Sony Free Customer Service Contact Numbers

Sony Free Phone Numbers

Unfortunately, at this time Sony is not providing any free phone number services. All alternative numbers can be found below. You can be certain that charges may apply when you need to contact Sony Service Helpline. For your queries about Sony Mobile, PlayStation or Electronics, you may refer to the next section for the numbers to call and opening hours.

Alternative Sony Contact Numbers, Details and Services

Sony Mobile

Sony Customer Service: Shopping Support

If you need shopping support, contact Sony Customer Service Phone Number 0203 608 7610. For order placement, you can do it on their website by completing the check-out process and following online instructions. You may also check out the frequently asked questions about product information, stock and orders, payment information, delivery and tracking, and product refund or replacement.

Sony Customer Service: Product Support

For product support, dial Sony Customer Service Contact Number 0330 440 2060. You may also find online support for phones, tablets, smart products and accessories via their online support. When you click on each product, you will be directed to the product manual and troubleshooting guideline. It also provides the link so you can update to the latest software for a faster and smoother operation. Sony recommends software update as the quickest and easiest way to solve any potential performance issues.

Sony Mobile Customer Care

If you have questions pertaining to Sony phones, tablets, smart watches and other connected devices, dial Sony Mobile Customer Care Number 0370 523 7237. They are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and every Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Sony PlayStation

For issues with your PlayStation Network account, there is a section on the website that can help you create accounts, solve password issues, or manage sub-accounts, among several others. You can also dial Sony PS4 Warranty Phone Number 0203 538 2665 from Monday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 7 pm if you wish to speak to an expert about PS4 and other PlayStation products.

Sony Electronics

You can also find the answers to any questions about Sony Electronics products including televisions and home cinema, digital imaging, VAIO, audio and much more. You may get in touch with Sony Electronics Phone Number 0207 365 2810 or you may send them a question via the website. Sony is dedicated to providing the support that you need as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Sony Repair Centre

For damaged or defective Sony Xperia devices, use the online repair service because it is recommended to be much simpler and convenient. It is a three-step process that involves selecting your device, describing the problem, and sending the device to Sony. Sony commits to sending it back within 5 to 10 working days. Depending on your warranty, you may or may not pay certain fees for the repair. Prices will be provided after you select your device. Sony uses only genuine replacement parts and original production equipment when repairing defective products. This is to guarantee the highest levels of quality. You can sign in to manage your account and for a more personalised support. You may also contact Sony Repair Centre Number 0370 523 7237 if you are having any problems with submitting information.

Alternative Sony Free Contact Methods

Sony Social Media

Sony Customer Complaints

Sony values all enquiries and feedback. In case you need to delve deeper into your experience with any of Sony products and services, you may call them via the Sony contact details mentioned above or visit their website and submit to them your concern. Or you may try writing to their corporate address indicated below.

Sony Online Support

If you wish to chat with a Sony Xperia expert, you may use their online chat support to find solutions to your queries. If it is already outside their operating hours, you may ask them a question via their online e-mail form or leave a comment so they can get back to you as soon as one of Sony Xperia experts becomes available.

Sony Social Media

Sony is present as well in social media. A growing number of individuals prefer to communicate via social media on their mobile devices. In fact, according to a research published in September 2016 by research and communications agency We are Flint, 84% of all UK adults use social media. On the other hand, two-thirds of UK adults actually use social media every day. If you belong to this group of social media enthusiasts, you may connect with Sony through the following platforms:

(Sony Global)

Sony Chat Support

Another way to connect with Sony is by making use of their online Chat Support. Be ready with your product details and the specifics of your questions. Rest assured that whatever you share online, Sony will only collect data according to what is stated in the Sony legal notice, which includes terms of use and privacy notice.

Sony Support Forum

In this section, you can meet other Sony users and talk about or share your experience with them. Before you start another topic, visit the FAQ section first and check if the answers to your concerns are already available. The forum has a welcome topic part for new users where you can also read the discussion guidelines. Some of the categories in the forum include Sony phones, software and applications, tablets, smart products, accessories, and Sony Xperia in business.

Sony Community

Sony encourages its consumers to share their experience via the Sony Community website. Forums include blog news from Sony, theĀ general chat where you can communicate with other members and share tips and ideas, and the possibilities of home entertainment. Here you can also find posts about cameras and camcorders, PC and eReading, and audio. If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to meet others like you, check out the PlayStation forum. Finally, you may also connect with other Sony Xperia users of smartphones and tablets via the Sony Xperia support forum.

If you have some free time, you may also wish to participate in their survey on how helpful you found the site.

Sony Head Office Contact Details

For your legal, marketing or business concerns, you may get in touch with Sony using the following address:

Local address/registered office:
Sony Europe Limited
The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge,
Surrey, KT13, OXW
UK Licence Number: Companies House Cardiff 2422874

For corporate communications, you may contact Sony Human Resource Contact via e-mail. The names of the members of their management team are indicated on the site. Please note that any enquiry about product support and repair, you should refer to the numbers mentioned above instead.

You can also find the official Sony press releases, latest news and events in this section.

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