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This article will serve as a guide for customers to directly contact the company without the costs and the confusion.

American Express Customer Service

The American Express customer service free number is 0800 917 8047. Card holders, potential or actual, of the following cards, may also call the same number for queries and complaints: Platinum CashBack Credit Card, Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card, Express Rewards Credit Card, Green Credit Card, and Gold Credit Card.

American Express Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card free number is 0808 100 5050. By calling this number customers can learn about the card benefits such as access to luxurious hotel accommodations, top class restaurant reservations, and expensive travel plans.

American Express Platinum Charge Card

The American Express Platinum Charge Card free number is 0800 917 8054. The Platinum Charge Card is second to the luxurious Centurion Card. It also covers insured travels and premium hotel accommodations.

American Express Platinum Travel Card

The American Express Platinum travel card free number is 0800 032 7725. This is for customers who travel often. The card allows the users to earn five times (5x) membership points and provides the customer’s access to hundreds of travel plans and hotels.

American Express Gold Charge Card

The American Express Gold Charge Card free number is 0800 917 8050. This card is the entry-level charge card and is the cheapest charge card to handle.  Customers may call this number to know how to avail it and how the program works.

American Express Nectar Customer Service

The American Express Nectar customer service free number is 0800 917 8015. The Nectar Credit Card is an ideal card for frequent shoppers as Nectar Points will be earned for every credit card purchase. The Nectar points may be spent as payment for purchases from Nectar Partners. As of date, the following point system is adapted by American Express:

Points Collected Amount Spent Other Conditions
20,000 bonus points £2,000 Only in the first three months
2 points every full £1
Maximum of 4 points every full £1 If spent at Nectar partners

British Airways American Express

The British Airways American Express free number is 0800 917 8020. With this card, users enjoy convenient travel plans with 24/7 protection benefits and also earning Avios points as they spend.

American Express Blue Card

The American Express Blue card customer service free number is 0800 917 8049. The Blue Card is a basic card with no annual fees and with flexible payment options.

American Express Starwood

The American Express Starwood Preferred Guest free number is 0800 917 8019.  Customers may obtain a list of the available SPG hotels via the customer service number mentioned above.

American Express RED

The American Express RED free number is 0800 917 8012. Calling the free service number will guide the customers the step-by-step process in using the RED card which includes a guide on how to link the RED card to their bank account.

American Express Gold and Green Business Cards

The American Express Gold and Green Business card free number is 0800 917 8043.  These two cards allow business owners to manage their cash flow effectively. The Gold Card permits up to 54 days of interest-free purchases while the Green Card is effectively used for foreign transactions.

American Express Platinum Business

The American Express Platinum Business free number is 0800 032 7106. The Platinum Business Charge Card has the following benefits, among others: limited, interest-free credit period, business services or assistance, and travel plans with protection. Customers may call the number if they wish to avail any of the aforementioned benefits.

American Express Basic Business

The American Express Basic Business free number is 0800 917 8045. The card has the basic features that give an opportunity to small businesses to increase their purchasing power through no-preset spending limit and no interest features.

American Express Platinum Business

The American Express Platinum Business free number is 0800 917 8224. By calling the number, customers will learn how to avail of the card’s premium array of services: travel flights, travel insurance, and business services.

American Express Gold Business

The American Express Gold Business free number is 0800 917 8047. The Gold Business Credit Card gives the basic credit features for business owners, promising them the benefits upon availing and more effective cash flow.

American Express Nectar Business

The American Express Nectar Business free number is 0800 917 8014. Like the Nectar Business Charge Card, the Nectar Business Credit Card allows users to earn Nectar Points which can be converted to rewarding perks.

American Express Gold Corporate

The American Express Gold Corporate free number is 0800 917 8031. Customers can ask about travel services that are exclusive only to the Corporate Card holders.

American Express Platinum Corporate

The American Express Platinum Corporate free number is 0800 032 7646. The card promises the same features of the Corporate Gold Card with additional perks such as unlimited access to exclusive aeroplane lounges, unlimited Boingo wifi access and others.

Lost and Stolen Card Services

The American Express Lost or Stolen card services free number is 0800 521 313. This 24/7 customer service number will help the customers to open a claim and find the easiest way to refund the cheques. Customers must, as a reminder, have the serial numbers of their lost or stolen cheques on hand for a faster service.

Customers who lost or had their traveller cheques stolen may also call the same number provided for the lost and stolen cards.

American Express Online Assistance

The American Express online assistance free number is 0800 917 8045 . Customers may call the same number if they have an online Amex account and are faced with issues in managing their account.

American Express Travel

The American Express Travel free number is 0800 032 7233. The customer service line is open only Monday through Friday at 9 am to 5 pm only, thus, calls should be planned accordingly.

American Express Travel Insurance

The American Express travel insurance free number is 0800 028 7573. Amex also offers travel insurance services for card members, offering discounts if the card members avail of the Amex travel insurance. The service is open only at 9 am to 5 pm during Mondays to Fridays.

American Express Pet Insurance

The American Express Pet Insurance free number is 0800 038 0846. The number is available on Mondays to Fridays only at 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

American Express Defence Platinum Services

The American Express Defence platinum free number is 0800 022 4355. Customers may call the number to know how to use the tools and information for their benefit. It must be noted that this is not an insurance product and will not cover any losses as a result of identity fraud but it is a very helpful in preventing identity theft and potential losses. The line is open Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays at 8 am to 5 pm only.

American Express Merchant Services

The American Express merchant services free number is 0800 032 7216. Business owners have the option to create a Merchant Account with Amex. This means that Amex Merchant Account holders will be able to receive payments using American Express charge or credit cards.

American Express Member Disputes

The American Express member disputes free number is 0800 032 4744. The Customer Service Representative will inform the Merchants the details as reported by the Card member and process on how to respond to the disputes. The helpline is open Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 5 pm.

American Express Complaints

American Express Complaints Department Free Number
Consumer Card Customers 0800 917 8047
International 0800 032 7291
International Payments 0800 085 3456
Corporate Card Customers 0800 917 8031
Business Travel Account 0800 917 8237
Corporate Purchasing Solution 0800 917 8208 opt 1
V Payment 0800 917 8223

Alternative American Express Phone Numbers

American Express Slogan

American Express Membership Rewards Programme

The American Express Membership Rewards number is 0127 386 3863. Customers may call the Membership Rewards Team and enrol in the rewards program. The line is available only during Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays at 9 am to 1 pm. Customers should make sure that you have they have their card with them and they have the details of their Membership Rewards Account.

American Express Pet Insurance

The American Express pet insurance number is 0330 123 1294. A customer representative will discuss with the caller details about their existing pet insurance and the process of claiming out of the insurance. The number is open only on Mondays to Fridays at 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Global Assist

The American Express Global Assist number is 0203 126 4113. Customers may call this line when they want to plan a trip and would like to avail of the travel protection services. It is also the number to call for those who are away during a travel and has lost their luggage or passports. The number is available 24/7 to cater the emergency calls.

The alternative numbers for the same services all mentioned above are shown in the following:

American Express Department UK Contact Number
American Express General Customer Service and Online Assistance Number

Lost and Stolen Cards

Card users of the following cards: Platinum CashBack Credit Card, Costco TrueEarnings Credit Card, Express Rewards Credit Card, Starwood Preferred Credit Card, RED, Green Credit Card, Gold Credit Card, ALL Business Charge and Credit Cards,

0127 369 6933
Platinum Charge Card and Platinum Card Travel 0129 382 0925
Centurion Card 0127 366 7272
American Express Nectar Credit Card 0127 357 6904
British Airways American Express Card 0127 357 6445
American Express Blue Card 0127 357 6576
American Express Platinum Business Charge Card 0203 024 7715
American Express Travel Services 0129 382 6704
Lost Stolen Traveller’s Cheques 0127 357 1600
Corporate Card 0127 362 2600
Platinum Corporate Card 0127 372 1010
British Airways Corporate Card 0127 368 9955

Alternative American Express Free Contact Methods

American Express Online Options

American Express Social Media

Amex has both Facebook and Twitter accounts which customers can follow for updates. As mentioned earlier, both may serve as mechanisms for communication.

American Express Mobile App

The American Express application for both Android (minimum 4.1) and iOS (minimum iOS 7) system users are available for download at Google Play and iTunes App Store, respectively. Both applications are free, adding more convenience for the customers.

American Express Complaints Procedures

A guide on how to complain may be found in their Complaints Procedures page. The Complaints Department will investigate the matters and communicate to the complainant the progress of their findings. They promise a resolution in writing sent to the complainant in three days or more depending on the complexity of the issues.

American Express Headquarters

  • For Consumer Credit, Charge Card and Centurion Card Members
    UK Executive Customer Relations
    American Express, Department 333, 1 John Street,
    Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH
  • For International Currency Card (ICC) Customers
    International Currency Card (ICC) Customer Relations
    American Express, Dept 45, Telecom House,
    125 – 135 Preston Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6AG
  • For Corporate Card Members, FX International Payments, Business Travel Account (BTA), Corporate Purchasing Solution (CPS)V Payment, Merchant and Insurance Customers
    American Express, 1 John Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH

Global Card Transfer

American Express card products and services in the UK may differ from that in other countries. Customers will have to avail of the Global Card Transfer for an easy move-in-and-out of the country plans. This can be done by accessing the Global Card Transfers page and identifying the country the customer will move in. The customer must own an eligible American Express Card (cards must have been issued directly from American Express) and should have the home address and phone number of the new country on hand.

American Express FAQ

Customers who have questions regarding the products and services of American Express may resort to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of their website. About 170 common questions are already answered on the page which covers almost all issues and areas in the company. A search box is also provided in the page for customer’s convenience.

AOL Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Aol Logo

AOL Free Phone Numbers

AOL Company

AOL UK Free Phone Number

The AOL UK free number is 0808 234 9279. You get to speak to a Customer Care Representative who will give you real-time answers to questions related to AOL email, system Mechanic issues, McAfee and AOL computer check up.
Calls to this number from any UK landline is free. From a mobile you will be charged a fee, costs vary based on your mobile phone provider. The phone lines are opened Monday through to Sunday from 8 am to Midnight.

Upon dialing the number, you will be welcomed by an automated voice. You will be given the opportunity to wait to speak to a tech expert or follow the voice prompts to be directed to your specific service requirement.
For AOL password reset you will be asked to say Reset Password or Press 1.
For AOL email services you will be required to say email or press 2.
For AOL billing services you will be required to say billing or press 3.
For AOL premium service you will be required to say premium or press 4 for all your premium needs.                                                                                                                         If you do not take any action after the voice prompts you will be automatically directed to a customer support representative.

AOL USA Free Number

The AOL USA free number is +1 800 827 6364. For questions about AOL, upgrade, reactivation or change of AOL plan you will have to say account or press 2.
For questions about AOL bill or account, you will be asked to say billing or press 3.
If you need technical help, you will be requested to say tech support or press 4.
For Verizon to AOL migration, say Verizon or press 5. If you take no action, your call will be forwarded to a customer service representative to attend to your needs.

AOL Verizon Migration

The AOL Verizon Migration number is +1 800 837 4966 (VERIZON) if you have issues related to migration from Verizon email to AOL email. You will be further prompted to reset your password by saying reset or by pressing 1 if you called for that purpose.

AOL USA Customer Service

The AOL USA customer service free number is +1 866 401 3158. This number connects you directly to a customer service representative right after an automated welcome voice. Here, the support person can address all your AOL needs, from sign-up issues, migration, technical assistance, password reset, etc.

AOL Spanish

The AOL Spanish free number +1 866 885 5117. This number is dedicated only to their Spanish-speaking clients for all the services AOL offers.


The AOL TTY free number for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is +1 800 759 3323.  To use this service,  you should have a TTY enabled equipment.

AOL Canada

The AOL Canada free number is +1 844 863 7648. This toll-free number for AOL clients in the Canada area addresses all AOL support needs from password reset, AOL email services, migration issues etc.

AOL Puerto Rico

The AOL Puerto Rico free number is +1 844 221 3510. This toll-free number is dedicated to all AOL client needs in the Puerto Rico area.

Alternative AOL Phone Numbers and Service Contacts

AOL support

AOL Broadband Services

The AOL UK Broadband number is 0843 903 3231 or 0844 499 5555. The lines are open 8 am to Midnight, seven days a week. Call this number for all your broadband needs. The support team handles general broadband inquiries, billing, cancellations and everything related to the service.

AOL Press Office

The AOL press office phone number is 0207 492 1000. Call this number for press releases and its related issues.

Alternative Free AOL Online Contact Methods

AOL twitter

AOL Live Chat

You can have a customer service conversation through AOL Live Chat, by signing-in if you already have an account or by creating one through a simple sign-up process that requires entering basic information such as your name, date of birth, zip code, etc. The live chat support team address all inquiries related to the services AOL offers, this is broadband, password reset, migration issues etc.

AOL Media Contacts

For all AOL Coperate Communication issues send an email to

For issues related to the Huffington post, you must email

When it comes to matters concerning investor relations, you must email

AOL Charitable Foundation

If you want to make an inquiry, donate or support AOL Charitable Foundation, send an email to

AOL Advertising

For advertising opportunities on AOL send an email to  The Advertising wing of  AOL provides agencies, advertisers and publishers with comprehensive, efficient and robust online advertising tools available anywhere.

How to Advertise Online

If you need to place any form of advertisement with AOL you will have to fill a contact form where you will enter  personal details, specify the kind of advert you are interested in by ticking from a list which includes ad advertising, content marketing, display, mobile, multi-touch attribution, partner studio, premium format, research, tv or video. There is also a comment box where you will provide more details about your advert.

AOL complaints

If at any point in dealing with the AOL team you feel you have not been treated with the utmost respect you can report any offensive member behaviour by sending an email to

AOL Europe Press

Industry Analyst and journalists can contact AOL UK press office by sending an email to

AOL Social Media

AOL is social, and their social media platforms have a big following.
There is a general verified AOL Facebook page with over 1.5 million followers and 1.6 million plus likes. There are separate verified AOL pages for Entertainment, lifestyle, and news.

The AOL Entertainment Facebook page shares entertainment news and responds to followers as well.
The AOL Lifestyle Facebook page is dedicated to lifestyle news.
AOL News Facebook page is updated daily with recent news articles.

The Twitter and Instagram pages have a crowd as well. There is a dedicated AOL Twitter Customer Support page. There is also an AOL Twitter Advertising page with a support team responding to Advertising needs globally.

AOL LinkedIn

AOL advertising (LinkedIn) has 4,000 plus followers and addresses and showcases only advertising related content.

AOL jobs (LinkedIn) with 2000 plus followers showcases the latest news on jobs and recruitment; you can inquire about jobs here through a simple message inbox.

AOL On Network (LinkedIn) shares the latest news, ideas and insights on AOL On Network. The support team can be contacted here on matters related to AOL network.


RBS Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

RBS Logo

RBS Free Phone Numbers
RBS Credit Card

RBS Credit Card Services

The RBS Credit Card Customer Service free number is 0800 141 3999. RBS credit cards come in various types: Reward credit card, Clear Rate Platinum credit card, Reward Black credit card, and Student credit card. There are various ways to manage your credit card. This number is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Some of the things that you can do include checking your balance and transactions, requesting a balance or money transfer, and viewing and downloading your statements. Additionally, you can even set up text and email alerts when your payment is due or when you have exceeded your balance.

RBS 24 Hour Banking and Minicom Numbers

For personal current accounts, you can get in touch with RBS by calling the following numbers. These may be used by those who are hard of hearing. These are also the numbers to use if you are a business credit card or a BusinessOne customer. Please refer to the website for the RBS overseas contact numbers.

Minicom RBS 24 Hour Banking Phone Number
Accounts in Scotland
Also for General/Existing Mortgage and Loan Queries
0800 404 6160
Accounts in England 0800 068 1289
Accounts in Wales 0800 092 3201

You will hear an automated menu and can choose based on what you want to do:

Press 1 then:

  • Press 1 for balance and account transactions. Just follow the prompts to hear your balance/available funds and recent transactions.
  • Press 2 for transfers and payments. Similarly, follow the prompts to transfer money your RBS accounts, pay your credit card, and pay a bill or individual.
  • Or you may press 3 for statement or cheque orders.
  • Otherwise, press 4 to get assistance from a customer adviser.
    Press 2
    to talk about existing loans and overdrafts or account charges.
    Press 3 to discuss new products and services and telephone banking registration.

RBS Hard of Hearing

RBS values its customers and finds ways to make everything as comfortable for them as possible when transacting. If you are hard of hearing, you may dial the Minicom free number 0800 404 6161.

RBS Stolen Card

To prevent other individuals from possibly misusing your account, it is important to report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible. In addition, if you think someone may have access to your card PIN, RBS can cancel the card and issue you with a new PIN.  Below are the free numbers to call for lost and stolen debit/credit cards:

Debit/Credit Cards RBS Stolen Card Phone Number
Accounts in England & Wales (UK) 0800 056 4386
Accounts in England & Wales (Minicom) 0800 092 9098
Accounts in Scotland (Minicom) 0800 917 0526

They are open 24 hours to attend to your needs. Be ready with your Customer Number and PIN when you call. Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes. Alternatively, you can also report your debit, credit, or savings card as lost or damaged and order a new one online.

RBS Fraud Department

RBS strives to protect you and your computer in a number of ways including via text alerts, disabling of online accounts, and card reader. A card reader is a security device all online banking customers need. Additionally, RBS also offers an extra level of security in their website. Despite all these, fraud is always a possibility.

The RBS fraud department numbers for personal and business accounts are listed in the table below. For personal current accounts, make sure to call within their opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. If you need to get in touch with them outside these hours, there is an alternative number indicated in the next section that you can call. On the other hand, service for credit cards is available 24 hours a day.

Finally, if you are calling overseas, refer to the numbers listed on the website. RBS will ask you security questions first to verify your identity before they deal with your concern. This is to protect your account as well as your personal details.

Account Type RBS Fraud Department Number
In response to an automated message from RBS 0800 011 3312
Personal Current Accounts 0800 161 5150
Personal Credit Cards 0800 161 5153
Business Credit Cards 0800 161 5164

RBS Home Insurance

Royal Bank of Scotland Insurance Team RBS Home Insurance Contact Number
UK 0800 051 1450
Minicom 0800 051 3030

The above are the numbers to call when making a home insurance claim, tracking an existing claim, changing your policy details, and renewing your insurance policy. For emergencies, RBS has a 24-hour service available which can be automatically reached when calling the NatWest Insurance Team.

RBS Mortgages

Mortgage Queries RBS Mortgage Phone Number
General Mortgage Queries UK 0800 056 3220
Existing Mortgage Queries UK 0800 056 0567
Mortgage Application UK 0800 029 4291
Mortgage Application Minicom 0800 917 0526

A member of their team will talk you through the process and arrange a phone appointment with a qualified mortgage adviser. Mortgage applicants may get a call from the RBS Mortgage Outbound Customer Care Team.

RBS Loans Contact

 For personal loans, get in touch with them via the RBS loans contact free number 0800 148 8331. The Minicom numbers for both personal and existing loans are indicated in the first section.

Alternative RBS Contact Numbers, Details and Services
RBS Contact Us

RBS Customer Service Number

For telephone banking and general queries, you may also call:

UK RBS Customer Service Number
Accounts in Scotland 0345 724 2424
Accounts in England & Wales 0345 900 0400

If you have not registered for telephone banking, dial the following:

UK RBS Customer Service Number
Accounts in Scotland 0345 722 2345
Accounts in England & Wales 0345 301 0896

These numbers are for registration purposes only. You cannot carry out any transactions until you are registered.

RBS Outside Business Hours

For lost/stolen debit/credit cards in Scotland, the UK you need to call the RBS outside business hours number 0370 600 0459. This is also the same number to use if you are calling to report a fraud outside the opening hours listed in the first section.

RBS Fraud Department: Business

For business accounts, call the RBS fraud department number 0345 300 3986. Protect your business from fraud by reporting suspicious emails, contacting RBS immediately upon receipt of text messages, automated calls and voicemails from them, and installing Rapport software for added protection.

RBS Banking

Aside from the 24-hour free phone numbers indicated above, business customers can also dial the RBS banking phone number 0345 600 2230.

RBS Loans Contact

In addition to the free phone number, you may also reach RBS for your existing loan queries and general concerns by calling the RBS loan contact number 0345 030 3216.

Alternative RBS Free Contact Methods
RBS Mobile app

RBS Complaints

RBS intends to resolve all conflicts as quickly as possible to ensure full customer satisfaction. You can raise your concerns about any of RBS products and services via Web Chat or their online form. The form will allow you to email your complaint directly to a complaint handler.

Expect a written communication no later than 10 days after receipt of the complaint. But if the response or the action does not fully satisfy you, can get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman Service to get an impartial and fair support.

RBS Mortgage Centre

There are three ways to apply for a mortgage. You may call the RBS mortgage centre telephone numbers indicated in the previous sections. In addition, you may also meet with a qualified mortgage adviser at your local branch to find which mortgage fits your needs and requirements. Finally, apply online if you are comfortable choosing a mortgage without advice from RBS. Do note that online applications will not give you the protection provided by their advised service.

RBS Digital Banking

The benefits of digital banking are similar to those you get from phone banking. Most noteworthy, you can explore additional options that may be limited on phone calls. If you have just set up Digital Banking or have not used it for some time, use the handy guide for easier transacting.

RBS Mobile Banking

Why use the mobile app? Some of its features include fingerprint login, balance enquiry, money transfer and withdrawal. Enjoy the app on all your devices including Tablets and Mobile Phones.

RBS Social Media

Find out the latest updates and news from RBS by connecting with them via their various social media sites. Learn new interesting things about them such as their commitment to gender diversity, their energy efficiency initiatives, and how they raise scam and fraud awareness.


Home Office Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

home office logo

Home Office Free Phone Numbers

Home Office main

Home Office Immigration Textphone

If you are hearing impaired or have some other hearing issues you do not need to worry. The Home Office Immigration textphone is a free number, 0800 389 8289. Get in touch with the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) contact centre about settlements, work and study visas, extending your stay in the UK, immigration rules, and general immigration enquiries.

*For individuals without impairments you will need to use one of the numbers listed below.

Home Office Emergency Services Network

First of all, the Home Office is very serious in its campaign to stop crimes made by the general public. Examples of crimes include working illegally, have no right to be in the UK, and involved in smuggling or other criminal activity. In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for the police. Furthermore, you may get in touch with any of the following free number services:

Home Office Emergency Services Network Free Numbers
Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
Customs 0800 595 000
Anti-Terrorist 0800 789 321


The Crimestoppers free number is 0800 555 111. Especially relevant is that this is the only independent UK charity that fights crimes. Since it is a combined initiative of the police, the media, and the community, expect them to attend to your concerns effectively and efficiently. After the ring, press 1 if you are a victim of a crime. Otherwise, to share information about crimes, please hold while they connect you to an agent.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

The HMRC free number is 0800 595 000. This is the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority. Most noteworthy, the money it collects is used to pay for the UK’s public services and to provide for families and individuals with targeted financial support. Their policies cover business tax reforms, labour market reforms, personal tax reforms, and tax evasion and avoidance.

Home Office Anti-Terrorism

The Home Office anti-terrorism free number is 0800 789 321. This support line encourages individuals to report anything that promotes terrorism or encourage violence and encourages people to commit acts of terrorism. If you want to protect your privacy, you may report incidents such as these anonymously.

Alternative Home Office Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Home Office contact

Home Office Customer Service

Her Majesty’s (HM) Passport Office is the only body that issues UK passports and oversees the civil registration services through the General Register Office (GRO). For general enquiries, get in touch with Home Office customer service number 0300 222 0000. This is the same number to call for passport advice.

HM Office Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

For birth, marriage and death certificates, you may call the Home Office contact number 0300 123 1837. You need to register to the GRO website to order a copy of birth, death, adoption, marriage or civil partnership certificate in England and Wales. In addition, there is a separate procedure for the registration of births and deaths abroad.

Home Office Immigration

The number for Home Office Immigration Contact is 0300 123 2241. They are open from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 4:45 pm and every Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm. For Turkish European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) applications, there is an alternative number on the website that you can call as well as their postal address.

If you are calling from outside the UK, there is another available UK number that you can get in touch with or you may call the number of the UK representative in the country where you are in.

Home Office Immigration Crime

To report an immigration crime, you may dial the Home Office immigration crime number 0300 123 7000. Alternatively, you may refer to the first section for the contact details of emergency numbers that deal specifically with every type of crime.

Home Office Tax Deduction and Textphone

Tell Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about changes to your circumstances or any other general enquiry for tax crediting purposes. Call the Home Office tax deduction helpline number 0345 300 3900 or via textphone 0345 300 3909. The best times to call are on Sundays and from Tuesday to Thursday between 8:30 am and 10:30 am and 2 pm to 4 pm. They are closed on Boxing Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Alternative Home Office Free Contact Methods
Home Office Twitter

Home Office Immigration Contact

If you are inside the UK, your enquiry will determine who you need to contact at the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) Department.

Home Office Change of address

You can use the online form to request a change in address or by post:

Change of address team
11th floor, Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

Home Office Marriage Office

Additionally, for those who have given notice of intent to marry and want to report a change in address, you must email Alternatively, you may send your letter and necessary information to:

Marriage Referral and Assessment Unit
Dept 158
PO Box 306
L2 0QN

Since this process requires documentation, please note that you need to provide some information and digital copies of specific papers that are posted on the website.

  • Biometric residence permits (BRP): You can report to UKVI if your BRP has not arrived or if it contains errors upon receipt of the document. The Home Office will email you within five working days for further instructions.

For those enquiring on behalf of someone else, UKVI only accepts legal representatives. That is, you must have a letter of authority from the person, which they may ask you to submit first before they do any changes.

  • Immigration crime: The Home Immigration Office contact details for reporting crimes are mentioned in the first section.

Home Office Travel Documents

The Home Office Travel Document section, United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA), is the group responsible for the issuance of Home Office travel documents to both Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals. There are four types of document that are issued to those who cannot get a passport from any issuing state:

  1. Refugee Document (blue)
  2. Stateless Person Document (red)
  3. Certificate of Travel (black); previously Certificate of Identity (brown) until March 2008
  4. Declaration of Identity (TDB 137; single sheet of paper)

You may only apply online or via the post by filling in form TD112 BRP and sending it to the following address:

Home Office
Travel Documents BRP
PO Box 588
DH99 1AA

There is no listed Home Office Travel Document official phone number. Consequently, you may use the Home Office customer service number for further enquiries.

Home Office Lost My Passport Service

You need to report your lost or stolen passport to Her Majesty’s (HM) Passport Office. If you lost it within the UK, there are three ways to report it:

  • Download and fill out a copy of the LS01 form and post it to the address indicated in the form.
  • Get a copy of the LS01 form from a post office that provides the Check and Send service.
  • Use the online service. Do note that you need a daytime phone number and an email address or UK mobile number to use this service.

If the passport was stolen abroad, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fill in form LS01 and post, fax or bring it to the nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate. You can use the online enquiry form to contact Her Majesty’s Passport Office for further advice. The addresses of all the countries are available on the Web site. Simply click on the country where you lost your passport and they will provide you with the corresponding contact details as well as the opening hours of the consulate.
  2. Get a replacement passport. You can apply from the country you are in if there is no urgent need at the moment to travel.
  3. Otherwise, for urgent requirements, you need to get an emergency travel document from the Embassy, High Commission or Consulate and pay a corresponding fee.

It is very important that you cancel a lost or stolen passport to prevent possible identity theft. You may also report on behalf of someone if they are unavailable to do it.

e Spouse Visa Services

You can apply for a “family of a settler person” visa if you are already in the UK and wish to remain with a family member or partner, for example, your spouse. Your spouse or family member can be a British citizen, has settled in the UK, or has asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK. Your child may also have the chance to get a visa if they have lived in the UK for a minimum of 7 years. You can apply in person, online or by post. There are different forms depending on your chosen routes.

Home Office Social Media

You can use Twitter to get general help from HMRC. However, do not give any personal details as they are not allowed to discuss specific cases or an individual’s tax details. Additionally, their daily tweets will include news stories, new photo galleries on their Flickr team, and latest videos on the Home Office YouTube channel. You can also get information about the latest speeches and statements by the Home Secretary and ministers as well as invitations for you to give feedback through consultations.

Aer Lingus Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

aer lingus logo

Aer Lingus Free Phone Numbers

Aer Lingus offers great Airline packages, vacation deals, group travel, car rental services and much more. There isn’t available an Aer Lingus free phone number. The Airline company is very responsive and has available several alternate numbers serving different purposes.

Alternative Aer Lingus Contact  Numbers Details and Services

Aer Lingus Customer support image

Aer Lingus Customer Service Number

The Aer Lingus customer service number is 0333 006 6920. If you are in the UK and Northern Ireland area the following numbers apply to you.

A well-equipped team is available to respond to issues including:

  • Luggage
  • Flight Terminal detail
  • Changing flights
  • Errors in online account
  • Airport transfers and pickups

Aer Lingus Reservation Number

The Aer Lingus reservation number is 0333 004 5000.  They are at the service of their cherished customers 22 hours daily from Monday to Friday. The lines are closed between 6 am – 8 am. On Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays the lines are open 21 hours, lines are closed between 6 am to 9 am.

The team is trained to provide any support and assistance with all booking and reservations for flights, group travels, hotels, car hire, vacation stores and vouchers.


The AerClub phone number is 0333 004 5777. Aer Club is a loyalty program designed to reward clients for using the services of Aer Lingus. The Aer Club rewards members by giving points anytime they travel. The points accrued can be spent on flights. You also earn tier credits on Aer Lingus flights. There are also special reward opportunities exclusive to tier members. Any traveller can join by a simple sign-up process where you provide name, phone number, and email address.

Aer Lingus Pre-Flight Care

The Aer Lingus Pre-Flight Care phone number is +353 1890 800 600. This is an Irish phone number and you can use it to verify the details of your flight, then this number saves you the time of going through a lengthy automated process. Aer Lingus has made a name for providing outstanding customer service to it clients in every stage of the travelling process. The Pre-flight care Phone number is dedicated to queries and concerns regarding reservations before departure. 

Aer Lingus Special Assistance Support

The Aer Lingus Special Assistance phone number is 0333 006 6921, This is for medical queries, as well as airline access at the airport for individuals who need more help. The phone lines are opened Monday through to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays the lines are accessible from 10 am to 4 pm.

If you need a wheelchair before or after your flight, or oxygen during the flight call this number. They care also for individuals who have special needs or other circumstances that are not typical for everyday fliers.

Aer Lingus Group Sales

The Aer Lingus Group sales number is 0333 004 5222.  The support team can accommodate flights with 7 – 25 people in one single booking. If the flight will include more people you will need to set up various bookings, however. Passengers need only be confirmed 10 days prior to departure so if you want to make a cancellation that is possible up to two weeks before the flight.

Aer Lingus Netherlands

Aer Lingus customer service team members reach beyond the UK and Northern Ireland. The Aer Lingus Netherlands customer service number is +31 090 0 2658207For all questions related to flights, bookings any form of help related to the services they render they will be at your beck and call. 

Aer Lingus Cargo – Republic of Ireland

The Aer Lingus Republic of Ireland Cargo phone number is +353 886 6688. The cargo section of Aer Lingus operates in over 40 airports in Europe and five gateways in the United States of America and Canada.

Aer Lingus Cargo – Northern Ireland Phone Number

Aer Lingus Cargo ranks as the top carrier cargo to and from Ireland. There is an Aer Lingus Cargo Northern Ireland Phone number; the number 0333 004 5666 is dedicated to serving clients only in that area. For all cargo inquiries in the North Ireland Area, this phone number should be the first point of contact.

Aer Lingus Free Online Contact Methods

aer lingus twitter

Aer Lingus Customer Service

All you need to know about Aer Lingus Customer Service is what is provided on the main customer contact us page.

Aer Lingus Reservations

Aer Lingus Reservations is a self-service online system for reservations and cancellations. The legal section keeps in you the known of your rights and obligations and the conditions of carriage that applies to your booking.

Aer Lingus Group Sales

If you are making a reservation with 7-25 people in a group, you can avoid making a telephone call. Instead simply send an email to You can be assured of a response within 24 hours.

Aer Lingus Special Assistance Support

If you prefer to arrange for special assistance with your flight, but not over the phone you can do so virtually. If you choose to do this without the voice conversation then you can send an email. The Special Assistance department email address is

Aer Lingus Cargo

Emails should be sent to There is also the option to fill in a contact form on the Aer Lingus website. You can find more details including how to send a pet, or speciality cargo as well.

Aer Lingus Voucher

The Aer Lingus Voucher Program gives their customers the opportunity to gift their services to their loved ones. The Aer Lingus Gift Voucher section, which is under the planning and booking section makes it convenient to send loved ones a surprise travel package. A click on the purchase button takes you to a page to fill basic information about the gift such as your email, recipients email, gift amount, gift message, etc.

Aer Lingus Latest Offers

A sky full of deals is the Aer Lingus motto. Visit the latest deals web page for more information. The airline is constantly surprising travellers by offering discounted trips under the Aer Lingus Special Offers. These discounted offers are displayed under several promotional codes sites.

Aer Lingus Netherlands

The Aer Lingus Netherlands Customer Support email is

Contact Aer Lingus on Social Media

Get social with Aer Lingus and receive all the latest travel news, discounts, updates, and more. The Aer Lingus Social Media team is at your service responding to comments and messages on all social platforms in a snap. The Instagram page has 63.3k followers for instance. See what else Aer Lingus can offer you over the internet.

British Gas Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

british gas logo

British Gas Free Phone Numbers

British Gas Customer Service Site Page

British Gas is the nation’s leader in providing Gas utilities across the entire UK. This website offers you all the free numbers you need when trying to contact British Gas. The numbers are listed below along with their relevant services and department information.

British Gas Emergency

The British Gas Emergency free number is 0800 111 999. Whether if, by any instance that you smell any gas at your home, or if you think that there might be a leak in your gas tank to your gas stove, or worried that there’s something wrong in your gas wirings, then please, don’t ever hesitate to call them immediately. Situations like this are considered as an emergency due to its high fatal possibility and can further lead to serious accidents.

British Gas Accounts

The British Gas Accounts free number is 0800 048 0202. British Gas has adapted to our modern technology and made their customer’s account highly accessible to their consumers through the use of the internet. But if it happens that you can’t log in or you have to update your information online or change your password, the number provided for account inquiries can surely help you in doing this actions.

British Gas Website Technical Support

The free number for British Gas Website Technical Support is 0800 048 0505. If the problem happens to occur due to some web site difficulty such as website hang-ups, error links or not working pages in your account login, British Gas Website Technical Support is the one to call. They are specialized experts in this field that can assist you when website problems occur.

British Gas Probation Processing

For the British Gas Probation Processing free number, call 0800 294 3125. Probation happens we move from place to place or we switch on different accounts. And often times, people are getting more confused with the process rather than the account itself. So to further assist you with your concerns, British Gas have provided a helpline for you to call.

British Gas Pas As You Go

Call 0800 048 0303 for your Pay As You Go free number account inquiries. Registering to online account means that you could access your account anytime and anywhere. It could also mean that you could switch the type of your account whenever you want to. If you are on a Pas As You Go type of account, then you have the full control of limiting your data and mobile phone usage that is suitable for your monthly budget. In addition to this good news, the hotline for Pay As You Go is available 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

British Gas Energy Saving Advice

The British Gas Energy Saving Advice free number is 0800 072 8629. Often times when our monthly expenses came up, we can’t help but wonder how can we find ways to conserve energy. Finding a solution might be hard and usually, can further lead to negative results and breakdown of home appliances. In addition to this dilemma, improper use of energy in your home can also give you a high electricity bill that is quite painful for your pockets. So British Gas has opened a helpline to give you some energy saving advice that you could use in the future.

British Gas Home Energy Top Up

Dial 0800 107 0188 for British Gas Home Energy Top Up free number inquiries. If you want to avail the free service of British Gas to top up your home energy online, you can do it on their website. However, if you are not comfortable with indirect website applications, a separate number are provided for assistance or further questions in this service.

British Gas Moving Home

The British Gas Moving Home free number is 0800 048 0202. Decided to relocate your house somewhere? Or already found your dream house to move in? Moving to a new house can be a really exciting chapter of our lives. Yet, to think of all the heavy works associated with it can also be a bit tiring. Not to mention the changing of utility bills and your gas line-ups. Attend to your essential needs by booking in British Gas Moving Home number to redirect your post before you give up those old keys of your old home.

British Gas Installations

The British Gas Installations free number is 0800 072 5280. Further to moving out of your home, and deciding that you will avail the services of British Gas, the installation will be your next step. Let the experts do what is needed and assist you the application and required documents for gas supply installation.

British Gas Maintenance and Repair

For British Gas Maintenance and Repair, free number services call 0800 048 1000. Throughout the years, our appliances may start to decrease in their performances and at times, it will definitely break down. If this unfortunate situation happened to you, then it might be to have someone fix or replace these things for you.

British Gas Appointments

The British Gas appointments free number is 0800 294 9678. While if you just want to maintain the quality of your appliances and have it check regularly, the annual service visit is a great free service. Book your appointments now or anytime your busy schedule allows you to since this number is open for a 24/7 assistance to your needs.

British Gas One-Time Repair

On the other hand, if you just want to avail a one-time repair from British Gas services. Make sure to have it scheduled by booking in their British Gas one-time repairs free number 0800 000 999. Follow-ups for your repairs are also entertained in this helpline. have the peace of mind that you’re longing for with British Gas one-time repairs services. in 2015, they have repaired almost 200,000 units which prove that they are not afraid of any hard work and they currently have 6,000 engineers lined up and ready to serve you in getting your central heat and water back on.

British Gas Boiler Cover

Feeling cold even inside your home? Be sure to call the British Gas boiler cover free number 0800 009 4450. British Gas is offering a wide variety of great deals that perfectly match your needs. They have been installing and replacing boilers for more than 50 years now and that makes them an expert in the field like no other. moreover, all their boilers are covered with 5 years warranty so customers could always get a satisfaction guarantee.

British Gas and Electricity Theft

Protect yourself and your family by getting a head start. Call the British Gas and Electricity theft free number 0800 587 2737 immediately. Did you happen to receive a high monthly payment for your gas or electricity supply yet you can’t think of any proper basis that you have consumed that much of gas and electricity? Then someone might be secretly sharing with your home supplies. Thieves are very opportunist on everything. Whether on utilities or assets, have it checked immediately by the authorities.

British Gas Career

Aiming to join the British Gas company and try your luck in their industry? Apply now and see where this will take your career. The British Gas Career free number is 0800 980 6005.

British Gas Welsh

The British Gas Welsh assistance free number is 0800 072 8630. For further assistance of customers who doesn’t have much grip in using English language, British Gas has provided another helpline that offers welsh language. You can contact them any time of any given day and you can be sure that they are more than happy to assist you.

Alternative British Gas Phone Numbers

Get a quote with British Gas

British Gas Business Energy

The British Gas Business Energy number is 0333 130 5361. Get your business energy flowing and intact with one provider by calling this British Gas service. It has claimed to be the most chosen energy plans across the UK with their multi-site quote, you are sure to manage your business energy without any difficulties. Furthermore, British Gas provides a straightforward electricity quote to business owners without any worry of price hikes in their fixed price energy plans. Get started now and know your quote by going through their quote page.

Alternative British Gas Free Contact Methods

British Gas Home Insurance

Home insurance is often neglected and avoided by homeowners. Yet, it can be the first thing to protect their home when certain calamities occurred. And so if it happens that you have decided to avail home insurances from British Gas, you could choose from contents insurance, building insurances, landlord insurances or simple home insurances. You may also want to gather information about their optional extras such as accidental damage, bicycle cover, personal possessions, garden cover, or student cover. Either way, have them assist you by filling out the form in their insurance page.

British Gas Email

unfortunately, there is no specific email address for British Gas. However, just like other websites and utility providers, you could contact British Gas with your concerns by filling up their email form found in the help and support section of their site. Each and every section of their customer’s particular inquiry is provided with email fill out forms for further assessment of your problems. By this method, their clients can type down their concerns in a more personal manner, thus, enabling British Gas experts to handle the problem perfectly. Yet, for solicitors and insurers, you can email them at

Contact British Gas on Social Media

And since British Gas is expanding their commitment to their clients, they have also managed to extend their connection to their customers by the use of social media. They have accounts in social media such as




British Gas Blog and Community Forums

If you just want to share your wonderful experience with other satisfied customers of British Gas, your opinion and comments are highly appreciated by visiting their blog forum. At this page, you can also read on some news and be sure to be updated with their latest products and services.

British Gas Complaints Department

And because British gas is fully committed to providing you with the best service they have to offer, they are extending their assistance by mail. You can address your post to:

British Gas
PO Box 227
S98 1PD

Download the mobile app for British Gas here.

Affinity Water Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Affinity Water logo

 Affinity Water Free Phone Numbers
Affinity Water report a leak

Affinity Water Report a Leak

For leak problems, dial Affinity Water Report a Leak free number 0800 376 5325. You may need to hold for a while to wait for the next available team member to deal with you. They are open 24/7. Please note that calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. In order to check if the leak has already been reported online, visit the website and enter the town or postcode of the leak. A member of Affinity Water team will visit the site to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Submitting a photo of the problem will also be helpful in determining how serious the leak is.

Affinity Water Sewerage & Drainage Enquiries & Emergencies

The Affinity Water Sewerage and Drainage Emergency free number are 0800 316 9800. If your call is urgent, please hold and one of the teams will get to you as quickly as possible. There are four options available to you after the ring. If you have an enquiry or problem with your clean water or want to report a water leak, press 1. For problems with your waste water or drain, press 2. If you would like to talk to them about your bill, including payments, change of address or water meter enquiries, press 3. If you are a developer or thinking about renovating your properties and would like to talk to them about the right way to do it, press 4. Please refer to the next section for the contact details of Anglian Water and Southern Water.

Alternative Affinity Water Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Affinity Water Customer Service options

Affinity Water Customer Service for Metered Accounts

If you are moving house, have a bill or account enquiry, or wish to know more about payment arrangements, dial Affinity Water Customer Service for metered accounts, 0345 357 2401.

They are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. There will be times that you might call during their busy billing period, hence, the possibility of encountering busier than normal lines. As a metered customer, Affinity Water charges you for the volume of water and waste water plus a fixed standing charge. It targets to read your meter every six months but will inform you for instances that they have to estimate your reading.

Affinity Water Contact Details for Non-Metered Accounts

You may get in touch with Affinity Water Customer Service for non-metered accounts using 0345 357 2402.  As a non-metered customer, your bill is comprised of a standing charge for water and sewerage, rateable value charge, and a waste water charge. For customers living in the Central or East region, the waste water charges are provided by Thames Water or Anglian Water. Affinity Water has no control over these charges.

Affinity Water Emergency

For emergencies such as no water or a burst or leak that is causing damage or flooding, you may get in touch with Affinity Water Emergency number 0345 357 2407. This is the same number to dial for loss of water supply, water pressure concerns, water quality problems and water disruption.

Some of the most common water problems that customers usually encounter at home include no water, frozen pipes, leaking pipes, stop taps, and problems with a meter or stop tap cover, hydrant or posts.

To avoid future serious problems, Affinity Water offers top tips so you can protect your property properly. These include insulating water tanks and lag pipes, minimising draughts from the outside, and keeping a separate supply of drinking water for emergencies. Additionally, they also recommend finding your property’s internal stop tap to be able to turn it off when necessary, checking if your boiler has been serviced, and leaving the heating on low when you are away.

Affinity Water Accident and Water Claims

Claims portal InterRisk Solutions is Affinity Water’s partner for all personal injury claims. You may make a claim online or if you would rather speak to one of the InterRisk specialist advisers about your claim, Affinity Water will deal with it quickly and efficiently. You can reach them via the Affinity Water Claims helpline 0333 666 0082. Regardless of the seriousness of the injury, the company strives to help in dealing with your accident so you can arrive at a quick, out of court settlement. The service is totally free and offers an impartial and practical guide to making a claim for compensation.

Sewerage & Drainage Enquiries & Emergencies

Here are the numbers to call for your sewerage and drainage enquiries or emergencies:

Anglian Water 0345 714 5145
Southern Water 0330 303 0368
Thames Water See the Thames Water free phone number indicated in the first section

Affinity Water Accessibility

As much as possible, Affinity Water strives to make its website accessible by everyone who uses it as well as have the capability to operate across multiple platforms and browsers. It ensures that all links, images, accessibility software and services are updated and available for the convenience of users. If you would like more information or are encountering problems whilst using their site, contact them using the same number for Affinity Water Emergency.

Alternative Affinity Water Free Contact Methods
Affinity Water bill

Affinity Water Customer Zone

There is a section on the website that provides an easily accessible summary of all topics related to water in your area including current incidents, planned works, and water quality reports. You just need to enter your postcode to have access to the information.

Affinity Water Complaints Department

Affinity Water values their customers and would want the opportunity to resolve matters as quickly as possible. Consequently, you may use any of the numbers indicated above depending on the nature of your concern. They will still log your call as a complaint if you express dissatisfaction during the call. Alternatively, you may get in touch via the Affinity Water email address If your concern is about a specific property or your account, ready your full address, including the postcode. Finally, you can also contact the Directors’ office via post. Check out the Affinity Water Hatfield head office address indicated in the last section.

Expect a response to your email or letter in full within 10 working days. If you remain unhappy with the response, a senior manager will review the case and will respond within the same time frame. If at any point you feel that they have yet to meet your expectations, you may appeal to the Consumer Council for Water. CCWater is a national consumer body that looks after the interests of water customers. Finally, there is the Water Redress Scheme known as WATRS that can provide an independent, impartial and easy to use alternative for a very few number of complaints that remain unresolved.

Check out their “Meeting your expectations” guide to learn more about the complaints procedure. Find out what to do if you are still not satisfied with their initial resolution and who monitors complaint procedures.

If your complaint may be related to a possible public threat, Affinity Water will carry out an urgent probe. As a result, this may require a property visit, usually within two hours.

Affinity Water Online Forms

Online forms are available on the website for all your general enquiries about billing and account, water supply, and metering. You may also use these forms to submit a reading or report a leak. You may drop them a line via their website directly.

Affinity Water Social Media

You may also report a leak via Affinity Water’s Twitter account. They are most responsive between 4 pm and 2 am. Their YouTube channel, on the other hand, features how-to guides for both home and business customers. One of their customer service technicians, Rob, will show you ways to deal with common water-related problems around the home. They are also present in other social media sites. Check out their latest updates and share your thoughts with them:


Affinity Water Careers

Their latest job opportunities are posted on their Twitter account. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with them for further information or any other questions via their online form.

The Affinity Water Hatfield offices are conveniently located and can be accessed by car, train or bus. Please contact them prior to your interview. They need to get your car registration to book a visitors space for you.

Affinity Water Limited
Tamblin Way
Hertfordshire, AL10 9EZ

Alpharooms Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Alpharooms logo

Alpharooms Free Phone Number
Alpharooms awards

Unfortunately, there is no available Alpharooms free phone number yet. You may, however, get in touch with them via an alternative number, which is discussed in the next section.

Alternative Alpharooms Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Alpharooms Customer Service

The Alpharooms customer service number is 0330 100 0025 if your issue relates to any one of the following:

  • Booking from France
  • Special requests (no cost but cannot be guaranteed)
  • Booking is not showing in My Account
  • No email or confirmation yet regarding an order/booking
  • Failed orders (Note: If there is a problem with the card you are using, you might have to contact your bank first before trying again.)
  • Changing flights
  • Luggage issues
  • Terminal details of the flight
  • Request for wheelchair assistance
  • Airport transfers and/or pickups
  • Changes to the airport car parking

Alpharooms Reservations Number

For those who need to make a new booking, call the Alpharooms reservations number 0114 251 5070. Their customer service department is open from Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays, from 8 am to 7 pm. A dedicated team will be ready to answer all your booking issues and queries. The sales department, on the other hand, is available to lend support until 11 pm.

Booking cancellations happen and are unavoidable. If you need to cancel a booking for any reason, you should log into My Account and fill up the Contact Us option. It might be helpful if you review their Terms of Business prior to booking, which is linked at the bottom of each page of the website. This is to establish any potential charges that may be incurred.

Alpharooms Emergency Number

In case you encounter problems during your holiday, there are appropriate guidelines to follow. These are all indicated on your voucher. However, there may be situations that will be beyond your control. For immediate assistance, call the Alpharooms emergency number 0114 251 5093. This is a 24-hour support number.

Alpharooms International Phone Number

US-based customers may use the same number provided above when making bookings. Please note that all prices may be paid in USD and include sales tax.

Alpharooms Ireland Contact Number

If you are an Irish customer, then you will enjoy CAR (Commission for Aviation Regulation) protection. This means that CAR monitors and regulates the European Union (EU) legislation covering air passenger rights and provides assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). Irish customers may call the Alpharooms Dublin phone number +353 01 903 0070 for their enquiries and concerns.

Alternative Alpharooms Online Contact Methods
Alpharooms Social Media

Alpharooms My Account

You can manage everything by just logging in to My Account. Here you can make balance payments, book transfers, and print booking confirmation. For book transfers, you need the following information: outbound and inbound flight numbers and times, dates of travel, arrival and departure airports, and resort details. You will also have the convenience of tracking the progress of your enquiry and receiving e-mail updates at your preference.

Already have an existing booking and need immediate assistance? You may submit a Support Request via My Account to ensure that Alpharooms deals with your query as soon as possible.

Alpharooms Vouchers

Save further on hotels and flights when you use one of their voucher codes. Visit their Alpharooms vouchers section and enter the code in the box located on the right-hand side of the homepage. When you begin searching for prices, the discount will be applied accordingly.

Alpharooms Holiday Extras

For your convenience, you may opt to book a taxi or shuttle bus with Alpharooms before you travel. They will require your flight numbers and schedules for transfer confirmation. If you want peace of mind, destination support in case something goes wrong and access to the best rates, booking with Alpharooms may just be what you need. Additionally, the options are wider and are available in all major worldwide cities as well as holiday resorts.

UK residents can enjoy up to 60% savings compared to the so-called “on the gate” price by pre-booking your airport car parking. This service is available at 27 UK airports and Dublin airport. There are three parking choices that you can select from depending on your budget and the level of convenience you need: off-site parking, on-site parking, and premium Meet and Greet service. Alpharooms uses only trusted and professional companies that you can rely on.

Alpharooms Social Media

Want to know about Alpharooms competitions, giveaways and great offers? Need a quote or travel advice? Find all the information that you need for that special holiday. Like their Facebook page and be one of the first to have access to latest news and great discounts. Or follow them via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube and be inspired with photos and videos that define what real holidays are. With more than 2 million followers, it is no wonder why Alpharooms may be your best option for that long-deserved vacation.


Their social media presence will definitely not stop there. Search for interesting articles about beach breaks, city breaks, destinations, unusual topics, competition announcements, and top food choices from various cuisines at the Alpharooms Blog. And while you’re at it, share them with your friends and family members and start planning that beautiful holiday!

Alpharooms Complaints

There is a team ready to deal with any concerns that you might have to pertain to your most recent holiday. You can send them to the Alpharooms complaints email address Whenever possible, ensure that you attach any related documentation or photographs to your complaint about faster resolution. Alternatively, you may contact them by post. The company is located at the following address:

Alpha Holidays Limited
Plantation House
261 – 263 Ecclesall Road
South Yorkshire
S11 8NX

Alpharooms Jobs

Alpharooms constantly looks for new talents to join their organisation. If you wish to pursue a career with them, they encourage applicants to send their CVs to Some of the benefits prospective employees may expect include discounted holidays, childcare vouchers, health plan, flexible hours for some positions, and remote-working. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is waiting for you!

GiffGaff Customer Service Number


GiffGaff Free Customer Service Number

Unfortunately, GiffGaff does not offer any free contact numbers.

You can contact GiffGaff Customer Service by logging to a GiffGaff account. Enter your basic credentials by adding your mobile number or email id and reap unlimited benefits offered by GiffGaff. As of now, the company has no free numbers allotted or mentioned anywhere on its site.

There are alternative ways through which you can hold a direct communication. You can enquire about the service plans anytime by joining the GiffGaff Community. Expect the response from the GiffGaff agents as early as possible.

Alternative GiffGaff Contact Numbers, Details and Services

GiffGaff community

GiffGaff Customer Service

The only GiffGaff customer service number is 0113 272 2000. The staff support is available round the clock on all working days.

The company has a single phone line for all its troubled customers. GiffGaff is all ears to your problems and commits to providing instant on the spot solutions. The idea behind promoting the online community page is that you don’t have to wait for a corporate call centre. You may write down the complaints and report about the inconvenience faced by contacting the customer representative officials now.

GiffGaff Activate SIM

There is no number to call in order to activate a SIM card. However, GiffGaff Activate SIM online service is available 24 hours a day. You will receive a message: Congratulations on receiving a GiffGaff sim! Are you facing a problem in activating your GiffGaff number?  Are you not able to configure the GiffGaff sim? Take help from the GiffGaff Knowledge Base. Here, you can find your way to activate the sim by reading the step-by-step instructions provided on the website. The handy video uploaded on this page can be a better source if you are looking for an extended help. Nothing better than a visual guide!

GiffGaff Help Desk

GiffGaff does not have a customer service number for direct help concerns. Yet, there is a GiffGaff Forum where lots of conversations take place between the customer base. Any GiffGaff sim-plans related questions? GiffGaff has no dedicated customer service department. All the help is done online.

Facing any technical issue?  Simply, post it on the community and members will try to assist you further. Start a topic on the GiffGaff Help & Support page. You will be amazed to see how quickly you will get a response. All the responses are provided by Community Help member. The online support community is an effective and efficient way of addressing issues. Stay on the same page to have a better understanding of the GiffGaff numbers and their process of activation.

GiffGaff Messages from Agents

In order to receive a GiffGaff Message from an agent, you will need to register or sign into your account first. The community help page of GiffGaff is constantly updated by its expert agents. These agents will provide exact and one of the best answers to all your queries within a prescribed time. Inquire anything about GiffGaff such as how can I activate my sim? You may also talk about how can I get a micro sim and what is the process of acquiring one.  Any issue against payment or account, type in the community page. You will be answered in the less possible time.

Alternative Online Methods of contacting GiffGaff


GiffGaff Community

The GiffGaff community is the trustworthy and reliable source of taking assistance from the community members. You are free to visit the page on the go. Read the other members request and you might find a solution without even typing. The GiffGaff community page is highly active. It has no obsolete information that leads to confusion or misguides you.

Having any questions? Find out the best solutions by starting a topic. Choose the Start Topic button; you are re-directed to Help & Support page. Here, type a crisp message that explains in words.

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The GiffGaff General Discussion Forums connect the entire team of GiffGaff to all its users. If you are planning to take its services, without any hesitation you can land to this page and suit yourself. Here, you can read the comments and questions posted by the other existing users.

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Send all complaints to Alternatively, you can send a handwritten letter in the post to the GiffGaff headquarters.

GiffGaff Ltd
11 Vine Street

The lovely community members of GiffGaff take all the complaints seriously. Additionally, you can click on Contact an Agent and your issues you will see that the issues resolve on a priority basis. However, sometimes things might not go as planned then you are free to express and make a complaint again. All the dissatisfaction is effectively handled by an intelligent team of GiffGaff.

GiffGaff Agent Live Chat Help

The GiffGaff expert team is constantly promoting the way of providing assistance to its valuable customer. With more than 5,000 experts available at a platform, the response time of providing a solution is just 90 seconds. Take your call by just typing in the complaint in as many words as you can.

Social Media

GiffGaff is available everywhere and all the time. The active social media team dedicates itself and leaves no gap. Blindly rely on these platforms when you face complications with the service. Subscribe the GiffGaff YouTube channel to receive latest updates from the company. The tips and tricks to make best out of the service are of great use.

GiffGaff Contact address

For any further assistance, you can write to GiffGaff.

GiffGaff Ltd

Hertz House
11 Vine Street

Admiral Insurance Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Admiral logo

Admiral Insurance Free Phone Numbers
Admiral awards

Admiral Single Car Insurance Accident Report Help Out of Hours

The opening hours of Admiral Insurance Customer Service are from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 10 pm, every Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm, and every Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm. The best time to call is from Monday to Friday, 1 pm to 5 pm. They are closed during bank holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.

If you are calling out of hours, you may call their 24-hour Accident Recovery phone number 0800 600 840. After the ring, a Customer Service agent will be available to attend to your enquiries. Always be ready with your policy number for faster processing or routeing of the call.

Life Policy Admiral Insurance Free Phone Number

Dial the Life Policy Admiral Insurance Free Phone Number 0800 422 0072 to get a quote or learn more about the policy. They will just ask four simple questions to see if you are eligible and you will be on your way to securing your family’s future.

Admiral Insurance Breakdown Number

For customers who have bought the additional breakdown product, get in touch with Admiral Insurance Breakdown free number 0800 458 9280. Similar to the above, expect the call to be answered right away by an available Customer Service agent.

Alternative Admiral Insurance Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Admiral Home Insurance Voucher

Admiral Insurance Customer Service

If you would rather call them to make changes to your policy, dial the Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number 0333 220 2000. The following are the possible changes that you may require from Admiral Insurance:

  • Name and address update
  • Change of vehicle or adding a temporary one
  • Updating, adding or removing drivers on the policy
  • Updating policy details, such as cover, use and mileage
  • Change in payment date
  • Additional modifications, claims or convictions

Admiral Insurance Contact for Single Car Insurance Quote

Based on more than 2,000 respondents from the last six months, 93% of customers claim that they would buy from Admiral Insurance again. Interested? Dial the Admiral Insurance Contact for Single Car Insurance Quote 0333 220 2084 now and find out why many customers are satisfied with their choice.

Admiral Insurance Phone Number for Multicar Policy Quote

For customers who are interested in adding a car to their policy, contact Admiral Insurance Phone Number for Multicar Policy Quote 0333 220 2085. For further questions such as immediate cover, types of cover available, No Claims Bonus, and acceptable types of licences, you can find them in the FAQs section of the website.

Admiral Customer Support Number Single Car Insurance Policy Renewal

Admiral Insurance wants to make renewals as easy and as convenient as possible. Consequently, your policy is automatically renewed based on the information you have supplied unless you wish to opt out of this feature. Hence, ensure that your details are always updated. Alternatively, if you need to change any information, contact them using the Admiral Customer Support Number for Single Car Insurance Policy Renewal 0333 222 6715.

Admiral Customer Support Number Multi Car Insurance Policy Renewal

For multi-car policy renewals, call the Policy Renewal Admiral Insurance Multicar Phone Number 0333 222 6716. You can expect the same wonderful and helpful team members ready once you press “1”.

Admiral Insurance Phone Number Single Car Insurance Accident Report

For accidents or incidents that need immediate attention, it is important to report your claims as soon as you can. You may report it online if you wish to do so. Alternatively, dial the Admiral Insurance Phone Number for Single Car Insurance Accident Report 0333 220 2033. If you require an update for your claims, there should be a number that you can call that will get you straight to the person/team handling your case.

Admiral Insurance Phone Number Multi Car Insurance Accident Report

The Admiral Insurance Contact Number for Multicar Insurance Accident Report is 0333 220 2034.

Admiral Uninsured Phone Number Accident Report

In cases that you do not have insurance with Admiral but were involved in an accident with one of their policyholders, you may be able to seek help. Call them at 0333 220 2047.

Black Box Policy Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number

Here are the numbers for the Black Box Policy Admiral Insurance Customer Service Numbers:

Black Box Quote Admiral Insurance Contact Number 0330 134 3215
Admiral Insurance Contact Number for Black Box -Policy Renewal 0333 220 2021
Admiral Insurance Customer Service Number for Black Box Accident Report 0330 220 2043

Admiral Insurance Contact Us Number for Learner Driver Insurance

If you wish to add a learner driver to your current Admiral motor policy, call the Admiral Insurance Contact Us Number for Learner Driver Insurance 0333 220 2000.

Admiral Insurance Learner Driver Insurance Claims

Additionally, the Admiral Insurance Contact Number for Learner Driver Insurance Claims is 0330 134 8647.

Admiral Home Insurance Phone Number for Quote Request

Get an insurance quote by dialling Admiral Home Insurance Phone Number for Quote Request 0333 220 2090.

Admiral Home Insurance Policy Renewal

Furthermore, call the Home Insurance Policy Renewal Admiral Insurance Phone Number 0333 220 2016 for renewal concerns.

Admiral Insurance Telephone Number for Travel Insurance

If you wish to request a quote or for any other general enquiries, you may get in touch with them through the Admiral Insurance Telephone Number for Travel Insurance 0343 658 0260.

Admiral Insurance Medical Assistance

For medical assistance following an accident that extends passed your immediate injuries, you must call the Admiral Insurance medical assistance line 0203 362 2410. Make sure you have your policy number and accident report identification number available.

Admiral Insurance Claims

Finally, call 0203 362 2411 to make claims.

Admiral Insurance Number for Car Glass Repair

In the course of an accident, your windscreen or glass might have probably been smashed, damaged or chipped. You have the alternative to arrange repair online. You can also seek assistance by calling the 24-hour Admiral Insurance Number for Car Glass Repair 0333 220 2025.

Admiral Insurance Phone Number Abroad

While in another country and you need to get in touch with Admiral, call the Admiral Insurance Phone Number Abroad 0292 060 1294. Please take note of their opening hours especially if you are in another time zone. This is to save time and avoid unnecessary charges.

Admiral Insurance Complaints Department – Claims

Due to the stress that making a complaint may bring, Admiral Insurance ensures that all available means are accessible by their customers. If you want to raise a concern, contact the Admiral Insurance complaints department and after you press “0” ask for claims. 0330 333 5887.

Admiral Insurance Complaints Department – Policies

If you wanted to raise a complaint but instead of claims, this is a policy related issue the customer service team is ready to field your call. The Admiral Insurance complaints policy number is 0330 333 5888.

Admiral Insurance Voucher Redemption

From time to time Admiral insurance offers great value and deals for new customers as well as with retention. There is specific renewal offers that can only be given by making a phone call. Therefore, pick up and call the Admiral Insurance voucher redemption program 0330 134 3282 to redeem your code or voucher number.

Alternative Admiral Insurance Free Contact Methods
admiral free contact us page

Admiral Insurance Social Media

Connect with Admiral Insurance via their various social media sites and find out the latest news and updates about the company:

LinkedIn (Admiral Group Plc)

Admiral Insurance E-mail

For your general enquiries, you can e-mail Admiral Insurance using their secure form. Be ready with your registration number aside from the standard personal details that they require.

Admiral Insurance Complaints Department

Because they are committed to providing the best possible service, Admiral Insurance wants to know straight away if their customers are not satisfied with any of their products or services. Aside from calling them, you may also e-mail for complaints about claims or for complaints about policies. Additionally, you may write them at:

Claims Quality Manager
(or Quality Manager for issues related to policies)
Admiral, Claims Department
Ty Admiral, David Street
CF10 2AA

Finally, check out the Admiral Insurance’s guide to handling your complaint about more information about their process. Find out how fast they will deal with your concern and what to do if you are unhappy with the way they are handling it. It also contains the contact details of the Financial Ombudsman Service for unresolved cases.