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3 Mobile Customer Service

When you decide to call your phone provider make sure you are using the 3 Mobile Customer Service free number 0800 358 6796. Select 0 if you wish to speak to an operator immediately. Otherwise, wait for the tone and then Select option 2 to be put through to normal customer services menu. Select options 2-1-1-2-1 if you want to be connected to Pay as You Go (PAYG) menu. For 3 Mobile Broadband Support, select option 3.

3 Mobile Business

Call Three Helpline Phone Number for Business 0800 358 6796 and choose option 2. You may also call 337 free from your 3 Business mobile.

Three Contact Details for Sales Enquiries

For sales-related concerns, call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiries Free Number 0800 033 8001. Planning to buy a new phone for the holidays? Or are you just shopping for yourself or your friend and loved ones. You can always buy directly from Three. Just reach out and call the Three Contact for Sales Enquiry free number 0800 033 8002. Lines are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

Three offers various services for people with different abilities to make communication easier for them. Some of these services include emergency SMS or text relay, directory enquiries, InterpretersLive! Video relay service, Minicom, and text relay and the next generation text service (NGTS).

For those who are interested in finding out the accessibility services Three offers or if you want to suggest of ways so they can improve those services, you may contact Three Contact Number for Minicom 0800 358 6799.

The Three Customer Helpline for Textphone Free Number 0800 033 8011 is for the hearing impaired as well. There might be a need for you to register before you can use some of Three’s accessibility services. Registration can be done through these contact numbers.

Alternative Three Contact Numbers, Details and Services
Three Customer Service

3 Mobile Customer Service

Dial Three Help for Phone Account Customers Calling from any device. Simply dial the Three Mobile Number 333.

All Mobile Devices Number

The Three Contact Number for Phone Account Customers Calling from Any Other Phone is 0333 338 1001. You will be connected to a switchboard agent so be sure to be specific with your needs.

Three Broadband

For all data and internet queries, contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers 500. You can also dial the 3 Mobile Customer Service Number 0333 338 1003 if from another phone or telecommunication device.

Three Help Number for Accessibility

You may also speak to the special needs accessibility team when you contact Three Help Number for Accessibility 0333 338 1012.

Three Fax Number

If you are that person who uses a fax machine still. Really? Okay, we are teasing. Still, you need the Three fax number 0141 204 8773. Be sure to always have a cover letter that properly addresses your issues so the fax itself is not lost or thrown away.

Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phones

For stolen or lost devices, you need to contact Three right away so they can protect your account from misuse and you can immediately arrange for a replacement. Even more so, they shut down your phone service properly and in some cases help track down your phone within a 10-meter radius using GPS tracking.Dial Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number

So if the unfortunate event happens to you, contact Three Mobile Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Phone Number 0333 338 1001If you lose a tablet or other mobile device that uses Three broadband and data plans, you need to call a different Three phone number. It is important to contact Three Number for Mobile Broadband Account Customers Calling from Three Mobile 0333 338 1003. However, they are closed on UK bank holidays.

Remember to change your passwords for your e-mail accounts, online banking, and social media accounts anytime your phone is lost or stolen. This is to safeguard your privacy immediately as well as to avoid possible complications arising from the loss. Consequently, a claim excess fee should be paid before replacement of a lost or stolen phone. Three recommends that you report any stolen device to the police to get a crime reference number.

Three Phone Insurance

If you have a Three phone insurance, you can make a Three Rescue claim online or contact Three Helpline Number for Mobile Broadband Insurance 0333 338 1003. There are separate numbers that Lifestyle Services Group (LSG) and CPP Phonesafe insurance customers can call to make claims.

Alternative Three Free Contact Methods
Three store

Three Website Forms

For questions about your account, you may contact Three using their standard contact form via the website. There is also a separate form for complaints.

Three Online Support

There is a Three support section on the website that provides answers to possible questions about device support, SIM support, mobile broadband, upgrades, bills and contracts, and network and coverage. You can also browse through information about calls, e-mails and messages, roaming services, Internet and apps, and subscription cancellation.

On the other hand, if you need help setting up and using your mobile device, you just need to enter the manufacturer name or device name onto the search field on the website. You may also download the device manually from the site.

Three Social Media

Three is present in major social media networks as part of its continued efforts to provide the best experience for UK mobile consumers. Connect with them or visit their website and find out more about their All You Can Eat data and Feel At Home offer, which lets customers call and text the UK and use data out of their UK allowance when abroad in 42 destinations including US, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Greece, France, and many more. Feel At Home is open to Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go customers who are using a tablet, phone, Mobile Wi-Fi or dongle.


Three Live Chat

Three Live Chat is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. Do take note that if you want to upgrade or cancel your account, you need to call the Three Phone Number for General Support, Cancel Three Contract Number indicated above.

For Accessibility services, their web chat is open from 9 am to 5:30 pm only.

Three Support Area

Customers may check out the Support area on the website which resolves the most frequently asked questions about Three. Some of the topics discussed include buying, upgrading, exchanging and delivery, bills and contracts, topping up, and signal and coverage. You can also find answers to questions about calls, data, messages & add-ons, device support, using a device abroad, updating customer details, and subscription cancellation.

My3 Account

You may also log on to your My3 account to manage your personal details. Use the account to find out about existing customer deals or if you are eligible for a Three phone upgrade. For mobile users, you can download the Three app via Google Play or App Store. Check your allowances, pay a bill or find a store anytime, anywhere.

Three Other Contact Details

Finally, you may also write to Three for any concerns that you would rather put on paper. You just need to indicate the specific department you want your post to reach.

Three Customer Services/Accessibility Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box 333
G2 9AG

For Accessibility Services, you can just opt to e-mail them. Expect a response within one working day.

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