GoSkippy Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

GoSkippy Free Customer Service Numbers

GoSkippy Kangaroo

GoSkippy Insurance is dedicated to ensuring that its customers receive excellent service. Allow one of their experts to help you find the right insurance that will cater to your needs and budget.

There is no GoSkippy Free Phone Number available at the moment. Nevertheless, expect your concerns to be resolved as efficiently and as fast as possible by calling their other numbers, which are provided in the next section.

GoSkippy Customer Service

Customers can contact the GoSkippy Customer Service team by dialling any of the listed alternative numbers below. To bypass all information simply press “0” to be connected to a switchboard representative. This will be a guide elucidating about the different ways to touch base with GoSkippy and get benefitted from the excellent services provided by them.

The process of contacting this number is very simple. Dial GoSkippy Phone Number and you get a chance to speak with the GoSkippy representatives by pressing “1”. The helpline number is answered within few minutes. A computer generated message repeats after the tone ends. The customer can choose between different options as prompted by the automated service. The entire message can be evaded simply by pressing 0. Get answers to all your queries related to insurance by connecting to the concerned department.

It provides assistance to all its new or existing customers. The representatives take responsibility of explaining all the necessary details of a taking a policy, renewing it or sorting out issues, if any. GoSkippy Helpline Support is always ready to walk an extra mile by offering exceptional customer support services. Offering better deals and delighting customers is its top priority.

Acknowledged by the whole world, GoSkippy undergoes streamlining the process of applying for an insurance, requesting for claims in their crucial times, renewal of the policies, asking for quotes and much more. All these services are controlled by respective heads of the team. Hence, if you are looking up to contact experts at GoSkippy, feel free to hold a communication. The numbers listed in the below section allows you to take advice from respective help representatives.

Alternative GoSkippy Contact Numbers

GOSkippy CUstomers

The general GoSkippy customer service number is 0344 840 6300. For a more personalized service, below are the numbers that you can call depending on the type of insurance that you need help with. Lines are open from Monday to Saturday, including bank holidays, 9 am to 8 pm (Saturdays until 4 pm only).

Go Skippy Van Insurance Department Go Skippy Van Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales 0344 776 5309
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 776 5308
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 776 5314
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9504
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5396
Car Insurance Department Go Skippy Car Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales/Request for Quote 0344 840 6300
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 840 6302
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 840 6301
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9503
Bike Insurance Department Go Skippy Bike Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales 0344 776 5748
GoSkippy Customer Service Same as GoSkippy Van Insurance
GoSkippy Renewals 0344 776 5315
GoSkippy Claims Contact Number 0344 840 9505
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5398
Home Insurance Department Go Skippy Home Insurance Contact Number
GoSkippy Sales and Renewals 0344 776 5306
GoSkippy Customer Service 0344 776 5311
GoSkippy Request for Quote 0344 776 5395

Other than Go Skippy helpline Support number there are several other numbers that can be dialled upon. These are the numbers of dedicated staff that are segregated as per heir level of expertise in concerned departments.  Hence, if you are looking for some representative to handle your complaint in general then you can suit yourself by dialling specific numbers. Listed below are few numbers that can be contacted if you prefer talking to experts.

GoSkippy Customer Direct

If you are looking for various types of insurance for your vehicle, contact GoSkippy Customer Direct number 0344 776 5725. By dialling this number, you can get insights about the insurance services provided by the company. The officials will assist you in choosing the best policy and offer competitive prices on the policies. You can also make complaints regarding the policies here.

GoSkippy Claims

If you have to report an accident and make a claim about it, the representatives will re-direct you to Eldon insurance. On contacted, the insurance company mentioned here will guide you throughout by making the claim. We expect you to bring the incident to our notice by dialling the number GoSkippy Claims contact number 0344 840 9403The reports are directly addressed by religiously on getting contacted.

GoSkippy Vehicle Insurance

GoSkippy provides insurance products for vans and minivans, motorbikes, and cars. Before you request for an online quote or speak with a sales agent, you need to meet certain criteria with regard to you and any other driver, your no claims bonus, and the vehicle. GoSkippy encourages all customers to answer the questions to the best of their knowledge and as honestly as possible. If you do not answer the questions correctly, your policy may be cancelled. Additionally, any claim that you make may be rejected or not fully paid.

More importantly, you may also opt to request for additional insurance features and optional extras:

GoSkippy Van Insurance
  • Up to 40% introductory discount
  • 30-day European cover
  • Optional tools cover
  • 100,000 pounds legal expenses cover
GoSkippy Car Insurance
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • RAC Breakdown cover
  • Up to 100 pounds personal belongings cover
  • 100,000 pounds legal expenses cover
GoSkippy Bike Insurance
  • Up to 70% off ultimate cover
  • 30-day European cover
  • 16 common medications covered as standard
  • 1,000 pounds of helmet and leathers cover

Need more upgrades? Check out the other covers that might interest you:

  • Comprehensive cover – insurance against any accident, whether it is your fault or not; includes third party cover and any damage arising from fire or theft
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – covers your legal liabilities to third parties as well as fire damage or damage arising out of theft or attempted theft
  • Third party only – no cover for damage to your vehicle
  • Provisional insurance – offers teenagers and young people to cover until they pass their driving test, given their limited amount of experience

GoSkippy Home Insurance     

What are the advantages of getting home insurance? With GoSkippy, you will have peace of mind when you leave your house, flexible cover to suit your specific needs, worldwide all risk cover, and home emergency extension cover for added protection. Other home insurance features and optional extras include locks replaced if you lose your keys, 24-hour emergency cover, 500 pounds appliance breakdown cover, and 100,000 pounds family legal protection. Additionally, you may also want to consider getting a contents insurance in case you lose everything in your home due to unforeseen circumstances. Most of all, the peace of mind that it will bring will allow you to focus on other important matters.

GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number

Vehicles can be expensive to repair if they breakdown. That is why you need the right insurance to take care of your needs, thus avoid potential dangerous situations. GoSkippy offers both personal and vehicle breakdown cover alternatives, including any type of bike.

If your breakdown cover is with the RAC, call GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number 0330 159 0452. Otherwise, there is another number on the website that you can get in touch with if your cover is with GoSkippy Rescue.

GoSkippy Claims

There are steps that you should follow in the event of an accident. Call the corresponding GoSkippy Claims Contact Number as soon as possible and remain calm. Alternatively, you may fill out the online form to report the incident, even if you do not intend on claiming it yourself. And while accidents tend to make you forget about important guidelines, remember to observe the following:

  • Do not accept liability.
  • Exchange details with other party.
  • Take down details from witnesses.
  • Take photos or any documentation that may be helpful in filing a claim.

GoSkippy Cancellation Phone Number

As a consumer, GoSkippy respects your right to cancel your policy without giving any reason. You can do so within 14 days of receiving the policy documents or policy start date, whichever is later. Contact the GoSkippy customer service numbers indicated above to cancel legal expenses, breakdown cover, personal accident cover, and whatever policy you think you no longer need.

GoSkippy Customer Complaints

GoSkippy understands that their effort to offer their customers with first-class customer service and products may turn out differently for some. If you have any misgivings with regard to their products and services, the GoSkippy customer service number is 0344 776 5725. Their opening hours are between 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. However, call centre agents will be glad to attend to you outside of these hours.

Rest assured that GoSkippy welcomes all kinds of feedback and would try to fix things as soon as possible. Expect a fair and fast response as well as a thorough investigation to your complaints.

GoSkippy Van Insurance

GoSkippy Van Insurance Contact number 0344 776 5308 can be reached anytime. The help representatives are all ears and offer necessary assistance to all customers. Customers having queries regarding the renewal of insurance policy or buying a new policy can dial this number. The dedicated staff of this department readily assists you with all the queries related to your van only. The van insurance team is capable enough to get you a quote over the call or renew the van insurance policy.

GoSkippy Car Insurance

GoSkippy Car Insurance Contact Number 0344 840 6302 can be reached all week long. Dialling this number, the customers can address all the queries related to car insurance.   If you are facing a problem while buying a new insurance for your car or if you wish to renew the insurance of the car, do not look further simply dial the Phone Number provided above for GoSkippy Car Insurance. Request for an insurance quote and get your car insured in a jiffy by making a quick call to this number.

GoSkippy Bike Insurance

The efficient team of GoSkippy Bike Insurance can be contacted anytime of the week. The help representatives will never let you down. For any reason such as receiving a quote, facing issues with the documentation of the insurance, or having any problem concerning the renewal of policy contact GoSkippy Bike Insurance Contact Number 0334 776 5315. On contacted by dialling the number, the dedicated officials offer reliable and trustworthy solutions to all its customers.

Part of your Bike insurance cover is breakdown cover too. Therefore, if you need roadside assistance just contact GoSkippy Breakdown and leave your hassles to the breakdown team. The entire team of GoSkippy Breakdown Contact Number will successfully relieve from all the conflicts at the time of emergency. It aims to provide one of the best services to all its promising customers.

GoSkippy Cancellation

Any user who has purchased a policy or is using a renewed policy has equal rights to cancel the insurance policy. Without questions asked, the officials will abandon the policy. Dial GoSkippy Cancellation number 0344 840 9503 to get your insurance policy cancelled. Your call will be put on hold in order to check if at all any payments are left unpaid from your end. Once the dues are seen to be clear, the insurance policy is successfully withdrawn. At the time of cancellation, you will not be able to receive the refunds until the full amount of policy is paid.

However, GoSkippy welcomes a feedback from its client if he or she was encountered with an unsatisfactory service. Drop an email describing the reason for terminating the policy.

Alternative GoSkippy Contact Methods

GoSkippy Customer Service is one of the leading and respected players in offering insurance-related support services. It is known for relentlessly delivering quality help service to all its customers. With this commitment, GoSkippy 24 Hour Contact Number service is available round the clock. It adds value to each of its customers and fulfils the client’s specific goals. At times, if you have no access to a phone, you may make use of other alternative methods to reach GoSkippy help representatives. Apart from the said list of GoSkippy customer service contact numbers, the customers can bypass calling by resorting to other reliable ways.

GoSkippy Customer Complaints

Alternatively, you can make use of the other available options to air your complaints. You may also contact GoSkippy via email: quality@goskippy.com or via their online complaints form. Both the telephone and the online form are the quickest ways to share your concerns.

If you prefer to get in touch via post, below is their mailing address:

Quality Manager
Lysander House
Catbrain Lane
Cribbs Causeway
BS10 7TQ

They request that you include the following information in your letter:

  • A brief overview of your issue
  • What you would like GoSkippy to do to resolve it
  • Your name and address
  • A daytime contact number and the best time to call you
  • Your policy or client reference number that can be found on your policy documents

There might be times that you will probably feel not fully satisfied with the way they handled your concerns. You can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. In case you need to access detailed information about the complaints handling procedure, you may download the document from the website.


Customers can get in touch with the online team of GoSkippy by sending an email. The email services for general enquiries are always open to all. The GoSkippy Email address is quality@goskippy.com. Consider emailing to the GoSkippy as one of the first options of taking extending help.

GoSkippy FAQ Index

Their FAQ Index section answers most if not all of your possible questions about insurance. Learn more about claims, policies, restrictions, types of insurance, provisional insurance, and travel insurance. Some of the topics include what a ghost broker is, the importance of keeping policy information up to date, and why some premiums are higher than others. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you may email them at talk2us@goskippy.com or use their online form.

GoSkippy Social Media

You may also get in touch with GoSkippy via their social media sites. Connect with them, comment on a post, or request for a quote, all these and more.  They are most active on Facebook and Twitter.

GoSkippy Fan club

GoSkippy FAQ’s section

The GoSkippy FAQ section is loaded with all types of common questions. The representatives have provided the answers along with the questions. If at any point of time, you are not able to contact the team. You may go through the page and get answers to all your concerning problems related to insurance and so on.

GoSkippy help officials can be contacted by dropping a short message. If you want to cancel insurance or fill out a complaint form, you do not have to wait for a representative. GoSkippy offers a free messaging service that will allow you to submit a claim or cancel insurance or complain about the services. Expect a response within 24 hours. Land over to GoSkippy Contact Us page and fill out the credentials required in the form along with a short message. Once the message gets submitted, you will be contacted by the concerned person of the respective department.

GoSkippy Address

You can write down all your concerned problems and issues to the following address Go Skippy Insurance, Lysander House, Catbrain Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TQ. Use this way of contacting GoSkippy if you wish to send documents. Alternatively, customers can drop over anytime and we can hold a discussion over coffee.

GoSkippy Mailing Address

For those who prefer to write them or if you need to send any documents, below is their address:

GoSkippy Insurance
Lysander House
Catbrain Lane
Cribbs Causeway
Bristol BS10 7TQ

For claims purposes, please use the following address:

Eldon Insurance Services Limited
Cale Cross House
156 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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