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Utilita Energy Free Phone Number

Contact Utilita Energy Smart Meters

Utilita Energy Switchboard

The Utilita Energy switchboard free number is 0800 849 9260. This is their main switchboard. You can request to be connected to customer services as well as to any employee by name. An automated machine will answer your call and will give you options on how to proceed. You will be asked to Press “1” if you would like to top-up your Smart meter or request for a new code. On the other hand, if you would like to top-up your Smart meter but your gas and electric supply have not come back on, you will be given the option to press “2.” You can also press “3” if you have lost your Top-up card. Finally, for other enquiries, you will be asked to press “4.”

Utilita Energy Automated Meter Reading

To find out a meter reading, simply call Utilita Energy Automated Meter Reading 0800 849 9260This is just like the switchboard number above but immediately press “0” to speak with a customer service representative that will provide you with the correct information.

Utilita Energy Emergency

There is an Utilita Emergency Line for loss of supply, as indicated in the next section. Outside their operating hours, for gas emergencies, please contact National Grid 0800 111 999.

Alternative Utilita Energy Contact Details and Services

Utilita Energy Blue Card

Utilita Emergency Line

For supply loss, dial the Utility Energy Emergency Line 0345 206 8999 so Utilita can get you back on supply immediately. Do note that if you have a loss of supply enquiry outside 8 am to 10 pm, you need to dial the emergency numbers for gas or electricity listed on the Free Phone Number section.

Utilita Energy Customer Service – General Enquiries Cards

If you are not sure which card you are concerned about, call Utilita Energy Phone Number 0330 333 7441.

Blue Cards

For general enquiries, first of all, dial Utilita Energy Customer Service 0330 333 7442 for blue card and Utilita Energy Phone Number UK

Red Cards

Call Utilita Energy Phone Number UK 0330 333 7440 for red cards.

Utilita Energy Moving Home

If you are planning to move in or move out, contact Utilita Energy Moving Home Number 0345 206 8777. This way, you can arrange for any credit to be refunded.  If you wish, you can just fill up the Moving Home Form to provide Utilita Energy with the details of your move.

Utilita Energy Billing Concerns

Finally, for billing enquiries, you may contact Utilita Energy Customer Service Number 0333 015 6662. If you just need a statement or new bill, you can fill up the form on the website and Utilita Energy will send you the requested document within five working days.

Utilita Energy 24/7

Customer Concern Utilita Energy Phone Number UK
Automated Top-Up Line 0345 206 8333
Automated Meter Reading Line Number 0345 209 3750

Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice consumer service offers free, confidential and impartial advice on a wide range of consumer issues. Call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0345 404 0506.

Utilita Energy Complaints Department

If you are not satisfied with any of the products or services of Utilita Energy, you can call the Utilita Energy Complaints Department Number 0345 207 2000.

Utilita Energy tries to solve all issues on the first call or within 24 hours unless there is a need for further investigation, for which they would inform you. For e-mails and letters, they will respond within five working days upon receipt of the complaint. Their next step for unresolved issues is to refer to you to their Customer Relations Team Leader. They commit to releasing their final response by letter within five working days upon turnover to the Team Leader.

If Utilita Energy’s final action or response to your complaint does not still meet your expectations, you can refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman at 0330 440 1624.

Alternative Utilita Energy Free Contact Methods

Utilita Energy Online Help Centre

Utilita Energy Online Contact Form

Utilita recommends using their online contact form if you are looking for the best way of resolving your enquiry. You can select a number of choices from their drop-down box on their website and they will e-mail you back as soon as possible. You may post enquiries about replacement top-up cards, moving home, meter readings, bills, refunds, and other concerns.

For businesses, you may get in touch with Utilita Energy if you want to enquire about their products and services using the form on their website and they will get back to you. Aside from your name, Utilita will ask you to provide your company name, e-mail address and phone number together with your concern.

Utilita Energy Emergency

For lost of supply, you may also opt to visit the National Grid website. If you smell gas, you are advised to not turn any electrical switches on or off or not use matches or naked flames. It is also recommended that you do not use mobile phones, open doors and windows, and turn off the gas supply to the meter whenever possible.

For electricity emergencies, you may contact your local Distribution Network Operator. The first two digits of the Mpan matching the Distributor ID on the table listed on Utilita’s website will help you find out who your Distributor is.

Citizens Advice

Aside from calling the Citizens Advice, you may also visit their website or write them via post:

Citizens Advice
Consumer Service,
PO Box 833, Moulton
Park, Northampton,

Utilita Energy Live Chat

If you wish to chat with an online agent, ready your name, e-mail address, house number and postcode for better processing of your request. Utilita will keep the information you share confidential to protect your privacy.

Utilita WeQ4U

You may also download this mobile app so you can queue for an Utilita Advisor without having to pay. The Advisor will just call you back as soon as someone becomes free.

How to Contact Utilita Energy Headquarters via Postal Address

For complaints, you can e-mail or write them at:

Utilita Energy Limited
Hutwood Court
Bournemouth Road
Chandler’s Ford
SO53 3QB

Alternatively, you may also get in touch with Utilita Energy Head Office via post for your other concerns:

Utilita Energy Limited
Utilita House
Moorside Road
SO23 7RX

Utilita Energy Help Centre

If you want to find the solution to your problem on your own, you may visit Utilita’s Help Centre. There you will find a wide range of topics including lost supply, topping-up, energy usage, smart meters, and installation, among several others. The site presents the most common problems or questions consumers have and offers detailed and specific answers. For example, you can find information about the Utilita Energy Warm Home Discount, a scheme that provides a payment of 140 pounds to some households that encounter difficulty paying their electric over the winter period. The Help Centre discusses when applications for the Utilita Energy Warm Home Discount Services will open, how to apply, and when applications will close.

There are also videos available to the public that offer tips, support, and useful information about your smart meters.

Contact Utilita Energy via Social Media

Like everyone else in the industry, Utilita Energy has established its social media presence to effectively reach out to their followers easier and faster. Connect with them now and find out the latest news and updates on Utilita Energy products and services:


Similarly, you may also follow them at Utilita Energy News to gain access to their latest activities and product offerings.

Utilita Live on Social Media

Utilita Energy has just launched its Utility Live in January 2017. The program gives Utilita Energy customers access to various guaranteed festival tickets and provides exclusive offers on music tickets, products, and services for free. Connect with them now:


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  1. Hi I’m moving into a flat it already has a smart meter I from the last tenant through Utilita do you provide discount for the warm zone and hope do I get in touch with someone who can advise me about going with your company . Than you .

  2. What a service utilita have. I am trying to contact any body but i find number to get resolve my complain. I have swtiched to utilita 4weekago. And did not receive any card so that I can topup. I am worried about whats going to happen this night when it will be switched to utilita. May be al night not have elecriry and gas.

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