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Yodel Free Phone Numbers
Yodel delivery

Yodel Customer Service

You may try using the same contact detail mentioned above for the Yodel Customer Service Telephone Number to seek help for your other concerns. Just remember to have your parcel tracking ID ready. Although there is only one available Yodel Free Phone Number, there are still various means of getting in touch with Yodel depending on your needs.

Yodel Tracking

For tracking and redelivery of all areas, contact Yodel Tracking Phone Number 0800 157 7777. To help them get the right information, the automated machine will ask you a couple of questions. First, it will ask you if you have one of their cards. Press 1 or say “Yes” if you have or press 2 or say “No” if you do not have it. Furthermore, if you say “Yes,” clearly say or enter the 8-digit number that appears at the bottom of the card. If you say “No,” you will be asked if you have the parcel reference or tracking number, which comes in the format of a 12- to 19-digit number. The parcel number may begin with the letter “J” or the number “8” for example. Say “Yes” or press 1 if you have it.

There may be times that a caller presses 2 or says “No.” This is probably due to the caller forgetting it or not having direct access to it at the time of the call. As a result, Yodel will not be able to process your request. This is because they would need the card ID or the parcel number before they can carry on.

Alternative Yodel Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Yodel I missed you

Yodel Direct Phone Number

There is a Yodel Direct Phone Number posted on their website, but please note that calls will incur cost depending on your telephone company’s network access charge. They are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm, and every Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm.

Yodel Pick Up Centre

If you would rather pick up your parcel from their depots, you may do so at your convenience. However, if your parcel is at a depot, it is not possible to collect it from another one. Furthermore, for parcels that contain alcohols, you need to be over 18 to collect. The tracking site will provide you the exact location of your local depot when you arrange to pick up your parcel. Check out the My Yodel Delivery Phone Numbers of the depots nearest your area. Call them first and let them know you are coming so they do not attempt to re-deliver your parcel and cause further delays.

My Yodel Delivery

Yodel Pick Up Centre My Yodel Delivery Phone Number
Yeovil depot 0193 543 2924
Irvine depot 0129 421 3458
Kidderminster depot 0156 282 7299
Bolton depot 0120 452 5527
Romford depot 0170 837 4240
New Cross depot 0207 732 1444
Scunthorpe depot 0172 428 9594
New Cross depot 0207 732 1444
Preston depot 0177 233 0093
Newton Abbot depot 0162 683 3165
Chesterfield depot 0124 626 0142
Llandudno depot 0149 259 3554
Gatwick depot 0129 351 6620
Warrington depot 0192 581 4828
Inverness depot 0146 371 4964
Carrickfergus depot 0289 336 3284
Fareham depot 0148 958 1544
St Neots depot 0148 047 2537
Hull depot 0148 235 2993
Stockton-on-Tees depot 0164 256 3043
Llanelli depot 0155 475 3643
Isle of Wight depot 0198 361 2928
Leeds Gildersome depot 0113 238 0343
Poole depot 0120 273 6856
Northampton depot 0160 476 6423
Gateshead depot 0191 497 7971
Gloucester depot 0145 272 7692
Oldbury depot 0121 552 5541
Rochdale depot 0170 635 5223
Aylesham depot 0130 484 1138
Cardiff depot 0292 077 9779
Hitchin depot 0146 242 1336
Norwich depot 0160 348 6101
Swindon depot 0179 353 7171
Reading depot 0118 922 0050
Lincoln depot 0152 281 4450
Plymouth depot 0175 234 8943
Nottingham depot 0115 986 0431
Perth depot 0173 847 4000
Loughborough depot 0150 921 9079
Exeter depot 0139 243 6546
Bellshill depot 0169 874 3202
Middleton depot 0161 655 7768
Inverness Dalcross depot 0166 746 2466
Keighley depot 0153 561 2489
Wrexham depot 0203 738 2020
Lichfield depot 0203 738 2529

Alternative Yodel Free Contact Methods
Yodel tracking

Yodel Tracking

In addition to contacting them, you may also track your parcel via the Yodel website. You need to enter your tracking number and delivery postcode. Furthermore, there are various ways to find your tracking number or parcel ID if you do not have it:

  • If a Yodel carrier left you a “Sorry I missed you…” card, the number is located on top of the barcode at the lower portion of the card.
  • For customers who received an e-mail, the tracking reference number will be in the message. Just click on the ID and it will take you to your tracking information.
  • Finally, if you received an SMS, similar to the e-mail, just click on the number to go to your tracking information.

Yodel Careers

If you are interested to work at Yodel, find out if there is a position that fits your qualifications on the Careers section of their website. Part of their process is to check your qualifications, personal probes, and identity or bank verification details. For those who are thinking of becoming one of their self-employed suppliers, Yodel recommends that you research and find out the implications of being self-employed before contacting them. Search for that job now via Yodel Careers Contact Number.

Yodel Online Help and Advice

At your convenience, another way to search for answers to your various questions is via their online support. You may also explore the most common issues that customers have searched for. Some of the topics discussed include tracking, deliveries, rearranging a parcel delivery, and depot collections. Additionally, you can also gather more information about sending parcels via YodelDirect, damages, returns and exchanges, and becoming a client.

Finally, the section even offers some tips to keep your personal information safe and protect your mobile, tablet and PC. It also guides you on the steps to take when dealing with spam e-mails, ransomware, unexpected calls, and data compromises.

Yodel Customer Service Advisor

Aside from their online help and advice, you may also get in touch with their Yodel Customer Service Advisor via their web chat. You need to input your name, e-mail address and postcode to get started.

Yodel Client Zone

Yodel offers a wide range of business tools that will keep you informed about your deliveries so you have better control of them, hence a more productive output. Some of the business tools available include shipping solutions, customer tools & business intelligence reports, and fuel surcharging. You can also benefit from the advantages of their transport portal, legal details, and service coverage. For sales enquiries, visit the Yodel Client Zone section. Yodel will ask some questions to evaluate the nature of your business based on the number of parcels you send yearly and other business-related data.

Yodel Social Media

Chat to their friendly Twitter team and learn from the experts. If you have an issue and are more comfortable getting in touch via social media, the links below are also a great way to speak to them. Let your voice reach Yodel on time. Drop them a message now:


Yodel Head Office Complaints

If you feel dissatisfied with any of their products and services and want to put it in writing, you may try writing them at Yodel Head Office Complaints department. The company’s registered address is indicated below for your reference.

Yodel Delivery Network Limited
Second Floor, Atlantic Pavillion
Albert Dock, Liverpool
Merseyside L3 4AE

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