Please refer to the next section for the contact details of Anglian Water and Southern Water.

Alternative Affinity Water Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Affinity Water Customer Service options

Affinity Water Customer Service for Metered Accounts

If you are moving house, have a bill or account enquiry, or wish to know more about payment arrangements, dial Affinity Water Customer Service for metered accounts, 0345 357 2401.

They are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. There will be times that you might call during their busy billing period, hence, the possibility of encountering busier than normal lines. As a metered customer, Affinity Water charges you for the volume of water and waste water plus a fixed standing charge. It targets to read your meter every six months but will inform you for instances that they have to estimate your reading.

Affinity Water Contact Details for Non-Metered Accounts

You may get in touch with Affinity Water Customer Service for non-metered accounts using 0345 357 2402.  As a non-metered customer, your bill is comprised of a standing charge for water and sewerage, rateable value charge, and a waste water charge. For customers living in the Central or East region, the waste water charges are provided by Thames Water or Anglian Water. Affinity Water has no control over these charges.

Affinity Water Emergency

For emergencies such as no water or a burst or leak that is causing damage or flooding, you may get in touch with Affinity Water Emergency number 0345 357 2407. This is the same number to dial for loss of water supply, water pressure concerns, water quality problems and water disruption.

Some of the most common water problems that customers usually encounter at home include no water, frozen pipes, leaking pipes, stop taps, and problems with a meter or stop tap cover, hydrant or posts.

To avoid future serious problems, Affinity Water offers top tips so you can protect your property properly. These include insulating water tanks and lag pipes, minimising draughts from the outside, and keeping a separate supply of drinking water for emergencies. Additionally, they also recommend finding your property’s internal stop tap to be able to turn it off when necessary, checking if your boiler has been serviced, and leaving the heating on low when you are away.

Affinity Water Accident and Water Claims

Claims portal InterRisk Solutions is Affinity Water’s partner for all personal injury claims. You may make a claim online or if you would rather speak to one of the InterRisk specialist advisers about your claim, Affinity Water will deal with it quickly and efficiently. You can reach them via the Affinity Water Claims helpline 0333 666 0082. Regardless of the seriousness of the injury, the company strives to help in dealing with your accident so you can arrive at a quick, out of court settlement. The service is totally free and offers an impartial and practical guide to making a claim for compensation.

Sewerage & Drainage Enquiries & Emergencies

Here are the numbers to call for your sewerage and drainage enquiries or emergencies:

Anglian Water 0345 714 5145
Southern Water 0330 303 0368
Thames Water See the Thames Water free phone number indicated in the first section

Affinity Water Accessibility

As much as possible, Affinity Water strives to make its website accessible by everyone who uses it as well as have the capability to operate across multiple platforms and browsers. It ensures that all links, images, accessibility software and services are updated and available for the convenience of users. If you would like more information or are encountering problems whilst using their site, contact them using the same number for Affinity Water Emergency.

Alternative Affinity Water Free Contact Methods
Affinity Water bill

Affinity Water Customer Zone

There is a section on the website that provides an easily accessible summary of all topics related to water in your area including current incidents, planned works, and water quality reports. You just need to enter your postcode to have access to the information.

Affinity Water Complaints Department

Affinity Water values their customers and would want the opportunity to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Consequently, you may use any of the numbers indicated above depending on the nature of your concern. They will still log your call as a complaint if you express dissatisfaction during the call. Alternatively, you may get in touch via the Affinity Water email address If your concern is about a specific property or your account, ready your full address, including the postcode. Finally, you can also contact the Directors’ office via post. Check out the Affinity Water Hatfield head office address indicated in the last section.

Expect a response to your email or letter in full within 10 working days. If you remain unhappy with the response, a senior manager will review the case and will respond within the same time frame. If at any point you feel that they have yet to meet your expectations, you may appeal to the Consumer Council for Water. CCWater is a national consumer body that looks after the interests of water customers. Finally, there is the Water Redress Scheme known as WATRS that can provide an independent, impartial and easy to use alternative for a very few number of complaints that remain unresolved.

Check out their “Meeting your expectations” guide to learn more about the complaints procedure. Find out what to do if you are still not satisfied with their initial resolution and who monitors complaint procedures.

If your complaint may be related to a possible public threat, Affinity Water will carry out an urgent probe. As a result, this may require a property visit, usually within two hours.

Affinity Water Online Forms

Online forms are available on the website for all your general enquiries about billing and account, water supply, and metering. You may also use these forms to submit a reading or report a leak. You may drop them a line via their website directly.

Affinity Water Social Media

You may also report a leak via Affinity Water’s Twitter account. They are most responsive between 4 pm and 2 am. Their YouTube channel, on the other hand, features how-to guides for both home and business customers. One of their customer service technicians, Rob, will show you ways to deal with common water-related problems around the home. They are also present in other social media sites. Check out their latest updates and share your thoughts with them:


Affinity Water Careers

Their latest job opportunities are posted on their Twitter account. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with them for further information or any other questions via their online form.

The Affinity Water Hatfield offices are conveniently located and can be accessed by car, train or bus. Please contact them prior to your interview. They need to get your car registration to book a visitors space for you.

Affinity Water Limited
Tamblin Way
Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ

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