DPD Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

DPD Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

DPD Couriers

DPD or Dynamic Parcel Distribution is one of a known company in the UK. It provides one of the most efficient doors to door delivery services. The company specialises in delivering parcels to all over the world. Planning to deliver your parcel or consignments to UK or all other places worldwide?

As of now, there is no free phone number provided on the website. Contact DPD help representatives by using other numbers or methods. The article will walk your way to provide other means of contacting DPD.

Since its inception, the private parcel distribution company is making effort to improve its services. DPD is available to provide solutions to your distribution needs.

The company is successful now and has a huge clientele. DPD is synonymous to fulfil logistic and distribution needs in UK and rest of the world. The company has a huge network that spreads worldwide.

A huge team and a nationwide network working under DPD never fail to perform its service. The active team of DPD utilises the best technology and most innovative ways to deliver your parcel without taking much.

You can track the order by entering the postal code and know about every step. Call to make necessary changes such as time of delivery and locations. Ask our delivery employees to drop your parcel wherever you are easily available.

Alternative DPD Contact Numbers, Details and Services

DPD Customer Service

If you are impatiently waiting for your parcel and wish to speak to one of the advisors? Dial DPD customer service 0121 275 0500 to know more about deliveries. To re-arrange your delivery dial DPD customer service. Make a request to collect press connect to DPD Customer Service.

Dial the number and share few personal contact details as follows

  • Name
  • Postcode
  • Reference number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

DPD Complaints Number

Disappointed with the DPD courier services? Have you been chasing your parcel? Have you not received it yet? Let’s say you wish to speak to the customer care executive and complain about a DPD driver? DPD has arranged a dedicated team for all such grievances with an alternative phone number. Dial  0844 556 0560  to hold a direct communication with the team of help representatives.

DPD Depot Finder Contact Number

The DPD has 38 active centres running throughout Ireland. Professionals efficiently operate the centres. Contact DPD Depot Finder Number 0906 420 500 and enquire about the closest depot in your area. The customer care representatives are available from Monday to Saturday.

DPD Recruitment Contact Number

If you find yourself interested in joining the efficient team of DPD, dial 0121 275 0500. Contact DPD Recruitment Contact Number, hold communication with the representatives of HR department. Discuss all your vacancies related queries here.

DPD Parcel Tracking Number

Do you wish to keep a track of your parcel? If you want to know about the updated information about the courier sent or parcel yet to receive? Without any second thoughts contact 0850 373 373.

Share the parcel label number or parcel reference number with the representative. You get the accurate information about your concerned parcel. Get the exact time details about your parcel. The representatives are available round the clock to answer queries.

DPD Manchester Contact Number

The DPD Manchester Contact Number +44 121 275 0500 directly connects you with the representatives of DPD Manchester Depot. All Manchester residents dial DPD Manchester Contact Number. Talk straight to the Manchester helpdesk team and get the right information about the parcel.

DPD International Number

Making an international call to DPD customer care, dial + 4212 4444 2553. The DPD International Number will connect the head office of DPD in the UK to the rest of the world. All non-UK residents can inquire about the DPD courier services in the UK can contact here. The customer help representatives are available on all 7 days from morning 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

DPD 24 Hour Number

All the business customers or private customers regularly appoints DPD courier services. They can contact DPD 24 Hour Number 0900 373 4663 to deliver logistics or single parcels. Dial this number to request an invoice or resolve billing related queries.

Here, the customers can inquire about the indexed fuel surcharged. This surcharge is inclusive of the parcel price. It constantly adjusts the fuel price depending upon the fluctuating price of fuel.

Here, the customers can inquire about the indexed fuel surcharged. This surcharge is inclusive of the parcel price. It constantly adjusts the fuel price depending upon the fluctuating price of fuel.

DPD Credit and Billing

A list of direct calling numbers of its selective help representatives is available in this section. The list offers a direct contact between the head of a department in Credit and Billing section and the customer. Discuss all invoice, personal billing, depot related queries here.

Name Department Number
Gary Phillips Credit Manager 0117 937 8110
Jessica Smith Depot Administrator 0117 992 4334
Jayne Manley Credit Management team leader 0117 937 8126
Abbey May Credit Management Clerk (32,33) 0117 937 8140
Alan Sergeant Credit Management Clerk (26, 41,48, 91) 0117 937 8130
Andy Porch Credit Management Clerk (16, 22, 31, 61, 92) 0117 937 8131
Sneha Shivanand Credit Management Clerk (43, 44, 59) 0117 937 8134
Lisa Hunt Credit Management Team Leader 0117 937 8133
Bob Seymour Credit Management Clerk (21, 24, 27, 29, 45) 0117 937 8128
Lauren Crockett Credit Management Clerk (46, 49, 50, 51, 52, 56, 57) 0117 937 8121
Shane Molton Credit Management Clerk (40, 42, 64, 66) 0117 937 8122
Stephanie Scutt Credit Management Clerk ( 23, 28, 54, 55, 62, 68, 95) 0117 937 8137
Tracey Tanner Credit Management Team Leader 0117 937 8124
James Mackreth Credit Management Clerk (34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 69, 98)


0117 937 8127
Kim Wallen Credit Management Clerk (25, 30) 0117 937 8139
Michael Wilson Credit Management Clerk (10, 11, 13, 67, 93) 0117 937 8136
Tara Herbert Credit Management Clerk (12, 14, 15, 17, 20, 90) 0117 937 8132

DPD is all about providing precise courier services to all its clients worldwide. It commits to deliver parcels in a limited time. DPD has 38 operating centres. It ensures that the consignment reaches the desired location. Contact the team of DPD anytime by dialling the numbers given in the previous section.

DPD Track Curier

Alternative DPD Contact Methods

In this section, below is a list of other online methods of DPD contacts:


For any online support requirement, the clients can pen down its questions. Talk about delivery, drop-off, pick-up, website and other general enquiries. All this is done by writing an email. Write to client@dpd.ro and you will receive instant solutions resolving all your queries.

Social Media

Social media is helping the customers to reach the company officials. It is an easy and convenient way to get solutions. Without burning a hole in your pocket, this medium is an excellent way to make reliable connections. It is suitable for every business unit irrespective of its size covering a wider network of people; social media resolves problems in a jiffy.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube

DPD Contact Form

DPD contact form helps to do enquiries, drop a feedback, complaint or make a suggestion to improve its service. Looking for an online help, DPD is an essential help for all delivery-related assistance. You have to fill the basic credentials along with your contact information. The DPD help executives will revert back to you. It is an easy way to report the concerned department.

DPD Online Support & Help Page

The DPD Help & Support page provides fast solutions to questions about delivery, website, drop-off, pickup, account management, and other general enquiries.

Most of the questions and answers featured on this web page include

  • Parcel tracking
  • Undelivered parcels
  • Parcel journey
  • Tracking information

Sales queries and courier contact details

You have to enter the basic contact details and a personalised message. In this message explain how dissatisfied you are with any particular service.

DPD Pickup Shop Finder

Owning an extensive UK network, the DPD Pickup Shop finder page lets you choose from the nearest parcel shop. Enter your local postal code and seek out a parcel shop around you.

DPD UK Office Address

The office address of DPD in UK is as follows:

21 Clifton Hall Road, Newbridge

EH28 8PW, UK