eBay Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

eBay Free Customer Service Numbers

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eBay Customer Service

The eBay Customer service free number 0800 358 6551 can be contacted either to make a purchase or exchange a product from eBay. It is a common destination for all the buyers and sellers coming from different parts of the world. On this largest online auction platform, consumers can buy and sell clothes, jewellery, books, beauty products, sports and games and much more to name a few. The consumers can freely use the website to undertake any kind of transaction. Assistance service can be taken by reaching up to the customer care representatives.

eBay Emergency Contact Number

Sometimes, you may suspect that some other user has tried to use their account or the account gets hacked. In such a case, eBay Emergency Free Number 0800 358 6552 is the right contact. Being a free phone number you can call on this number from any UK landline number or mobile phone. On finding any such kind of likely situation, you are suggested to raise an alarm by making an immediate call.  The eBay Emergency Contact team will possibly reach to the fraudulent user in the best possible time.

eBay Buyers and Sellers Free Number

Are you willing to make a call to eBay? To all those who are giving a nod, you may call eBay Helpline Number 0800 358 3229 for free. The customer service team available here has the right amount of knowledge regarding the products or services. The proficient team of eBay will be happy to serve you. Whether you are a buyer or seller, eBay Helpline Number leaves no queries open without providing a solution. eBay has a huge base of a network with a countless number of buyers and sellers. All of them are engaged in making payments and receiving goods. In order to deal with the huge chunk of dealings, they have segregated a separate department for each issue.

eBay Dispute Number

eBay has a professional team and takes a serious call when it comes to handling disputes. The eBay Dispute Number 0800 358 7911 solely takes charge of controlling the disagreements that happen while a transaction is taking place. The representative behind the call reports the complaints made to the Resolution Center. In order to eliminate confusions, the Dispute manager organises a conference call or live chats with both the parties. Both the parties are brought together and efforts are made to satisfy them.

eBay Assistance

Dial the eBay Seller AssistanceNumber 0800 970 9151 to make payment and related invoice related complaints.  For any problem that relates to an unpaid transaction or non-delivery of goods, you can anytime dial the number.  Calling this number you may take information about how to update your phone number or email address or registration. Furthermore, if you are planning to sell goods via eBay, then feel free to reach our executives.

eBay Alternative Contact Numbers

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eBay Corporate Phone Number

Reach eBay UK help representatives by dialling eBay Corporate Phone Number 0345 355 3229. Moreover, this number can be used to update the customer’s personal information such as home address, email id and password. In case, you want to close the eBay account without questions asked, the customer support executive will immediately deactivate the account.

Here, you can also talk about make payment and related invoice related issues.  For any problem that relates to an unpaid transaction or non-delivery of goods, you can anytime call eBay Corporate Phone Number.

eBay Assistance Phone Number and eBay Complaints Department Phone Number

Make a quick call to eBay Assistance Phone Number 0208 605 3000 and report a formal complaint against the quality of product received. If you feel that the product delivered is not exactly the one you have ordered and as a result, you are dissatisfied. In such a scenario, you are requested to throw light on it by calling eBay Assistance Phone Number.

You may dial this number also to make complaints on encountering, issues such as order delivered on wrong address or order not dispatched from seller and order got delayed. eBay Complaint Department Phone quickly responds to the discrepancies faced by the buyer with open ears. EBay help representatives are a highly dedicated team of officials will request for the order details before lodging a complaint. The dedicated department will take it as their top priority and resolve the issues by providing instant solutions.

eBay Seller Service Number

Have you registered yourself as a seller on eBay? Sellers might face problems at the time of updating information about its product on eBay. Dial 0208 605 3001 to get your queries sorted by the well-versed team of eBay. Any user selling products for the first time is supposed to have a lot of questions related to their first sale. Although eBay is known for managing transactions in a smooth way, but you can still refer back anytime. Call eBay Seller Service Number for any assistance required along the way.

Alternative Free Ways to Contact eBay

Contact Ebay via tablet online

eBay Social Media

Other than the above-mentioned numbers, eBay, an internet-based auction site is available on other social networking sites. Knowing that eBay is world’s largest online auction, you can approach eBay by using any way of communication. These include emails, live chat help, postal office addresses, and much more.

Facebook: eBay has successfully embraced Facebook to hold promotions of its products and services. In addition to this, it is also used as an additional customer service platform.

Twitter: The dedicated marketing team of Twitter is mostly populated with countless tweets. EBay won’t mind if any of its troubled customers happens to drop a feedback or report a problem. It will be sorted immediately.

Instagram: If you are a regular follower of eBay on Instagram, then you can scroll down to get new about the latest products and services available on eBay. The customers can instantly place an order here.

LinkedIn: Make connections directly with the team of help representatives on Linkedin.

YouTube: For any other help, you may subscribe eBay YouTube channel. It has tutorials giving step by step instructions about using a particular product.


Looking for an easy way to arrive a conclusion for your problem? Drop an email to our executive describing the situation you have facing by closing a particular deal. Simple as it may sound, log on to the online portal of eBay and log in to your personal account. In order to do that you must visit the eBay contact us page. Next, write a brief mail and wait for one of our customer care representatives to take a necessary action. While PayPal and eBay are separate entities you can contact the PayPal related services directly  ppelc@paypal.co.uk. By doing so, PayPal agent will revert.

eBay Live Chat

If you are unable to make a telephonic call, you can initiate a live chat with any of the star representatives of the concerning department. The online customer advisor will provide an instant solution for the fraudulent sale or purchase.

eBay Community Forum

eBay has one of the largest community forums on the planet. Ask a question or search for your answers simply by going to the eBay Customer Service web page. And if you are not there to find answers, go ahead and offer some help to some of the many people who need it. Pay it forward!

eBay Postal Address

The eBay users have another source of holding a communication with the eBay help representatives. eBay Customer Relation Department can be contacted by putting down your issues on a paper. As a consumer, you have all the freedom to raise queries, complaint or problems encountered while making a deal on eBay. Also, do not forget to send your contact details and other essential documents along with the letter.   Write to the following address EBay (UK) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond, Surrey TW91EJ, UK.

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